Dr. Jenn: The Power of Visualization

Dr. Jenn: The Power of Visualization

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In episode 340 of The Clip Out Podcast, licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant Dr. Jenn visited to share some tips on how to get 100% effort from your workout, even when achieving 100% is difficult. 

She begins by stressing the importance of assessing whether you need to give 100% and pacing yourself accordingly. However, if you determine that you do need to give 100%, she recommends the power of visualization.

Visualization is the Key to Success

Dr. Jenn explains the power of visualization and how it can help improve your athletic performance. She recommends starting this practice with nighttime visualization. Picture yourself successfully completing your workout, even during the most challenging moments. Visualize finding reserves to get through that last sprint or lift.

Though visualization may seem simple, it is highly effective. Dr. Jenn recounts a study about free throws where the group who did both visualization and the actual activity performed the best. Following them were those who did visualization alone, and then the actual practice. The results prove that visualization is more powerful than doing the actual activity.

Train Your Mind, Train Your Body

In the episode segment, Dr. Jenn stresses the importance of training your mind just as much as your body. With consistent and correct visualization, you train your mind to work with you towards your goals. Over time, your muscles respond to visualization, so much so that you can feel them twitch just by imagining the activity.

The Verdict

Dr. Jenn’s tips can revolutionize your workout experience and help you achieve goals you never thought possible. So next time you need to give 100%, assess the situation, train your mind, and get ready to achieve your best performance yet. Check the podcast out here!

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