History of Peloton’s Turkey Burn, Plus the 2023 Class Lineup

The Peloton Turkey Burn: Uniting Fitness, Charity, and Community

The Peloton Turkey Burn has quickly become a beloved Thanksgiving tradition, uniting Peloton Members across the US and fostering a sense of community on a day dedicated to gratitude. Since its inception in 2016, this annual event has grown exponentially, attracting record-breaking participation year after year.

The earliest non-purged Turkey Burn class that is currently available on the Peloton platform is an outdoor run by Matt Wilpers (11/22/2018): 45 min Turkey Burn Fun Run.

Evolution of the Turkey Burn:

The remarkable success of the Turkey Burn can be attributed to its captivating concept and the infectious energy brought by Peloton instructors. Instructors like Robin Arzon, Alex Toussaint, and Tunde Oyeneyin have become synonymous with the Turkey Burn, inspiring thousands to embrace a high-intensity workout on Thanksgiving Day. The evolution from live broadcast classes without in-studio riders to including in-studio participation in 2022 at the NYC Studios reveals the growing popularity and engagement levels of this event. In 2019, you can find floor-based classes as well:  Anna Greenberg’s (11/28/2019) 30 min Turkey Burn Yoga Flow and Andy Speer’s (11/28/2019) 45 min Turkey Burn Bootcamp.

2020 Turkey Burn: A Beacon of Togetherness During the Pandemic

In 2020, when the pandemic confined people to their homes, the Turkey Burn provided a unique opportunity for individuals to break a sweat and cultivate a sense of togetherness. Despite the challenging times, Peloton ensured that the tradition of Turkey Burn continued, offering an array of classes to keep the community active and connected.

The 2020 Turkey Burn emerged as a pivotal moment for Peloton, especially as the pandemic limited social interactions. That year’s event was not just about fitness; it was a lifeline for togetherness and community spirit. Peloton skillfully adapted, ensuring the Turkey Burn tradition thrived, offering a range of classes that fostered connection and activity despite the challenging times.

Highlight Classes:

  • Robin Arzon’s 45 min Turkey Burn Ride on 11/26/2020 stood out as a profoundly emotional experience, possibly setting attendance records for Peloton.
  • Alex Toussaint also led a 45 min Turkey Burn Ride on the same day, contributing to the event’s diverse offerings.
  • Jess Sims’ 30 min Fit Family Live on 11/26/2020 brought a unique touch. Though not a traditional Turkey Burn class, it included family-friendly elements (even pets might have joined in). This class marked the beginning of a series, with Sims hosting similar sessions in  2021 and 2022, joined by various guests including Matty Maggiacomo. And yes, in 2023, we see that this tradition is continuing and we could not be more excited!

In essence, the 2020 Turkey Burn was more than just a series of workouts; it was a testament to the power of community and resilience, a way for individuals to find solace and strength in physical activity and shared experiences during an unprecedented time.

2021 Turkey Burn: A Blend of Charity and Global Inclusion

The 2021 edition of the Turkey Burn was a significant showcase of Peloton’s dedication to philanthropy. Aligning fitness with charity, Peloton promised to donate one meal to Feeding America for every member who completed a Turkey Burn workout. This initiative led to the donation of millions of meals, highlighting Peloton’s commitment to social responsibility.

In addition to its charitable focus, 2021 marked a milestone with the introduction of the first non-English Turkey Burns, broadening the event’s global appeal. Key classes from this year included:

Continuing its trend of firsts, the 2022 Turkey Burn introduced unique elements:

  • The 20 min Turkey Burn Row with Matt Wilpers on 11/24/2022 was notable for two reasons: it was the first Turkey Burn to include members in the studio and marked the debut of the Turkey Row.

These developments in the Turkey Burn events not only underscore Peloton’s evolving approach to community and charity but also its efforts to innovate and inclusively expand its offerings on a global scale.

The 2023 Peloton Turkey Burn: A Diverse and Engaging Fitness Celebration

Peloton’s 2023 Turkey Burn promises an inclusive and varied lineup, featuring 11 classes to suit all preferences and fitness levels.

The event commences with a focus on gratitude through meditation:

  • Anna Greenberg hosts a 5-minute Gratitude meditation on November 20 at 11:00am ET.
  • Ross Rayburn follows with a 10-minute session on November 21, also at 11:00am ET.

The main day, November 23, offers a dynamic range of live classes:

  • Start with Matt Wilpers’ 20-minute Row at 8:00am ET for an energetic kickoff.
  • Alex Toussaint takes it from there with a 30-minute Turkey Burn run at 9:00am ET, offering a more intense workout.
  • Robin Arzon marks her return from maternity leave with her signature 45-minute Turkey Burn ride at 10:00am ET.
  • Denis Morton wraps up the morning with a 30-minute Yoga flow at 11:00am ET.

For post-feasting relaxation, three new 10-minute full-body stretch classes debut on the morning of November 23:

  • Ben Alldis at 8:25am ET.
  • Assal Arian at 9:35am ET.
  • Jermaine Johnson at 10:50am ET.

Special classes also feature in the lineup:

  • A 30-minute 2-for-1 Outdoor Turkey Trot run with Matty Maggiacomo and Olivia Amato, available On Demand from 6:00am on the 23rd.
  • A 30-minute Fit Family class with Jess Sims (and a special guest) premiering at 7:00am.

The 2023 Peloton Turkey Burn is not just a series of workouts; it’s a tradition that combines fitness, charity, and community. This year’s event continues to inspire exercise, generosity, and gratitude, further strengthening the Peloton community bond.

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