49ers Gift Pelotons to Team and Coaches as Super Bowl Reward

What’s the perfect gift for an NFL player who seems to have it all, including an upcoming trip to the Super Bowl? If you’re the San Francisco 49ers, it seems the answer is a Peloton bike and cycling shoes. As reported by Matt Barrows and Dave Lombardi from The Athletic, these fitness items are being presented to each player and coach as a token of appreciation for reaching the Super Bowl.

While some may feel slighted receiving workout gear as a gift, professional football players are likely to see this as an extension of their active lifestyle. And it’s safe to assume that the coaches will make good use of these gifts too.

Abiding by the Rules

David Lombardi, another reporter from The Athletic, points out that “NFL rules allow Super Bowl gifts to players under about $1,700 in value.” So, the 49ers are not bending any rules here. This is simply another way to express their gratitude to the team for their hard work and achievements.

A Legacy of Care and Appreciation

The 49ers have a long-standing tradition of looking after their players and coaches. When former safety Jeff Fuller sustained a serious neck injury during a game, Eddie DeBartolo, the then-owner of the 49ers, went above and beyond his legal obligations. He arranged to pay Fuller $100,000 annually for life, demonstrating unparalleled care and compassion.

Celebrating Milestones Big and Small

According to Sports Illustrated, DeBartolo was known for his unique ways of showing appreciation. From sending flowers to players’ wives after childbirth to hosting grand celebrations for division wins and other significant events, DeBartolo knew how to make his team feel special.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Today, 49ers CEO Jed York continues this legacy. Recently, he announced that the organization would cover the expenses for the entire team to fly to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. This isn’t the first time York has done this. He had previously arranged for 1,500 staff members and their spouses to attend the Super Bowl in Miami.

York told reporters, “We’re going to make sure that all staff and interns and everybody, they get to go.” It’s clear that the tradition of taking care of team members and their families is alive and well with the 49ers. The Peloton bikes and cycling shoes are just the latest example of this enduring culture.

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