TCO 301 | Golf Instructor

301. Cody Rigsby’s Book Available For Pre-Order Plus Our Interview With Jonathan Yarwood

TCO 301 | Golf Instructor


  • Peloton has made some updates to the user interface.
  • Row receives form assist update.
  • Precor shuts down its North Carolina plant.
  • Peloton has money with SVB but will be unaffected.
  • Peloton is teasing Ride To Greatness.
  • Team Captains are Jenn Sherman and Jess Sims.
  • Good news! Peloton exists in the 24th Century!
  • Peloton supports 261 Fearless for International Women’s Day.
  • PSL celebrated International Women’s Day.
  • Luxury London talks about gamified fitness.
  • Dr. Jenn – Recovery tips for CrystalAlly Love was on The Today Show promoting Dance 100.
  • Ally Love teases Dance 100 on her IG.
  • Netflix has a “Get To Know Ally Love” video.
  • Ally was featured in Ebony.
  • Cody Rigsby’s new book is available for pre-order.
  • Christine D’Ercole is supporting Jim Feeney who is biking the perimeter of the US for SBP.
  • Canadian Business talks to Cody.
  • Callie Gullickson was in a Verizon ad that ran on the Oscars.
  • Emma Lovewell spoke at SXSW.
  • Tunde’s Speak is finally in paperback.
  • Jenn Sherman posted on IG about WHM Epic Sing-Along.
  • Susie Chan gives us takeaways from her Fitness Over 40 panel.
  • Robin Arzon spoke at the Uplift Conference in San Francisco.
  • Aditi Shah spoke about women’s health at Evre’.
  • Aditi also celebrated South Asian Excellence at The Oscars.
  • Jeffery McEachern is doing a shake-out run in Berlin.
  • MetPro – Angelo has advice for eating to increase your iron levels.
  • The latest artist collaboration features H.E.R.Joanna Gaines was hanging out with Emma Lovewell.
  • Ross Rayburn celebrated 4-years with Peloton.
  • Mayla Kind is now a Tread instructor too.
  • The Saturday 60 collection is up (and probably gone).
  • Rebecca Kennedy has a tutorial for Turkish Get Ups.
  • Birthdays: Marcel Dinkins (03/17), Peloton (3/17), Jeffery McEachern (3/18)

All this plus our interview with Jonathan Yarwood

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Cody Rigsby’s Book Available For Pre-Order Plus Our Interview With Jonathan Yarwood

We’re exhausted from fighting a pharmacy. It’s been a day. We’ve got a pharmacist who we think has recently converted to Scientology because that dude doesn’t want to fill prescriptions. I’ve never seen a guy fight doing the core element of his job like he has. It was insane, but we got it resolved. It’s not easy but we pulled it off. All it took was an email to the CEO of CVS.  

People seem to be digging the timeline. As you tune in to this, the next branch of the timeline would have been released. We’ll now be on 2014. We also have a Patreon episode where you, me, and Diana Nichols do a deep dive into the year 2014. We take you through the timeline and talk about everything that happened in the world of Peloton in the year 2014.

It’s so fun to go back and dig through the thing. There are things in there that are going to surprise you. There are things in this timeline that you have no idea occurred except maybe OGs. Even OGs probably have forgotten some of this stuff because it’s been a while. I am thoroughly enjoying going through this little walk down memory lane. If you are a Patreon subscriber, that’s how you get that bonus episode that we will be releasing with Diana that goes into the deep dive. If not, then you can still join us. You can still come on over to and join us anytime. People who have been a member of Patreon before episode 300 are still getting a special gift.

It’s going to be a minute but we are working on that. You will be getting that in the coming weeks so sit tight. Who was our guest for this episode?

Our guest was Jonathan Yarwood. He’s known for helping famous golfers all over the world get even better at golfing.

It’s top-tier. When he lists it off, it’s very impressive. We can’t say it because we don’t know enough about sports for it to stick in our heads. When he was rattling off golf things, we’re like, “That’s a golf thing that I’ve heard of. I don’t know anything about golf so it must be very important.

He’s a first-generation immigrant. In our interview, he talked about what that was like, and how much his lifestyle has changed. It’s fascinating to hear. I love hearing how much he loves his Peloton. That dude loves Peloton. That made me so happy so please join us.

What pray tell do you have in store for people?

We are going to talk about some updates that Peloton has made to the interface. We have some news about Precor. We have an update on the big Silicon Valley Bank and how it’s affecting Peloton. There are tons of Peloton updates that we need to hit. Not to mention where all the instructors are. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn. She talks about me because I asked her to help me with the stuff I’m dealing with at the moment and I wasn’t expecting the degree that it is. We also have a visit from Angelo and he talks about iron levels. We also have some In Case You Missed It that you want to make sure you tune into.

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Don’t post spoilers in the group.

Finally, we have a YouTube,, where you can watch all of these episodes in HD. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

We have some updates to the Peloton user interface.

Power Zone classes are now automatically displaying the power meter. Before, you have to go in and choose and change your settings to display it. Now, you don’t have to do that. Some people have reported that if they already had their Power Zone showing, they are no longer showing. That seems to be intermittent. It only happens for a day. If that occurs to you, turn everything off and turn it back on. It’s probably back by now.

Beat the side of it like an old TV.

Don’t do that. That’s not covered under warranty. The home screen has some changes to it. There are some things that have changed. Before, you might have had to click 2 or 3 times and now you only have to click once. These are minor things, but they’re nice because you don’t have to think as much about what it is that you want to do and what class you want to go into.

Also, Peloton 101 will now be presented at all new device logins. Previously, it was only whenever the equipment was brand new. The session versus on-demand option is gone. You still can have the sessions but you don’t have to choose between the two anymore. It makes it easier. It’s less clicking.

The rowing had a form-assist before and it has been updated. Now, you get real-time cues. I tried this the other day. I probably shouldn’t have with my shoulder but I did. I got through a 30-minute bootcamp. I like these real-time cues because I have an issue where as I’m pushing off with my feet, I tend to lean back too quickly. It shows me that I’m using my arms and my upper body too soon, and it reminds me to fix it. Even though I was not in my best head space the other day or my best fitness goals, I still had a 94 when I got done. I feel like it’s been so long and I was surprised that I got that high of a form score after having been off the rower for so long.

I’m assuming that’s 94 out of 100.

Yeah. I thought it was great. That one area was still the only one that was pulling it down. Everything else, I was doing well. A lot of that has to do with those real-time cues. I’ve heard from some people that they’re still feeling like it’s not as intuitive as it should be. That takes some time to feel good about what you’re seeing because it’s still over in the left-hand corner. You still have to see it out of the corner of your eye.

I like having the ability to see what I was doing wrong and verbalize it for me. The picture here shows too much layback. That’s not an issue that I personally have but whenever you see it on the screen, there’s something about it telling you that instead of just seeing it lit up. That is very helpful and concrete like, “This is the action I need to take to correct this.” I like it.

We saw that Precor has shut down a manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

This is super sad. In Greensboro, North Carolina, they laid off 123 employees. You might remember a while back that Peloton purchased Precor, and then they tried to make it a subsidiary, and now it’s its own parallel company. They had tried to sell it and it didn’t work out. Now, they’re going to try to put money in it and help them out but that came too late for this particular manufacturing facility. It’s concerning because they opened this facility in 2008. It’s sad and I’m hoping that it’s not the writing on the wall for Precor. I hope that they’re going to be able to make a turnaround and be able to keep growing the way they had been prior to all of this.

I feel like this is part of a larger strategy with Barry talking about how they’re not going to sell it. They’re like, “We’re not going to have a fire sale,” and then they appointed a permanent CEO instead of an interim CEO. It doesn’t feel like this would be a harbinger of bad things. It’s more like, “We need to do some pairing down so we can grow.” It’s the same thing that they’ve been doing to Peloton. It seems like that’s where this would land.

It’s also interesting because we had the story about the import ban. We were musing, “They should have kept the Ohio plant so they could make them in the States, and then they don’t have to worry about imports.” I guess not because here they are. They could have converted this if they wanted to because Ohio wasn’t close. It was just real estate. Here’s a plant that exists. They could retrofit it and probably crank out bikes if they felt like that was the solution. The fact that they sold it a week later tells you that it’s not the solution.

I know they closed it but I didn’t know they sold it a week later.

I meant the closing of this plant. I misspoke, sorry. If they’re going to close this plant, they could have retrofitted it if that was going to get them around the import ban, which means that they must have another plan in place.

When we talked about it, it was pretty new. We didn’t have a ton of information about it. It was breaking news. Later, as more came out, it became clear that Peloton was in fact going to be leaning on the stock that they already had because they have quite a bit already sitting around. That’s one of the big reasons they’re not worried about it. Also, they do plan to cut a check, which is pretty much what we said is going to happen.

We said that probably the solution is like, “We got to pay a licensing fee.” It’s part of doing business. You might have seen the big story. This isn’t Peloton-related until it is. The Silicon Valley Bank is going tits-up. That’s banking terms. I don’t know if everybody gets that one. I’m going to get all jargony on you. They also represent 60% of start-up tech companies in the world. The bank is SVB. One of them is Peloton in some capacity. My first question was “Uh-oh,” which isn’t a question. We did come across a story that says they do not expect to be impacted by this at all.

This was one of our stock places that issue stories. They’re sometimes good and sometimes not good. The government also issued a statement saying that they were going to be backing anybody that had a deposit in those banks. Either way, Peloton would be unaffected.

This was from Seeking Alpha. That’s where the story came from. Peloton teased the Ride to Greatness. Is that what it’s called?

This is the thing they have been doing in the last couple of years where they have Team Activate versus Team Validate. I don’t remember if they call it the Ride to Greatness or not. Alex Toussaint was the winning team captain in 2022. I don’t understand why he’s the spokesperson for it.

I think this has always been his baby.

It has but now he’s not one of the team captains. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not like, “Why is he part of this?” I’m just confused. It appears like he’s passing the baton.

Somehow he’s overseeing it but it’s still under his umbrella. They’re incorporating other instructors because Jenn Sherman and Jess Sims will be the two instructors for 2023.

The other interesting thing is that they added a new component. You can compete on the tread or the bike. The last two years had been bike only. Are Jenn Sherman and Jess Sims the team captains for the bike only? Maybe Alex Toussaint will be a team captain for the tread. Am I reading way too much into this and they’re just team captains for both? I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out how it all fits together.

Does that mean you’re going to see a Jenn Sherman tread class?

I don’t think so. If you do, everyone, get the hell out of my way. I don’t care how injured I am, I’m taking that class, so be prepared.

We have great news for people who are concerned about the longevity of Peloton. We have confirmed it will still exist in the 24th century.

Thank God. Would you like to explain what that means?

In one of the recent episodes of Picard, which is the Star Trek spinoff following Picard. I feel like that’s self-explanatory, but if you’re not a Star Trek person, maybe it makes no sense to you. Picard is the bald captain who’s not William Shatner. In one of the episodes, you can see a Peloton in the background. It’s not like a coffee cup in Game of Thrones that someone forgot to remove. It’s supposed to be there.

It’s part of the whole image of the room. It is clearly on purpose. Now we know that Peloton will be here for at least another 200 years or 100 years. It will be around for a while. That’s good.

Peloton is celebrating International Women’s Day by supporting 261 Fearless.

I just wanted to call attention to the fact that each year, Peloton has been talking about its commitment to helping all kinds of different organizations. This is their continuance of that. They’re continuing to support 261 Fearless. I thought that was cool that they called that out on International Women’s Day.

Speaking of International Women’s Day, they also celebrated it at Peloton Studios London.

They had an event where a bunch of members came in. All the members got to meet all the instructors like Susie Chan. I’m so in awe of her. A lot of the female instructors from the London studio were there.

Luxury London has an article about Gamified Fitness: The immersive workouts bringing exercise into the 21st Century. Peloton is one of them.

It will be interesting to see if Peloton takes any of this into that VR world. There’s so much going on with that. I could totally see that happening.

We have one of those and I’ve played it a couple of times. I feel like you would have a hard time staying on your head while you are riding the bike and when you are running.

The technology would need to change. There is a VR thing that exists on a treadmill and they have this giant belt around you to keep you in place. I would feel like I was going to die or I was going to trip over my own feet. I can’t even walk around the living room without feeling like that. That would be terrifying. I could see the bike and I could see Peloton getting in this world in some way, even if it’s not on the bike or the tread, like doing something different. They may be like, “We have Lanebreak and let’s double down on that and do other things.”

They’ve been hiring people for gaming positions. I think the goal is to add more games or game-style interfaces to the Peloton platform. Whether or not that will be VR remains to be seen.

It will remain to be seen, not it will definitely occur.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Dr. Jenn, or more specifically, Dr. Jenn is going to talk to Crystal about how to contend with her recovery from a psychological standpoint.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1‘s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1‘s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn or her long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four bestselling books, including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection and Intimacy. It’s Dr. Jenn.

Hello, or you may know me as Crystal’s running partner. Is the first question, “I was running and got hit by a car?”

It actually is. I want your advice, Dr. Jenn. I feel like I’m not the only person dealing with this and I know we’ve talked a little bit about it. You’re my ad hoc therapist from time to time. It’s a weird situation because, on the outside, I’m healed. You can’t tell unless you look closely and see this stupid hematoma that’s still here.

Everything else, I’m healed, but it’s like I’m not done. It’s interesting to me that the longer this goes on, the more I’m dealing with things like forgetfulness or not being able to sleep. Last night was another night where I didn’t sleep at all. It was like three hours. I cannot get by on three hours of sleep. Tom cannot survive on my getting three hours of sleep.

I’m sleeping fine but I would do better if I was getting the no sleep and she was sleeping. That would be an easier world to live in.

I’m a mess when I don’t sleep. I don’t know what my question is other than I know that I need to be patient, but I don’t know how to be patient.

I have a lot of advice for you. First of all, you had a traumatic brain injury when you got hit by a car and landed on your head. The repercussions of that last for a long time. There are two lanes of issues. One that you haven’t even mentioned is the emotional repercussions of almost dying. You have a tendency to downplay things because you are so tough and your sheer will is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before as your running partner. I bow down to you. You are used to accomplishing a lot on sheer will alone.

We got this one compartment of PTSD that you almost died, and it’s hard to wrap your head around it. When I got the call from Tom, I was like, “Is she going to be paralyzed? Is she going to be okay?” We were lucky. There’s that, which I’m going to come back to in a minute, and then there are the actual physical repercussions of a traumatic brain injury. You are not sleeping and your memory is having issues. Even your vision is having issues.

The scar may have healed or you can cover it with your hair but the physical trauma is not done. You still got a broken collarbone that’s still healing. You can’t put weight on. You can’t do the workouts that you’re used to doing. Absolutely, you have to have patience with yourself. Also, you’re honest about your emotions, which is great, then you’re like, “I don’t want to complain. Let’s clean that up and make it nice and put on a happy smile.”

I think that there are a lot of people in your audience who can relate to that, especially women who run a household. They have to put on a happy face for kids when they’re going through something difficult, physical or emotional. The physical recovery is going to take longer than you want it to. You need to tune into your body. Instead of doing what you’ve done in the past like, “I’m going to push no matter what my body is feeling,” which has been a great strength of yours, in this instance, you will hurt yourself and overdo it if you do that

You have to l listen to your body, tune into your body, and do your best to honor when your body says, “This workout is too much for me.” Lower the weight, or you need to rest, or you need to skip a day. That’s going to be challenging for you given your type-A personality. We then got to the other side. You are not sleeping most likely because of the brain injury and how that rewires your sleep-wake cycle inappropriately. Also, I can’t help but wonder if there’s also a PTSD aspect to it that may be why you’re not sleeping and staying asleep. It may be PTSD related.

This was a very serious accident. You almost died. You could have been paralyzed. It was very traumatic even though you don’t remember some of it. Again, that’s a traumatic brain injury. Your psyche blocks it out because it would be too traumatic for you to remember and too upsetting. You have to be patient on both ends, the emotional and the physical.

For your followers and listeners who aren’t unaware, you and I have been training for the Big Sur 21-mile race on April 30th. One of the first things I was told that you said is, “Tell Dr. Jenn that we’re going to make the race.” I think that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be ready by April 30th. As you’re running partner, I support whatever you need to do. If you can’t do the race, that’s okay. I’m okay. I love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your health.

Also, you know that I’ve been pushing to walk this race instead of running, so I’m good if we walk the whole thing. Needless to say, I’m awesome with that. If you want to walk-run it the way we planned, it’s all good. I think that you need to take the pressure off of yourself. If you can’t walk it, then have a lovely vacation with me in Big Sur. Enjoy the view. Go for a walk on the beach. Let that be a gift to yourself that is well deserved.

The first thing she said to every doctor or medical professional that walked into that room was, “Can I still do Big Sur? The next thing she said was, I guess Dr. Jenn is going to get her way. I’m going to walk Big Sur,” then she said, “Buy me a new iPhone.

Your iPhone was crushed. You moved quickly, Tom. I was very impressed. If I’m ever hit by a car, you’re going to be my first call. I’m very upset and confused. I was like, “Why is Tom calling me to tell me you were hit by a car?” You sprung into action. You were amazing. Everybody should have a husband like you.

That is for sure.

Or a wife like Crystal. Honestly, there was nothing I could do at that moment. I was like, I can order a phone. I will call Spectrum and order a phone.

I hear all the things you’re saying. It’s just hard to process. It’s hard to know what to do. I hear the words like, “Don’t do that workout today. Be easy on yourself.” When I’m just sitting there, I feel so lazy and awful. I can’t stand that feeling. I don’t have something productive to do with my time in the same way. Does that make sense?

It does. You need to make productive use of that time in other ways. You need to think like when you were pregnant and you were sitting and being, did you think, “I’m not doing anything?” Did you think to yourself like, “I’m growing a baby and I’m an amazing vessel. This is so cool.”

I wish that I had known you when I was pregnant. I was definitely like I had to do everything. I also gained a bunch of weight, and I think that’s also part of my stress about all this. I’ve already gained weight from eating all the junk during that time period. Now, I can’t get back to exercise to burn it off.

When you say you’ve gained weight, you’ve gained like 4 pounds. I lost more weight prepping for my colonoscopy, for real. You need to give yourself a little grace there. You can’t work out like you did. Also, when you were pregnant, you didn’t exercise like you do now. I also feel like I need to put it out there when you were pregnant and doing everything, we were not married. That is not me that she was referring to.

That’s a good point. Perhaps for you, the pregnancy analogy wasn’t a good analogy. Where I was going with that is you have to realize that even if you’re just sitting and resting, your brain is repairing itself right now. Your body is repairing itself. Your broken bone or your collarbone is repairing itself. That takes energy and that’s tiring. You have to make sure that you allow your body to have the energy and the nutrition in order to do that as efficiently as possible to accomplish your goal, which is to be back and healthy as soon as possible. Regarding the gigantic 4-pound weight gain, I hardly recognize you, Crystal.

She had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Who’s that new girl? Who’s that gigantic lady who is now replacing Crystal?

I don’t want to gain anymore.

Kidding aside, first of all, you need to be kinder to yourself and to your body. You’ve got to work on some acceptance. I would recommend working on something when you have that negative self-talk. You heard me talk about how we all have positive self-talk and negative self-talk. We have a healthy self and an unhealthy self. I always think of it like the angel and the devil on our shoulders. When that unhealthy voice says mean things to you and makes a big deal about 4 pounds, which nobody else notices but you, Crystal, you got to talk back to it.

When we don’t talk back to that unhealthy voice, it gets bigger and bigger and louder and louder. You got to talk back to it and say, “My body is beautiful. My body is recovering. I love my body. I nurture my body.” You don’t even have to believe it at the moment. I like 3 to 5 positive statements for every 1 negative statement. That’s how you reprogram your brain. We tend to treat ourselves best and make the healthiest decisions when we love ourselves and are kind to ourselves. You’re far more likely to pick a meal that you’re going to feel good about when you love yourself as opposed to when you’re beating yourself up.

The other thing regarding the food is you need to look at what’s going on that you’re eating junk food. You know me, I don’t like the word junk food because I like to view food in a much less judgmental way. “I’m turning to comfort food right now. What’s going on that I’m turning to comfort food? Am I feeling sad? Am I having PTSD?” You can talk through those emotions. Do it with a therapist or people who are close to you, and get support so you can get through it. Also, ask yourself, “What do I really want? Do I really want this food?” Ask yourself, “How am I going to feel after I eat this food?”

There are times when we go through phases in our life and certainly after an accident that we’re like, “I just need comfort food. I need to feel full. I need to feel grounded.” Sometimes that’s the right choice. There are other times when it’s like, “I want to feel light. I want to feel like I can run down the block if I needed to. I don’t want to feel bogged down by food.” Sometimes it’s somewhere in the middle. Ask yourself, “What do I want right now? Do I want salty? Do I want sweets? Do I want crunchy? Do I want soft, hot, or cold? What is my body craving?”

If you find that you’re craving a lot of the foods that afterward you don’t feel as good, you want to ask yourself, “What’s going on? Am I using food to comfort myself? What else can I do to achieve that to help me feel better at the end of a meal as opposed to eating those foods or over-eating?”

Lots of homework there.

You need four positive statements. One for each pound you gained, and then you need to be kind to your body. If you need any help with that, I’m ready to volunteer.

Tom always talks about the goddess that you are, and how amazing, gorgeous, and beautiful your body is. You need to get on Tom’s team with all of this.

That’s professional medical advice right there. She has written a prescription.

Maybe it’s a prescription I can actually fill today.

We don’t want to name any names because we would hate to embarrass CVS. Thank you so much for all that. Until next time, where can we find you?

You can find me on social media @DrJennMann. I post my Peloton workouts on my Insta Story. Sometimes I fall behind but I try to post every day.

Thank you.

A few weeks back we were teasing Robin Arzón about all the places at once. It is Ally Love’s turn. She is everywhere in order to promote the new Netflix show Dance 100.

We start off with the Today Show. She was on the third hour of the Today Show.

It’s like a five-minute segment.

She has a lot to share. She talked about being hit by a car as a child and how that led her to dance after the doctor said she would never be an athlete.

Are you going to start dancing?

No, but the doctor didn’t say I would never be an athlete. Also, I’m not 6 feet tall and Barbie thin.

There are lots of dancers that aren’t 6 feet tall and Barbie thin.

I meant I feel like she has other things going for her to be an athlete in general. She did it when she was young. It’s too late for me. I’ll be happy if I can get back to normal. She also has a minor in Theology from Fordham. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that but it also explains the Sundays with Love.

In all fairness, it makes me feel a little bit better about them. It’s not like, “Here’s something I think,” but she actually learned this stuff. I also find it fascinating because I’m old enough to remember and some of our older listeners will recall this. I remember on the Tonight Show, if he would have somebody like Ricardo Montalban from Fantasy Island, he would say, “Ricardo Montalban is on Fantasy Island, which airs Saturdays on a different network.” He would never say the name of the network. Here are five minutes on NBC of them being like, “Check out this Netflix show.”

I wonder if it’s a little bit of a dig at Disney because Dancing With the Stars is a huge show for Disney. The Voice has undermined the success of American Idol. I wonder if they see it like, “The enemy of our enemy is our friend.” That’s like, “ We don’t have a dance show. If we can get people to like Dance 100 instead of Dancing with the Stars, maybe it takes a notch out of their belt.”

You never know. It’s always interesting to think about the way that some of these companies go.

While we’re on the Ally Love train.

She’s now the Global Lead of Instructor Strategic Initiative. It wasn’t a made-up title and she explained that it means that she acts as an intermediary between the instructor team and partnering teams at Peloton.

The instructor team and partnering team. What does that mean?

We don’t know what partnering team means. I don’t know if that means the studio team or maybe the corporate team or the marketing team, like other teams that could partner with instructors.

Watch this space. She also posted on Instagram about her Today Show appearance. She was very excited about the Dance 100 coming up on Friday. It will drop on the same day as this episode. You can get that if you have Netflix. Also, Netflix posted on YouTube a gettoknow Ally Love video where they pepper her with questions like morning person or night owl, beer or wine, beach or mountains, that sort of stuff.

If you don’t feel like you know her, you could be able to get to know her.

Finally, in our Ally Love roundup, she was featured in Ebony Magazine. That’s a lot of very high-profile stuff for her.

Congrats to Ally.

Cody Rigsby has entered the ranks of Peloton instructor authors. I said on Facebook that I have a book is the new instructor version of I am pregnant.”

For real. I do like the title, XOXO Cody: An opinionated homosexuals guide to self-love, relationships, and tactful pettiness. I was not aware that you could be tactful while also being petty.

I failed at it. I got the petty part though.

I got petty down in spades.

I’m good at that. While we’re talking about Cody, he was featured in Canadian Business, How Cody Rigsby Went From Struggling Backup Dancer to Top Peloton Coach. Here’s what I find interesting about this article. I feel like if it’s not the first, we certainly haven’t seen a lot of instructor profiles in Canadian publications. I wonder if this is the first indication of Peloton making inroads into the Canadian market from a public consciousness standpoint.

I will also say that they may have done a lot of instructor stuff a few years back, or maybe more of a Peloton. They talked about Peloton in general, not so much the instructors, a few years ago.

There was a whole rash of Peloton articles a few years ago. It was more about, “Here’s what Peloton is. They’re coming into the Canadian market. Here’s why they are important. Here’s why you’ll love it. This is the first time I remember like, “Here’s an instructor. I feel like the importance of that is it signals that this isn’t a PR push for Peloton per se like those earlier articles were. This now feels more like a publication saying, “Our research and data show that our readers know who Cody Rigsby is and they care. I find that very fascinating.

I like that you’re paying attention, Tom.

Christine D’Ercole had a post and mentioned in a class supporting a gentleman who is riding the entire perimeter of the United States in order to raise awareness for SBP.

Do we know what SBP is?

No. Hopefully, it works. I looked it up but now I forgot it. It was some sort of bacterial something.

It’s over 10,000 miles to do the perimeter of the United States. That’s a ride.

Whatever it is that he’s raising awareness for, it clearly needs to have awareness raised for it because it did not make the first search in Google. You see so many of these things where it’s like, “We’re raising awareness for breast cancer,” mission accomplished. Now go try to solve it or help the people who have it. This is why the whole raising awareness thing a lot of times is a scam. I’m like, “Whatever this is, it clearly needs awareness raised for it.

I don’t know if that’s it because it says that it’s a non-profit that works to bring families home after natural disaster strikes. He’s on a one-man solo mission to bring ten families home.

It’s not the thing I thought it was. You can find out more at his website,

It’s also cool that Christine will actually be joining him on the ride from New York or the leg in New York in early August. That’s pretty cool. He’s also a software engineer. I say that because he has a day job while he’s doing all of this. This is not easy.

Riding the perimeter of the country is a lot.

It’s a massive undertaking.

I’m also thinking about all the different types of clothing you would need. Along the northern border, it’s going to be cold, but then when you’re riding down through Texas and whatnot. Good luck to you, sir. There was an ad for Verizon’s new +Play feature at the Oscars. If you were looking closely, you would see Callie Gullickson.

Good for people to be all sharp-eyed because I don’t think I would’ve seen this. I do not watch commercials. That was fast.

It was fast. If you watch it with a sound, it makes more sense because they’re saying the same three words over and over again. Each snippet, they’re showing you from a different show or program. It features that one word. Because of that, it doesn’t feel as brief if you are actually watching it. That’s cool to see her popping up.

Congrats to Callie. That’s pretty fun.

Emma Lovewell spoke at South by Southwest for She Media and the Future of Health.

We’ve talked about this three times. We talked about it a long time ago that it was going to happen, and then it got closer. It was everywhere, and then it happened. Now it has occurred.

If you’ve been wanting Tunde‘s book Speak but you’ve been holding out, it will now be available in paperback.

Congrats to Tunde. Also, there’s going to be a big event on April 19th. It’s like a year to the day that the book came out. It’s going to be a big celebration. She wants to hear from people how they have incorporated what was in the book into their own lives.

That’s a big moment in the life cycle of a book because I’m pretty sure not every hardback makes it to paperback. If you’re looking to gauge if any of these books are working, if some of them don’t make it to paperback, that’s your indication. Jenn Sherman celebrated Women’s History Month with her epic sing-along.

It was special because all of the instructors you see on the screen there were all in the studio taking the class together. That doesn’t happen very often for Jenn Sherman rides. I really love this. Kristin McGee, Callie Gullickson, Hannah Corbin, Kendall, and Marcel all were in the actual class. I love that. I think it’s cool.

Susie Chan had an Instagram post giving some takeaways from her recent Fitness Over 40 panel.

I love that because this whole thing about being over 40, menopause, and perimenopause is something that I feel strongly about. I’ve been educating myself a lot about it. Apparently, I am not alone. Susie feels the need to talk about it too. There’s a lot of stuff people don’t know.

It’s an under-researched area because most of the researchers historically had been boys.

I love that Susie is outspoken about this as well.

You would think that most of those boys are married to girls. They’d be like, I got to get to the bottom of this.

I should not say a word about that.

I know what you’re going to say. Robin spoke at the Uplift Conference.

It was in San Francisco. I don’t know much about this conference but it was a bunch of creators. That’s all I knew. I thought that was interesting that she was lumped into that.

San Francisco either means creators or tech, but she does both.

She probably talked about Web3 while she was there. I feel like it hit both.

Aditi Shah spoke at Evre.

It was some conference. I know that she got to meet Erin Andrews. It was a bunch of sporty people. That’s all I know. I didn’t look that much into that. I just thought it was cool.

Also, speaking of Aditi, she was celebrating South Asian Excellence at the Oscars. That’s the name of the event.

It’s not the Oscars.

I think it’s a program in conjunction with the Oscars because if it wasn’t, my guess is the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences would sue the living crap out of them. I think it’s an official Oscarsrelated program. They have all sorts of these satellite programs for different elements.

I thought it was cool, especially given that the first Asian woman ever won. That’s cool.

Just to be clear, she’s not Southeast Asian but still Asian. I’m just trying to prevent you from getting yelled at on the interwebs.

Nothing prevents that. I thought that was cool. It’s a connection even if it’s not the exact same connection.

That’s a great movie.

That movie is everything.

It’s very divisive though because it’s almost like a Marvel movie in a lot of ways. It does multiverses and parallel worlds, and it’s very quirky, but it’s a blast.

It is. I enjoyed it.

Jeffrey McEachern is doing a shakeout run in front of Berlin Half Marathon coming up in April.

You can go out and meet him and you can do a pre-run stretch with him. I thought that was cool. It’s on Saturday, April 1st.

If you’re in the Berlin area and you want to do a shakeout run, that’s where you got to go. Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Angelo. He has tips for people on how to eat if they need to increase their iron levels.

Joining us once again is Angelo from MetPro, here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions. How’s it going?

It’s great to see you again, guys.

It is great to see you again. One of our followers needs some help from you. Christine Burke says that she needs help with eating in general. She has anemia and she cant seem to get enough iron and protein. I don’t know. If this is a medical question and we need to throw it out and move on to the next one, you just let me know that.

What we’re going to do is a clear medical disclaimer. There are some people that will reach out to me and say, “My iron levels are a little low. What should I do?” There are some people who are knocking on death’s door anemic. Regardless, go to your medical professional because the circumstances are going to differ for each person. Make sure your doctor knows what’s going on if there is a more significant issue.

What I’ll do is I’ll just speak to somebody who asks me, “My doctor is taking care of this, but he also recommended I look for foods higher in iron. What do you recommend?” Let me give you the general recommendations. There’s iron and some people can do the research. I’ll say dark leafy greens and things like that are healthy ways. My personal experience has been that when there’s anemia related to dietary change, the biggest impact is having some meat. That’s not the only way you have to go. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably not going to take that route.

There are lots of supplementation and things like that. Again, talk with your doctor. Doing a few times a week and throwing in an extra lean ground beef patty can make a difference with the ones that I have had. Not to go TMI here, but this is a bigger issue sometimes for women if they are losing more blood in their cycle. That’s typically, “I’m borderline anemic at this time of the month. I’m dealing with additional fatigue.” What you might do is you might incorporate certain times of the month, “I’m going to have a little bit of high iron foods here and red meat there.”

I want you to eat dark leafy greens all the time. Usually, that’s not enough by itself. If you’re not eating any dark leafy greens, start. Again, talk to your doctor. Everyone’s circumstance varies. Sometimes people who have a propensity to not get enough iron for their circumstances will all of a sudden start eating clean. They’ll go on a meal plan that’s a clean eating meal plan, and it’ll get worse and they’ll wonder why.

One of the reasons is it’s amazing how much iron they put into Lucky Charms cereal, for example. What happens is a lot of junk food is regulated by the FDA. They are basically saying that you have to fortify with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. That’s usually with a lot of the foods we would refer to as empty calories. That’s your cold cereals that aren’t necessarily the healthiest, even your bread and your white carbs, and things like that.

What sometimes happens is somebody will be eating a junk food source, and we’ll go with the Captain Crunch analogy. They’re not thinking, “This is giving me supplementary vitamins and iron.” All of a sudden, now they’re eating clean. They’re eating broccoli, chicken breast, tofu, and their vegetables, and that’s all great. Because they had a propensity towards being lower iron, all of a sudden, the absence of some of those junk foods leaves a little bit of a delta or a gap that has to be addressed. That’s where you can talk with your doctor about.

Where it gets a little bit more hairy is iron levels in pregnancy and things like that can be a very careful scenario. Talk to your doctor if that applies to you. Some vitamins are appropriate for pregnant nursing mothers. Some are not. That’s where you’re going to need to get your own direction. Supplementing with heavy iron can be a little challenging as well because it can affect digestion. Constipation can take place. All of these roads lead back to if you’re in the supplementary category, this is a conversation with your doctor. If you’re wondering what foods are going to be higher in iron, then the stuff we’ve talked about can probably help.

My takeaway from all this is that Fruity Pebbles are nutritious. That explains why I used to be able to stick refrigerator magnets right to my head. My iron levels were so high.

Are you going back to eating Fruity Pebbles again?

They’re delicious.

I’m not letting you do it, Tom.

Speaking of your TMI, if you eat more than two bowls, it’ll turn your poop green. Don’t ask me how I know.

It’s a complete conversation now.

Some of these newfangled meat substitutes like an Impossible Burger, do they have iron in them?

That is a good question. When they first came out, we did a whole bunch of research, and whole pros and cons. That has been a few years now. I don’t recall if they add iron in. That’s a good one. We’ll look that up and maybe on a future recording, we’ll report back what we found. A lot of times, we get asked about veggie burgers and patties because there are more different brands out there. They’re not all created equal. One brand might contain it. Others might not.

That goes with any ingredients. It might contain something that others don’t. Also, food manufacturers change formulas from time to time. The best thing to do is if there’s something that is a main staple for you, look on the back. Look in the nutritional info. You can look at iron levels and any other ingredients that you may be on the lookout for or trying to avoid.

Until next time, if people would like nutritional advice, where can they find you?

Thank you, Tom.

Thank you.

The latest artist collaboration features H.E. R.

I love that they’re going to make herstory.

We mentioned previously that Emma Lovewell was at South by Southwest, which is in Austin, Texas. If you’re in Austin, Texas, you got to visit one of the Gaineses.

You have to go by Magnolia.

She visited Joanna Gaines while she was there. Joanna was very excited about it. They both posted on their Instagram. They were both excited about meeting each other.

I would like to say that past guest Clint Harp was also in these pictures that were taken. Emma met him in person as well. That’s pretty cool.

Ross Rayburn is celebrating four years with Peloton.

I love Ross Rayburn. He’s the best.

He was very nice, and so was his dog. Also, Mayla Wedekind is adding tread instructor to her list of duties at Peloton.

That means that she is the newest German tread instructor. Congratulations.

The Saturday 60 collection went up and it’s probably gone.

The sweatshirt was gone in approximately 60 seconds ironically.

They call it 60 because that’s how many seconds they will last.

It sold out even on the Canada site, which according to Trish, never happens. It did happen this time.

Probably because it’s warm clothing. They’re finally like, “This is stuff we can wear.”

I am hopeful that my connection and I will work it out and I still get one of these sweatshirts.

Fingers crossed. We should say that it’s not an inside Peloton connection.

I knew it was going to go fast and it did.

Rebecca Kennedy has a tutorial on Instagram for Turkish Get-Ups.

I didn’t know we needed a tutorial for these. Are these that hard?

I don’t know. I watched this tutorial and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. I’ve never heard those words in that order before, Turkish Get-Ups.

If people are struggling with their Turkish Get-Ups, you know where to go get your tutorial. She does a lot of these. That’s super helpful.

When you sent me this link to click on, I was worried at first when you were like, Rebecca Kennedy has Turkish Get-Ups.” I thought she was going to be in some sort of outfit and she’s not Turkish. It’s going to be culturally inappropriate. I was like, Rebecca Kennedy is going to get canceled because of her Turkish getup” It turned out it’s some sort of fitness move. I learned something.

We got three birthdays or two and a half. One only counts. First is Marcel Dinkins, March 17th.

Happy birthday, Marcel.

Also on March 17th is Peloton’s. It‘s not the date of their founding, but it’s the date of their incorporation as an official company. You can hear us talk about that on this week’s bonus episode on Patreon. In one of them, we talk about why that is and how that’s their official starting date even though it’s not. Also on March 18th, it’s Jeffrey McEachern’s.

Happy birthday to Jeffrey.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Jonathan Yarwood. He’s also going to have some tips for you golfers out there, so stick around.

Joining us is Jonathan Yarwood. Jonathan, how’s it going?

Tom and Crystal, how are you doing? Thanks very much for having me on.

We are so excited that you are here.

We should probably preface by saying that neither of us knows or enjoys anything about sports.

I will be the perfect guest. I will be here in a couple of minutes. I’m normally excited about sports shows.

You are a big deal in the world of golf.

I wouldn’t say I’m a big deal in the world of golf, but I’m quite well-known and I have been involved in the industry for a long time. I’m a top 100 teacher and a coach and stuff like that. I had some reasonable success along the line. I’m involved in the sport so it’s cool.

It sounds like a big deal to me.

Here’s how I judge big deals in worlds like this. Do you have a day job or do you make money off golf?

Golf is my day job for many years.

Anytime you can work in a field like that and you don’t have to do anything else on the side, then you have made it, sir.

I will take that. It furnished me with some of the trappings of success as well. I’m very grateful for it and always will be.

How did Peloton hop onto your radar and you decided to get it?

In my career, I travel a lot. I have been around the world fourteen times. I have coached players all over the world. I have coached on every continent and winners on seven tours around the world. I travel a lot. I stay in some decent hotels and stuff along the way. I have seen Pelotons in some nice hotel gyms and stuff. I try and stay in shape. It’s important to stay in shape, being involved with athletes, sports, and stuff like that. Even though I’m only a coach and standing around telling people how good or bad they are, it’s still important.

I saw a Peloton in a hotel. I think it was in Japan. I can’t remember where in Japan, Osaka, or wherever. I saw a couple of ads when I got back to America and I thought that looks cool. It’s so funky. They have got a big iPad and hot people. You look at them and go, “I wish I was Alex Toussaint,” or “I wish I was dating that girl there.” It’s got that deal going on, hasn’t it? I thought it was so nice and so good. I thought, “I need to get one of those things.” I have got one and haven’t looked back since. Jess King got me through the whole pandemic. I have to thank Jess King very much. I would like to meet her one day to say thank you very much.

You travel all the time. You have to stop by the studio the next time you are in New York. I’m sure she would love to meet you.

I’m based in New York for six months a year. I have got two Pelotons, weirdly. I have got one down the south here where the nice weather is during the winter while you guys are freezing your buns off. I got another one up in New York where I live in the summer a little bit, and I visit Alpine Golf Club up there.

Whenever they made the changes, do you have to use the QR code to log in? Did that throw you for a loop whenever you went back and forth between your homes?

A little bit but it’s all surmountable when you get through all those little firewalls here and there. It’s still pretty cool and a great privilege to have one of mine too, but it’s a strange thing. You are part of a community is what I like about it. It’s quite comforting in some ways. As you travel a lot, you get a little bit displaced because you are in constantly different surroundings and there’s a state of flux a little bit. I would say there are a lot of people in the same boat in different businesses.

It’s always nice to find some of this grounding, and I find the Peloton thing very grounding. It’s like going in and seeing little family or somebody say, “Jess King, how are you doing?” Hannah Corbin is the other person I go to, “Olivia Amato, what’s up?” I rotate around those three and they are like my mates. I don’t know them, and I suppose it’s how people relate to me online. I’m very busy online and well-known online with a reasonable following. I suppose that’s a similar thing so I’m doing the same thing with someone else. I suppose that’s the world we live in nowadays.

Since you travel so much, do you find yourself selecting hotels based on whether or not they have Pelotons, or had they become so commonplace now that you don’t have to worry about that?

You don’t have to worry too much. They are in a lot of places around the world now. I have reduced my traveling. I have had a long career of 25 years on various tours so I’m reducing it gradually. They are becoming much more common and mainstream which is great. They are helping so many people. One of the main things I love about them. A lot of my friends have got actual road bikes and they are always saying, “Come out on the road bike. Come out here.” I’m like, “No, I’m not doing that.” A) It’s freezing cold. B) It’s blowing a gale, and C) Am I going to fall off and die?

The great thing about the Peloton is it’s in my own home, at my own pace, at my speed, and in the air conditioning. When I’m in the mood for it, I can go hard one day on a 45-minute session. If I’m not feeling it, I can do a 15-minute jog and everything in between. I’m not going to fall off. I’m not going to break my nose and I can do it whenever I feel like doing it. That’s the great thing about it.

Having a Peloton at home allows you to work at your own pace and in the most comfortable setting you prefer. Share on X

Do you have the original bike or Bike-pluses or one of each?

I have got one of each. I got the old one and the new one up in New York.

I was curious how they feel differently because that’s something that a lot of people talk about. It is that every bike is a little bit different. Especially if you have two that you own, they might feel a little different.

I suppose it’s a little bit like a car. I’m into cars and I like Porsche cars in particular. It’s like having a 2020 Porsche and a 2022 Porsche. They are still Porsches but they feel slightly different even though they are from the same family. They are still very much related. I don’t see that much difference. There are more bells and whistles. You can move the screen and stuff like that on one of them, and you can’t on the other one.

Fundamentally, they do the same thing and that’s one of the things I like about them as well. I’m into engineering, form, and function. The form is quite beautiful. I have it in one of my offices here and it’s part of my office furniture. I like the look of it. It’s very futuristic and how nicely engineered as well. It moves nicely as a piece of engineering. It’s very simple. The wheels roll around without any drama. It’s got the integration of the modern screen and stuff like that. It’s a cool little thing.

Peloton is a futuristic equipment. It moves nicely as a piece of engineering. Its wheels roll without any dram and the integration of modern screens is a nice touch. Share on X

They become expensive clothes horses or something like that to some people, but I don’t see that in people. I have got some friends in the community and they all use them. They don’t sit there as clothes horses. They are a cool modern way of working out, keeping fit, and getting all those endorphins in your body and stuff like that in your brain. I understand you don’t even use one, Tom. You are into Tonal or something. What’s that exactly?

I wouldn’t say I’m into Tonal. I use the Tonal. I hate sports and working out. I hate all things. It’s just not my jam.

Who pays your wages?

I have got a job even though we are employed.

You have turned to the dark side there. We have got to get you into the light. I will even loan you one of my Pelotons if you’d like and you can use it for free. I will give you a bit of a tutorial on it and stuff, so it will be good.

I will say Peloton seems very popular in the world of golf. It seems like lots of golfers have gravitated toward Peloton. Why do you think that is?

It’s very simple. I saw a thing with Tiger Woods. Someone asked him, “What would change in his career if he could go back.” His response was interesting. He said, “I would not run.” What response was that? I thought it would be something left field. It was not. “I wouldn’t run as much,” is what he said. Running, for a lot of people, there are a lot of joint impacts and stuff. There are a lot of booms on your body. One of the reasons golfers gravitate towards it is because of its low impact. It’s good cardio. The best thing about working out with it is it’s fun.

Golfers gravitate towards Peloton because of its low impact. It lets you do good cardio in the most enjoyable way. Share on X

Initially, it wasn’t fun for me. I’m like, “I have got to get back on the bloody Peloton.” I’m starting to hate Jess King. After a while, it becomes very addictive. I suppose you are getting addicted to the endorphins and what have you. I proudly wear my Peloton 100 shirt which I can sell on eBay for quite a lot of money now because I’m not making them anymore. I got quite into it. I did 100 rides in three months during the pandemic with Jess and became a personal friend. I had a lot of conversations with her, but she didn’t say a lot back.

All 100 rides were with Jess?

I had a little routine where I and Jess would do the bike every morning and just kill it out. That’s how I would start my day. She’s quite happy with Sophia. I enjoy looking at their life, Sophia and Jess. They seemed fantastic people to me. It’s nice to see her have a baby. It’s such a weird thing because I’m vicariously looking at these people like mates on Facebook or something. I follow them on Instagram as well. I’m like, “Jess had a baby. A lovely little baby. Beautiful.” Sophia is having one now. It is such a great thing. I feel a part of it even though I’m not. It’s quite a weird thing.

I also like Hannah Corbin. I enjoy being on the bike and watching Hannah and her moving me along. There’s Olivia Amato as well. What I like about them all is a coach, I look for how people interact with people as a coach and interpersonal communication. It’s not an easy job that they have. We take it for granted. They stand on a bike and sit on a bike on the other end. They have probably done 3 or 4 classes that day. They are incredibly engaging and fit which I admire.

Some of the messages they give across are good as well. That’s one of the reasons I like Jess because she says some good things. She does a lot of therapy, work, and personal growth work which I like. Some of the things she says sometimes hit home, especially when you are sweating your ass off and your BPMs are off the scale. It hits home even more probably. I’m like, “I got it.” You get it on quite a few different levels some days. It’s a pretty rewarding thing.

Switching gears a little bit. You mentioned in your email that you are a first-generation immigrant. What has that been like for you?

I don’t look like a first-generation immigrant. When you mention immigrants, I think of something different to me. No disrespect to anyone, but I am. I came to America 26 years ago with a suitcase and $2,000. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know anything. I came to a decent job in my career, and then build it up from there. I very proudly became a US citizen. I have visited Ellis Island 2 or 3 times to pay homage to the people before me. I’m very grateful to the United States for what it has done for me and my career, and for the opportunities that supported me.

I don’t often say it, but when I do say to people that I’m a first-generation immigrant, they are like, “What do you mean?” That’s what I am. I’m not a billionaire or anything but on a low level, I’m the manifestation of the American dream to some extent. I came to this country with nothing and live a nice and decent life and make a contribution. I’m very proud of that. I’m very grateful to America for what it has done for me. It’s a pretty cool place. I love American people.

How does that work? Do you have dual citizenship or do they make you give up the other one?

They don’t make you give it up. I got it as a birthright. I have met quite a few Americans who have traced their birthright and got a passport through the trace of their birthright. Their father might be British or French. I can get a passport because my mom and dad were British and French. I kept it but my primary passport wherever I go now is my American passport. My little blue one with a little gold eagle on it. I’m quite happy with that, and then God bless Global Entry.

We don’t go out of the country enough to do that one, but the PreCheck is a game-changer.

PreCheck is good, but Global Entry is the next level. If you go a lot internationally, Global Entry is an absolute must.

You also mentioned that your life has been somewhat unusual. Exactly what made it unusual. I feel like you have been a person who has gotten to do a lot of cool things.

I started from quite an impoverished background. No one in my family played golf. No one in my family was involved in sports. We didn’t have any money. We lived in the projects and all that stuff. We climbed out of there. I started playing golf by someone stealing a golf club from one of the players we caddied for. We used to share it between us on the soccer field. We dug a hole at either end with the shovel. We used to share it with twenty others. I swapped my bicycle for that club and I used to walk for a year, but I had this golf club so I could practice more on my own and sneak on the golf course then get kicked off by the Ranger.

My start was pretty weird, and then I came to America with nothing. I ended up doing pretty well. I’ve met a lot of good people and worked with some great athletes which have shown me a world and a life that I would never envisage, and that most people probably wouldn’t see other than the ultra-wealthy. I have flown around the world fourteen times. I have flown in private jets all over the place. I have stayed in lovely places.

I have coached some amazing athletes who won Olympic gold medals. They have won the US opens and they have won all sorts of stuff. They have been involved in the behind-the-scenes of sports. It is very interesting. You also meet some amazing people from other genres and other walks of life because of that. You get into that atmosphere of a certain sport, especially golf.

People seem to love golf and it transcends a lot of things. There is a lot of cross-pollination with golf. You meet a lot of actors and business people. I’ve met twenty billionaires and famous people. I have been to a private show with Hoochie and Tiger Woods and stuff like that. Just stuff that you go, “What?” Sometimes I pinch myself. One day I might write a book and people think I made it up.

Golf is not an inexpensive undertaking. It’s an expensive sport. How do you go from that background to working at the level you do? I would think that normal people that achieve that are almost immersed in that world from day one. Come to it late in life, how did you develop that skillset so rapidly at a later age?

It wasn’t late in life. I started playing golf when I was thirteen years old. I have been involved you could say most of my life.

You still have limited access to it. Talking about getting run off the courses and stuff.

I wasn’t a country club kid. That is for sure. Even now to this day, I greatly appreciate some of the privileges that people take for granted. I’m sponsored by amazing brands like Titleist and FootJoy and things like that. Even when they send me stuff, still I have to pinch myself. I remember once I couldn’t afford a Titleist golf bag. My mother spray-painted the logo on a golf bag for me. She made a little stencil so I can have one.

There are some amazing little things there. It’s an interesting little journey and quite an unusual journey. I’m not the regular 9:00 to 5:00 working in insurance. There are some insecurities involved in it. Most people would find it difficult. There’s some lack of stability a little bit as with most people who travel around a little bit. You are not hanging out down the pub with your mates every Saturday, because you might not be there every Saturday. There are a lot of different parts of the wheel. That is for sure.

You mentioned the shoes earlier. Tell us the story of the shoes. I want to hear more about this.

I had a boyhood hero. If you don’t play golf, you probably won’t get it. There’s a guy called Seve Ballesteros who won the masters. He was a trailblazing European player that everyone looked up to in Europe. He was my hero. Another weird thing. I ended up helping him with a lesson that one of my friends was giving him in America. I ended up helping on my own, and then he left his shoes behind.

I said, “What are we going to do with these?” Robert was the other guy. I said, “What are we going to do with these? Seve left his shoes.” He’s like, “I don’t know. I will ring him up.” He rang him up. He goes, “Seve, you left your shoes. Do you want them?” He goes, “No, you keep them.” He says it in Spanish. I can’t do it. He is such a cool guy. My mate said, “He said we can keep him. I want you to have them because I know how much you love him.” I have had it ever since.

I have got his golf bag and I got a few other bits and pieces. I’m in touch with his son. Seve passed away unfortunately because of brain cancer and stuff. It was rather tragic. I’m in touch with his son a little bit. He’s an amazing little kid and I don’t know him, but I talked to him a little bit on Instagram and stuff like that. It’s part of that strange little journey I have had. It has not been mainstream. That is for sure. Back to Peloton, which is the important thing and the reason why we are here. How often do you do it, Crystal? That’s my big question to you. What’s the deal? How often are you on it?

You have to know that I had a crazy accident a few weeks ago. I was out running on the road and I got hit by a car.

That’s why we were a little bit late for you. She was in physical therapy. If you look closely, you could see the knot on her head and the bruising on her eyes.

That’s all that’s left that you can see easily but I have some bad road rash scars on my back and stuff too. Before that, I had been training for a 21-miler in Big Sur. I have been very focused on running, so I haven’t been biking as much. I have only been biking here and there every few weeks, but I do have a Peloton tread. The original was the Peloton Tread+, and so I was doing a lot of running on that prior to getting hit. Now I get to do outdoor walks in my neighborhood because I don’t know that I will ever walk on a road again.

That’s another reason why I stay inside as I said at the start there. There’s a lot of danger out there more than you think. I got one of my cars serviced and I walked about a mile to the dealership. It’s only down the road. I was walking on the side of the highway and I have never been so scared in my life. You get one of those F-150s going past you at 60. It’s like 2 meters away from you. You think, “At 2 meters, I’m literally in bits and I’m dead.” It makes you realize how vulnerable you are. It’s a dangerous place out there if you are not careful, which is why I don’t go and do a lot of exercise outside. I stay in the gym or I stay on my Peloton and that’s it.

I don’t blame you. I don’t know that I will ever do a lot of sport like on an open road. I had been on a sidewalk and going through a crosswalk when I got hit. It was a crazy thing. It was a new driver.

It’s a teenage girl not paying attention and taking her out, making a left.

The amount of people you see in America who are on their phones while they are driving is unbelievable. It’s very strict where I’m from in England originally. When I go back there, if you get caught on your phone, it’s like £1,000 fine or something ridiculous, and you are banned from driving or something. It’s very strict.

I don’t think you are going to be banned, but the fine is massive. It should be a little bit more like that in America. The number of times I drive down the highways goes pretty quickly. If someone is in the left-hand lane and they are meandering down there at I-75 and there are 7,000 people behind them. You get near them. You look over and they are on Instagram.

It’s not even an uncommon thing to see anymore.

It’s madness. Someone should do something about it. Driver’s ed early on should be part of the deal. They should be maybe coming out with some laws against it. I know a few places where you don’t get on your cell phone or you can’t get on your cell phone and stuff like that. It doesn’t seem to be very well enforced from what I have seen.

It seems like it only gets enforced if there’s an accident and they can prove you were on your phone. They don’t see people getting pulled over for being on their phones the same way they get pulled over for not having a seatbelt on or something like that.

It’s as dangerous as drugs and as dangerous as drinking. It’s as distracting. You are driving a machine. It’s just as distracting. You are a victim of that. I’m sorry about that for you. What’s going to happen? Are you going to be okay?

I am. I have a concussion that I’m still dealing with and I have a broken clavicle, so it’s almost healed. They said about six weeks that should be healed. My knee is a little bit tweaked. I had twenty stitches to put my ear back together.

Keep your hair long then no one will notice.

You can’t see it unless I have my hair back. I feel very fortunate. I was telling Tom because they had me in physical therapy. Jumping over those little ladders on the ground. It was crazy how hard it was to jump over a tiny little tube. My brain was like, “No, we don’t want to do this.” That was hard.

You go into protection mode. When you have an injury, your body physically and mentally goes into protection mode, so you don’t want to do any physical activity. Clavicle is a bad injury for a golfer, for example. That would be a disaster. It’s difficult because there’s so much emphasis and stress on your shoulders and stuff in golf. That would not be a good injury to have for a golfer.

Is that something a golfer could come back from or would that be career-ending for a golfer?

Nowadays, the medical side of the world is amazing, especially for athletes. Look at someone like Tiger Woods who had a car crash where he nearly lost his leg and he’s been rebuilt. He’s like the bionic man now.

I was surprised when you said that his answer was he wouldn’t run. I’d be like, “How about getting a chauffeur?”

That’s a very good point. The medical industry nowadays is so advanced and all athletes in all sports get access to the best of the best. You rebuild anything nowadays, but there’s always a cost to it. You look at Tiger at the moment, he doesn’t move like he used to. He can’t walk around the course like he used to. He is limiting his schedule. If he could walk around, which he can’t do very well despite being rebuilt, you would still see Tiger Woods playing nicely. He still swings nicely. He literally can’t walk around. That’s the problem because his right leg is so withered. His calf is so withed. When you see him with shorts on his right leg looks like a bone with a little bit of tissue on the back. He got plates and stuff and all sorts down in his leg and things. He is an amazing person to be able to compete with and wants to compete. It’s a pretty tough deal that one.

The medical industry nowadays is pretty advanced. Anything broken can be rebuilt for the right cost. Share on X

Going back to Peloton, do you want to share your leaderboard name with everyone if they want to follow you?

My name is Brit2USA. That’s my handle on Peloton.

Would you say that Jess King is your favorite instructor then? Am I guessing correctly?

I like Jess King. Jess King is busy, having a baby and stuff at the moment. I rotate around Jess, Hannah, and Olivia. They are my three go-to’s. I was in a little session with Olivia, so it’s all good. I can’t do Alex Toussaint. He’s too hardcore for me. I’m not fitting enough. He frightens me. I need to build up to it. I have only been doing it for three years. I need to have another four years before I can take Alex’s class.

It’s funny you say that. I took some of his classes as a bike instructor. Since he started doing the tread instruction, I haven’t taken any of his running classes because everyone says how hard they are. They are so fast and so I haven’t done any of them.

He’s a super athlete. He’s a proper specimen of an athlete of a man. What is easy for him is difficult for me. I tread carefully with Alex unfortunately. He is a brilliant instructor and guy. An amazing person, but I tread carefully. People I meet who don’t do Peloton and newbies and stuff ask me about it, “What would you do? How do you approach it?”

My answer to those people, the newbies, would be to take it steady and take it slowly. It’s one of those things where it’s like, “I want to lose weight.” You starve yourself for a week, and then you run and do everything, and then you get so hungry that you start eating again. It doesn’t work. Rather than gently taking stuff off, reducing calories, and starting to work out. It’s the same thing with Peloton.

If you have never done it before and you have been sitting on the couch for a few years, you put a few pounds on, and you have drank a lot of wine and stuff. Five minutes to start with sounds ridiculous, but five minutes is a reasonable little thing if you have never done it. You then go, “I’m going to do a ten-minute class. I’m going to do a fifteen-minute class for a few days. Now I’m going to do a twenty-minute class for a few days.”

Just gradually build it up. Don’t put any guilt on yourself if you don’t achieve that or don’t put any guilt on yourself if you don’t do it. You have your little dots every day that you have done it. Be realistic and gradually build up. If you do it like that, eventually you get quite addicted to it. It becomes part of your life. It becomes a lifestyle. That is what you are trying to get. Not a trauma, not a drama, and not, “I have to drag myself to the Peloton,” as it was for me when I started.

Now, I’m looking forward to that. I’m going to start my day doing that. I sit on Peloton and I look at YouTube. I have some YouTube go-tos. I will get my phone on it. I have a little stand that you can buy on the internet. I stand my phone on this little stand and I watch 2 or 3 YouTube car shows and things like that. That occupies me while Jess King, Hannah, or Olivia is giving me grief. I go from there. It passes time quite nicely.

We probably have golfers in the audience. Is there a simple golf tip that’s a universal thing you can throw out to the masses?

On my social media, I have about 30,000 on Twitter and Instagram. I’m verified on both. I do a lot of tips there almost every day. The biggest thing I come across, which is the biggest load of rubbish in golf is everyone gets told to keep their heads still, which is the worst thing you can try and do. It’s total rubbish.

If you hit a bad shot, it’s not because you have lifted your head up. Even though your husband might tell you or whoever might tell you, it’s absolute rubbish. As non-golfers, you probably think it’s an old-fashioned sport played by old guys would plaid trousers. It is not like that at all nowadays. I use a lot of sophisticated equipment.

I use a thing called a TrackMan which is a $30,000 device, which measures where the ball goes and what the club is doing. I use force plates which you could use in a laboratory which are $50,000 and they show you where pressure, mass, and forces are, and then high-speed video and things like that. I do a lot of online coaching as well with people in 48 different countries. They send me their swings and stuff like that. What we have been able to ascertain from that, and all the data, modern approach, and modern equipment are how it all works. What works? There’s no guesswork involved in it anymore.

A lot of the myths like keeping your head still, swinging slowly, and taking it low and slow. We have disproved them with technology and we have disproved them with a more robust approach. For example, Tiger Woods’ swing or Rory McIlroy’s swing in 3D in real-time, and we can measure 250 different data points of his swing to show you the facts of what’s going on in his swing rather than guessing.

It’s a pretty advanced sport nowadays, especially at my level. At the club level, you can go to New York and go to the Peloton studios, but you can also go in 1 of the 5 iron golf or something like that, which has got a lot of this technology. Connect golf or whatever in the city. There are loads of these places springing up all over the place that are using a lot of modern technology.

My biggest thing would be don’t try and keep your head still. Let your head move from the right to the left. It moves up and down. We know it moves about 9 inches in a golf swing for most players. You will be able to then articulate your body better. If you can articulate your body better, you are going to start hitting down on the ball a little bit better, and you will be much better off. If you hit a bad one, don’t let anyone tell you to lift your head because that is rubbish.

I played golf one time in my life. My dad took me golfing when I was thirteen. The thing I learned that day about golf that I have never forgotten is there’s a maximum number of strokes per hole.

That’s if you played big golf with your buddies.

They are like, “You need to move along now, son.” I say, “Thank God there’s a maximum number of strokes per hole or I’d still be there.”

Whenever people say to you, “You just do the putting,” you know you suck.

They wouldn’t let me do that. They were like, “Just keep score.”

If people want to experience golf, there’s this amazing thing that’s all over Europe and America called Topgolf. It’s pretty much like bowling meets golf. It’s a fun night out. It’s great food. It’s a great atmosphere. I love stuff like that because it throws off the stuffy image of the sport. I do anything to throw off the stuffy image of the sport.

It introduces people who would never play normally. I see women there in high heels and dresses having a go, kids who have never played, and old grannies giving it a whack. I love seeing that. You want to hop onto those and go. They are very popular. There’s a four-hour wait for the one in Charleston every time I go up there.

It’s an amazing little thing. It’s doing well which I’m so pleased about, but it’s introduced a lot of people to the game. Go along to Topgolf. Get one of the coaches there to give you a little two-minute little tutorial or something and go whack some ball, drink some beer, have some wings, and enjoy yourself. That’s what it’s all about. You go to Peloton for a lap after a week.

If you have ever been to a Topgolf and you are like, “How the hell did a club get out there on the field?” That was me.

I might have seen that on Instagram. I didn’t know it was you but it is you. You are the Phantom Club thrower.

It’s not out of anger. I’m just bad. There’s one flying.

You can film your swing on your phone and send it to me and I will give you a free online lesson to get you going. How is that? That was a little plug for my online lesson service.

Let’s give a real plug before we let you go. Let them know where they can find you in all your stuff.

I’m very active on social media. I’m verified on both Instagram and Twitter. I’m @JonathanYarwood. I do a lot of stuff on both of those things. I give away loads of free content and free stuff and engage with people in the community. I teach people in 48 different countries now online. It’s quite an up-and-coming thing. If I can help you, tune in. If not, just have a look and follow along.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. This was a lot of fun.

It was a lot of fun. Thank you so much.

One last little thing before I go. My little wish that you guys need to do for me for doing this show for you with no fee is you got to get me to meet Jess King and do a ride in the New York studio because I have stood outside it. I have been inside it, but I need to go and do one of the classes.

In all seriousness, let’s connect on Twitter or by email. I will help you. I will walk you through the process.

She can’t pull any strings but she can give you tips that will increase your likelihood greatly.

Thank you for being on your show.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate it.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online on While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Of course, don’t forget our Patreon, That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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