House Plants with DJ John Michael

House Plants with DJ John Michael

DJ John Michael has started a YouTube channel featuring him spinning upbeat, “vibey” tracks while surrounded by what must be the happiest houseplants of all time.

This is something that was NOT on my 2024 bingo card, but was DEFINITELY what I needed in my life.

Passion Project

On his Instagram, DJJM shared his excitement and passion for this new venture, saying, “We start our journey tomorrow on the House Plants YouTube channel (link in my bio) and I hope y’all will join me.” He emphasized that this channel is purely born out of his love for music and the desire to share it, without the pressures of commercialization, also mentioning, “I think our inclination to monetize everything gets in the way of the music and the art, and I hate it, so that’s not what this channel is about.”

For now, it’s all about focusing on something he loves, and that led him to create this unique blend of house music and greenery.

The Journey So Far

Setting up a YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it seems. DJJM humorously pointed out some challenges he’s faced, like the uneven floor in his living room making it tough to vibe around without shaking everything. He’s also learning the ropes of YouTube algorithms and content creation, with a big shout-out to, the famous Mr. DJJM, @briankingnyc, for helping make everything look polished and professional.

What Can You Expect?

Volume One of the House Plants series features mellow tunes from artists like Harvey Sutherland, Miguel Migs, Oliver $, Sade, Michael Gray, and Romy. The first video launched on Saturday, June 1, and DJJM aims to release new videos every week.

Imagine starting your weekend with some soothing house music, courtesy of DJ John Michael, surrounded by lush green plants and warm sunlight. Sounds perfect, right? Besides his plants and DJ setup, John Michael decorates his space with candles, a giant cup of coffee, and a gorgeous Turkish mosaic hanging lamp. We occasionally get close-ups of him ruining the board- very impressive.

How to Join the Fun

We’re thrilled to support DJJM on this new musical adventure and we know you’ll love it too.

  • Check out his YouTube channel at House Plants NYC.
  • Enjoy the lovely sunlit space filled with his co-stars: a cactus, a money tree, a snake plant, a corn plant, a Swiss cheese plant (monstera adansonii), and a pothos. (There might be a palm, too- hard to say- but we’ll be looking for new plant friends in coming weeks!
  • Dance and groove like DJJM… or take his suggestion and clean to the mixes!
  • Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell for new videos every Saturday morning.

Join DJJM and his plant pals for some good vibes and great music. Let’s make our plant babies groove! 🌱🎶

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to share your thoughts and excitement in the comments below. Happy listening!

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