ICYMI: Peloton Adds Complication for Wear OS Watch

Last Updated: December 18, 2023By Tags: , ,

Fun news for OS Wear users: thanks to a new integration, you can now start and track Peloton workouts directly from your watch using the recently added Peloton complication.  For non-Android users who may be confused by the word ‘complication,’ it is simply a watch-face user interface element that contains highly-glanceable information that users rely on frequently throughout the day (it just has a ‘complicated’ name). This new shortcut allows users to begin a workout with a quick tap rather than without having to open the Peloton app.

An Extension of Peloton’s Android App

The complication, aka shortcut, is a new feature for The Peloton Watch for Android, which was announced earlier this year. 

Peloton’s Wear OS watch face complication is compatible with Peloton Digital, which allows users to use their watch as a heart rate monitor with any type of Peloton workout. That includes the Peloton App as well as the Bike, Bike+, Tread, Guide and Row. Connecting your Android watch to Peloton makes it easy to track your performance and log activity in the Peloton App. 

Setting Up the Complication

To get started, navigate to the Wear OS app on your Android phone and select Customize. Then select “Complications,” and choose Peloton as your preferred complication. Once you enable the complication, it’s available on your watch face, and you can access it by tapping on the complication to start a new workout.

Wear OS watch users, are you excited for this update? Let us know your experience in the comments!