TCO 318 | Exercise-Induced Orgasms

318. ‘Peloton On Tour’ Adds Surprise Stop! Plus Our Interview With Debra Herbenick

  • Surprise! Peloton On Tour is coming to L.A.
  • You can now change the icon color on the Peloton app.
  • Peloton paid more for music and TikTok.
  • Paddle looks at Peloton’s pricing.
  • Huge new Peloton perk for Chase Sapphire members.
  • Helper Bee 🐝 Chris took a look at Peloton Radio.
  • Tom’s Guide reviewed Lanebreak.
  • Peloton is hiring a Senior International Transportation Analyst.
  • Dr. Jenn – Tips for snacking smarter.
  • Susie Chan finished Badwater!
  • Robin Arzon was featured in Marie Claire.
  • Robin was on the Aarthi & Sriram Show. Robin talked to Romper about pregnancy and exercise.
  • Emma Lovewell was on News 12 Westchester.
  • Emma spoke to She Knows about her lowest point.
  • Jess King talked EDM with
  • Christian Vande Velde discussed his Peloton classes while covering the Tour de France.
  • Cody Rigsby shared his favorite classes on IG.
  • Cody attended a special screening of “Theater Camp.”
  • Angelo/MetPro – Finding balance while on vacation.
  • Stacy Sims spoke to Uno magazine about taking charge of your menopause.
  • There’s a Christina Aguilera Artist Series coming.
  • Peloton announced its upcoming Hip Hop Tour Series.
  • Existing Artist Series are getting a German twist.
  • TCO Top 5 Listener Classes.

All this plus our interview with Debra Herbenick!

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‘Peloton On Tour’ Adds Surprise Stop! Plus Our Interview With Debra Herbenick

I’m just happy to be here because I didn’t know if I got to be on the show. You didn’t send me the Zoom invitation to join you on camera. I thought, “I’m not getting any younger.”

It wasn’t on purpose. This is the third podcast that I recorded today.

I would think you would have it down by now.

You would, but in my head, I felt like I had already done all the things. I thought I was ready.

You don’t want me on the show anymore.

I want you on the show, otherwise, it would just be me babbling. I guess it’s not that different now.

I know a little me goes a long way. I was like, “318 episodes, I had a good run.”

I still want you here, Tom.

I don’t need your pity.

It’s not pity. I guess you don’t want to be here. It sounds like an excuse.

I want to be here. What are we talking about for this episode?

We have a warning for you.

If you have little ones in the car, you’re going to want to skip this part and then skip the interview. You’re going to skip the part we tell you about what the interview is, then you’re going to want to skip the interview.

We’ll give you a moment.

We’re back. You might love working out, but do you lust for it? We might have a new thing for you or maybe a thing that’s been happening to you and you don’t know why. You’ve been keeping it under wraps all these years. The lady we’re talking to in this episode has a PhD. She’s a medical professional. She’s a scientist. She does all the things. She’s very reputable. She wrote a book called Coregasm.

What is that, you asked?

It’s about people who have exercise-induced orgasms.

Don’t worry. I know you got lots of questions. I asked all of them.

We have questions too.

Tom asked all of them. I asked all of them. We got to the bottom of this.

Also, the top of it, depending on what your jam is. She’s also a Peloton user. She loves her Peloton. I heard her on Savage Love and I was like, “That’s someone we should talk to,” and much to our amazement, she said yes. We will be talking all about exercise-induced orgasms.

It’s Debby Herbenick. You can join our regular conversation now.

I can’t make coregasm jokes now?

Go ahead. Get them all out of your system.

I don’t know. It’s like having my hands tied unless I do. That makes it more difficult. Other than that, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

We’re going to talk about the little surprise Peloton on Tour edition. We are also going to talk about all the things that Peloton has been adding, and what’s going on with Peloton in the news. We’ve got tons of information to impart to you. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn and we’re going to talk about snacking smarter, and how to do that. We also have a visit from Angelo at MetPro, and we talk about finding nutritional balance while on vacation.

That’s always a tough one as we illustrated during our Disney excursion. It was ugly. By ugly, I mean awesome and delicious.

We also have a past guest update and artist series. That’s all.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs. Don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, TuneIn, Google. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and follow us so you never miss an episode. Maybe leave us a review. That’s super helpful. We also have a Patreon that you can find at If you sign up there, you can get these episodes ad-free. If we get them early, you get them early. We record bonus episodes for people. We actually put out a thing in the Patreon Facebook group. That’s a secret one that you don’t know about. We put out a message that’s asking people what they wanted to hear on a Patreon episode.

We had so many fun responses.

One of the questions people had that they seem to co-sign and agree with is they’ve noticed some shifts in the directions of how we do things around here lately. They were wondering what that means, what went into that, and the helper bees that we’ve had around buzzing.

All the awesome graphics and articles.

Things like that. We will be recording that episode for Patreon people here soon if you want to get the behind-the-scenes and see how the sausage is made. Who doesn’t love sausage, especially people that have exercise-induced orgasms?

I’m going to tell them about the barbecue. I think that’s amazing.

It didn’t have anything to do with anything, but we’re going to a Barbie-que on Friday for the Barbie movie. They’re doing a promotion locally and we get to go.

I think the pun is adorable. We can move on.

It’s St. Louis so there won’t be anyone there, but there will be free barbecue.

We do barbecue well in St. Louis.

That and muggings and carjackings.

It depends on where you are in the city.

Also, don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook, While you’re there, like the page and, join the group. You can get our newsletter that gets all the links and everything sent directly to you. You can sign up for that at You can always watch these on YouTube if you are so inclined to. You can cast them on your TV, watch them on your desk at work, and things like that. There’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Surprise. Peloton is coming to LA. It’s so nice that the second-biggest market in America gets these fun events. They get overlooked so often.

They were already going to Santa Monica, but now they are stopping at UCLA. That’s going to be on July 14th. It’s built into the existing weekend. Nothing is changing with the existing events. They’re just adding another one.

I guess that’s good because they were saying how small the Santa Monica store is and things were so limited. Now, they don’t have to be quite so limited.

It’s going to be on the 14th at 2:00 PM Pacific. That is awesome. Hopefully, people will get to go to that. It’s at the Bruin Plaza on July 14th, 2:00 PM Pacific Time. While we’re talking about this, we do have boots on the ground this weekend. Monday, we are going to be recording an overview of how everything went down and we will be including that in our next episode. You will get exclusive.

Firsthand insight as to what Peloton on Tour stop one entailed. You can now change the color of your Peloton app on your smartphone.

That is if you have iOS.

It’s only iOS. Not on your smartphone but on your iPhone. I’m sure it will be coming sometime in the next 2 to 5 years for Android users.

Lots of hate about that. I changed mine too. I’ve changed it three times. First, I changed it to hot pink, and then I change it to purple.

Based on your reaction, I guess this is something that is very exciting for people.

Here’s the thing. When it was it was red, people complained it looked like the Pinterest logo. Fair.

Of all the lawsuits that Peloton has incurred, I can’t believe one of them has not involved Pinterest. I’m not putting that out there. I’m not wishing it upon them. It’s not a hot take. It looks like the Pinterest logo.

Peloton would even agree with that. When they changed it to white and black with the new roll-out that they did, people were like, “What are you doing?” Because now it looks like the TikTok logo, number one. Number two, there are people who take the time to sort their apps by color.

They’re out there.

They are a lot. I had no idea this was a thing, but now I am educated. It is a huge thing. They were very upset because they had to redo everything. When I say upset, it was not that upset. They were like, “This will all change everything.” There were also people who truly were upset because they could no longer find it on their phones. You look for a red button and now it’s gone. Now you can change it and you can change it back to the black with the red. You can still have it red if that’s important to you.

If you don’t have Pinterest on your phone, you don’t care.

It’s black with red. Before, it was white with red. I don’t know. I’ve already forgotten. It feels like it’s been years. I don’t even know what it looked like anymore, but it’s slightly different now.

That’s exciting news for some people. I don’t have the Peloton app on my phone. Shocking, I know. I’m like, “Why would you care that much?” It’s okay. Not everything has got to be for me. Just because I like it doesn’t mean it’s dumb, but it’s dumb.

It’s dumb to you. I love it. I love changing it and I keep changing it because it’s fun to see new colors. It’s a little pop of color in my little fitness folder. I like it. It makes me happy.

I have lots of dumb things that I like, so you’re entitled.

That indicates that I like this thing that is dumb.

You like me, so I got two.

All right. That’s two.

Music Business Worldwide is reporting that last year, Peloton paid the record industry more money than TikTok. I think this says a lot about how skewed the royalties are for things.

I would have to agree.

Not that Peloton shouldn’t be paying a good chunk of money, but I don’t understand why it’s any different for TikTok.

This is my theory and it’s just a theory. That’s because it’s spread among more people. They don’t think that they should have to pay. If I were to upload a TikTok video and I put in a snippet of music, I only use it for 30 seconds. Why do you care? You know what I mean? All people have that collective thought process. They don’t think about the fact that TikTok as a whole is using it more than Peloton.

The individual users on TikTok don’t pay, but TikTok should be paying.

I understand. I’m saying that the individual users are the ones that make that. I feel like it’s because the thought process is each person is only using it less. If you have an instructor and they do a class, they’re going to be doing a 45-minute class or an hour class. It’s going to live out there forever. Although it lives out there forever on TikTok, it’s usually a snippet.

If you have TikTok, you can get tens of millions of views. You don’t have Peloton rides that get tens of millions of views.

I’m just telling you what I think is happening. I’m not saying it’s correct.

It’s just weird but it is fascinating, especially when people were like, “We were here for the music lawsuit thing.” Sanctimonious people were like, “Peloton is refusing to pay artists. They’re monsters.” It’s like, “That’s not really what’s going on here.” We were right. We said from the get-go, “There’s no system in place. They’re doing this to force a system into existence, and then they will pay people.” They did and they pay people more than major wildly successful social media apps. I’d like to go back in time and say suck it.

They don’t listen anyway.

Those are the sorts now that would be like, “That’s what I always said. I said all this. I’m Jim Cramer on Mad Money. I’ve always predicted this.”

He knows everything. had an article or an episode. I can’t tell what this is.

Do you know how I know what this is? This is a marketing website. I know it’s a marketing website because nothing on it makes any sense. They don’t say words. They just say buzzwords. I know that this is a marketing website. That’s what I know.

They talked about Peloton’s pricing doing all the heavy lifting.

I thought that was funny. I don’t think they’re wrong but it’s also not new information. They’ve been pretty clear that that’s what they’re doing.

I don’t even entirely know what it means. Is it doing well because it’s priced appropriately?

No. They’re saying that because it’s subscription-based, they keep messing with the subscription. It’s what we’ve heard a million times. They’re being focused now more on subscriptions than equipment. At the end of the day, that’s what this article is saying. When they make changes to the pricing strategy like they recently did on the app, that is to help Peloton make more money and to drive revenue in a different way. Of course, it is. That was the whole point.

Thank you. You’ve just defined business. They did that to make more money. That’s a hot take.

For most people, exercise-induced orgasms happen when we're really asking a lot of the core abdominal muscles. Click To Tweet

They made a video about it.

Well done, neck beard.

Wow. Coming in hot.

We’ve got new perks for Chase Sapphire members and this is a good one. It is. If you buy a piece of Peloton equipment, you get 50,000 points, Miles, Sapphires.

I’ve seen this come up before. You got to be real savvy when you guys use this because it only happens for a certain amount of days. If you don’t order and take delivery within the timeframe they say, you might have Chase fighting it. Good luck.

Be prepared. I remember that there were two different issues. Peloton had put out a verbiage saying one thing and people ordered it, then Chase was like, “That deal hadn’t started yet. We don’t owe you anything.” Watch out for that.

Be very careful if you go after this.

One of our new helper bees, Chris, did a little write-up about Peloton Radio. It’s been a while around for a bit, but we thought that it was maybe something people weren’t overly aware of.

A lot of people have no idea that it exists. A lot of people historically have not done scenic classes so they were completely missing that was a thing. To be clear, Peloton Radio only is available when it’s distance-based or time-based. If you are taking a scenic class or let’s say Matt Wilpers is on a bike and he’s guiding you through some mountain scenery or whatever, that is not Peloton Radio. Those have already been pre-programmed, and those programs stay. You’re doing it on your own in one of the guided scenic or time-based. There are a lot of these. I had not realized how many that they had added to the scenic classes.

These are ones that aren’t necessarily instructor led. Is that what you’re saying?

Not necessarily. None. There is no instructor. That’s the point.

That’s how you find these if there’s no instructor.

They’re grouped. You have instructors at the very top, then you have time-based and distance-based. They’re in separate sections when you go to the scenic classes. I’m glad you asked that because that’s a good thing. In the very first section, you don’t get these. That’s the basic takeaway, but there are a lot of them out there for both the tread and the bike. There’s a lot like hundreds. Should we say what Peloton Radio is? I don’t know that we actually said it.

We probably should.

In Peloton Radio, you can pick a genre of music, then it will cycle through a playlist while you’re taking that class. The next time you take the class, it will be a different playlist even if you choose the same genre.

Polka and Skiffle.

All of those are not a thing on Peloton Radio. They don’t have that.

Tom’s Guide is not my guide and not affiliated with this Tom, to be clear.

Nor Peloton’s Guide.

It did a review of Lanebreak.

Should we scroll down to get his thoughts?

There you go, “My verdict?”

“One of my friends said Lanebreak looked like a running version of Mario Kart, but I’ll have to take her word for it as I’ve never played it. Sorry, colleagues. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this kooky feature, and I think it makes a fantastic addition to an already excellent array of classes. Perhaps it is time to dig out that dance mat after all.” I have to agree. If you were sleeping on Lanebreak, you are doing yourself a disservice. I love Lanebreak.

Also, how they do not know what Mario Kart looks like. I don’t play video games, but I know what Mario Kart looks like.

Even I know what Mario Kart looks like. It’s a good point. It looks more like playing Rock Band.

I would agree.

I know that we have a lot of senior international logistics analysts who listen to the show. I thought we would take this moment to let them know that Peloton is looking to hire a senior international logistics analyst. Also, if you are a junior international logistics analyst and you’re looking to level up, this is your time to shine. Also, if you’re a senior national logistics analyst, maybe you could branch out.

This is very interesting because we know that Peloton is hoping to increase the number of countries that they’re in. I find this very interesting, logistics international thought process. We already have Germany, London, and Australia. We know that they’re looking to do more. I’m curious what else they will do. Not to mention, they have to bring all the equipment inbound from other countries. There’s that.

It’s a lot to do.

That person will be busy.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Dr. Jenn. She has tips for snacking smarter. Stick around for that.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. She also has a wonderful app called No More Diets that you should check out. It’s Dr. Jenn.


We have a question from Fred Tucker. I happen to know that Fred Tucker listens to this podcast, and he also loves his Tonal. I feel like he would be very excited for me to say that.

He messages me about Tonal stuff all the time.

Fred is struggling with trying to out-exercise a bad diet, so he does Peloton.

I thought you were going to say me.

He’s trying to out-exercise Tom. No, he’s trying to out-exercise a bad diet and he knows that doesn’t work, but he doesn’t know how to get the results that he wants and still do all the exercises. I know you feel very strongly about intuitive eating, so I’m curious about what thoughts you have for Fred.

TCO 318 | Exercise-Induced Orgasms


First of all, when he says that he’s out-eating his exercise, I’m assuming that it’s the choices he’s making and the quantity.

He also says in a later thing with somebody else that snacking is the killer for him. I’m assuming there might be an excess amount of snacking, which is something I would do. That’s why I feel that.

Projection going on there, but that’s okay. First of all, when we get into that diet mentality of like your eating is so much about the weight that you are exercising your weight being a plus and minus category that you have to figure out. What that tells me is that he is not tuning into his body and listening to what his body wants. When we play that diet mentality game of I have to eat this number of calories or I have to work out this amount, we make it all about an equation that is distant from our bodies, our intuition, our hunger, and levels of satiation. That’s when we tend to get into that kind of trouble.

We try to play the game of I want to eat the most that I can in order to maintain this weight. That’s not what your body wants. What I would love to see him do is shift his thinking to a few things. One is using the hunger scale. You know how much I love the hunger scale from 0 to 10. With 10 being the fullest you’ve ever been. Your stomach is going to explode. You feel like you’re going to be ripped open by your full stomach, 0 being you’re so hungry that you fainted on the floor, 5 is neutral, 4 is I think I’m hungry, but I’m not sure, 3 is I’m solidly hungry, 2 is my stomach is grumbling. I’m starting to feel a little nauseous. I am cranky, and 1 is I’m not doing well. I’m feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

On the other side of that 5 is a 6, I could tell I’ve eaten but I’m not full, a 7 is full, an 8 is I’m stuffed, and a 9 is I’m in pain. What I like to see him do is tune into his body and try to work on eating when he’s a 3, which I know I’m hungry. It’s not I’m not sure if I’m hungry, which is a 4. It’s I know I’m hungry, not letting himself get overly hungry, and stopping when he’s a 5 or a 6. He’s neutral and satisfied. What you’ll find is if you’re able to do that, you start to figure out what your rhythms are. You’re not eating when you’re not hungry.

Part of the problem when we eat when we’re not hungry is we have no way to know when to stop. When we feed ourselves, we’re feeding hunger. When we satisfied that hunger, our bodies signal, if we’re listening, “It’s time to stop. I’ve had enough.” If you’re not tuning into yourself and you’re eating snacks, when you’re not hungry, you’re going to overeat because there’s no signal that you get. You can go on forever until you’re uncomfortable and hurting, and that’s no good.

The second category that I’d want him to look at is how you feel when you eat the foods that you’re eating. A lot of the time, when we get into that diet mentality, we go, “I love chocolate cake. I want to eat chocolate cake.” Chocolate cake is great. It’s awesome. I love chocolate cake, especially vegan chocolate cake. If you are tuning in and you’re looking at, “What gives me energy? What do I digest well? How do I feel after I’ve eaten it? Do I feel lethargic? Do I feel nauseous?” All that sort of stuff. You’re probably going to find that you feel better when you eat more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, and all that sort of stuff.

Your digestion is better. Your bathroom habits are better. Everything ends up being better. Looking at how the foods affect you and how you feel after you eat them helps you to make decisions that are about what your body needs and wants, as opposed to that goal weight that may or may not be obtainable. If you’re out eating and out snacking your workout, something is going on where you’re not tuning into you, or maybe your set point weight is higher than you would like. My sense from what was written that you shared with me is that this is not someone who’s listening to his hunger cues.

I think that’s probably true. Again, that might be me projecting.

We’ll find out from Fred.

Tell us more, Fred.

Thank you so much for all that wonderful advice. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on all social media @DrJennMann. For anyone that wants to get a better sense of the hunger scale, you can check out my app, No More Diets. It is available on Apple and Android.


Susie Chan did it. She completed Badwater. You were on pins and needles last week.

I was. There were several hours period where her little marker didn’t move. I was beside myself with concern. I had seen the ice pack. I had seen no movement on the tracker. I was getting worried, but Susie Chan is a badass at Badwater. She finished 135 miles in the middle of Death Valley. We don’t have a video of it, but we also have to talk about our past guest, Laura. She will not only finish for her second time, but she got a four-hour PR.

She did it four hours faster. She didn’t do it in four hours.

She got a PR over her last time. That’s insane, four hours faster. Laura Watts, congratulations. We salute you. Susie Chan is an amazing instructor. While we’re talking about Badwater, I have to say this.

You’re doing it next year.

No. I know my limits. I don’t know exactly what my limit is, but I know that is beyond it. I do have to say that this was pretty darn cool. For the first year ever, Badwater had a female that won the race. I am a huge fan of Peloton and I will push Peloton until the end of the days because I love them as a platform. The winner was, I believe her name is Ashley. She is one of the trainers over on NordicTrack. That’s pretty awesome. I can’t believe it’s the first time ever a female won. That’s pretty damn cool.

How did that Echelon trainer do?

I don’t believe that they were there. If they were, I was not told. I did not see it.

Robin Arzón spoke to Marie Claire. ‘She Pivots’ with Robin Arzón.

Building resilience through running. This is another story about the experience that Robin went through that put her on her current fitness career path. I feel like we’ve all heard this so I’m not going to go into detail. If for some reason you are a new person. Basically, she was held at gunpoint. She decided, “You know what? Life is too short. Got to do something different.” She used running to heal from that. That’s the very short version.

Also, Robin was on Aarthi & Sriram Show, recounting her journey from corporate lawyer to Peloton celebrity. We got a lot of Robin this week. She was also on a website called Romper, where she talks about the changing narrative around pregnancy and exercise.

That needs to happen. I am very glad that she is a proponent of that and she is doing a lot to make that happen. If you get our newsletter, you will be getting links to all of the stories that we share. You’ll be able to read those in depth if you would like to.

You don’t get to go hunting for them. Emma Lovewell was on Westchester News 11 talking about fitness, health, and the road to embracing herself.

It’s so funny that these instructors do the rounds now. Remember when we were like, “So-and-so is on Good Morning America.” Now it’s like, “Where all have they been this week?”

It’s like a cattle call of all the different media appearances. It has shifted. It used to be a big deal when Peloton had some sort of presence in national media like that. Now, it’s expected. It’s a weekly roundup. Emma also talked to a website called SheKnows about the lowest point in her career as a fitness instructor.

I don’t feel like we’ve heard the story as many times. I felt like this was a good angle.

What was her lowest point?

I don’t want to ruin it for everybody. If they want to read, read it.

Is that saying you didn’t read it yet?

Busted. Dang it.

Sign up for the newsletter. There we go. I’ll turn it into one of those.

It’s been a busy week.

Jess King talked to about her love of EDM. She just did that, didn’t she? She’s about EDM.

That was back when she was announcing she was now going to be a DJ. This is about the EDM culture and how she found escape through that. It’s different, Tom.

To me, this is like what we were talking about earlier. I get that people love it, but I don’t get it, EDM. It has always mystified me.

Until we really understand the bodily mechanism, we don't have a consistent way of advising people on how to prevent exercise-induced orgasms. Click To Tweet

It’s a thing.

It is very popular. Cody Rigsby posted about his top five favorite Peloton classes.

He called out several of the other instructors like Adrian Williams. He had one of Tunde’s arm and shoulder classes. He had the hike with Rebecca. I feel like I’m missing somebody, but it’s neat to hear him talk up the other instructors. Logan was the other person that he called out. That’s great.

Christian Vande Velde was doing coverage for Tour de France, and he was discussing his Peloton classes.

We don’t have coverage of it, but I think that it is a good sign. I have heard and seen that he has said that he would love to film more Peloton classes. It’s just tough to do with his schedule. He’s hoping that will occur. I know there’s a lot of huge fans out there.

Cody also attended a special screening of Theater Camp. I’m not familiar with that movie.

I assumed that you were.

No, I’m not. Is it an actual documentary or an actual film?

I know what you meant. Is it a documentary or is it a film that’s not a documentary? That’s how I took it. I don’t know the answer to that. I assumed that since it was a movie, this would be your area of expertise.

It should be but I have not heard of it. If it’s a smaller documentary or indie film, a lot of times those can roll out in different ways, although that sounds interesting. I saw a movie years ago. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was about three high schools in this town in Indiana. Instead of a town being obsessed with sports, they’re obsessed with musicals.

These high schools put on Broadway-level musicals in the same way that some people in a football town, where the kid will start doing peewee football at 5 so they can maybe be the quarterback when they’re 16. This town does that same thing for the musicals at their high schools. It’s like this huge fight among the high schools. Kids will move to different areas just to get into that district.

If I am a blonde singer-dancer and they’ve already got a blonde singer-dancer, I’m going to move to this other area that they don’t have one. It’s crazy. The shows they put on are ridiculously good. Everything about them sets costumes. Everything is practically Broadway-level production. You then have two schools that are from similar backgrounds and one school that doesn’t have as much money, but still put on great shows. They struggle in terms of they can’t afford the bigger name musicals. They have to get a lot more creative with their sets. I wish I could remember the name. It was fascinating to watch.

If you can find it, maybe you could add it to our newsletter.

I will try to do that or post it in the group.

I find it fascinating the differences between schools because even in our district, going to a different high school in the same district, it’s very interesting to see how they put on a different level of show. We always crack up at this because when a TV show shows a high school or a grade school doing a play, that is not happening in real life. They don’t have that level of costume.

We just watched Euphoria. We got around and finish it. Their Season 2 finale, like the last two episodes all revolved around a high school production of a play.

It was driving me crazy.

We were like, “Everything about this is such BS.”

First of all, where are the freaking teachers? Where is the staff of this high school?

It was also frustrating because this is a high school production. I’m sorry, but every person on set and something like this took part in high school productions of theater. There’s no way that you are working on an HBO show and you weren’t involved in theater. There’s nobody involved in high school theater on set. They had to know. Nothing about this is even remotely based in reality.

It was very frustrating to watch. There are a lot of shows that do that.

I get frustrated like that when I see concerts portrayed in movies. There was a movie 10 or 12 years ago where Gwyneth Paltrow was playing a country singer. I think Tim McGraw was in it and he was the manager. It was pissing me off because it kept cutting to her concerts over the course of a week. Every time they showed a different show in a different city, she had a completely different stage set.

That’s not how that works.

That is not a thing. On Monday, she was playing at the football stadium, and then on Wednesday, she was playing in an arena.

Also, not how it works.

That is absolutely not a thing.

They have trucks and they all have the stuff on it. They unload it and then they load it, and they go to the next city. They unload it, put it all together again, and then do it again.

Country Strong. Is that a movie? I don’t know.

I don’t know either.

I might even have the actress right. I know Tim McGraw was in it. It was a blonde singer. In my head, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. I don’t know if that’s true.

I have no idea.

The movie was bad.

I could tell by the stank face you were making.

It was really bad. That’s instructors in the news.

We went down some rabbit holes.

After this, more rabbit holes. We’ll also talk to Angelo from MetPro about finding balance while on vacation.

Joining us once again from MetPro, here to answer your fitness and nutrition questions, it’s Angelo. How’s it going?

It’s great to see you.

It’s great to see you too. We’ve got another question for you. This one comes from Ashley Washington. She wants to know how you find a balance to stay on track with nutrition while traveling. Don’t ask the O’Keefes.

TCO 318 | Exercise-Induced Orgasms


It’s funny. I found that I’m good if I’m traveling for work, but if I’m on vacation, no willpower whatsoever.

We can talk about psychology, choices, motivation, and all of that. Those are all pieces of it. At MetPro, this is what we do. This is why you have that coach that’s working with you day in and day out because those things matter. For the sake of this conversation and Ashley’s question, I’m going to explain essentially where your coach is going to try and get you from a practical standpoint. That’s simply preparation. Some people say, “I can do good, but when I travel, I can’t do it.” That’s not true. You can. I know that because I’ve had many clients who have been able to succeed with crazy busy schedules. It just has to be enough of a priority. You have to know the strategy. You don’t spend months of your life researching the latest travel aids and techniques and strategies.

It may feel impossible. Trust me, if you have someone in your corner that can tell you a few simple strategies, it makes all the difference in the world. When you travel, you can take a half hour and plan. When you arrive, wherever you’re going, you’re going to take a half hour to see to it that the snacks and food you’re going to prepare on your own are taken care of by planning a grocery trip. Hit a grocery store somewhere. If you can’t hit a grocery store, hit a Starbucks. You could actually get the things that you need. Certain foods are more portable than others.

I had a somewhat famous client who was in an airplane. He needed to figure out what to bring with him. We had him pack almonds because he could put that in his carry-on. We had him pack some simple things like his oats and things he can take with him. As soon as he got there, he hit the grocery store. He had a list of 5 or 6 items that were crucial to get, then he was good to go.

Most hotels will have a refrigerator in the room. A lot of hotels, if they don’t, you can request one. They’ll usually put it in the room. You can get a few simple items. You can use the coffee maker to warm up hot water, and then you can bring instant, not with sugar added, but instant oatmeal. You can make oatmeal in the morning. I’m using one example. If you don’t like oatmeal, you don’t have to do that. You can bring protein powders with you. You can do that carry-on even when you’re in an airport. You can hit restaurants where you know you can order something clean that’s protein and veggies. That’s easy to do on the road if you have with you your carbohydrates during the day.

What we’ll do is a lot of times, coaches will assess their client’s circumstances. A lot of times, I move almost all of their carbohydrates into their snacks. I do that because it’s easy to order at a restaurant and do a protein and vegetable meal almost anywhere. Whereas if I say I want you to get quinoa for your carb at lunch and you’re on the road, it’s unlikely. That’s going to line up.

What I can do is I can make sure when you arrive, you have something as simple as almonds, jerky, apples, and things that you can literally get anywhere unless you’re traveling abroad to a third-world country and there are other options. Have those at your snack times. At lunch and dinner, what you can do is order at whatever restaurant you’re eating at mostly protein and veggies.

I had a client once that was on a plane approximately 26 to 28 days a month. There was actually a Wall Street Journal article written about our work together because his lifestyle was so unusual. We built an entire travel plan based on items he could get at Starbucks. When he arrived, he would do Starbucks oatmeal and protein shakes for breakfast. He would get two of their protein boxes, the ones that have the egg, the piece of cheese, and the fruit in it. He would toss the biscuit. He would get two of those boxes. He was set for both snacks, then wherever he was, he would order protein vegetables for lunch and dinner, and he was set.

It actually wasn’t perfect. It’s not going to be perfect, but you can eliminate 80% of the trouble if you simply plan in advance. If you’re working with one of our coaches, talk to your coach about your circumstance, whether it’s a car trip or a plane trip. They can give you the best tips and strategies. If you’re doing this on your own, simply plan a half hour in front of your trip. As soon as you arrive, before you do anything else, hit a grocery store and get a few key items as simple as nuts and fruits, and you’re going to be set. It’s going to make all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for all that. Until next time, where can people find you?

Thank you.

Stacy Sims was featured in Uno magazine.

Not just in Uno magazine. She was the cover story.

I couldn’t tell by this link. I don’t know how to break it to you. I don’t have the UNO magazine delivered to the office.

You don’t?

I don’t know what it is. Is it about that pizzeria from the ‘80s?

No. This is a New Zealand publication. She was on the cover.

That is very cool.

It’s cool that she was in the magazine at all. It says, “Local experts.”

Local expert Stacy Sims and someone else we don’t care about because she was not a past guest.

I’m sure she had good insights too though.

Not as good as our past guest.

Not as good as Stacy Sims.

They were talking about menopause. How to get rid of it? I don’t know.

How to manage the symptoms. If only it can be cured.

You don’t want to have a period forever, do you?


You’re like, “That’s bad too.”

It would be nice to not have to go through 5 to 10 years of sleep changes and weird like, “It’s going to be 23 days this month. Just kidding, we’re back to 28. You thought you had that down. Now, it’s 40. We’re back to 20.

As the person who sits next to you, I agree.

There are always fun mood swings that come with it too.

I had not noticed. That is new information to me.

Hot flashes and cold flashes. It’s all kinds of things. Anyway, congrats to Stacy. I love that she is normalizing and bringing this conversation to the forefront. She’s making a lot of headway. I heard it in so many places lately. Obviously, I self-select to hear about it. That’s part of it. Once you click on one, they all start coming to you.

I get posts about menopause now. That’s why my Facebook feed is Peloton, Monkees, Menopause.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you can be educated, honey.

One of those things is for me.

I think this podcast is for you. It used to not be, but now it is because it’s our time to spend together. It’s a little podcasting date.

You have a Christina Aguilera artist series in your future.

We have a lot of education to do about exercise-induced orgasms in the exercise community, so that people can feel like they can bring it up with a trainer. Click To Tweet

Tons of classes are coming with us. Helper Bee Tina wrote a whole article gathering up all of the different classes so you can find them all in one place. I don’t know many of her songs. I know that Christina Aguilera has songs that I know.

She had a song about being beautiful. She had that song about sex? I think that was her.

It was in the ’90s like Britney, Christina, and others. There were a couple of other people. This was the timeframe of Paris Hilton. They were all over the tabloids and it’s super obnoxious. The way the tabloids would cover it, I mean.

You had Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, and stuff like that.

It was a weird time. I’m sure there are others of you out there that know her music a lot better and will enjoy that very much.

Peloton also announced the upcoming Hip Hop Tour Series.

I thought this was neat. They’re doing a tour of hip hop and they’re going through five different regions. If you think of it like a tour, they started off on the West Coast, and then they’re going to go South I presume over to Atlanta. That range, then to Canada and then the Midwest. I don’t know what the hell we’re doing with the Midwest in hip-hop. What have we done? I don’t know.

Nelly? I was more like Canadian hip-hop.

That’s fair too. I don’t know anything about that. Also, German hip hop, UK hip hop, and then the East Coast. It’s a weird thing because you’d think you’d do West Coast, Midwest, South, East Coast, and Canada.

Your routing is a little wonky.

I think their routing is a little wonky.

That’s what I mean. I think what they’re looking to do is they want to start and end with the two biggest, which are West Coast and East Coast. I get that.

You’re totally right. That is what they’re doing. From a physical tour standpoint, not that it is a physical tour, my brain is like, “This is all wrong.” I only know that because of you.

I can’t believe we record in St. Louis and you couldn’t think of Nelly in terms of Midwest hip hop.

He had the one song that I know.

No, he didn’t. He got way more songs than that.

I don’t know them.

I think you’re just saying you don’t but if you heard these songs, you would absolutely know these.

That could be true. I’m not good at recognizing music by the title unless it’s music that I listen to a lot, like over and over again. I will also say that I’m not well-versed in hip-hop.

Those were big Top 40 hits.

There was a huge chunk of my life when I didn’t listen to Top 40. This is why I don’t know Christina Aguilera. This is why I never listened to Britney Spears. I didn’t start listening to Britney Spears until 2010. There’s this huge chunk of time when I didn’t listen to any of that. I come from a different place, Tom. Stop judging me.

I’m judging you. When we get done, I will play these songs and you’ll be like, “I know that song.” That’s what will happen. That’s how this will play out.

I have been judged.

I’m not judging you. I just think you’re lesser now.


Also, we have updated artists series with a German twist. I guess we have an artist series invading Poland. What’s happening?

No. They are existing artist series, but Peloton is going back and adding German classes to the existing collection. For example, we already had a Beatles collection, but they have German classes being added to the Beatles collection.

‘Sie Liebt Dich,’ that’s ‘She Loves You’ in German because the Beatles were big in Germany. They went to Hamburg and they spent a year playing the bars in Hamburg.

I don’t know these things.

Early in their career, they took a couple of their bigger hits and they recorded them in German so they could release them there.

I had no idea. Let me ask you this. Did Elvis do that? Because they’re also adding Elvis and Elton John?

I have no idea. I don’t think so. I know that they did it early on with the Beatles because they already had a following in Germany because of their time playing the bars in Hamburg. They wanted to capitalize on that. I think they got big enough where they were like, “We don’t have to do this,” and then they stopped. It’s just a few songs. It’s not many.

Either way, this is what Peloton is doing. They are adding classes for the Beatles, Elvis, and Elton John. All three of those are getting added. I wonder if we will see more in the future. Helper Bee Chris wrote this article as well.

I bet we will.

I bet we will too. I will say that the newer ones that are coming out are all already including German classes.

That makes sense. Maybe we won’t. They’re just back-filling.

Maybe the largest ones get those. I don’t know.

Helper Bee Darci helped us compile a fun article. Top five classes of the week according to you.

First of all, this is a new feature that we are going to do. I love it because I love hearing all the classes that you guys loved. All of our staff writers, we enjoyed it together. We enjoyed having the discussion about it. It was so much fun. We were inspired by all the classes you guys are taking. These are the five that made the cut this week. First of all, when you guys answer these questions, we want to know the why behind it. We want to hear why you love them.

TCO 318 | Exercise-Induced Orgasms


Over in the TCO group on Facebook, we had some really in-depth answers. The top one came from Rebecca Kennedy. It was a class from February, a walk and run. Christina, aka Tina Wants Nachos, loves walk-runs when she’s not motivated to run because they pretty much trick her into doing a HIIT run. Yes, Christina. I feel that. This one was particularly good because the walks are on a 10% incline, which makes the run feel that much easier. Also, an amazing playlist featuring Beyonce, Usher, and Whitney Houston.

We had a Classic Rock Row, 15 minutes on March 3rd with Matt Wilpers. Lisa Getty loved this one. She’s been trying to build up her rowing endurance but also making sure that she’s able to keep challenging herself. She said that she was a little concerned about this whenever she took this class with Matt Wilpers because there were going to be some deep cuts. Now, knowing that people like to give Matt a lot of crap about his musical selection, she was like, “What does this mean?” She ended up absolutely loving it. There was some great music in there like New York Groove by Ace Frehley, one of her favorite songs, and then Kicks that she says she absolutely loved in high school. That was super fun.

We then had the Density Training Collection. Jessica Winston talked about this. We had a lot of people with this one, but she had a very good response as far as the why, “The classes are strength alchemy. They push beyond the limits of what I thought I had. The music is very good and Andy is incredibly motivational in them.” That’s awesome. We also had some other people mention it as well. They also had good reasons why, and you can read those in the article.

We had one from Stacy Revere from July 1st, the Saturday 60 with Jess Sims. Stacy has to say that it’s always going to be her favorite class, Saturday 60. There’s nothing like that in Peloton for her other than this class. She gets on and it’s immediately tens of high-fives. She sees so many people on the leaderboard, which she loves. It’s a hard class to take. She knows they’re all suffering together, but she loves it and she loves Jess. My favorite one of the week is Love for Mariana Fernandez. She got so many accolades. She’s new to the tread, but a lot of people took her 60-minute endurance run last month because she challenged us to.

Casey Kirkland Sims is on the tread as in the Journey, “I loved 20-minute intervals run from July 6th. The 20-minute intervals run with Mariana from July 6th is great as a standalone or part of a longer stack. The class plan and coaching were phenomenal and accompanied by a fun playlist. Mariana’s calm and encouraging spirit pushes you to be your best while acknowledging where you are is just fine.” Also, Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes kicked off that playlist. You got to love that. How fun are these? I love these. I love hearing how they inspired everybody. That makes me want to take all of these classes.

It’s a great way for people who are looking for something different to sample what other people have enjoyed. There’s so much to pick from. It’s a good way to curate like, “Here’s something I heard good things about. I’ll try this.”

I agree and I love it. Thanks to our Clip Out community for everybody answering the question and submitting responses. It’s so much fun to hear from you guys.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Debby Herbenick. Just a reminder, be warned, this one gets a little racy. It talks a lot about sex and how you can enjoy exercise even more, turn your exercise into sexercise. You want to stick around for that one.

Joining us is Debby Herbenick. How is it going?

I’m great. How are you doing?

We’re good. We have some fun questions for you.

This is a fun one. I heard you on an episode of Savage Love. You were talking about your book, The Coregasm Workout, which is about when people have orgasms while they workout. I thought that sounds different. Since we talk about exercise all the time here on the show, I reached out to you. It turned out you also are a Peloton user. It was like a double-word score.

I’m so happy to be here. I love talking about exercise orgasms and about exercise, too. Thanks for inviting me.

I’ll let you start.

I like to know where people joined Peloton because there are so many different backgrounds of how they found it. Maybe they were super active. Maybe they’ve never done any kind of workouts before and this was all new. How did Peloton come into your life?

I was one of the pandemic users. I had bought an exercise bike years earlier when I was pregnant with our first kiddo and was sick. It wasn’t easy to get out of the house. I lacked confidence about getting out of the house for runs or long walks without being sick, so I bought an exercise bike, but it wasn’t a great one. I never got super into it. It was fine for what it was, but I’ve always been active. I was eager to learn more about the Peloton when I heard people talking about it earlier in the pandemic. For me, it was a great purchase because it’s a great bike. I love all the other options for classes too like strength, core, stretching, and Pilates. I could go on and on.

That’s great. Tom, do you want to ask the next question?

No. I’m going to let you ask them.

That’s fair. Tell us about exercise-induced orgasms. I have never heard of this and have never experienced one, so I need to know all of the things.

Exercise-induced orgasm sometimes in popular media is called coregasm. The name came from an editor at Men’s Health Magazine.

Of course, a man named it.

It’s a great name though. My understanding from talking with the editors years ago is what happened was they had published a workout as they do. This particular workout was demanding of the core abdominal muscles. This was back in the day when they still got a lot of paper-based mail, like real letters in the mail.

They started getting these letters from women because women also read Men’s Health, who were talking about having orgasms from this particular exercise. It made them think, “What’s going on?” They talked with folks about it. They felt like it had something to do with the demands on the core abdominal muscles. They named it the coregasm and wrote a little bit about it. That’s how it got its popular name.

In fact, the pioneering sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey, and his team wrote about it in passing in their books in the 1940s and ‘50s. It was something that they also were not aware of when they were first interviewing people about sex, so they didn’t systematically ask people about it. They didn’t ask everybody that question. It’s just that some people voluntarily talked about it. Little has been known until a colleague and I decided to do an actual study on it and find out more about people’s experiences with it.

I would think this is something that when it happens to someone, they tend to keep to themselves.

It’s a private moment. They’re surprised. They’re like, “What happened?” That’s what I expect people are thinking, “I have no idea. I don’t know.”

You’re spot on. Most people do not talk about it with other people because some people think that something may be wrong with their body or they’re not sure what happened. They may feel or worry that it’s a wrong thing to experience during exercise, which is a non-sexual kind of thing. Some people especially worry if it’s something that happened in the presence of a personal trainer, a group exercise class, or with a workout buddy. Other people feel excited about it, proud, and in touch with their bodies.

It varies a lot by gender. At first, we thought it was more of a women’s experience but it turns out, when our first study came out about a decade ago, it got a lot of media attention. We were doing interviews all over the world. I was getting all kinds of emails from people in different languages. I was using Google Translate quite a bit to read people’s notes. I heard from a lot of men, and that was interesting. The challenge with men is that when they experience exercise-induced orgasm, it is very interesting.

I’m a sex researcher. I know that this is going to be normal talk to me and maybe a little awkward for you. I hope not. With the men, they skip over erection and go right to ejaculation. That’s tricky for guys because there’s the potential for mess. They don’t generally like when this happens publicly. Many men ask us for help in trying to prevent it. For women, since there’s not an outward display of it and it’s something that they can keep private, many women like it. Not all, but many women do. They’ll say, “It’s my own little secret,” or it’s the bonus at the end of a workout.

I love that.

A lot of it would come down to how demonstrative you are during that moment in terms of whether or not they think it’s a net positive. Is it the same exercise types that trigger this for men as for women or is it a different exercise routine for men?

There is a lot of overlap. As far as I’ve been able to tell so far, for most people, these things happen when we’re asking a lot of the core abdominal muscles. For example, for people who do crunches, it’s not happening on the third, fifth, or tenth crunch. We’re talking for some people on the 200th crunch. They are people who are exercising quite a bit.

In terms of reps, it can be smaller for things that are difficult for the core. For example, one woman who I’ve interviewed and corresponded with quite a bit consistently experiences it on the 8th or 9th pull-up. It’s an unassisted pull-up. I can’t even do one unassisted pull-up, so to be able to do 8 or 9, that is still asking a huge amount from her body. That’s why, for her, it’s a lower number.

The places where it deviates and where there are some gender differences are, for me, more about gender differences and exercise. Women are more likely to describe yoga as one of the ways that they have exercise orgasms. It is probably because more women do yoga. We’ve also had more men describe physical labor types of exercise orgasms. One man in a survey was a truck driver and would have to lift heavy drums for his truck. There was another man who was a baggage handler for an airline.

It is asking a lot of your core to do this heavy lifting, but those are more jobs that men are more often going to have. Otherwise, it’s a lot of crunches. Captain’s chair is a big one, so hanging leg raises and pull-ups. Sometimes, it starts in childhood, then it is climbing ropes. Doing the president’s physical education challenge, we hear a lot of stories from the rope climb and the pull-ups and sit-ups.

There is a famous line in Wayne’s World where Garth says, “She makes me feel funny like when you climb the rope in gym class.”

That’s right. There are some references that are out there that you can pick up on. About 10% of people have experienced it at least once, but a much smaller number that has it regularly.

I feel sorry for whoever was the spotter on that rope climb. Also, the baggage claim guy was like, “There’s another reason to baggage and not to do the carry-on.” You don’t want that.

He’s not naked.

If you're a scientist, get out there and study exercise-induced orgasm. We need good thinking and people power to do more research in this area. Click To Tweet

It is better safe than sorry. Backing up even more, 200 crunches, that lady deserves one. That’s what I’ll say. That’s a lot of crunches.

Also, that guy. In all seriousness, I know you’re joking Tom, but for these people, it sounds like it’s not a controllable thing. At least, if it is, they don’t know that it is, so it just happens. It’s not something that they can control. That would feel very disconcerting if you were not expecting that.

I know I would not find that pleasurable. That would freak me out.

This is not exercise-related, but do people who have experienced this, and I feel like men might have a harder time with this than women, do they then get scared to have sex and have regular sex? Does it make them worry about how everything works?

I haven’t heard anyone describe a fear of sex. It’s about exercise, especially for men with ejaculation. I heard from a man in his early 40s who said, “I’ve got a desk job. I’ve been trying to get back into shape. I’m having these orgasms.” For him, it was quite a few different kinds of exercises. Sometimes, a person has one way that it happens or 1, 2, or 3 ways. For him, it was quite a few different forms. He was trying to figure out how to get back in shape, which was important to him. He said, “I don’t want to wet my pants.” That’s the issue for him. He was worried about that.

We had a little back and forth on email. We’re able to figure out a way to prevent it for him. For him, he had it happen only when running on inclines. I said, “Can you try a different route in your neighborhood? Can we try that?” The other thing is I have no way of knowing if this is going to work but, “Have you considered masturbating or having sex before you do your workout?”

He is not worried about having sex. In fact, he said, “This is a great bonus for me and my wife to have sex.” That worked for him. It does seem to be a little bit individual. The folks that I’ve tried to connect with and figure it out, we strategize because we don’t understand the mechanism of it yet. Until we understand the bodily mechanism, we don’t have a consistent way of advising people on how to prevent it. It’s very one-on-one.

For some people, it’s important because it’s related to their job. I’ve heard from college athletes. This is their scholarship to do a certain sport. If they’re having trouble training or competing because this orgasm is happening, then that’s tricky for them. It’s not like with this guy in his 40s who can take a different route or try a different exercise. If you’re a college athlete, a professional athlete, or an elite athlete, and you’re competing and training for high stake stuff, then you still need to do your sport.

The other group of people I’ve heard from quite often over the years has been folks who are serving in the military. They used to do these speed tests for sit-ups. That was keeping some folks from being able to get through their speed test and do a certain number of sit-ups within whatever time it was. My understanding is they don’t do those anymore, luckily, but I had heard from physicians in the Army who were saying, “We have quite a few people. We don’t know how to prevent it.” I know it sounds fun and funny about coregasm. There’s a lighthearted aspect to it, but there are some people that it matters in terms of their job. We do need to do more research on it.

In a setting where you’re a professional athlete, in the military, or a college athlete, there’s also the added concern of whether this is going to get perceived as some sort of sexual impropriety on their part. That’s got to add to the pressure.

It does. Many people, as you’re correctly guessing, don’t feel like they can bring it up with folks. Since we live in the age of the internet, people do sometimes have this experience and they don’t know what to make of it, so they go to the internet. They don’t have to bring it up to a person. They bring it to the internet. I’ve written about it more than anyone. We haven’t done too much on it, but what we’ve done is done by me. I do hear from people who say, “Thank goodness I found you because I don’t know how I would bring this up to a trainer or my doctor.” That is difficult.

One of my colleagues who works in exercise science when I first got interested in this, I was talking with him about it. He said, “This really happens?” He had worked as a personal trainer for years. He told me a story about how years earlier, he had had a client who did share with him that she would have orgasms while she did captain’s chair maybe or whatever it was. He thought she was flirting with him because he hadn’t heard of it. I understand why he felt that way. I’ve brought it up since then with some of the trainers I worked out with. I talk about my work and what I’m doing. Almost none of them had ever heard about it before.

We have a lot of education to do in the exercise community too, so that people can feel they can bring it up with a trainer. Some of the folks that I hear from stop working out or stop working out with a trainer because they may say things like, “They think I don’t want to do crunches and they’re trying to make me do them anyway. I can’t tell them why I don’t want to do crunches, pull-ups, or whatever the case is.”

If it’s happening with a trainer too. It’s got to feel adultery-adjacent if you’re in a relationship.

For some people, it can. It’s interesting. I’ve heard so many different experiences. Some people have felt shame around it. There are other people who might be abstaining from sex before marriage, but then they feel like, “This is fine because it’s not sex.” Some people interpret it in a sexual way and they might feel bad, and others don’t. People are pretty individual.

Since getting into Peloton and doing a range of workouts with Peloton, and this is an area of research I do, I do sometimes wonder at least this is a way that you can exercise on your own and have a lot of engagement in, whether it’s strength, biking, or whatever but in a private way if, for any reason, including exercise orgasms, you’re not comfortable doing certain workouts in public.

It’s good. I’m glad we’re talking about this. I’ve been exercising for a long time and I feel a little left out. Now I want to try one.

For the coregasm workout, I can’t guarantee anyone can have them, but we have done some work where we’ve engaged people because not everyone wants to have them. I was curious if you could teach people at least the arousal aspect of it because there are many people who experience low desire and low arousal. If you can tap into your own arousal for free in a healthy way rather than trying lots of the medications that are out there or this and that.

That’s what the book is about, which is teaching certain ways of adjusting whatever exercise you’re already doing. They are not new exercises. It’s making tweaks. We were able to teach people to at least tap into their own feelings of arousal, which you can then take those same body movements and apply them to sex. It is a fun thing. We did have somebody who did experience exercise-induced orgasms, but most people felt the arousal during the study.

Whenever you did your study, did you do any kind of study about how long people had gone between their last orgasm before they had an exercise-induced orgasm? Was there any correlation between that? You mentioned the guy that tried having sex before he worked out and that helped. That made me wonder if that’s something that’s common.

We didn’t ask that. I hadn’t thought about that before, but it came to me when this guy was like, “I’m having them from so many different sources,” which is a little less common. We do know that, in general, it’s not true for everyone, but some men, they can delay ejaculation if they have masturbated or had sex. I was like, “Let’s try this with him.”

I don’t know, but some people that we’ve had in our studies can have exercise-induced orgasms regularly. It is like this is their exercise. They’re regular people who work out consistently daily. Some are elite athletes. They are also having lots of orgasms. I don’t know. It’s a good question for future study if they’re sexual orgasms and if the timing of that changes anything about their exercise orgasm.

Are you going to get cited in a clinical study?

You never know.

That would be cool. What about people’s fitness levels? Clearly, there’s a range of people that you’ve talked about because you said elite athletes and college-level athletes. When it comes to the level of body fat or how much they currently work out, does that have anything to do with it? You also mentioned the gentleman who was getting back into shape. It sounds like he hadn’t been working out that much prior to his current endeavors. I don’t know if there was any correlation you had been able to pick up on in that area.

The thing is you have to tax those abdominal muscles. If you’ve experienced muscular quivering, some people notice that before it starts to happen. It’s nuanced. Clearly, you’re not going to see exercise-induced orgasms in people who never work out because they’re not working out. Sometimes, when you first start to get back into it, you’re not pushing yourself that hard.

Some of the people we have are in a state of transition with their exercise. For example, there is one guy who used to be in the military. He told me how when he was in the military, he regularly had exercise-induced orgasms. He’s like, “I was never into drinking. The other guys would leave the base, go out to these bars, and go drinking and I would stay behind.”

His story might be in The Coregasm Workout book. It’s an interesting thing. He would stay behind. If I remember, he would push desks together in this empty classroom. He would then put his hands on either side and do dips. It was a regular experience for him that he could do them. As time went on and he left the service, he got out of shape and didn’t experience them for a long time. He was doing more regular exercises that were not demanding of his body.

In his 40s, he got back into exercise to want to get back into shape. The fitter he got, he started having them again. The fitter he got, he was also doing more with his body. We’ve heard that from people. Some of the other folks in our study have tried to get back in shape after having C-sections, gallbladder surgery, or other things. It’s only when they’re ramping it up and asking something hardcore of their core that they start to experience it again.

For men, is there any correlation between having an exercise-induced orgasm and maybe being quick on the trigger?

We haven’t looked at the timing of ejaculation yet. We have looked at the general ability to have orgasms during sex and the frequency of orgasms maybe and didn’t see anything there. We did see a relationship with sleep orgasm. We still have a whole lot more to learn about it. It seems to be from people who have orgasms in other kinds of ways.

Almost all men have orgasms in other kinds of ways. Women usually do, but it varies. Some only have them from clitoral simulations, and some from vaginal simulation. We found that men who have had the experience of prostate stimulation to orgasm say it feels a lot like prostate stimulation orgasms and not penile stimulation orgasms. It makes sense because something internal is happening.

For women who have had clitoral and vaginal stimulation to orgasm, they generally say it feels deeper in the way that a vaginal intercourse orgasm feels. It’s not everybody, but for the most part, that’s the experience of it. Looking more into things like ejaculatory timing could be another area for the future. You two are full of ideas.

Do you have plans to do another study though, out of curiosity?

Absolutely. It’s interesting because I’ve been in sex research for twenty years. Sometimes, I get into novel interesting areas and other people in my field follow suit. I’ve been saying to people, “No one’s following suit in this area.” It’s still very much my area and my colleagues, but that can be a lonely place to be. Even in this conversation, you can see there are different thoughts and ideas. That’s the neat thing about science. To anyone who’s tuning in to this and you’re a scientist, get out there and study exercise-induced orgasm. We need good thinking and people power to do more research in this area.

I’m curious. Zooming out a little bit, how did you get into this field?

Into sex research?


I was originally planning to study child development. I worked a lot with kids who are on the autism spectrum. I saw myself going into child psychology. When I graduated college from the University of Maryland, I took a job at Indiana University on a study that was looking at child and adolescent sexual development, like with adults, and looking back on their lives. When I was doing that, I suddenly realized how little I knew about sex and how so much of what I learned, I had learned from magazines. I was surrounded by these amazing faculty who knew so much about sexuality. I had so little sex education from my family or school. I realized I had all these questions. I was very curious.

It was one of those forks in the road. I was like, “Do I go back to grad school and study child psychology or do I go back to grad school and study sexuality?” I ended up going and studying sex research. That became my area. Every now and then, the child and adolescent stuff is there. Even in the study of exercise-induced orgasm, so many of our participants do recall these feelings in childhood and adolescence. It’s interesting. What’s so fascinating about it, and there are going to be some portion of the audience who have this experience, is they don’t know what those feelings are for years.

Ultimately, sexuality is important to people's lives. Not everybody has sex, but the vast majority of people do. It is really related to people's relationship and human health. Click To Tweet

That would have to be very confusing if it’s happening to you in middle school.

It could also be when you’re 6, 8, or 10.

Even more so.

The stories are also so sweet. They’ll say, “I used to call it like my tickle feeling,” or something. Sometimes, they do have a best friend that they tell because they don’t have the shame around it. They think it’s fun. We have this paper coming out with this great story from a woman we interviewed. They were on the rope in gym class. The first time it happened, she is making it up to the top and her friends are all there cheering her like, “You can do it.” She then starts having this experience, but everyone’s cheering her on. They don’t know what’s happening to her. It’s private, but if only most people’s early orgasm experiences were so positive.

You have a whole room full of people cheering you on. That would be amazing.

It’s neat. I’m a parent, a sexuality researcher, and an educator. My next book is not about orgasm. It’s for parents. It is about talking to their kids about sex. It’s called Yes, Your a Kid: What Parents Need to Know About Today’s Teens and Sex. That love of childhood and adolescent development has always stayed with me. I still try to connect all these.

It’s more important than ever to have somebody giving good information to kids on the Internet.

That’s one of the things I often say to parents, which is to provide them with information because young people do stumble on pornography, often at ages, 8, 9, or 10 these days. It’s not always but sometimes they’re trying to understand a very basic thing that they’ve heard at school or want to know something about bodies or puberty. They now have the internet. Just like people have the internet to find out about exercise-induced orgasms, you now have the internet to find out about something at school that was confusing to you, but when you type in a lot of these terms, you wind up in spaces that you should not be when you’re 8, 10, or 12 years old. It is difficult and does feel like an important time for parents to feel more comfortable and confident in sharing information with their kids.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done. I appreciate that.

Thank you.

Is it difficult to get funding for things like this? Are people squeamish about that?

For exercise-induced orgasm?

For sex research in general.

It varies considerably. The funding is not there for exercise-induced orgasm. Luckily, the studies we’ve done so far are low cost, so I can do them without hardly any cost at all. I do a lot of US nationally representative surveys, and those are hugely expensive. They do require funding. Luckily, corporate funding sources or Federal funding sources, if they’re squarely focused on health issues, are options as well. We get support from private philanthropists, foundations, and a whole range of folks because ultimately, sexuality is important to people’s lives. Not everybody has sex, but the vast majority of people do. Sex is related to people’s relationships, marital satisfaction, and human health. There are enough people out there who see the value in it, and I’m always grateful when they do.

I did want to cover a couple of quick Peloton things since this was also Peloton-related. Do you have a favorite instructor?

I do. My favorite instructors for any cycling stuff are Cody Rigsby and Robin Arzon. They’re two different moods, but I adore those two. For strength, probably Callie is the one that I go to the most.

Are you comfortable with sharing your leaderboard name or do you not want the weirdos tracking you down?

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not our audience, but you never know who’s out there.

I do try to be a little private, so I probably won’t share my leaderboard name.

Not a problem. I had a feeling that might be the answer, so I wasn’t going to make you feel on display.

If people want to learn more about coregasm, they can read your book presumably and try to do their own exercise-induced orgasm if they’re interested.

Whether or not it happens, enjoying exercise to me is still the fundamental message.

That’s the ultimate orgasm.

I like where you’re going with it, Tom.

We need one of those The More You Know Stars to shoot by. That’s the real orgasm. The orgasm was inside of us the whole time. Is there anywhere from a professional standpoint where people can find you or your wares that you would like to share with people before we let you go?

People can learn about our work at and see the kinds of research that we do. We’ve got about a dozen faculty who do all kinds of different sex research on sexuality, disability, and international issues. There are a lot of neat things. The Coregasm Workout was my last book and Yes, Your Kid is the next book.

That is available on Amazon wherever you get your books. It’s not hard to find.

Is it out?

Yes, Your Kid is available for pre-order. It comes out in people’s hands in November 2023.

That’s awesome. How exciting. Congratulations.

We will include that in a past guest update when it comes out.

That would be great. Thanks.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us and letting us subject you to our silliness.

I know you may not be able to include this, but the dream is for Cody Rigsby too in his XOXO, Cody. Every now and then, he has some good sex questions, but I would love to see him take on a few more. He is fantastic.

We can include that.

We’re calling out Cody. He needs to be sexier.

When I’m done, I’m always updating my husband on his latest things. He was talking about saving yourself for the climb that we were about do. He’s like, “Not like that kind of save yourself. Get out there.”

I don’t think anyone could ever think that that’s the kind of save-yourself he was referring to.

He’s so fun.

It wasn’t too long ago. It was a video of one of the things on social media. He was like, “It’s summer. Why would you want to be in a relationship right now? You should be out dating. This is the time. It’s all pool weather. Get out there.” Two weeks later, he was like, “I’m back with my boyfriend.”

Enjoy exercise. That's the ultimate orgasm. Click To Tweet

My favorite Cody Rigsby thing ever is he did this one workout a tear or more ago. One of the songs was Let’s Hear It for The Boy. He was narrating it. When he breaks it down, he was like, “He’s no Romeo. He doesn’t dress well?” He sings off-key. He’s like, “Why are we cheering for him? What does he do?” It’s like, “I’ve completely changed the way I feel about this song now.” He’s great.

 Maybe they were cheering for him because he was climbing the rope in gym class.

It all comes back. Thank you so much again for this. This has been fun. It has also been super educational. I appreciate it.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

I guess we need to do this wrap-up quickly because Crystal wants to go workout right now.

Let’s go. I want to go try some things.

I want to watch you workout.

Suddenly, my workouts got a lot more interesting.

Even sweatier, but that was a fun interview.

Also, educational.

I tried to ask real questions. I could’ve been making jokes the whole time.

It’s a real thing.

I was legitimately interested in that as a phenomenon. She’s a real scientist. I didn’t want to sit there and turn her work into a joke.

I don’t want her to think we’re making fun of her. We’re certainly not. It legitimately is interesting.

She’s very good-natured. She knows, given the topic, that there are people that will have fun with it.

It’s also interesting to hear the challenges behind it.

Anyway, that’s it for this one. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at You can find me on socials @ClipOutCrystal, and also on the leaderboard.

They should know by now.

If they’re even still listening.

Don’t say parsnips whatever you do. That cost us $400.

That was fun though.

You could also find me on Facebook at, on Twitter @RogerQBert, and all that stuff. You can also find the show on Facebook at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel where you can watch these and see us talk about orgasms. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling, and running, and rowing, and coregasming.


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