Arms & Light Weights Classes Being Filmed in PSNY Strength Studio

Arms & Light Weights Classes Being Filmed in PSNY Strength Studio

I spy with my little eye a brand new background for Arms & Light Weights classes filmed at Peloton Studios New York.

Goodbye, Gatekeeping

Historically, these classes have been taught only on the Bike, and later, on the Tread.  As a result, Arms & Light Weights classes have been coded with the Bike/Tread distinction in the On Demand library.  This coding distinction made it impossible for Bike owners to take an Arms & Light Weights class taught by a Tread instructor on their Bike tablet, and vice versa.  And, Row owners–well you were left out completely.

This lack of access to these classes in particular has been a source of contention among Members who own Peloton hardware for a while, and it appears that Peloton has heard you loud and clear and has moved–at least some–of the PSNY-based Instructor ALW classes to the Strength Studio.  A move that makes perfect sense since these are, after all, strength classes.

For Good, or….?

For now, it is too soon to tell if this is a permanent move, or if we will see a mix of classes with Instructors filming in the Strength Studio as well as on the Bike and Tread, as they have done previously.  Currently, the most recent ALW classes are from June 6 and no other PSNY-based classes have been added to the On Demand library since that date.  And, as of right now, it appears that this change applies to the New York studio only.  The most recent PSL Arms & Light Weights classes from June 12 and 13, taught by Joslyn Thompson Rule and Sam Yo, were filmed in their respective Tread and Bike studios.

Are you happy to see this change?  Who will you be taking an ALW class with first, now that you will be able to do so on your Bike, Tread and Row tablets?

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