Dr. Jenn Mann has tips for following through on your planned workouts.

Dr Jenn on Following Through with Your Workout Plans

Setting workout goals is an important first step, but what can you do if your challenge is following through on your planned workout? Dr. Jenn Mann, a renowned licensed therapist and sports psychology consultant, known for her work on VH1’s Couples Therapy and Family Therapy, recently stopped by The Clip Out podcast to offer valuable advice to a listener who is struggling with consistency in following through with their workout plans.

Identifying the Issue

Dr. Jenn highlights common pitfalls that hinder individuals from sticking to their workout commitments. She emphasizes the importance of setting realistic expectations and aligning workouts with personal preferences to enhance motivation.

Embracing Balance and Variety

Exploring the impact of monotony in workout routines, Dr. Jenn advocates for a balanced approach that includes activities one enjoys. She stresses the significance of variety in maintaining interest and motivation over time.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Acknowledging the benefits of seeking expert advice, Dr. Jenn suggests consulting with trainers or fitness professionals to structure effective and engaging workout plans tailored to individual needs.

Setting Achievable Goals

Dr. Jenn underscores the value of setting achievable goals to foster a positive self-concept as an athlete. By starting small and gradually progressing, individuals can build confidence and establish a sustainable exercise routine.

Prioritize Consistency, Enjoyment, and Self-Care

In conclusion, Dr. Jenn encourages listeners to prioritize consistency, enjoyment, and self-care in their fitness journeys. By embracing realistic goals, incorporating variety, and seeking professional support, individuals can overcome barriers to following through with their workout plans and nurture a healthier relationship with exercise.

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