326. Peloton Sued For Alleged Bike-Related Fatality And Our Interview With Brandon Randolph

TCO 326 | Civil Engineer


  • Peloton On Tour: Chicago lineup announced.
  • New updates for the Android app.
  • The Guide is getting a new feature.
  • Why does Peloton purge content?
  • How to use Peloton’s Strive score.
  • How to sweat-proof your makeup.
  • Helper Bee Lindsey put together the best of All For One fashion.
  • DJ John Michael’s Burning Man nightmare.
  • Sam Yo  to appear in the touring production of ‘The King And I.’
  • Mayla Wedekind is expecting.
  • The early reviews for Ben Alldis’ new book are in and they’re great.
  • Helper Bee Lindsey spoke to Victor Cornejo about PeLatino community.
  • Marcel Dinkins celebrates 2 years with Peloton.
  • How to tell if your weight gain is fat or muscle.
  • Sen Dog of Cypress Hill is a Peloton member.
  • Chris Evert stays in shape with her Peloton.
  • NY Jets Carl Lawson used Peloton to stay in shape after a torn Achilles tendon.
  • Jess Sims’ Saturday 60 now on…Mondays?
  • Helper Bee Chris reviews Ben Alldis’ 3-Day Split
  • TCO Top Five.
  • The All For One gear is here.
  • Birthdays – Hanna Corbin (9/10)

All this plus our interview with Brandon Randolph

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Peloton Sued For Alleged Bike-Related Fatality And Our Interview With Brandon Randolph

We had a fun week. We went to New York for a few days to visit Brian. My son is good. He went to school in Connecticut.

He is surviving.

I told you there’s a 60% chance he lives.

It’s so crazy though to just let go. It’s so hard not to be nagging about every little thing that he does because it drives me crazy how painful he goes about it. Just doing laundry was a whole thing because he had to get quarters, and then he went to the store and he got a 20. That didn’t work.

They wouldn’t take 20s.

He went back and then spent 45 minutes “researching” why it wouldn’t take a 10. When pressed on what did research mean, it meant him talking to people and making sure that it was going to take a 5. When he went to the grocery store for the third time, he got 5s. Why not just get the quarters? It’s so hard to shut up

The grocery store asks him to sell you a roll of quarters. You know what? That’s a him-problem. That’s why you got to let him do that dumb stuff. In the grand scheme of things, him chasing his tail for three hours trying to find quarters, that’s three hours that he’s not doing Fentanyl. Keep him on the straight and narrow. Not that I’m worried about him doing Fentanyl but you know what I mean. He could be doing much worse stuff. That keeps him away from doing other dumb stuff while he does low-grade dumb stuff. Eventually, he’ll be like, “I should have bought a roll of quarters.” It’s like, “Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish,” if we give them the answers.

We give him the answers and he doesn’t listen.

Why bother?

I don’t know. That’s hard. Can you believe how insulting he was when I gave him a completely legit solution? He has to take one of his classes online and as soon as that class ends, he has to be at the next class but it has to be in person at the school.

It’s three-quarters of a mile away. He has no margin for error between the end of one class in the beginning of the other.

I say, being the dumb person that I am, “Why don’t you go to where the school is and have your headphones. Have your coffee and listen to the class.”

I said the exact same thing to him, “Take the class at the school.”

He has the nerve to say this, “One of the students actually went there for the class ahead of time. That was so smart.” I was like, “Excuse me. What did you say? When it was my idea it was the dumbest thing ever.” He’s like, “It’s different when a kid is saying it.”

So far, so good.

He’s doing good. That is the important thing.

Let him learn those lessons on his own. Those are low-stakes lessons to learn.

We also got to ride the train for the first time.

I did ride a train for the first time when we went to Durango, but that was a touristy old-timey train. It was awesome, but it’s not like a real train. I didn’t think about that. I’ve never been on an Amtrak train in my life. That’s my first time. Anyway, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

We’re going to talk all about Chicago. We got updates that have been rolled out. We have some exclusive little articles that we’ve done over at the TCO from our helper bees. We’ll talk about those as well. We have a whole lot of updates from our instructors. We have a visit from Angelo, how to tell if your weight gain is fat or muscle. A couple of celeb updates, new content, and in case you missed it. It’s all the good stuff.

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I didn’t get it.

Apparently, Crystal has not subscribed to our own newsletter. That’s the takeaway here. I think we should skip over the part where I didn’t send out the newsletter and focus on the part where she did not subscribe to her own newsletter.

I am subscribed and I already know the news because I am the one putting it all into place, Tom.

Anyway, there’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

We are recording this after we’ve recorded the rest of the episode that you’re going to hear because there’s breaking news in the world of Peloton. It’s 9:00, Wednesday evening. By the time you hear this, there might be even more details. At this moment in time, this is what we know. Peloton is being sued once again for a death. This time, it’s related to a bike, not a tread. This is from a story in The Daily Beast. They’re reporting that a man by the name of Ryan Furtado was doing a core exercise and attempting to get up. After completing an exercise. I guess it’s like a bootcamp-style class.

He was doing some moves on the floor.

I guess for leverage, he attempted to grab the bike. The bike came down on him and sliced his carotid artery in his neck and died instantly because you bleed out super fast. None of them are good arteries to cut, but that’s the worst of the not-good arteries to cut.

It’s super tragic.

It sounds like this happened in January 2022 and a lawsuit was filed relatively quickly in March of that year.

I think it happened at the end of 2021, and then the lawsuit was filed in early 2022. I thought that’s what it said.

I believe the article says that the incident was in January 2022.

Okay. Thank you for that.

It’s January 13, 2022, doing a core exercise. I guess we knew there was some sort of lawsuit out there but there were no details that had been released. Today, those details have come out. It’s still whining its way through the court system. It’s tough to say that the bike isn’t designed for you to do that.

It’s not. The article goes on to say that the bike has a warning on the front leg of it, saying that it’s not to be used. I don’t know exactly how it’s worded. Forgive me because you can only read an article once and then it goes away, but it was something to the effect of you’re not supposed to pull on it. There was a warning for that, but the woman who was suing Peloton is the mother of the man who passed away. Her attorney is saying that it was not enough.

It was insufficient. There should have been more warnings in multiple places on the bike.

We have a chance to look at the terms and conditions, and the different things that are in place right now.

Peloton’s response thus far seems like, “In the terms and conditions, you’ve indemnified us against stuff like this. This is not the intended usage of the bike. There is a warning. We’re sorry.”

It’s a tragic, awful, and horrifying accident, but is it that? I don’t. I would love to have more information than we have right now.

It’ll be interesting to see over the next few days. When the tread story broke, we got lots of people starting to say, “Something similar like that happened to me,” and when the seat-post happened. It will be interesting to see over the next couple of days if you start hearing people in the community say, “Something like that did happen to me once.” Obviously, slicing your carotid artery is a 1% worst-case scenario. One would think, even if something were to fall on you, and for it to hit you like that. People could have experienced this potentially and it wasn’t a big deal. It was just like, “That was dumb. I shouldn’t do that again.”

“I didn’t mean to pull the bike on top of me. I wasn’t expecting that.” I’ve moved the bike before. and leaned on it. I’m like, “I’m not supposed to lean on that.” It moves. It’s not like it weighs so much that you can use it in that way. I can understand you jump up and you don’t think about it. You just do it.

It’s like if you drop a knife and your instinct is to catch the knife. You’re saying logically, “Catching a knife is stupid,” but it’s a reflex and you just do it.

Either way, financially, this is not good for Peloton. I think the next stage here is going to be some settlement. That’s going to be whatever that’s going to be. It’s awful. I feel bad for his family and I feel bad that this happened to him. He was just working out. Nobody expected that. It’s like I was just walking along in an intersection and somebody hit me. I didn’t expect that to happen.

It sounds like an awful set of circumstances, like a weird freak thing to have occurred. As I said, it seems like if this was a problem that was endemic that you’d be hearing, we would have heard about it by now, as long as the bikes have been on the market.

I would think so. I agree that it will be interesting to find out if we hear more. We have several attorneys who are looking into this right now, or our little helper bees who are working on figuring out where everything stands and looking at the terms and conditions. We will be giving you more information as soon as we have it.

By the time you hear this, we’ll probably already have information on our website and talking about it.

That’s what we have today.

With the way the production works, we’re down here in our basement doing it tonight to at least have some coverage in this episode. Our hearts go out to the Furtado family. Regardless of who wins the lawsuit, it is an awful thing to have occurred. Nobody would would want that to happen. We will now return you to your regular Clip Out program already in progress, recorded before we heard this news. If we sound silly coming out of this, that’s because we didn’t know that then. Don’t think we’re being jerks. Here’s the show.

Peloton on Tour Chicago has been announced.

Susie Chan, Mariana, and Logan are going to be there. Three of my faves.

Tunde still owes us ice cream.

I don’t see us ever getting that.

When she offered us ice cream, she was much less famous.

Now she has book deals. I don’t think that’s going to happen. No ice cream for us. We still love Tunde though.

Lots of fun stuff is going on in Chicago.

Including the Chicago marathon. October 5th through 7th is going to be all about Chicago. That’s all the instructors that are going to be there. Thursday, October 5th, we have the instructor experience from 12:00 to 5:00. Friday, October 7th, Cody and Tunde live, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM. They are going to take you behind the scenes of Peloton Studios. You’re going to get insider stories on the instructor, team, studios, community, and more. We have 45 minutes with a meet and greet after.

On Friday, the 7th, Peloton game night, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. There is going to be lots of fun. There are going to be classic indoor games with a Peloton twist. Good luck to you. Saturday, October 7th, live group classes from 10:00 to 2:00 PM. Just like when we had UCLA and Atlanta, Peloton is going to offer three live outdoor classes at the Chicago. These are stop yoga for runners, strength workouts, and dance cardio. Mats are going to be provided. You’re also going to get to have an instructor meet and greet after each class.

On Saturday, there’s also the Leaderboard Awards party. It’s an invite-only. If you don’t know already. It’s a little late because the tickets went on sale on Thursday, September 7th, and they were gone. This is exciting because this is going to correspond with the Chicago marathon. We know for a fact Mariana and Logan are running. We know Rad is running even though he is not on the instructor list. We can’t help but wonder if Susie is going to be doing a little run.

That’s my prediction because a marathon for her is nothing. That’s like mozzarella sticks for me. It’s a little appetizer. It’s a little something to get things going. It’s not a full meal. If she shows up and they’re like, “Do you want to run a marathon today,” she’d be like, “Okay. If you want to have all the trouble to have a marathon, I guess I could go ahead and run it. Does anybody have any shoes I can borrow? It’s no big deal.”

You know she brings eighteen pairs to choose from at any given moment because she got to have the perfect outfit. She has shoes. I guarantee you. She does not go anywhere without shoes for running.

We have updates for the Android app.

I know it’s not very often we get to say that.

I don’t care anymore.

Not only do I not care but here’s the deal. I didn’t get this. We don’t have this on the Apple.

Normally when it’s an Android app, it’s like they’re catching up with iOS. Now Android gets something Apple doesn’t. I love it. What did it get?

It has live previews. What does that mean? That means they put this class out there and if we we had a video playing, you would see a live preview of the class played in the video. Android got it before the Apple.

It’s about time they get something first.

It only happened one other time. Go Android.

It would appear that the Guide has a new feature in its future.

Not everyone is showing that they have this yet. It’s either in beta or still being rolled out. I’m not sure. Either way, positioning your body shows up. It’s going to tell you when you’re facing a direction that’s different than what they need. It’s going to show a little icon that says, “You need to turn forward or you need to turn sideways. That way, that’s going to help the Guide be able to count your reps. If they’ve been having issues with rep counting, this is going to help with that.

This means when we’re thinking of some of the issues with the rep counting, those people weren’t standing properly. They didn’t know too. It’s their failures as human beings. Although, they could be.

There’s probably some.

It’s designed to count you doing a certain thing in a certain direction, and if you are all cockeyed, it’s not going to pick it up.

That’s exactly right.

We’ve started a new series over at TheClipOut.com. We’re calling it the 101 series. It’s like information about Peloton that gets asked a lot, especially from newcomers. If you’re a long-time Peloton user, perhaps some of this information will feel a bit rudimentary to you, but it’s also good to maybe have it at the ready. If someone is asking the same question over and over again like in the OPP, you can be like, “Here’s an article.” If you’re kind enough to share it with them so they can go check out. One of the first ones is, why does Peloton Purge content?

We wanted to touch on this because people are obsessed with this purging. There are a lot of people who think that this is new. There are people that are just idiotic posting the same shit. Every week, they’re like, “These are the classes that have been purged this week, and here’s what you need to know about.” You don’t need to know. Do you know why? Because they’ve been doing this since the beginning. There has never been a time period at Peloton, except maybe the first two years, where they didn’t purge content. Why do they do it? Here’s why. One is music licensing. That is one of the things. They create a licensing deal. That licensing deal is not in perpetuity. It does not last forever.

No licensing deal is.

That is not a Peloton-specific thing. It doesn’t exist. Not with music licensing. What they will do is they will have like a three-year deal or a five-year deal. Maybe it will only be a one-year deal, depending on the artist and how picky they are about their stuff. They get to do that because they’re the artists. First of all, if a licensing agreement is going to end, those are all the classes that if they don’t have a new agreement that includes that song, every class that includes those is going to go away. That’s one reason.

Two, because they have improved production. Why does that matter? Because the shit that they did in 2017, as much as I loved it, is not as good production-wise. Was it raw? Yes. Was it amazing? Yes. Is that what Peloton wants to present to the world? No, it is not. Number three. No one is taking it. As many times as you all say, “I don’t want to have my class purged that I love because XYZ,” not enough people are taking it. Not when there are thousands of people taking the new stuff. Those are three great reasons. It costs a boatload of money to keep all of this stuff out there so that you can download it. Storage does come at a price. It is the cost of doing business. For all of you naysayers out there, I understand how business works.

At some point, it’s not an efficient cost of this. There’s a reason that you can’t find diet vanilla sugar-free Pepsi because there are only four people in the world who want it. At some point, they said, “It’s not worth making this anymore. We’re going to get rid of it.” People make that decision all the time.

It is not new that Peloton is purging content. Earlier this year, Peloton came to us and said, “We wanted to give you a heads up. We are going to start only purging classes on Friday. Not that this is starting in general. They’ve always purged the classes, but they were going to systematically do it. Why are they doing it systematically? For a few reasons. One, so that you can expect and anticipate it. If they’re in 2020 right now and it’s nearing the end, you can be assured that your class is coming, so start taking those classes.

They’re going to keep doing that systematically because they want to have a way to give people that heads up. They are not going to give you a list of classes. They don’t want to. It’s not worth their time. This is efficiency. They do not need to do this every week. They don’t owe it to you. I promise you. It’s not just about you. The other thing that people need to remember is that this is going to happen forever.

In 2024, they are going to get rid of the classes or whatever we’re up to. I don’t even know because I don’t go back and retake classes so I don’t even care. In 2025, they’re going to keep going with the next year’s classes. It’s never going to stop. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Think of it like this. You have a certain amount of time to appreciate and enjoy these classes. Sometimes a miracle will occur and your favorite class will come back, but very infrequently. It’s going to take a lot for your class to come back because they don’t have room for them all, and they don’t want to. I believe they’re still storing these out there somewhere.

I hope that they’re keeping these classes somewhere for posterity. Peloton has become enough of a pop culture item that it’s important for these things to be saved somewhere in the same way that I hope early television shows were saved. A lot of them have been lost the time. People at the time didn’t think they had any value in the future. Fifty-six years later, they’re kicking themselves in the butt for not having them anymore. I hope that somewhere there’s a hard drive or maybe two hard drives with duplicates that they’re keeping somewhere.

I think they are because they were able to bring classes back. They’ve done it before. If they can, that means they must be being saved out there somewhere. They just don’t want to put it out in the cloud because that is where the storage costs the most money.

The biggest problem is a problem that is community-generated. It is that it gets referred to as a purge.

They said we don’t want to call it a purge anymore. Think of it like house cleaning. People keep the same shit from ten years ago. Nobody else does that. I’m not saying you don’t keep your favorite pieces. You do.

That’s why some classes thread the needle and stick around.

You do not have every piece of clothing you had in high school. You know you don’t.

Unless you’re nineteen listening to us right now. The fact that it’s called a purge is the problem. That started with the community the first time something like this occurred, and then it stuck. It shouldn’t get referred to that way. We’re guilty of it because we’re doing it right now. Also, if we tried to call it something else, we wouldn’t know what we were talking about. That’s also the problem in a situation like this. I feel like one has a negative connotation and two, it’s like you said, it’s an ongoing process and it’s never going to stop. When stuff leaves Netflix, nobody is screaming like, “They’re purging Seinfeld,” or whatever. It’s just, “It’s no longer available on Netflix.”

It’s a bunch of people that make a bunch of noise and they upset everyone, especially people who don’t understand it.

I know right now someone out there is saying, “This is different because Peloton makes all their own content,” to which I reply, “You’re wrong.” Peloton makes their own content but it’s not different because you are starting to see streaming services pull their own content off of their platform. Disney has pulled multiple shows off Disney+ that they produced. Sometimes they’ve pulled shows before they even put them on the platform. There’s a sci-fi show that they spent $80 million to produce and it has never seen the light of day and it probably never will. Warner Brothers threw away an entire Batgirl movie. This happens in everything. It’s the new normal and you need to get used to it.

Helper Bee Chris does a beautiful job of explaining it all in this article. Next time somebody posts on the OPP, hit reply, share this, and that’s all you have to do.

We also have a less controversial article in the 101 series about how to use the strive score because people are still confused about that.

I wish it was less controversial, but you see people complain about anything. They complain about this because the heart rate formula is not very helpful because it doesn’t match most people. This is true, by the way. It’s almost like an arbitrary number. They just came up with it and there are about a thousand reasons you don’t fall into that category. I agree with that, but it doesn’t matter because how you use the strive score is it’s just a trend if you take the same class multiple times. Let’s say you take an endurance class with Becs Gentry for one week. The next class you take is an endurance class with Matt Wilpers. They’re both 60 minutes. If you put forth less effort but kept your heart rate down a little bit lower and got about the same output, that means your heart rate is getting better. That means you got healthier and stronger in that time frame. That’s how you use it. That’s it.

It’s a general guideline. At the end of the day, you can never reduce your fitness or health to a single solitary number. Whether that’s going to be a strive score, a Power Zone score, a BMI, or your weight.

They’re all pieces of the puzzle.

They’re one piece of the puzzle and they provide a lot of information in one area for a good chunk of people, but there are always going to be exceptions. You can never boil it down to one number, but this explains how to do it.

I think Helper Bee Chris did this one as well. I don’t remember off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure it was. No, this was Nikki. My bad, Nikki. I’m so sorry.

The next 101 is for mostly the ladies. There might be some exceptions, but how to make your makeup not fall off your face.

I know that Nikki did this one. I’m not going to go into details. I want you guys to read this one if you’re interested. Nikki put a lot of work into this one. She has named brands and all different kinds of monetary guidelines for you, and then she specifies, “Here are the ones that are the most important.” For example, a primer. You want to get that down. That’s going to be important because that’s what you’re makeup grips onto. It’s things like that.

She breaks it all down for you. There’s a lot of great information in this. We put it all in one place. All the instructors’ favorites are right here. This is perfect, especially in time for All For One because all the instructors are going to be dressed up in their amazing outfits and they’re amazing makeup. A lot of people will do their selfies and they’re all dressed up for a special class.

There is more of a range of people taking Peloton classes from different ages and genders. Share on X

You want to look good in your selfie.

There you go. Get your makeup on.

Helper Bee Lindsey put together a story about the best of All For One fashion. As you mentioned, the outfits.

There are so many amazing outfits that the instructors have done. Lindsey put together her favorite over the last few years. Jess King is always going to be at the top because she is always so flashy. There’s always a theme happening. Lindsey went through and put them all together and they’re cool. She has Mariana Fernández, Kirsten Ferguson, and Marcel Dinkins.

She gave her favorite out of all of these. This is from the last few years that she put all these together. We’re interested to see what’s going to be included this year. What they are going to do for Skrillex, for example. I’m super excited about this. I love Lindsey’s articles when she does these fashion aspects because they’re not things that I spend a lot of time thinking of. I like seeing it and I like the fun of it.

As you might or might not know, Burning Man has turned into an absolute nightmare this year. DJ John Michael had gone missing for a good chunk of time. We’re going to talk about that coming up after this.

It was a scary few days there for the fans of DJ John Michael. Burning Man had become a nightmare for people because of unexpected rains. It is in a desert.

It doesn’t take much to create a flood. It’s a mess.

I don’t think they ever had a rain contingency because it’s a desert. Climate change is a hoax, but it rained in the desert and they weren’t prepared for it. I heard it was a nightmare to wade through the mud.

Some people walked out and left their cars behind but nobody heard from DJ John Michael. We were all watching his social but nothing. We were getting nervous, then the night that they started letting cars out, they posted on their travel IG that they had made it safely outside. DJ John Michael’s phone was luckily their only fallen soldier. If he’s not posting on Instagram still by the time you hear this, that is why. Who cares? They’re safe. That’s what matters. I know that it has been a nightmare for a lot of people not just DJ John Michael and Brian King. We definitely send our hearts out to everyone. I thought it was obvious but in case it’s not, we feel that way about all bad things in the world. We’re not specifying this particular one. It just happens to be somebody we know.

We’re talking about the world of Peloton. There was a very well-known Peloton person there, and so that’s the angle we reported on. If you follow the comedy world, they’re talking about Chris Rock being in Burning Man.

For those of you who are like, “Why are you saying that?” I’m saying that because people put on my comments, “Why are you not talking about X tragedy?” Because it wasn’t relevant to Peloton. Not that it’s not relevant in the world because for sure it is.

That’s true of anything. Why are you talking about this instead of this other thing? People are the worst. Why are we talking about those bad people if we could talk about other bad people?

There are a lot of good people. Let’s focus on the good people.

Like Sam Yo. He gets to go back to his musical roots. He’s going to be performing for four weeks in The King and I and The West End, which is the British version of Broadway.

He’s on the touring edition.

My bad, but still super cool.

I did not realize that he had been involved in musical theater before, but he had and he’s excited about doing this. For all of you that are like, “Is he coming back to Peloton?” Of course, he is. It’s four weeks, and only two weeks are going to be missing his actual Peloton content because of the way the timing worked. The studio was closed for a chunk of it, and probably most of the time, he was rehearsing and getting spun up. One actual day, he gets to play King of Siam.

That’s the lead, for people who are unaware. It’s called The King and I. He can’t play the I because that’s the lady part.

The night he is playing that is on October 7th at 2:30 PM. I guess it’s every day. The other days, he is the understudy for the role.

He could be playing it at other times and you’ll be surprised upon arrival, but he plays the King’s right-hand man. He’s not just sitting backstage for four weeks and hoping somebody has a sandbag fall on him. He will be in the play every night. Some nights, at least one, he plays the lead. If the actual lead gets sick or has a family engagement or something, he gets to step in.

We’re very happy for him. I feel like Sam Yo would fit in well in our family.

Given how much he likes Back to the Future, yes.

Back to the Future, nerd stuff, and musicals. It feels like he’s a good fit for our family.

I will adopt him. Congrats to Mayla Wedekind.

She’s pregnant. Another Pelo-baby is on the way. A little German Pelo-baby. How adorable. She announced this on Instagram. There had been some people wondering, but it’s hard to tell whenever they’re wearing stuff or tucking things in.

You don’t want to guess and be wrong.

It turns out she is. We want to say huge congratulations to the family.

As you are probably already aware, Ben Alldis has a book getting ready to come out called Raise the Bar.

It’s out. The hardcover has not been released but Kindle has or vice versa. It’s one of the two. You know how it is with reviews. A writer for the Daily Telegraph in the UK did read it. She finished it and she gave her review and it was glowing. I also heard on the socials that they knew somebody who had read all the instructors’ books, even those that have not come out yet because of what they do for their job, and this was their favorite. That’s what I heard.

Helper Bee Lindsey is popping up again. He sat down with Victor Cornejo from the PeLatino community.

Not only that but he is also a past guest. He was so nice that he sat down with one of our people and answered tons of questions for Lindsey.

He was like, “I’ll answer your questions but only if I don’t have to talk to Tom again.”

I don’t know that that’s what he said but it wouldn’t shock me.

It wouldn’t shock anyone.

He talked about what Camila means to the Latin community and other instructors that are teaching Latin classes, and how important it is to be seen and be represented. It was a cool conversation and we cover that in this article.

He makes a point of mentioning how it’s not just something that happens during Latin Heritage Month. Obviously, there’s more of it during Latin Heritage Month, but that’s not a one month a year sort of thing. You do see it day in and day out. That’s nice that they recognize that.

I completely agree.

Marcel Dinkins is celebrating her second anniversary with Peloton.

I love these pictures of her because I love the bright colors. I was thinking how tall she was when we met her. Do you remember?

Everybody is taller than me.

That’s fair. This is cool because Marcel did this neat countdown of her favorite classes as she was leading into her Peloversary. We cover that in the article, but we also wanted to say congratulations on your Peloversary, Marcel.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Angelo from MetPro. If you want to know how to tell the difference between your weight gain being fat or muscle, he’s going to help you out. Stick around.

Joining us once again from MetPro is Angelo, here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions.

Hi, guys.

We have a question from Portia Moore. Her leaderboard is Add Five and Thrive. She says that she’s gained 20 pounds since she started Peloton in 2018. Intellectually, she knows some of it must be muscle because she has only gained one clothing size. She’s 5’3″, for reference. She sees more definition than she did before. She can lift more. She can run longer, but it still gets to her emotionally. She thought about decreasing her strength work because of it, or reevaluating her eating habits, even though she doesn’t want to. How can she reconcile this? She’d like to look at a scale without getting angry and frustrated.

All right, Portia, that’s a great question. I can give you a very direct answer to it. You’re not going to like the answer, but I can give you a direct answer. The answer is yes, you have absolutely gained muscle mass. Especially when you’re spinning or doing Peloton, your lower body, I guarantee you, has more quad development. Those glutes and hamstrings are some of the largest muscles in your body. You have gained some muscle. You have not gained 20 pounds of muscle. You’re 5’3″, not even close to 20 pounds of muscle.

What’s happening is it is not Peloton causing you to have gone up in weight on the scale. If you were up 3 to 5 pounds, that could be chalked up to muscle development. Since 2018, we’ve been through one pandemic. There’s a little bit of extra aging that happens to all of us. The answer is outside the scope of Peloton. Peloton is a force for good for you for sure. Keep doing that.

As a nuance, when I have women who don’t want to develop their lower body further, that is more of a body type thing. If you’re an ectomorphic body type where you have thinner or more petite legs, this is not an issue. If you happen to be more of a meso endomorph that has naturally thicker legs, and you don’t want to develop quads, what you can do is you can increase your RPMs a little bit and decrease resistance a little bit to get a lot of the same cardiovascular benefit without as much lactic threshold training for your lower body.

Your question though Portia is simply broader than that nuance. Your question is, “I’ve gained weight.” You’re tying it to maybe this change. You have to look at your food. That is the solution, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Start simple. Start with little things. At MetPro. This is what we do with our clients. We figure out by process of elimination where are our most relevant levers. You’re already exercising. You’re already no doubt burning calories. Our biggest lever for you, Portia, is going to be the food. You don’t want to go on a diet or a big program right now. What can we do that makes things easy?

If you’ve been listening to The Clip Out for a while, you’ve probably heard me state my recommendations. Prep a mid-afternoon snack. Get consistent with breakfast. If you can do those two things, it will have a healthy disruptive effect on your day-to-day routine and lifestyle. Healthy snack. Keep it simple, fruit, nuts, or whatever you like. Something low-calorie, clean, and natural, but get consistent having that afternoon snack. Get consistent with a healthy breakfast. What happens after a few days of doing that, across the board, you’re going to find your overall deep caloric intake decreases. Your frequency of having sugar will naturally decrease for most people. If not, then your next step is to get consistent with your lunches.

If you’ve done all of that, then you need to look at where your weaknesses are. The way I like to start is to make sure you’re eating the right things. I don’t start with you having to take out all the bad things because then that leaves you with not eating things, then that’s going to lead to more bad things. Add the good things first. Once you get that, if the corresponding decrease and the things we all know about, the sugars, fried foods, processed foods, etc. don’t drop enough to affect the scale, then what you need is to have a structured program for a time, not for the rest of your life but for a time.

That’s what every single one of our clients is coming to us for. What’s the right structure for me with XYZ goal? You have a lot of things going for you, Portia, with using the Peloton and being consistent with it. No doubt you have added some muscle and you have noticed and you’re seeing that tone difference in your body. Now it’s a matter of probably some minor tweaks to the food. It will make a massive change to your trajectory and progression.

Thank you so much for all that. If people would like this sort of stuff tailor-made for them, where can they find you?

Thank you.

New York Magazine sat down with rapper Sen Dog who is from the band Cypress Hill, in case you’re wondering. The reason we tell you all that is because one of the things that comes up is his love of Peloton.

It’s pretty awesome. I love seeing all the different types of people, especially when it’s celebrities that use Peloton and they’re like, “This is how I stay fit.” It makes total sense though because if you’re famous, why would you want to go to the gym? That would be the worst.

Probably one of the first things you do is build yourself a home gym so people leave you alone.

You can be on the leaderboard anonymously and no one knows you. That sounds pretty great.

I would think Sen Dog is at that level of fame though. He’s very famous to some people and not famous at all to anybody or some other people. He probably could go to the gym relatively undisturbed. That’s my guess. It’s funny doing what I do, like if I’m driving around town to do interviews or something that day. Some of them are super famous in some areas. We could go to the mall or whatever and nobody has any idea who they’re talking to.

Some of that is because most people don’t pay attention. I’m one of those people who don’t pay attention to other people.

Also in Saint Louis, people aren’t expecting to see famous people.

We don’t have famous people here or maybe we do. We don’t know.

You should move to Saint Louis because no one will recognize you.

I don’t think they’re going to do that.

Vogue.com talked to Chris Evert. She also mentioned her love of Peloton. She’s a former tennis pro, for people who don’t know.

She’s a freaking legend. I know that.

Even I know this name. That’s how she stays fit even though her professional athlete days are behind her. Finally, more professional athletes news. Jets defensive end Carl Lawson is also a fan of Peloton. He used it to stay fit when he had a torn Achilles tendon.

It is a good thing to do rehab when you can’t put a lot of weight on stuff. That makes a lot of sense.

Jess Sims is filming her college game day show, which is on the weekends because that’s when the college games are. Am I doing okay, so far?

So far.

Her Saturday 60s will now be on Mondays. They are recording on Mondays and they’re airing on Saturday, or when we’re in Germany, “I would make your bunk.”

They’re recording live on Monday. That means that people can still be in class with her. Saturday 60s is live on Mondays, but then they air on Saturdays. Got it?

TCO 326 | Civil Engineer


No. Saturday 60s is recording on Mondays but they’re airing them on Saturdays, so it’s not live. It’s taped.


I got the college game day part right.

Good job.

Because it’s sports stuff.

Fans will be able to take part in her in-studio classes on Mondays even when she’s on the road. The first paragraph here though explains that she’s going to premiere the classes on Saturdays while she’s on the road, but she’s going to host classes live in studio with members on Monday. She’ll be back because she’ll be off the road by Monday. She can record a class and then those classes will tank it. You got it?

Yes. You’re Saturday 60s aren’t going anywhere.

That’s the most important thing.

They’ll be five days old by the time you see them, which who cares?

Don’t say that to people. Now there would be a complaint about that.

She’s going to record them on Mondays, and then they’re going to purge them on Friday, and they will never air, but they will have been recorded. You will never see them like Batgirl. We have a review from Helper Bee Chris about Ben’s three-day split. There are so many new things coming out all the time. If you’re wondering whether it is worth your time, we started writing reviews for some of them to get you up to speed and whether it’s something that’s going to fit what you’re looking for.

Chris did a great job of breaking down the pros and cons, mostly just pros, and who it’s good for. This is a great article.

We have our TCO top five. Every week, we asked the community to tell us what their favorite five classes of the week are, and here we go.

The first one up is hip mobility with Hannah Corbin from 8/1. Karen Smith chose this class because she’s looking to improve flexibility in her routine. This one was great and it is on her list to repeat regularly because it helped her. She enjoyed it so she wanted to do it more.

Hopefully, she gets her flexibility where she wants it before it’s purged.

We have Alex K. His 15-minute 80s Pop Row from 8/23. Paul made a wonderful reasoning. “You need to take this class. It’s a great 80s playlist, all from John Hughes movies.” That’s all he had to say. I’m in. I can’t wait to do that. There’s the favorite Peloton run. This is for 8/25, 45-minute, ‘90s run with Mariana Fernandez. Becky Gomes said that it’s the perfect ‘90s playlist. Mariana has the best upbeat and motivating attitude. I love her coaching techniques. It was a hard class with hills and sprint intervals.”

You have the Sweat Steady low-impact ride with Jess King. This is from 8/31. Danette Giles has a foot injury that does not tolerate being out of the saddle. This workout was perfect. It was tough without aggravating her injury. Finally our favorite unstackable. This one sounds insanely amazing.

This is from Michael Davern. He said, “Mila Lazar’s unstackable from 7/8/23 at 10 AM. If you’re riding the top in or close for call-outs at or above 70 on climbs. Recoveries, 45 to 60, only one true short recovery on this 30-minute ride. Speed work was 45 to 50 resistance, topping out at 60 to 65 in English live from London.” That’s amazing. Don’t forget, you can always do the lower end of the callouts if that does sound scary, but it’s a dance music ride. That sounds like a lot of fun, in addition to being tough.

There is new All For One gear. If it’s still there, I can’t promise you. The segment is called In Case You Missed It, so it would be very fitting if it was all sold out.

This year they went with the all-white motif. Last year for All For One, it was black. This year, there’s a T-shirt, a hoodie, and a bucket hat. I’m not a fan of bucket hats. I cannot pull them off.

I can’t see one without thinking of Gilligan.

I totally get that, but I dig that hoodie. I think I’m going to need that. These are probably going to go this weekend though during All For One weekend. I have feelings it’s going to go fast in person because this is the first All For One in the studio, and it’s the first All For One with rowing classes. It’s the first rowing class in person. There’s a lot of cool stuff.

Finally, we only have one birthday this week and it’s Hannah Corbin on September 10th. Happy birthday to her.

Happy birthday.

Coming back after this, we’re going to talk to our guests of the week. It’s Brandon Randolph. Stick around.

Joining us is Brandon Randolph. Brandon, how’s it going?

I’m good. How are you guys doing?

We are good. We are happy to have you here. We always appreciate people taking the time to record, especially on a weekend. There are other things that you could be doing and we know that, so thank you. I also like to start by finding out the background of how people originally found Peloton. Especially since the pandemic, there are so many different ways it came onto people’s radar. How did that happen for you, Brandon?

I started with Peloton like a lot of people I saw the commercials on TV with the shutdowns and everything here and in the DC area. All the gyms were shut down. You couldn’t go outside to workout because it’s entirely too cold. I didn’t want to have to put on a giant sheet skin line parka to be outside sweating and working out at the same time. I started seeing the commercials and I started hearing things about Peloton. I was like, “I have the space.” I pulled the trigger on the bike and I went balls to the walls crazy. The first 7 or 8 months, I was like, “I’m tired. Why am I so tired? You are doing four rides a day. It might be a little bit much.”

Were you really doing four rides a day? Explain that to me. We will get to your day job in a little bit, but how did you work that in? Were you doing an hour or twenty minutes? Were you doing a 2 or 3-minute ride, taking a couple of hour break, and coming back and doing it? Explain how that worked.

Working from home helped with shutdowns during the pandemic. I was working from home five days a week. I’d get up during my lunch break and workout for an hour. I then go back to work, eat my lunch at my desk while I am working, and then after I am done with the work day, I do another hour or 45 minutes on the bike before passing out for the day.

The passing out is right.

That’s a lot. Were you already a big workout person? You said, “When the gym shut down,” so clearly you had been going to the gym. Has fitness always been a part of your life?

I’m a former high school athlete. I played football. I swam in high school. I got into weightlifting when I was in college ten years ago or so. It was something that at least a lot of people could relate to. It’s there. I know I need to go to the gym. I don’t feel like going to the gym or something else more exciting is happening like scratching my back. I’d rather stay home and do that instead. Luckily, I always maintain some level of athleticism by going to the gym frequently. I can do an hour on the StairMaster and be perfectly slipping around, watching TV, or doing whatever. Getting on the bike and going that hard for that long wasn’t anything foreign to me because I had been used to it so much.

Technically, you can file scratching your back under Yoga.

I did that as well. I found a yoga instructor, yoga with Adrian on YouTube. I had been doing that in the mornings before work. Between stretching to wake up for the day and get everything going, I had a nice little routine going. I kept it going until I was like, “I’m tired. I need to stop before I break something.”

That’s good to recognize because it’s like anything. Exercise is good but at some point, it’s not good. You can take anything to the extreme. When you were able to access a gym, were you doing spin-type classes cardio-based stuff or were you doing other things?

It was more so weightlifting. I liked doing the elliptical. The spin classes were a little bit too much for me. I stuck with my usual workout, lifting weights on my own, the elliptical StairMaster, and walking on the treadmill. Part of the reason I also started to pull back from the Peloton was I went outside and started walking around my neighborhood. The weather was nice. It wasn’t 60 billion degrees outside like it is right now. I started doing that because I was able to get from being cooped up in the house and enjoying the weather and doing things that way. I have incorporated more of that versus being on the bike as much as I was.

Do you ever do the outdoor Peloton classes when you do your walks?

I do. It’s a good program.

It is. I love so many of the outdoor classes and I have enjoyed how they have done the outdoor music series reloaded. Do you have a favorite artist series that you enjoy?

I listen to all types of music ranging from rap, rock, R&B, pop, and classical. I love the 50 Years of Hip-Hop series they are doing on Peloton. I also love the Madonna artist series that was out a little while ago. I love that. Also, the dance stuff. I love everything.

It’s so funny because sometimes Tom and I are getting up there in age. We will hear an artist series and we are like, “We have no idea who this is. Not even a little bit. I have never heard of this person.” That has led me to listen to artists I never would have listened to otherwise because nobody listens to the radio anymore. Hearing these others, I’m like, “I like this.” The next thing you know they end up in my Spotify.

I’m exactly the same. I’m not sure if you guys do this, but I have linked my Peloton to my Spotify account. Whenever I like a song, it pops up on a playlist in my Spotify account. I have created a radio station from that and I have discovered so much more music than I already discovered on a regular basis. It’s been great.

I didn’t think about starting a radio station from that. That’s a great idea. We might have to put that on the website as a good idea for people. That’s a good one. I’ll credit you. Don’t worry, Brandon.

I appreciate that.

If you typically use the bike, would you say that’s your favorite class now? I’m curious if you were thinking the spin class was too much at the gym, what got you so into it at home?

I’m a bigger guy. I’m about 6’3.5.” I played football in high school, so the seats for me at the gym were entirely too small. I did a couple of spin classes. I was like, “It’s too small. I can’t do it. Never again.” I invested in a much wider seat and a bigger area to cover here at home. I love it because I’m comfortable. It’s just me in a class with 50 million people sweating and sensory on.

That makes perfect sense to me. I always liked going to the classes back before Peloton existed. I enjoyed the atmosphere as far as the music. I love doing it first thing in the morning. It’s like the endorphin rush first thing in the morning, but I also love being at home where I don’t have to worry about how I look. It’s nice.

Finding your keys and going to the gym. Finding somewhere to park.

Signing up for the class early and trying to get into the class that’s your favorite with your instructor. It’s the whole thing.

With the rise of Peloton, I feel like previously for a lot of people, not all, spinning was gendered. A lot of people perceived it as something that “girls” would do. I feel like that’s radically shifted over the last five years.

Even when I peek into the class at the gym, I won’t be going back, but I do peek. There is more of a range of people taking classes from ages, genders, and all sorts of things. It’s good to see.

I can picture you peeking at the door.

I walk past because I’m walking somewhere else.

It’s also nice that you were talking about how you are tall, you are a big guy, and that you needed a different seat. That’s not a modification you can make to a bike. If it’s a class you go to once or twice a week. It’s not your bike. It’s their bike. Now you can make those tweaks.

You said you live in DC. I don’t know how far that is to the studio, but I know it’s not crazy far versus us in Missouri. Have you made it into the studio yet?

No. New York City, depending on traffic, is about 3.5 to 4 hours away.

We are from the Midwest. When you are from the Midwest, there are a lot of stereotypes you can paint and most of them are right. When you are from the Midwest, the East Coast is so weird when you have all these major cities, and every one of them is like, “We are 45 minutes away from this.”

You guys are all next to each other.

In my head, DC should be like six hours from New York City.

Still, four hours is a nice chunk of time. You have to devote a weekend to that. Not just down for the day.

It’s a day trip. You guys lived in Missouri. I’m originally from Baltimore, which is a hit to my username, which I will share later on. I grew up in Chicago for several years in my middle school and high school years. That’s where my dad lived right outside of Chicago in the suburbs. I’m familiar with the Midwest being in Chicago, Milwaukee, and that whole area, but I’m originally from Baltimore.

In the Midwest, if you are in a big city, the next big city is eight hours away.

The thing here with the East Coast, as you guys were saying earlier, is I’m in DC. Baltimore is 50 minutes away, Philadelphia is 2 hours away, New York is 4 hours away, and Boston is 8 hours away. We have let’s say 50 million to 60 million people in the span of an 8-hour drive. There’s so much stuff here. The traffic is horrible.

When we go to New York, we have to figure out how to get from point A to point B, which usually involves Ubers.

We are lazy. We don’t want to learn.

We are terrible at learning the subway. The two times we have done it, it’s been an awful experience because we don’t understand what’s happening and why it’s happening the way it’s happening. We got lost. I got lost.

We ended up paying a homeless guy to help us. We got on the train and we were like, “I hope he told us the truth.”

He did. God bless him.

We are such rubes.

That’s our experience.

It’s weird for me because when I go to New York, I don’t drive because the traffic in Manhattan is so bad. I always stay on the subway or walk because it’s such a walkable place.

Since you grew up in Chicago, did you use the subway there more often?

Yeah. The metro is commuter rail because we live further out. That’s the good thing about Chicago. The rail takes you literally anywhere you want to go.

European countries have enough funding and the right will to make sure people can easily move around through public transport. Sadly, that setup is not present in North America yet. Share on X

That also would help at a comfort level if we had something like that in St. Louis because all of our public transportation is awful here.

It’s pretty bad. It goes in a straight line. It goes from the airport to downtown. It technically goes into East St. Louis because it needed to cross the river to get Federal funds. It goes one stop into Illinois and is done.

We say that all the time. We throw our hands up about Missouri all the time. Maybe someday you will make it to the studio. Just not yet.

Set the plan because it’s four hours.

It’s a whole thing to get in, so I hear you. Tell us about your day job as a photographer. What’s that like and how did you get started with it?

Photography is a hobby of mine. It’s more so a second career. I’m a civil engineer full-time professionally.

If it makes you feel any better, your hobby looks like a profession.

We assumed. Your website and stuff looked beautiful. It looked like that’s what you do.

It’s sometimes part-time, but in my full-time career, I have a degree in Civil Engineering. That’s what I do full-time professionally.

I’m so glad that we finally got rid of all the rude engineers and have replaced them with civil ones. That’s nice.

We are learning. It’s been a feat, but we are learning how to be civil.

When you know better, you do better. That’s good.

We will try.

What exactly is civil engineering? I don’t know. I could pretend I do, but I don’t.

As a kid, I had an interest in the built environment like roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, and mass transit systems. Anything you can think of that makes cities run. Water treatment and delivery to your buildings. Everything that deals with infrastructure is a large overview of what civil engineering entails.

You could fix our public transportation in St. Louis if they would allow people.

What he can’t fix is our political will to fix our transportation system in St. Louis.

There are limits.

I’m not sure if you guys have, but being in Europe and taking high-speed rail and going to London and being on the underground, my concentration undergrad was Transportation Engineering. I love that stuff. To see what happens in Europe as far as the funding and the will to make sure people can move around effectively, and have that here in the States or North America as a whole is something sad to see unfortunately.

It’s frustrating. We have never been to Europe, although we are going soon. It is odd when you go to other parts of the world and you see it like, “This is doable. This could be done.”

“We could be doing this. We are just not.”

That’s true on a lot of things.

Does that mean you work for the city that you live in? Does that mean you work for Washington, DC as an employer?

I have worked for the Federal Government and multiple agencies and different things. I have worked for local governments before even though I work for the Federal Government.

On a Monday you go to work and you clock in. Are you like, “I will design a tunnel now?” What does a day look like?

Believe it or not, a lot of the design work is left to contractors now. The Federal government is more so for just oversight, at least my agency. We make sure that tax dollars are being spent. There aren’t any negative things happening with people stealing or anything of the sort. We provide the oversight. We act as the representative for the respective agency that is getting the building, the tunnel, or whatever is built, or the local state DOT. Missouri has a state DOT. We work with individual states or agencies to make sure things are happening as per Federal laws, regulations, and rules, and that all is well.

You are like a project manager, but you need to have this hyper-specific knowledge. You need to know how to do the thing.

They will do that.

Especially when there’s Federal money involved.

Everything has red tape.

Sometimes we will build a subway from one stop to another state. Can you investigate that one?

We can do that. People don’t realize. I believe the cost per mile to build 1 mile of subway is almost $500 million or $600 million. It’s exorbitant. It’s extreme. It’s very hard to build mass trains in this country.

You got to do all the digging, and then you got to do the stuff to make sure digging doesn’t collapse on itself.

A lot of regulations.

You have to factor in all the graphs.

How do you have time to do photography as a hobby while you have this? I would think that civil engineering is stressful. There’s a lot to that. How are you having time to do both?

It’s easy because working for the public sector, my job is 9:00 to 5:00. If I am working in the private sector, which I do have some experience in, you could work 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM or 2:00 AM because you have to get the mission or the work done. Working for the public sector, my job is over at 5:00 PM and I can go home and have a life and do whatever else I want to do.

I got a government gig and it’s pretty sweet. I book concerts for a living.

You would never think that’s a government thing.

You would never end up with a government job. I still. I do have to stay late if there’s a concert. I got to work the concert, but beyond that, it’s like at Columbus Day. There’s been times I have shown up to work and it’s closed and I’m like, “We get that all.”

I’m a concert person. I attend at least 30 concerts a year. I’m a big music person. I appreciate your job putting concerts together.

No one ever thanked me for my service. I’m the real hero.

It is funny to hear the stories behind the stories of how many concerts almost don’t happen. That’s amazing.

I’d say about 30% of concerts almost don’t happen.

When it comes to photography as a hobby that you do, is there a certain type of photography that you like to focus on?

I like to focus more on portraits. I like to focus on catching people in their natural element because I feel like when people are being themselves naturally, it shines through on the camera. If you look at my website, you see portraits of people. I do like to take some architecture photography, buildings, and cities because I love cities and the built environment, but more so portraiture and capturing people, family photos, and all that stuff.

It feels like you see an inner light coming from people when you are getting their picture and that’s cool.

Candids are the best but they are also the hardest to get, especially in your situation. It’s not like it’s a family reunion and somebody happens to be snapping with their phone. Because you are there, it’s a very structured environment of like, “We have brought a photographer over. Now pretend like he’s not here.”

It’s easy. For example, if I were photographing you for your anniversary photos. Because you know each other so well, I would say, “Tom, make your wife laugh,” and you would tickle her or whatever you would do. I know with my brother and his wife, he’d say something like a lewd joke to her and she starts laughing because you want the genuine reaction. People don’t know the context of the photo, they have the genuine reaction of the person laughing or emoting, and that is the money shot for that picture.

That’s a great term. We had professional photos done for our website. I remember that poor lady and she’s an amazing photographer.

She’s a nationally known photographer. She’s a big deal.

This is not a comment on her. It’s a comment on us because she would be like, “Move.” We would be like, “What do you want us to do? We got nothing.” We are so awkward.

Tom, you may know this as a person who works concerts. If a person has a favorite song that makes them dance and gets them alive, I let the client pick their music or their favorite songs on Spotify. I noticed this as a person who takes photographs, people are nervous starting up. If you are an hour into the session and maybe you want to change positions, people get comfortable. They are easier to move around and then you turn the music on. They do not go crazy but they are relaxing themselves, and then that’s when you can take the real image.

It makes a different part of the brain kick in. That doesn’t work for me. When we first started dating, she would get so confused because we would go to concerts.

I have never seen anybody watch a concert like this.

I’m standing there watching the concert.

He looks like he’s mad the whole time.

I’m like, “No. I’m watching the show.”

That’s how he gets on every show.

You’re looking at the lights and listening to the music.

I’m taking it in and not rocking out.

It took me four concerts before I was finally like, “This is just how you are. It does not matter what music we see. Okay. Got it.”

That’s something that you can capture on film. The difference between your two personalities. If I were able to get that to shine through in an image, that’s who you genuinely are. The people who know you and see your image would be like, “That’s you.”

That’s a good point. That’s great. I love that.

What is your leaderboard name?

@BrandoFromBmore. The hint that I mentioned is my Baltimore Orioles cap in the background.

Avoiding a wire reference. That’s good. You could do a deep cut instead of going with homicide life on the streets.

That is a deep cut. I don’t even know what you are talking about.

That was also set in Baltimore.

I thought about doing Serial Mom, but I’m not a mom. The old John Waters movie or hairspray, but no hairspray.

Hairspray Baltimore. I feel you.

It wouldn’t work.

What about the Peloton groups online? Do you ever interact with any of the Facebook groups or anything like that?

Not the Facebook groups per se, but I do interact with a couple of the groups on Instagram. I’m a huge fan of Hannah Frankson and the Push Push Crew. I follow the Push Crew on Instagram and interact with the post and with people posting things. I’m also a huge fan of Alex Toussaint and his crew. I forget the name. I interact mainly on Instagram.

I took a Hannah Frankson run. That was a good run. She was super enthusiastic about an endurance class. I got pumped. I had to slow down. I was like, “My heart rate is getting too high for an endurance run.” She’s great. Are those the two instructors you tend to take classes with the most or do you mix it up? How does that work for you?

Alex and Hannah are the usual ones that I’m always taking classes from. I find that I will take Tunde’s HIIT and Hills class, which is the hardest on the platform. It kicks my ass every time. Begrudgingly, I take her classes. I love Jess King’s classes. Her music selection is great. Jenn’s classes are great. I tend to rotate Robin and the zone. I rotate in and out.

If you choose your classes based on music, it makes sense to me that your instructors are very eclectic as well. That’s awesome. I can hear it.

Do you have any advice for people who are now entering the world of Peloton?

What you capture on film is the difference between your two personalities. Your genuine self is the one that should shine through. Share on X

Take the beginner content. In my excitement, I skipped right past it. I went straight into a class and was confused. About four months in, I was clicking around beginner content, “What’s that? The stuff I was supposed to take three months ago.” Start with the beginner content. Don’t feel bad about starting with a 5, 10, or 15-minute ride or even the intro classes and yoga or the other content they have because it’s there to help you get acclimated to using the service and the bike because it is a bit of a learning curve if you are unfamiliar to the community.

That’s great advice.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. This has been a pleasure talking to you. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you, your leaderboard name, and your photography website so they can check out your work.

First, thank you for having me. I enjoyed this conversation as well. My name is Brandon Randolph. You can find me on Peloton @BrandoFromBmore. I also have a photography website as they have mentioned. It’s SicardPhotography.com. It’s my middle name and photography. You can find me there and I will see you on the leaderboard.

Thank you so much.

I guess that brings this episode to a close until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on all the socials and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online on Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our Patreon at Patreon.com/TheClipOut. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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