TCO 294 | Functional Medicine

294. Live Row Classes Launch Plus Our Interview With Lauren Romanowski

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


  • Live Row classes have begun.
  • Updates are coming to the feed.
  • Peloton has set the date for their next earnings call.
  • Shape Magazine talked about Peloton’s focus on “health at every size.”
  • Peloton has a new PSNY Events Team.
  • Peloton makes NBC News’ list of the 10 Best Fitness apps.
  • Peloton also made Sports Illustrated’s list of Best Indoor Cycling apps.
  • The Motley Fool doesn’t think Peloton is over.
  • Hemophilia News talks about the benefits of Peloton for hemophiliacs.
  • Confessions of a Mother Runner blog reviewed the 3 Day Split Strength Training program.
  • DR. JENN – When is working out too much?
  • Tunde interviewed the star of Missing.
  • Ally Love was on the Today Show.
  • Denis Morton was on the Intentional Wisdom podcast.
  • Camila Ramon was on Ali On The Run.
  • Rad Lopez was on Pix11 News.
  • talks to Robin Arzon about balance.
  • Robin is also gearing up for the release of her new children’s book Strong Baby.
  • Charlotte Weidenbach was on the Hand Auf Herz podcast.
  • METPRO – Is there such a thing as vegan keto snacks?
  • Tonal raises prices while undergoing another round of layoffs.
  • The next in the Broadway Series spotlights Six.
  • Beginner Pilates classes have dropped.
  • There’s a new Lanebreak level celebrating the Lunar New Year.
  • There’s new apparel – Bring Your Own Energy.
  • Shape Magazine was also talking about the new apparel drop.
  • Birthdays: Kendall Toole (1/28)

All this plus our interview with Lauren Romanowski

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Live Row Classes Launch Plus Our Interview With Lauren Romanowski

We should start by talking about the new little thing we’re doing if someone sees some news that they think we should be aware of.

A lot of times people are testing and they don’t even know they’re testing. If that’s the case and you find something interesting, what I want you to do is go to You can also email us at

Either way, we’ll get you there.

We’re going to start featuring people who send the tips over.

Unless you have some hot tip that’s so juicy and you don’t want to be featured.

You have the opportunity to tell us, “I would like to remain anonymous,” and a lot of people do that. I get that a lot. That’s totally fine. The form does have a place for it. That’s one of the reasons I want you to fill out a form and not send us an email, but you’re welcome to do either.

If you go to the website and you can’t remember the exact URL, there’s a button right at the top. It’s super easy for you to find. Other than that, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

We’re going to talk about the new live rowing classes. It’s super exciting. We’re also going to talk about the next earnings call coming up. There’s a whole bunch of things going on with instructors as always. We got to hit all that. We also want to talk about the Peloton stock stuff. We haven’t talked about that in a while. We got a visit from Dr. Jenn, and we’re going to look at the opposite side of things. When is working out too much? How is that a thing? We have a visit from Angelo and we’re talking about vegan-keto snacks. It’s a long thing. It’ll make sense when you get there.

In context, it will make sense.

We have all kinds of things going on. We’ve got past guest updates and tons of information about Peloton. We’ve got some Tonal news and all kinds of things.

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There’s a lot of stuff coming. I don’t want to say too much about that. We’ve got some exciting bonus content happening very soon. I know we haven’t had bonus episodes for a little bit, but we’ve not forgotten. I think this will make up for it.

Now that we’ve done all that, let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Live rowing classes have finally launched.

That’s only on the rower. At least for now, that’s the case. I know it’s not going to be like that forever. We don’t know yet how much is going to be on the app. Are they going to give some classes? Are they going to give all the classes? We don’t know. What we do know is there will be the ability to see it at some point in some manner.

Maybe not live.

I thought they were, but that’s a good point. It may not be live. It could be on-demand for all we know.

Is there other rowing stuff we need to know?

I haven’t taken any of the classes because they happen at 7:30 at night Eastern time. I workout in the morning. Who are these people working out at night? I’m just kidding. Whatever works for you, that’s when you should workout. It does not work for me, at least this week. There are a bunch of live rows taking place throughout the week. I thought what I would do is start posting a picture on my Instagram and other socials so people can see what the upcoming weekly schedule is. They can get an idea of what kind of classes are coming down the pipe since they can’t see it on their app. I thought that might be a good idea. I’ll be doing a post, so look for it.

Peloton has announced its next earnings call.

I am happy to report that they are back to Wednesdays, at least this time around. It’s going to be on Wednesday, February 1st.

It makes our life a little easier. I don’t think it means a thing to the audience, but for us, it makes our life a little easier.

That’s 8:30 AM Eastern time on February 1st. We’ll be listening in and we will do a full report as we do every time they have an earnings call. I am excited about this one. I think it’s going to be good.

What makes you think that?

I feel like we’ve rounded a corner. Sadly, a lot of the stores that were going to close have now been closed.

We’ve lost the St. Louis store in our hometown.

The Westchester store has closed. That was one of the first stores to open. It was open for a long time. That is sad to see it closed. Nonetheless, that has occurred. Between that and a lot of the things that Peloton has been doing with Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc, I think we’ve started to see the shift into more positivity. I don’t know if other people have noticed this, but it seems like the drama has largely passed. Peloton has been really working hard on their messaging like they used to do years ago. I feel like they’re back to that. It’s starting to show and it’s starting to work.

The more fundamentals, less fancy pants or should I say fancy leggings. It doesn’t rhyme though.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but they’re getting their feet back from under them. We might start to see pieces of that show up financially.

They’re finally starting to see some of the payoffs from the hard choices they’ve been making. Fingers crossed. Shape Magazine had an article about Peloton and their focus on making fitness more welcoming, specifically for Health At Every Size principle.

It’s not Michelle K writing this article, but it’s still a very good article. She got to interview Camila and talk about how she’s so body positive and it’s always been important to her. Camila talks a lot in her classes about why it’s important to love yourself in all sizes. She makes it part of her every class, not overwhelmingly so. I don’t want people to think that it’s this big thing. It’s just this positive vibe that comes with it, and it’s nice.

Functional medicine is more of a preventive-type care where a person’s lifestyle is modified through nutrition, movement, mindfulness, relationships, and sleep. Share on X

I like how in the middle of this article, there’s an ad for Shape, “Pick Noom’s weight-loss program.” It’s like, “Health at any size but here’s the size.”

You can be healthy at any size. You also can be unhealthy at any size. Both can be a thing.

It’s a correlation. It’s not always causation.

This article also talks about the HAES principle and why it matters in fitness. If you haven’t heard of that and you want to learn more about that, this article goes into that in-depth

Very much so. There’s a lot of information here.

They talk a lot about all the instructors that bring that to life, from Camilla to Christine to Logan Aldridge, even Callie Gullickson. I’m laughing because they mention her Trader Joe’s post and how she can lift her Trader Joe’s bags. That made me laugh. There’s a lot of good information here. Even though it wasn’t Michelle K, it was still a very well-done article.

Peloton has a new PSNY events team in place.

It’s Travis Schwerin. I don’t know this lady’s name, but she is posing in the picture with Travis, and they are both going to be working on the team. I just wanted to say congrats to them both. Every time we have been to the studio, Travis has been super nice and always made us feel welcome. Everyone I’ve ever seen, he’s always made them feel welcome and made that part of the experience. I’m really happy for him. Congratulations.

NBC News had an article about The 10 best fitness apps for 2023, and Peloton made the list.

It’s right at the very top. It says here that you can get a free trial for 30 days, and it makes sure to mention that it’s $12.99 a month, but $129 annually. That’s great that they’re getting a mention for that as well.

While we’re talking about lists, Sports Illustrated had a list of the best indoor cycling apps. This article felt like when your fifth-grade teacher hands out awards. She makes sure that everyone gets an award.

There are a lot of these out there, and it comes down to what you’ve said before. They get a click for everyone. They get paid for every click. That’s what this is about.

Whichever one you choose to buy, they’re hoping that they gave credit for it. It’s like the best indoor cycling app overall, the best indoor cycling app for a home studio, the best multipurpose, the best classes taught by international instructors, and for killer playlists. First off, no one repeats. Everyone is a different company. Peloton got it for the best indoor cycling app for a studio experience. Are you telling me that Soul studio, or whatever that is, has better playlists than Peloton? I got to throw the BS flag on that.

It’s still fun that they were mentioned.

There are much worse articles Peloton could be popping up in. We’ve seen them.

Sometimes they’re in the Motley Fool.

Motley Fool has an article, Can Peloton Make An Epic Comeback? At least this particular article is a little bit more bullish on Peloton.

It is but as the Motley Fool does every week, there is one with the exact opposite opinion. I chose to include this one because it made my earlier point about how I think we’re starting to see that tide turn. That’s what this video is about if you choose to watch it. Of course, they’re careful. They’re not like, “It’s going to be amazing.”

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


There was an interesting article on a website called Hemophilia News Today. Guess what they write about.

Do they write about hemophilia?

The author writes about how Peloton works out very well with hemophilia because it’s low impact.

They said that it helps with joint protection as well, which all low-impact exercises do. It’s nice to see that somebody is highlighting Peloton for chronic conditions. I’ve had lots of people say to me, “You should talk about how it helps chronic conditions.” We try to highlight different chronic conditions by bringing in people who have suffered from those chronic conditions. They talk about how Peloton has helped them. It’s nice to see that it’s in a place that’s all about hemophilia. That is good for Peloton. It’s neat to read this person’s story and how much they’ve improved with their Peloton. That’s always very encouraging to see.

We also came across a blog called Confessions of a Mother Runner. She does a review of Peloton’s three-day split strength training program.

This is from a lady named Deborah. She is a NASM-certified Nutrition and RRCA Run coach. She knows what she talking about. That’s my reason for telling you that. I liked reading this because it sounded very familiar to things I have said about it. In general, it’s great because you already know what your classes are going to be. You show up, you do them, and then you repeat them for four weeks.

Everything is already pre-planned. It’s what we like about Tonal. You don’t have to think too much about it. You show up and you just do it. You don’t need to think too much about it. They said that these classes are more challenging than the regular strength classes, which I also found to be true. However, what they don’t like about it or what could be improved in their mind is that you can’t program out your days. You can’t change it up very much.

It’s like, “Here’s your program.” There’s not a lot of flexibility to it. It’s difficult to plan out like, “I’m going to use these weights this day and increase as I go through.” There’s no way to do that yet. I feel like Peloton has so much room for opportunities with strength that they can continue to lean into because it’s going to be a tough road to have people using weights at home, and getting them to push themselves safely.

You always got some people that are all in and they’re like, “I can lift 50s,” and they should not. They have no business lifting 50s. You then have people who are lifting 3s that should be challenging themselves with a 10. You have every different shade in between. That’s hard for Peloton. I like that they are headed down the road of having programs because that’s something they desperately need. They need more direction for people or more prescriptions for people. What people want next is, “How do I get from here to my goals?” Peloton needs more of that.

Peloton is also making updates to the feed.

For those of you who have no idea what that means on the app, on the bike, on the treadmill, or whatever, there’s now a little thing that says feed. You can see what your friends are doing and what classes they’re taking. It’s been in beta mode forever. We’ve talked about it a million times. It’s also the thing that we talked about where now, everybody can see what you’re doing. If you’re working out in the middle of the day and you didn’t want your boss to know, you might want to go in and turn that off. There are options to do that, but now they have added notifications.

In the upper right-hand corner, if you’ll notice, it says that there are five notifications. When you click on them, it says that the notifications page will be implemented in a later release. You got to assume that’s coming soon. You’re going to be able to see who high-fives you. You’re going to be able to keep track of it. Right now, you just get told you got a high-five for whatever class you took, and you don’t know where that’s coming from. It’s pretty random. They’re going to start to connect those things. I’m sure this is just the first of mini-updates to come. Look for that.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Dr. Jenn and she’s going to give us some insight on when you could be working out too much.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. She was also a five-year national team member in rhythmic gymnastics, and sports psychology for USA gymnastics. It’s Dr. Jenn.


You’re the perfect person to ask this next question. I can’t think of a better person to answer this. We had an anonymous submission for this. Somebody wanted to talk about there being some folks who workout a lot. When I say a lot, specifically, there’s a person who is known to be on Facebook groups and such bragging about working out seven hours a day on average.

There’s a person that actually gets shout-outs in every other class and they are at 147,000 minutes for 2022 time. This person has suffered from eating disorders and orthorexia in the past. For them, it’s triggering to constantly see people giving this person kudos in Facebook groups and shout-outs in live classes when the person who’s doing this is viewed as unhealthy. She wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

When you are unable to put down inner baggage from the past, you're lugging that stuff around and bringing it with you wherever you go. Share on X

I have many. It’s a very tricky thing, especially in the Peloton community because there are different people who have different levels of fitness and who have different goals. There are some people who are training for a triathlon, in which case, multi-hour workouts may be appropriate, versus people who have eating disorders. We can’t deny the fact that within the community, there are people who are orthorexic, who are anorexic, who have bulimia, who have exercise bulimia, and who have an eating disorder. It’s very hard to know who fits in where.

We have to be careful. When you see someone who is training seven hours a day, that is extremely excessive. That is not healthy. That is not beneficial. Even when I was an Olympic-level athlete, we trained four hours typically a day, sometimes maybe seven right before an international competition. For someone who is not training for the Olympics, this is excessive.

People need to be aware, and it’s a tough situation because it would be helpful for people to reach out to this person and say, “I’m worried. I know you’re getting a lot of cheers and a lot of high-fives or whatever, but I’m worried about you.” At the same time, we know each other in the community, but we don’t know each other.

Sometimes it’s weird to cross that line and be like, “I know we’ve known each other on Instagram for years. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but here I am.” People reaching out to that person saying, “I’m worried about you,” is important. People should not be cheering on things that are that excessive.

There do need to be conversations within the Peloton community and the Facebook rooms like, “What is that line? Are people suffering? Should we be worried? How do you know when you’ve crossed that line?” It is a very slippery slope. It’s very tricky and it’s very hard to know. At the same time, we also don’t want to be judging everyone, but that seems really excessive.

If you are someone who is crossing that line into multi-hour workouts and you’re not training for a specific event, you need to talk to your doctor. You need to talk to a therapist. You need to talk to someone who knows about eating disorders to see, “Have I crossed that line? Is this still healthy or is it now obsessive?”

You also need to look at if you don’t work out, are you freaking out? Are you not allowing yourself to eat? Are you worried about your weight? Are you obsessing? Are you in that obsessional eating disorder type of thinking? If you are, that is a huge red flag. You should be able to go a day without working out, without hating yourself or beating yourself up.

You should be able to do that without not eating that day, and without it hugely impacting what you consume. I’m encouraging any of you who are struggling with that, please talk to someone. Get a second opinion. If you even question it in the slightest, if your relationship with food or exercise is causing you pain, seek out help.

That’s excellent advice. I would like to add that as far as shout-outs in the classes, that’s probably putting a lot on the instructors to assume that they are seeing the number of hours and minutes that this person is working out. I can understand on the one hand why there’s a concern. I also think, on the other hand, it’s such a quick thing when an instructor is seeing a name. We should not assume that they are aware of how many minutes this person is working out.

Playing devil’s advocate, it’s so hard to get a shout-out these days. If they’re hearing this person get shouted out a lot, it makes me think it’s perhaps it is somebody that’s professional or adjacent. That’s why the instructors know who they are and they’re getting more shout-outs than normal because it’s pretty difficult to get a shout-out even if you are exercising 47 hours a week, which is what 147,000 minutes in a year would work out to.

Unless you’re training for the Olympics or triathlon and you are under a doctor’s care, this is excessive.

As I said, it’s hard to get shout-outs.

It makes you wonder if there’s more going on then. It’s a fair point. I haven’t seen the person’s profile. I also know we shouldn’t share profiles, but we also don’t know if this person shares a profile. They could have multiple people in their household using that account, so it might look like they’re racking up a lot of time.

I’ve been very public about that. I once had an eating disorder for a good decade of my life. I’m someone who has recovered. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on eating disorders. I have an app called No More Diets based on my clinical work and my doctoral dissertation. This is an area that I’m very well versed in, and what’s being described is excessive. Unless this is ten people in the family, or someone who is being monitored by a doctor to train for the actual Olympics, not figuratively Olympics, this is excessive.

Those are all fair points. Thank you very much. I appreciate your input.

Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on all social media @DrJennMann. I do post my workouts on Instagram, which hopefully aren’t excessive. I do talk to my doctor, my cardiologist, and my trainer when I make my workouts so that they’re appropriate to my level of fitness, my age, and everything else.

We’re glad that you do.

Duly noted. Thank you.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


Tunde interviewed the star, writer, and directors behind the new film Missing.

I don’t know why. They just did.

It’s like it’s not for anything.

I think this is relating to you know how she had the podcast that came out, Fitness Flipped, and then Cody did his LOL thing. This is another example of that where Peloton is giving the instructors the room to go out and do different things. Clearly, Tunde is headed down the road of wanting to interview people. I don’t know how else to read this other than she wants a talk show. She keeps getting opportunities in that realm, and she would be good at it. This is one of those opportunities. It’s easy to incorporate music into classes. How do you incorporate a movie into classes? It’s tough to figure out how to pull those two together. I think that’s what Sony Pictures was trying to do by having her do that.

If you’re unfamiliar with the movie Missing, it’s really good.

You should go watch it immediately.

It’s a sequel of sorts to a movie called Searching. It’s more of an anthology series of films. You don’t have to have seen Searching to follow Missing in any way, shape, or form. Searching is also good and worth checking out. The hook of the movies is they take place entirely through a laptop. You are watching this and this girl’s mother goes missing, and she’s looking for her. On her laptop, she’s using her iPhone. She’s checking out security cam footage, Ring doorbell footage, and webcams from tourist locations. The entire movie is seen from the POV of a screen. Searching does the same thing.

I have to say Missing and Searching go about it totally differently. I did not think it was going to be possible for Missing to be good after watching Searching, and it was.

Searching was good but you’re also like, “You got a gimmick and you did it once. Can you pull it off again?” I think these are different creators. I don’t think these were the same creators. They used that premise as a jumping-off point and they did. We should also say that one of the directors is actually from St. Louis. I forget which one.

I know you told me, but I can’t remember who it was.

I forget but the one from the Kirkwood area, which is a suburb of St. Louis, which is where we live.

If you get an opportunity to see it, go.

It is worth your time. Ally Love was on the Today Show.

I don’t know if you included both of the articles that I had about this, but it got weird.

She was going to have the host exercise along, and then Hoda told Jenna Bush that she was not allowed to participate because she has a dress on. There was an article earlier in the week or sometime that Jenna Bush is not a fan of underwear.

It could have been a mishap. She didn’t want to show people things they didn’t need to see.

You can spell your last name, but don’t show your last name on national television.

The actual takeaway was supposed to be that Ally Love was on The Today Show. I love that they have worked it out with Ally Love. This reminds me of the set of an ‘80s DVD, it would’ve been a VHS back then, but that’s what this looks like.

Functional medicine looks into the matrix of what happened when a person was still young to discover how some symptoms came to be. Share on X

It’s definitely with the colors, the design, the font, and the geometric shapes that they’re using. It definitely has an ’80s vibe to it.

I’m pretty sure I did this video, except it was with Claudia Schiffer. That’s hilarious.

Denis Morton was on the podcast, Intentional Wisdom.

It’s episode 15. That’s pretty new.

It’s on Spotify, so maybe it’s one of their podcasts.

That could be. Congrats to Denis for being on a podcast.

Speaking of podcast appearances, Camila Ramón was on Ali on the Run podcast.

Conversely, it’s episode 605. A little difference in numbers there. She’s amazing. I love Ally.

Rad Lopez was on PIX11 News. Wasn’t he on there a few weeks back?

I don’t remember that.

I feel like we talked about PX11 News, so I assumed it was him. I also remember he had an appearance somewhere where we were like, “We haven’t seen him out and about much.” Maybe I’m merging and confabulating two things in my head.

There are a lot of Peloton instructors, and there are a lot of appearances. That is possible. At any rate, it’s the Bronx, New York Channel 11.

As people from Flyover country, it amazes me that one borough has a channel dedicated to it. It’s not like they covered New York. It’s the Bronx like, “We just do the Bronx.”

It does say it was a Bronx staple. It doesn’t say they only cover the Bronx. To be fair, we don’t actually know that. It’s an assumption.

You would think that if it’s a Bronx staple, that makes me think they do something that says, “We are focused on the Bronx.”

I have no idea. It makes sense what you’re saying though. I agree with you.

I made a good point and I said something that made sense. I am on a roll. I’m excited about this next article. It’s a website that I’ve been following for a long time. We’ve never talked about it, but VagNews.

No. It’s Veg as in vegetables.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


That’s a little different. In that case, I am not familiar with this site’s work.

I had a feeling that was the case. VegNews highlighted Robin Arzón. They had a whole interview with her. If you wanted to know, you could vote for your favorite vegan products in the 2023 Veggie Awards, which I didn’t know was a thing. It makes sense that it’s a thing.

I’ve learned with the internet that pretty much everything is a thing.

That’s fair. It’s why Robin thinks balance is bullsh*t. She’s talked about this before many times. She does it all completely powered by plants.

This is her Instagram post talking about her appearance. Speaking of Robin, her new book is almost upon us.

It comes out in March and you can pre-order now. If you haven’t done so yet, you can head over to her Instagram. Go to the link in her stories, and you too can pre-order Strong Baby.

German instructor, Charlotte Weidenbach was on Hand Auf Herz podcast.

We had talked about Charlotte being on this podcast a while back. We don’t know how to pronounce it.

I believe it means hands on heart.

It does mean that. They have regular panel discussions. This is the third time that she has been on, and they have been moderators. Part of these panel discussions is she got to go live. They were talking about sports, in particular, entry to training and the peculiarities in heart patients. She was talking about that. She also has a link on her Instagram, which will be in our newsletter. You are able to find all of those episodes on Spotify.

She is a doctor, we should point out.

I honestly had no idea. I thought our only doctor was Chelsea Jackson Roberts. I did not realize that she was a doctor until this particular episode came out. I wish I could read more German because I probably already would’ve known that.

Coming up after this Angelo’s going to talk to us about finding keto-vegan snacks.

Joining us once again is Angelo here to answer your fitness and nutrition questions, and we’ll actually do that.

Thanks for having me back, guys.

We appreciate it. This question comes from an email that I received from Christina. She has a question specifically for Angelo. She went to a doctor back in 2015. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. A dietitian gave her the recommendation to do a 50% vegetarian/vegan diet after that diagnosis. She’s been doing this the whole time. However, she just got diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Now she says she has to lose 30 pounds.

It looks like most recommendations lean toward a keto diet whenever they’re looking at this non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. She said that’s the polar opposite of what she’s been doing. She’s like, “I can make my peace with grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner. I’ve never been 100% vegetarian or vegan. Are there vegan-keto lunches or snacks that you can recommend? Does that even exist?” We’re putting you on the spot for some ideas.

Aside from sleep, around 82% of how you look, feel, and act on a daily basis is due to nutrition. Share on X

Christina, great question. First of all, this is the disclaimer. I got to stay in my lane. I am not a doctor. What comes first is the medical diagnosis. What I will speak to is you got to listen to your dietitian and your doctor on what to eat and how to fuel your body for that. That’s the priority. Hopefully, I can add a little value speaking to the metabolic piece.

What the dietitian told you back in 2015, if I’m understanding it right, is to basically go more plant-based, not entirely plant-based. What I would argue in your case, Christina, is there’s no downside to doing that. I know a lot of people think that if I go plant-based by default, that’s low-protein and high-carb, but it doesn’t have to mean that, especially when you’re just doing 50%. If it is your desire to lose 30 pounds and continue at least more on the plant-based side of things, you can easily accomplish both.

You could go with a low-carb approach. That is a tool that comes with pros and cons metabolically. Managing calories and manipulating modestly your carbohydrates can also work. How I recommend to my clients, especially if they have any sort of history of cardiac disease or anything like that, is I’m always wanting them to err on the side of plant-based a little more. The reason is that there are research studies that have taken place that has shown some individuals respond very well to a more keto, higher fat, protein-type diet, but not everyone. Whereas I never find research where somebody ate a bunch of fruits and vegetables, and all of a sudden their blood work looked worse.

I always like to go err on that side because I know I’m going to get a good result. Here’s how I recommend doing that. Go mostly plant-based during the day and have your animal protein at night. You can still do that chicken breast. You can still do those lean proteins and you can feel satiated. If you reserve that for dinner, then that’s the meal most people will take the time for. They’ll cook and prepare for. It’ll be more of a to-do.

Socially, if you’re eating with friends or you’re at a restaurant, that is most likely to be the meal. During the day, if you’re willing to do some advanced prep, it is very easy to get adequate protein. Get lots of vegetables and measured carbohydrates from slow-digesting sources. Rice and beans are a great way at lunch, combined with a medley of vegetables and some healthy fats.

I’m always a fan of things like avocado or extra virgin olive oil. You can make some great meal combinations. You can make a brown rice, wild rice, or quinoa bowl with tofu or black beans, or any number of legumes and beans, and still get some protein with that meal, and pile on the veggies.

For your snacks, regardless of what approach we’re taking, cutting carbs or whether we’re going for a more plant-based diet. I’m a big fan of combining low-glycemic fruits with nuts. Almonds and walnuts are great heart-healthy nuts. In your case, it’s going to appease what I’m guessing your dietitian was recommending based on your previous diagnosis. Check with them. Nuts, fruits, and things like that are probably going to be a good choice for you.

Here’s the recommendation I would make for snack time. Select fruits that you consume with the peel intact that you eat the outside of. This isn’t a hard rule. It isn’t 100% the case, but in the vast majority, if you consume the outside of the fruit, it’s going to be lower glycemic. Think of apples, berries, etc.

If you have something where you peel it and discard the rind or the peel, it tends to be higher glycemic. Think of it in terms of higher sugar when it comes to weight loss. Things like watermelon, pineapple, and banana aren’t going to be as ideal for weight loss. Some berries and some nuts are great snack options.

At breakfast, it’s so easy to get a slow-digesting carb. I’m a big fan of things like sweet potato in the morning, and old-fashioned oats. There’s any sort of mixture of those. If you want to stay focused on the plant-based, squash is a satiating vegetable that you can eat that’s somewhat hearty in the mornings. You might be shocked, but what I’d recommend for your protein in the morning is to get a vegan protein powder. It’s actually what I use in the mornings. I use it because it’s so convenient.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal, old-fashioned, but I microwaved it. It’s easy. I threw it in the microwave, and I had a vegan protein shake. It’s a routine. It’s quick. I didn’t sit and savor it. It was what I ate while I work in the morning. It makes things easy. It’s going to manage the macronutrients that you’re worrying about and keep your calories lower.

If you reserve animal protein exclusively at night, the amount of animal protein you have in your day-to-day diet will be pretty small. It’ll be pretty managed. Christina, you can check all the boxes at the same time. You can lose weight. If you hit a plateau and it needs a little tweaking, give us a ring. I’m happy to talk anytime.

Thank you very much for all that. If people would like this sort of information tailor-made for them, where can they find you?

If they go to, we would be happy to visit with you.

Thank you.

It was not a good week for Tonal.

They raised the price of the machine another $500. That’s the second increase in eight weeks or maybe three months. It’s 8 to 12 weeks or something like that. They are undergoing another round of layoffs. For everyone freaking out though, I just want to point how many rounds of layoffs Peloton has been through. Although it is not good news, I do not think we need to jump to the conclusion that we will have bricks on our walls. I think everyone who is saying that needs to chill out.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


From the people that I talked to at Tonal, they still have plans. They are still moving forward. They feel like they are starting to get things under control or the bleeding under control and get things back where they needed to be. They also hired another instructor, which I will admit I’m not pleased about. If you’re losing that much money, I don’t know whether that was the best timing. Who knows what that looked like on paper and why that was a good decision?

It’s still a great product.

I would also like to point out that I have read no fewer than ten articles in the past two days about companies laying people off. It’s happening everywhere. It’s not just tech. I read 3M. What is the company that makes Sharpies? Newell laid off a bunch of people too. There’s been a lot. Obviously, the whole economy is crazy right now. It is a very weird time. I am personally not panicking. I don’t think anyone else needs to panic. If you feel like you got to sell it, sell it. They also raise the price of the monthly subscription. If you just activated your subscription, you get twelve months from the time you activated it before you start paying the higher fees of $10 more a month. If you’ve had your subscription for a while, that takes place immediately. There’s all that.

We have another entry in the Broadway series. This time it will be featuring the new musical Six.

They can make Her-story. See what they did there?

It’s not super new. It’s been around for a little bit. It’s actually on tour. It’s coming to St. Louis in the next couple of weeks.

Isn’t Brian going there?

That’s the one Brian is going to check out.

If you were wondering who will be teaching classes, it will be Robin, Matty, Sam, Hannah, and Jeffrey McEachern.

I think Matty would be a former Peloton instructor if they didn’t let him teach one of the Broadway classes.

He is seriously invested in the Broadway series.

He’d be like, “I’m out.”

I don’t know if we should say that. We’re trying to support you, Matty.

We have beginner Pilates classes.

Kristin McGee already filmed these classes. It’s a week of six different classes. They’re all introductory. They are designed to help you start your Pilates journey. It starts with a principle and then it builds to a more confident practice. That’s very exciting for Kristin. If you have not had a chance to do so already, this is one of the live class series they will be teaching live now. We had the bootcamps that got added and Pilates got added.

We have a new level on Lanebreak.

It's cool when people get on board. They start seeing their wins because success begets success. Share on X

It’s the Lunar New Year. It is a 20-minute level featuring Peggy Gou, BTS, Chung ha, and more. I took Susie’s Lunar New Year Run, and it was fun. I was in the crappiest mood when I was running and I still enjoyed it. Susie has a way of making you enjoy every single class. It’s really good.

We have a new apparel drop, Bring Your Own Energy.

When Callie posted, she said that it sold out in 30 minutes. It was Callie’s capsule collection. It was Bring Your Own Energy, cute little bra, hoodies, leggings, and t-shirts. Everything was sold out in 30 minutes except for the bra. If you live in Canada, they still have everything. You can still get it all there.

Can you order it there and pay for international shipping?

If you use one of those international shipping companies, you can. I had to share this video because I thought it was fun that Olivia, Kendall, Callie, and Matty did a fun little video for the advertisement of this new apparel drop. That was fun.

Speaking of the Bring Your Own Energy collection, it’s interesting to note that Shape Magazine posted about it on their Instagram as well.

As far as I know, it’s the first time that’s ever happened. Maybe they did something with Kendall, but I don’t think so because that was all through the company that she went through. My whole point to that is that’s the only other time I can think of that a third party did something, but now she posted about it. I think we’re going to start seeing more of this. They also used this to tie back to their motivation issue, which Callie was a part of.

Finally, we’ve got one birthday for you. It is Kendall Toole. She was born on January 28th.

Happy birthday, Kendall.

Coming up next we’re going to talk to Lauren Romanowski about her Peloton journey and functional medicine.

Joining us is Lauren Romanowski. Lauren, how’s it going?

How are you?

We’re good. How are you?

Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

See if you feel that way in 30 minutes.

We’ll see if we can change it. I’m kidding.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


My dentist sure does because he was impressed when I said I was coming.

Who’s your dentist?

Dr. Gonzalez. He’s in Newport Beach and I’m in Laguna Beach, but his wife is an avid Peloton rider and athlete. I was like, “Guess what?” It was a big topic. Thank you.

I love that. You’re an avid Peloton rider yourself. When did that come to be? How did you find Peloton?

Peloton found me. I had moved to Arizona. I had lived in New York City most of my life in Chicago. I spent some time here or there, then moved to Arizona thinking it was going to be a great idea. I was waking up at 4:00 in the morning so I could run before it got to be 100 degrees. I was like, “Slow your roll, Arizona,” because I was running in my sleep in basically my pajamas. It was like, “What’s this Peloton thing?” I’m in the house eighteen hours a day, ‘What’s this all about?” I drank the Kool-Aid and it became my salvation for the summers in Arizona.

When was it?

I’ve been in California for two and a half years, I was in Arizona for a year and a half before that. It’s like three and a half years.

You had the Peloton since early 2020 or late 2019, somewhere in there. That is exciting. You started with the bike, I would assume. What kind of fitness routine did you have before you got the bike? What did that look like?

I’ve been an athlete all my life, high school swimmer, college swimmer, and volleyball. Outside of college, I was on a couple of volleyball teams in New York, a social thing. I’ve always been a runner. Someone close to me in Connecticut said to me one time, “You should start running.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” Nine months later, I did my first marathon. I want to say thank you to Nick because he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, then I started doing marathons. Fitness and lifting weights and whatnot have always been a part of my life, and then came Peloton.

Do you have a Peloton tread or a regular treadmill that you do like Peloton now?

No. It’s got to be slats all the way, right? It’s got to be the plus. As long as I don’t allow my cats to get sucked under, we’re good.

That’s good but a lot of people can’t get the Tread+ because they missed the opportunity. You had a brief window. A lot of people sent them back when they could get $4,000 back. A lot of people are sad about that now. They have to pry it out of my hands. That’s not going anywhere. I love my Tread+. I am all about the slats just like you.

If they can make the hole in the ground big enough for both of us, I’m happy to lay on it. We’re going down together.

I feel sorry for those pole-bearers.

You should have seen my movers. They were like, “We got this.”

That’s impressive. That thing is heavy. You got the Bike, the Tread+, and you lift weights. Did I cover everything from a Peloton standpoint or do you do other modalities like yoga?

Yoga-ish and Pilates with Sam, a little bit here or there, and some meditations. Yoga is a little slow for me because I got a little bit of energy most days. If you can’t tell and I’m not caffeinated.

That is all-natural.

Seeing people's transitions when they're self-empowered is a heart-warming experience. Share on X

I don’t have the Guide but I do my Peloton every day. It’s right there.

That’s great. I want to switch gears a little bit and jump into your day job. Tell us about that.

I put on about twenty different hats every day. I’m launching a business right now. I‘m studying for a high-stakes test for a National Board Certification. I do functional medicine and work to coach people through functional medicine in a modifiable-lifestyle approach if that makes sense.

What does that mean?

Some people think of functional medicine as holistic or natural, but it’s more of a preventive type of care. We’re modifying your lifestyle through nutrition, movement, mindfulness, relationships, and most importantly sleep. The things you can change about yourself are precursors to a lot of diseases.

Through relationships, can you write a prescription for divorce? I could have used one of those many years ago.

You and me both. I would’ve had a drip for a couple of years. I get it if you only knew. To your point, communication is huge. Also having mindfulness. Sometimes people think it’s a little woo-woo. When you’re bringing that baggage and not putting it down from the past, you’re lugging that stuff around. You’re bringing it with you wherever you go. If you can be a little more cognizant and mindful, incorporating your nutrition, different movement, exercises, and most importantly, sleep. Sleep is the foundational element of mental, physical, and emotional health.

I always told Crystal when we were dating when it came to baggage, I was like, “The secret isn’t finding somebody without any baggage because that doesn’t exist. It’s finding someone with matching luggage.”

Ours matches so well. For people who are still trying to picture what that looks like, let’s say you have a person come in who wants to see you. What would they say? What “ailment” would they come to you with? Does that make sense?

It could be someone coming from their primary doctor or Western medicine doctor saying, “I’m pre-diabetic and he wants to put me on five meds. You might be able to take a look at things.” From a functional medicine approach and when I coach people through it, it’s looking at what happened before those symptoms came. It’s called a matrix and a timeline of what happened when you were younger. Did your mother smoke? What was going on even in the womb?

You’re bringing that along with you if you had any traumas in your life. When did the irritable bowel start happening? Maybe it happened and coincided with a specific time in life. Let’s try and eliminate all the triggers upfront through a nutritional plan first to see what’s going on, and see if we can get stuff under control this way instead of putting a band-aid or a pill on top of a symptom. Even if you’re numbing a symptom, the underlying root cause is still there.

I have always heard it explained. I look at it and my brain has meshed it together. It’s like looking at alternatives to taking medicine for things that are happening to you. What else can you change? We had a guest on, Stacy Revere. She talks to us all the time, but she was a guest on the show. She went to a functional medicine doctor specifically because she was having symptoms that looked like it was one of those diseases where your body is attacking itself, autoimmune. She talked to doctors to figure out how to change her nutrition to reduce those symptoms. That made a huge difference for her. That’s visually how I interpret it, but I know that it encompasses a lot of things. Would you say that’s an accurate representation?

You’re spot on. Aside from sleep, around 82% of how you look, feel, and act on a daily basis is due to your nutrition. It’s taking a look at things that might be inflammatory in your body like if you got headaches or arthritis or bursitis. Instead of saying, “Take this pill so it doesn’t hurt,” a functional medicine practitioner will look for that root cause. Where is it stemming from? Is there stuff going on in your gut? What’s your blood look like? They do more testing or more than an allergy testing panel that a typical Western MD would do.

Normally, it’s my thoughts that are inflammatory. Can you do anything with that?

They are your thoughts all day long.

He doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables. Maybe there’s a link.

Tell me. What did these vegetables do to you?

They’re gross.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


It’s a texture thing.

I can’t choke them down.

What about mashed potatoes?

I can do that. Potatoes are the bane of my existence when I have this conversation with people.

What about if you made cauliflower into mashed cauliflower?

That’s just cauliflower. Whenever I tell people I don’t eat fruit and vegetables. I used to say, “I eat potatoes.” They would tell me, “That doesn’t count as a vegetable. It’s a starch.” Now whenever I say it, they’re like, “What about potatoes?” I can’t win, but I do eat potatoes because I’m Irish and it’s the law, but beyond that.

You do eat tomato sauce.

As long as there are no chunks of anything.

It’s got to be smooth.

It’s Ragu Old World Traditional.

It’s all we can buy.

It’s all we can get. There’s got to be no chunks.

We don’t need this. Would you drink a smoothie with fruit and spinach or kale in it if it was blended like tomato sauce?


I tried it one time and it was a disaster. I tried it with oats and honey and something. He could not choke it down. He literally gagged. It was awful.

I can’t get it down. Potatoes, Ragu, and a one-a-day vitamin. That’s what’s sustaining my life.

You do take fiber.

Describe a typical day of meals for you.

If functional medicine doesn't work on you, that’s the best time to opt for a pharmaceutical route. Share on X

I do MetPro, which has been very effective for me. I need to preface this for people that are considering MetPro. This is what they’ve modified for me. This is not what they have people do. This is a Tom special because I’m a weirdo. For breakfast, I’ll have eggs with some carbs or either wheat toast or sometimes a corn tortilla, and then a snack.

Egg and egg whites combined, then I’ll have a snack a few hours later, which is typically a rice cake with peanut butter, and a little bit of beef jerky. For lunch, I make a concoction. Basically, I make taco meat and I pour Ragu on it and some cheese, then I eat that for lunch. A few hours later, another snack. For dinner, I’ll typically have chicken breast with more Ragu and cheese and potato.

I eat that every day, day in and day out. That’s fine. Again, that is not what MetPro makes people do. They were looking for things that I would consume that fit their thing. You have an infinite array of choices if you’re on MetPro. It’s just if I were left to my own devices, I’d be eating the same three things over and over again. Instead of all that, it would be burgers, fried chicken, pizza, and chicken tender. I am a weird eater and that’s what I do. It’s been very effective for me. I’ve probably lost 50 or 60 pounds.

No, you’ve lost 70.

I have kept it off for over two years at this point.

What prompted the weight loss?

The eating is different. Do you mean psychological?

Why did you want to lose weight?

I was never happy with where I was at. My weight has fluctuated over the years. I was 50 or coming up on it. I thought that was going to bite me in the ass here at some point. I should probably get out in front of it sooner rather than later.

The sweet answer that he gives me when no one’s around is he wants to be around longer for me. That’s the answer I get.

In the last marriage, I didn’t care. I was eating rocks and broken glass, just whatever. I was waiting for the sweet release.

What would you say were the three top takeaways from the weight loss?

Remember when she was the guest?

I know. She put her doctor’s hat on. We get this sometimes whenever we have a nutritionist or a doctor on. We first had the psychologist on. She got super into it like, “What is wrong with you?”

I’m like, “Alphabetically or chronologically, how would you prefer?” What was the question?

What do you think were the three top takeaways from your health or mental well-being after losing weight? What was good for you?

I noticed that I certainly don’t get out of breath like I used to. We told this story before. We were seeing a show and we got to the door. We had forgotten something. We had to go back to the car real quick and get it and come back. It was a good walk. We were walking briskly because the show was about to start and we get back to the door. Crystal made the point. She’s like, “A year ago, you would be out of breath and drenched in sweat now.” I wasn’t even breathing hard. It was like, “Let’s go.”

We talked the whole time.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


We’re talking because we never shut up.

It’s true, we don’t.

We’re always podcasting. It’s just that sometimes there are mics in front of us. I don’t know about coming up with three, but that comes to mind.

That’s awesome if that’s what’s working for you.

That and Tonal. Those are my things.

Also, your eating plan.

That’s what I meant, like the food and Tonal.

I’m going to put you back on the hot seat. Back to functional medicine, what kind of things do you like to talk to people about? If you had an ideal client that brought in an ideal problem, what would you want it to be?

What I like to focus on is the coaching of someone. There are stages of change that everyone goes through when they’re making any type of change. There are five of those. People are sometimes ambivalent. I like to work using motivational interviewing or MI techniques to uncover this ambivalence and create some empowerment and self-efficacy in patience so that they can take control of their own health and not have a top-down, “You must do this,” but embrace their health, and be a part of their wellness. Someone who’s receptive to even going from, “I don’t want to change. I’m in denial,” to going through a pre-contemplative, contemplative, and then preparation and action stage. It’s cool when people get on board. They start seeing their wins because success begets success.

For sure. The hardest part of a fitness journey is there’s a lag time between when you start doing the things and when you start seeing the results. It’s really easy to drop off during that interim. You got to keep people engaged until they get to a point where they can see that it’s doing something.

People need to be engaged in their own journeys and make decisions. Health coaches out there understand when I say “or” but you start with open-ended questions. What’s top of mind? I asked you, “What was the highlight of your day? Let’s start this out positive and let’s keep this momentum moving forward.” It’s just reaffirming what they’re saying and then moving on, creating a focus. Seeing people’s transitions when they’re self-empowered warms your heart.

Do you have any success stories that immediately come to mind?

I work a lot transitioning women through what I call mental pause or menopause. I say Mental Pause, No Sweat because when you incorporate a lot of functional medicine components and health coaching into this, it doesn’t have to be that burden for months or years. You throw your hands in the air and live with it. I have a lot of women who were like, “I didn’t realize I was sensitive to dairy or I didn’t realize this was a trigger,” or being mindful and present, “I don’t let my husband drive me cuckoo for cocoa puffs during the day, then you lash out.” Being present with yourself, I suppose a lot of success comes from that, where it was like, “I didn’t know it could almost be this easy,” but you still need to do the work.

When people come to you and you’re working with women who are going through at some point with perimenopause, do they have specific things they’re looking to fix or change? Is just it like, “I don’t feel good?”

Typically, it’s more than a trifecta. The weight gain is huge, and also heart palpitations, night sweats, brain fog, hot flashes, irritability, sadness, depression, or low moods. Sometimes, they’re first told, “Go take ambiance sleep. Go take metformin. Go take something,” but what’s the root cause of this? Women are going through this all the time. Let’s take a step back and figure this out instead of taking something and piling one on the other.

You’re not anti-medication. It’s just, “Maybe let’s not have it be the starting point.”

It’s every person’s journey but maybe before you want to do something. It’s not in my purview to say what’s necessary for each person, but why not take this approach? If this doesn’t work, your numbers don’t come up, down or whatnot, then let’s take the next step. There are tons of options out there for everyone and this is one, especially if you don’t want to go a pharmaceutical route.

I am always the last person. I’m always like, “I don’t want to start with medicine. I want to understand why this is happening to me.” I have done so much research in the last few years reading about perimenopause and menopause. There are so many things that you can do. I have no idea what your specific thoughts are but things like adaptogens are so helpful for people. It’s not like you have to go straight to hormone replacement therapy.

Creating a transformational food plan can help remove a lot of trigger-type food when you reintroduce them to your body. Share on X

Some people choose to do that and some people need to do that, but that’s not necessarily you have to jump to that. It can be so disruptive to change things like adding hormonal therapy. I would be the person to try everything under the sun before I did that, just because it’s so disruptive. There’s a lot of stuff. It’s very powerful. You want to use it with caution.

I had been that person. I didn’t do HRT, full disclosure but I went through hell for several years. I was told, “Figure it out,” because I was supposed to be happy all the time. From the outside, people could have thought I was living some fairytale but it was hell inside. I was supposed to be happy. What can you take? I was like, “I got to figure this out.” That’s what led me to research functional medicine, then take almost two years and put myself through school. I’m taking my national boards for the coaching aspect of it because I’ve been there from the bottom up. Now, it’s a complete turnaround.

That’s amazing. What was the biggest change that you think you made that helped? If you don’t mind sharing.

Not at all. I do it all the time because I want people to trust me. People need to fill their trust buckets up. For me, it was nutrition and mindfulness because, with those two things, my communication skill and relationship skills improved. In my sleep, I went from sweating through my pajamas and drinking bottles of water to sleeping through the night. It’s horrible. I wear my Oura ring. No plug for them but I love it.

I’m sleeping through the night and I’m dreaming but it was through nutrition. I created a transformational food plan where it removes a lot of the trigger-type foods, then reintroduce them. You’re on the straight arrow for a good three weeks, then after three days, your energy starts coming back. The brain fog is gone. The aches and pains are gone. You’re sleeping through the night and it’s like, “Come on,” then being focused. Not thinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow were both game-changers for me.

That is awesome. A logistical question, do most insurance companies cover functional medicine at all?

Now, you have to be in a certain setting where a doctor can bill for it but overall, no. There aren’t codes for a regular Western medicine physician, which I’m not, to code for this. There are acts in Congress now to start having some of these codings for the test and for the coaching that enhances change in people. Fingers crossed because the testing can be costly.

I bet. That’s why I was wondering. I was like, “I bet that’s not cheap.”

There are some great guys out there who I follow and whatnot. I can’t say enough about what I learned from them.

You can go ahead and say who they are if you would like to.

They are two of my favorites. Dr. Bland was the father of functional medicine. I have his books and I love what he has to say. Dr. Jockers is great. He’s a huge proponent of intermittent fasting and Keto. It’s one approach that people take but his information is spot on. Dr. Osborne is in Sugarland, Texas. I have no affiliation with them but I think they’re amazing people. They want to do everything they can to help others.

Bringing it back to Peloton, what is your leaderboard name?

Loves Italy.

Is it because you love Italy?

I love Italy. That was a watercolor that was painted by a woman behind me, it’s where my heart lives and it’s where I want to live in the future.

Did you have to spell it weirdly? I would feel like there are other people that love Italy that would’ve snagged it.

I was the first.

Nice. Well done.

TCO 294 | Functional Medicine


Do you have a favorite instructor?

I started writing it down alphabetically because I didn’t want to offend anyone. It depends on my mood. It’s like your music. Asking me my favorite instructors is like asking me my favorite AC/DC song. It’s tough. I’ll say for today, it was, Matty, Hosky, and Ben.

That’s a great choice.

To clarify, it’s Shoot to Thrill. That’s the best AC/DC song.

He’s got very strong opinions about music.

You don’t like Thunder Straw?

I didn’t say I don’t like it. I just like Shoot to Thrill.

That could be your intro.

We can’t afford it.

We would have to license it. We can’t do that now.

That seems expensive. Thunderstruck is also great but Shoot to Thrill is better. That’s all I’m saying. Do you have any advice for people just now entering the world of Peloton?

Why haven’t you done it before? Two things. The first is I know they say some of the groups are a little toxic and snarky, but you’ll find the people that have your voice. Singles Over 40 are a great bunch of people. I’ve made some friendships along the way. If you’re riding and you’re looking at that leaderboard and they’re like, “45 cadence” or something, and you’re like, “I can’t do 45 cadence,” finish it up with yet. “I can’t ride a resistance of 60 yet,” because you will. Don’t worry about those people over there. It’s just yet because it’s going to happen.

I think that’s great advice.

Thank you so much for joining us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you because I can tell you would like to be found. Normally, I would give people that out but I can tell you’re an extrovert and don’t mind.

I was just going to say I’m an introvert.

I don’t believe you.

I’m an exponential introvert, for real.

It does not show.

There are acts in the US Congress that aim to start some coding for coaching and tests that enhances change in people. Share on X

You’re hiding it very well.

I’m going to need three days to break up this, but @Menopause.No.Sweat on Instagram. You can check out stuff there. My program is called Mental-Pause No Sweat, and Facebook would be A Modifiable Lifestyle Approach to Menopause.

Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it.

One more thing. I promised to say a shout-out to Flow-Flow. I want to say that.

Also, your dentist.

Dr. Gonzalez and his wife. Thanks so much.

It’s been a joy. Thank you so much.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online on While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Of course, don’t forget our YouTube channel at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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