Christine D'Ercole 9 years at Peloton

Christine D’Ercole Celebrates 9 Years with Peloton

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Christine D’Ercole has just marked her ninth year as a Peloton instructor, and her impact on the platform is immeasurable. From humble beginnings as a bartender and bike messenger, Christine’s incredible journey to become a world-renowned cyclist and fitness instructor is truly inspiring.  CDE explains all of this in a 30 second Reel on the Peloton Studios Instagram, but we think her journey to Peloton needs a little bit more than that!

Overcoming Body Shame and Striving for Success

From a young age, Christine had to overcome body shame to achieve her dreams. As a little girl, she was told that her thighs were “too big for ballet,” which, of course, created a certain amount of shame about her body, which she has been very open about in several of her classes. Putting her dreams of dance aside, she later pursued a career in theater, but it was her involvement in the bike messenger community during her time at Carnegie Mellon University that led her to pursue cycling as a sport and track-racing full time.

Christine also pursued a love of cycling as a fitness instructor and she spent time as a master trainer for Schwinn Indoor Cycling and a cycling instructor at SoulCycle and Equinox before joining Peloton in 2014.

The Winning Spirit of Christine D’Ercole

Christine’s winning spirit is responsible for several achievements, including winning the Masters World Championship in cycling and being a five-time National Champion. Of all the Peloton instructors, Christine is the only one who has ever won a world or national track cycling championship. Her incredible achievements on and off the podium are a testament to her commitment to excellence and a resilient mindset.

Teaching Beyond the Bike: Christine’s Impact Beyond Peloton

Apart from being a cycling instructor, Christine also hosts Wordshop workshops that range from topics such as body image to addiction and loss, to corporate cultural growth and team building. Her unique teaching style, mantra of “I am. I can. I will. I do,” and her commitment to empowering people to be the best version of themselves have earned her a loyal following and inspired many beyond the cycling community.

Christine’s Legacy at Peloton

As Peloton celebrates its tenth anniversary, we celebrate Christine’s nine years as a Peloton instructor.  Congratulations on 9 years!!

PS. Long-time Peloton Members will recall Christine’s Bigger Than a Smaller Pair of Pants ride and, while that ride has long-since been purged from the Peloton platform, her playlist celebrating the mantra that CDE so passionately believes in lives on on Spotify.

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