TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions

289. Erica McLean: Our Tarot Card Reader Returns With Peloton Predictions For 2023

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


We discuss:

  • Precor gets a new CEO.
  • Australia is getting the Tread.
  • Peloton holiday sale continues.
  • Certified refurbished bikes are on eBay.
  • Targeted Metrics allow you to follow the scenery on scenic content.
  • Row classes now have a “Skip Intro” button.
  • Peloton Seated Meditation now available on Qantas.
  • Peloton is hosting a toy & clothing drive.
  • Verizon’s Plus Play gives you free Netflix if you sign up for Peloton.
  • DR. JENN – Getting back your motivation post-Covid.
  • Daniel McKenna returns to doing in-person training.
  • Alex Toussaint accidentally photobombs an engagement photo.
  • Jess King went to the Capitol for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.
  • Kristin, McGee, Marcel Dinkins & Ash Pryor gave us a peek inside Ross Rayburn’s Christmas party.
  • Jermaine Johnson was in NYC.
  • Susie Chan is focused on recovery.
  • Robin Arzon hosted a Twitter Space event for her 3 For 31 Challenge.
  • Selena Samuela is on a social media break.
  • Healthy Eats tells us what the instructors do to prep for the day.
  • Adrian Williams has partnered with HOKA.
  • Adrian posted a video of an impressive dead-lift.
  • Emma Lovewell was the keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Aspire program.
  • DJ John Michael visited Peloton’s music team in Atlanta.
  • Christine D’Ercole received the Heart Award from Project Heal.
  • Ally Love and Cliff teamed up for a class with matching Brittany Allen outfits.
  • METPRO – Angelo has tips for navigating sugar cravings.
  • Tonal now allows you to schedule workouts.
  • ARTIST COLLAB – Linkin Park
  • Kirsten Ferguson and Tunde hosted an IG live for Peloton Apparel.
  • All this, Plus our interview and Peloton tarot card reading with Erica McLean!

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Erica McLean: Our Tarot Card Reader Returns With Peloton Predictions For 2023

We have a big episode. We have Erica McLean on the show, the tarot card reader who had quite a few predictions that come true.

She’s back to talk about what’s coming up. We didn’t even get to do her full introduction and she was already throwing out things. She was like, “This is happening. I’ve got feelings about this.” We were like, “Whoa, slow down.” It was a lot of fun though, as always.

We recapped it in the interview but she ended up predicting the Daniel situation. She predicted that there would be lots of babies. She’s got a pretty good track record. We wrap up our year by talking to her to look forward to 2023 to see what the future might hold for Peloton. Besides that, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

We’re going to talk about Precor, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. We’re going to talk about changes in Peloton, Australia and the holiday sale. We got a visit from Dr. Jenn, and we are talking about getting your motivation back coming off of COVID. COVID is back, ladies and gentlemen. This is a great time to tune-in, in case you get it.

COVID is back. Also, it never went away.

I know. It’s another surge though. It’s getting all yucky again. Also, Angelo is here from MetPro and he has tips for navigating sugar cravings. Hopefully, that will help you out during the next couple of weeks. We have some competitor news. We have some other good fun stuff to chat about. Of course, the instructors are everywhere. We’re going to talk all about that.

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We shall. is reporting that Peloton prepares Precor for sale. It brings in a turnaround specialist as its interim CEO.

It was reported in a lot of places. This happened to be the one that I grabbed. It’s so weird. I was thinking about this and it says that they’re going to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary going forward. Weren’t they always a wholly-owned subsidiary?

They were. They branded it as Peloton Commercial for a bit, and then it seems like they backed off of that.

That’s the change, how they’re naming it. I don’t think the subsidiary is any different. I don’t think that’s new information. Also, this CEO thing is confusing to me because I don’t recall there ever being an official CEO specifically for Precor that Peloton had. Do you remember that?

You’re better at that than I am but no, I do not. I always thought initially that it was a department within the company so it wouldn’t get its own CEO. I’m confused because they always operated it separately but not really. It had a foot in both worlds.

It definitely did. They have been working to move that forward. On the earnings call, in the beginning, they said that they were looking to lean into Precor and that they hadn’t yet. Even though they hadn’t been leaning into it, they were surprised at how well it was doing without leaning into it, and they were expecting to still do that. The whole vibe of this is they’re going to sell it. I’m not sure that’s the case. That might be a little abrupt. They might be a little early.

Sometimes companies do this where they’ll sell off a piece because they need the cash infusion and they feel like they need to refocus. I get why someone might arrive at that conclusion. I hope they don’t. I think of all their pandemic acquisitions. Was this pandemic or was this slightly pre-pandemic?

This was right in the middle of the pandemic because they bought it so that they could make the bikes in the US with their Precor assets.

I think of all the things they acquired during their pandemic spending spree. I personally thought Precor made the most sense, especially because it helped push them into hotels and gyms.

They also did that big deal with Hilton. I don’t see why you would finish that off if you weren’t going to continue to keep Precor. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

If you were playing devil’s advocate, you could put a deal in place that says, “Moving forward, the bikes you’re going to sell are going to be Peloton.” The problem that they had with Precor is that Precor makes a lot of equipment that Peloton maybe doesn’t want their brand on. They weren’t always sure precisely what to do with the ellipticals.

I agree with that. There are a lot of questions. There is a lot of stuff that hasn’t been figured out. That’s my point. They never got there to jump that they’re selling. This announcement is a little premature. I’m not sure that’s what’s happening here.

Long term, it makes way more sense personally. Not that Barry has asked me. It makes more sense long term to push Peloton products into every public place where people workout because then if anybody wants to pivot, they have a comfort level with the product. It makes more sense to have your gym membership and a Peloton app because the gym you’re going to has all this Peloton equipment anyway, so why not? That’s my two cents, for whatever that’s worth.

I do get that this Dustin Grosz guy is a turnaround specialist. That does make things look weird. I don’t know why they’re doing that. Maybe that is an interim thing they’re trying to make this make money. I do understand why people came to the conclusion that they’re going to sell it. I’m not convinced that’s what it means. We might be a little early on this and I would like to reserve the right to watch and see what happens.

We will let you do that. Peloton Australia is getting the tread.

They sure are. How exciting. They’re finally getting the tread. That’s crazy to think that that big piece of equipment is going to be shipped many miles away.

I’m curious if they figured out a way because they get made in China, right? Isn’t that where they’re manufactured? I don’t know. Somewhere in the East though.

Everything is different now.

That’s true. It just seemed like most electronic-type stuff is made in that region. That’s probably closer to Australia than America. It’s like are they shipping it over here and then back or are they going to have a process to do it?

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


I don’t think Canada ever got the tread though. If you’re Canadian, how pissed off are you?

First off, we know that Canadians don’t get mad. They’re so friendly. Do you know that in Canada, there is not one woman named Karen? That is a true fact that I just made up.

I’m glad you shared that you just made it up. Otherwise, somebody would at me.

Her name would be Karen. It is weird that they can ship it to the other side of the planet, but Canada is a problem. It’s probably something about the exchange rates. Look at paperback books. They sold it for $3 more.

You brought up a good point about where they’re going to be shipping these from. That is a good question. Anyway, congrats to Australia.

The Peloton holiday sale is back up and running. Did it ever stop?

I don’t think so. They just changed it a little bit. I don’t think it ever went away because it got extended, and then Amazon took some additional funds off. Honestly, it’s been on sale for so long and has so many iterations at this point. It’s difficult to keep up with it. I don’t mean to say that in a bad way. See this. This specifically calls out Amazon that it’s $200 off.

It is probably because this website has an affiliate link if you click through and buy the bike from them.

I’ve got an affiliate link too. If you all need it, just let me know. I can get you some Amazon deals and you can give me some Amazon deals right back.

If that’s not a good enough deal for you, there’s also are certified refurbished Peloton bikes on eBay in the UK. You can get certified refurbished bikes.

They said that there’s been a 23% spike in searches for Peloton bikes on eBay in the run-up to the festive season. I could’ve sworn I saw something about Germany too. Maybe I just made that up.

I get that people have different means so I’m not trying to shame anyone, but going on eBay to look for a used Peloton as a Christmas present?

If that’s the only way you can get in, that would still be better than buying.

Refurbish is different.

We’ve bought refurbished things somewhere.

That comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. We’re buying it from a guy.

You don’t know what you’re getting.

If you can buy it refurbished, at least if something goes wrong, the company is still backing it in a way that they’re not if you buy it off the secondary.

That’s important. We’re not saying these are people that are selling these on eBay. This is Peloton officially selling them. They’re certified refurbished bikes. That is important to distinguish.

You get a little snobby about that. I’ll buy certified refurbished in a heartbeat. A lot of times, it’s just an open box. Somebody bought it and was like, “Nah,” and they send it back.

We’ve had a lot of things that did not work too.

We haven’t had.

I think we have.


That surround sound system. That was a whole mess.

I don’t even remember that one.

You blocked it out because it was terrible. I have been against refurbished since that moment. To be fair, I don’t like inconveniences. This is not even about refurbished. I don’t like to buy used cars for the same reason. I do not like to mess with anything that is going to require me to have to fix or deal with or call people. I want it to work.

I’ve never bought a new car until you. I’ll buy a year or two old.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a very good reason to do that. It is a very smart financial decision, but I like to get in a car and drive it and not have any problems. When I have a new car, that always happens to me. When I get a used car, that mostly happens to me.

It could be something where this person needs to take significant time off to focus on themselves and really think about what they need. Share on X

Unless when you buy a used car, you get a Honda or a Toyota.

That’s fair too. I have had some very bad experiences where I have been stuck on the side of the road at moments that have caused me to be like, “I don’t want to deal with it.” I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where if I want to buy a new car, I can’t buy a new car. We also do things like turn in my beautiful Mustang so that you can have a car that doesn’t have to have gas, then I take the used car and I’m driving that.

The used car is the car we bought brand new that I drove previously. You’re acting like I found a hobo and kicked them out of it and said, “This is our car now. I’m giving it to my wife for Christmas.”

You took my license plate too. I’m a little salty about it.

I offered to swap that.

Hobo, that was hilarious. You didn’t do anything wrong. My point is I have made that concession. It’s not the choice I make.

You don’t drive anymore.

Exactly. It makes sense. If I was still driving to Illinois every day like I was, there’s no way I would do that.

You would have an electric car.

I would and that would make sense.

Speaking of sales and pricing and whatnot, we saw Bob Treemore tweeting about some potential changes in Peloton pricing.

We had talked about it. During the earnings call, they said, “We’re definitely changing the pricing in the new year.” We don’t know exactly what that pricing is going to be. Bob Treemore has been doing whatever he does to the internet and the interweb. He’s been digging around in their websites and found some stuff. These changes, to the best of our knowledge, are only going to be for the app.

That matches what Bob Treemore is seeing that there’s going to be a plan that is going to be an essential, and then there’s going to be a plus. The essential is going to have a monthly modality hour access limit. If you have run, ride, etc., that’s going to cost X amount of dollars for being able to only get to those number of hours like if you have ten, let’s say. We don’t know what the hours are going to be.

There’s also the app plus, which is going to have all the exclusive classes, special events, and things like whenever they say premiering. That’s probably why that’s important now. We didn’t think it was. Now it is. More likely, it’s going to have unlimited access to all modalities that are available on your app. It also looks like if you buy it annualized, that’s going to be a different price than paying it month to month, which makes sense because that’s pretty much what everybody is doing.

That’s very common. You pay for 10 months and you get 12, or pay for 12 and you get 14 or something like that.

I also want to caution people to look at this and know that this data is true, but also know that Peloton is known for changing the data at the last minute. Don’t get it stuck in your head that it’s going to be this way. Don’t get it stuck in your head that it’s going to be this number because they will change it. I guarantee they are going to change it, and probably moments before. Let’s keep everybody out there who is seeing things like this. Let’s keep them apprised of be prepared to pivot because people get mad when they expect things.

There are now target metrics on guided scenic content.

That’s for the Bike+ and the regular tread. If you have a Tread+ like myself, you cannot use it. If you have the Bike+ or the regular tread, you can use it.

What this means is it will mimic the terrain.

It will follow the terrain. If you turn the little lock on, then it will automatically go up and down.

It will change the resistance.

When I was talking to Gina about this, she loves this feature, especially for the tread. If she’s doing a meeting and she’s working from home, she can be on walking.

She doesn’t have to think.

You don’t have to hear it. It changes automatically. It changes things. That’s awesome.

Row classes now have a skip intro button. I guess they’ve decided, “You’ve done it long enough. You know what you’re doing. I’ll give you the option.”

I thought it would take longer for this to show up. I was also surprised that it’s not in all of the classes. It’s only in some of the classes. There must be a delineation point. They were like, “This date and after will include the skip intro button.” It’s also funny to me how tiny it is. Did you see how tiny it is? On the other classes like on the tread, it’s pretty big. It’s in the upper left-hand corner. This one is right in the center. I almost missed it. Who knows how many times I took a class and I missed it?

It’s been there for weeks.

I was like, “This is great,” because you start a class and then it’s literally a minute of them telling you all the things you’re going to do and it’s like, “Come on, come on, come on.”

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


It’s like, “I know these things.”

“That’s going to warm up. Let’s go.“

It’s when you’re getting your pre-Row pee.

You don’t have quite enough time for that because it’s only a minute. That’s got to be a pretty fast pee.

Peloton has added seated meditation and yoga for Qantas Airlines.

Do you remember that they did this for Delta?

We hardly ever take Delta but we took Delta when we went to Atlanta.

It was the one and only time that I could sleep on the plane, and I slept well. It was great. It’s Australia-specific meditation. It’s like coastal.

That makes sense because Qantas is an Australian airline.

They have coastal, country, twilight, forest, and desert. They themed it around the parts of the country.

Peloton is hosting a toy and clothing drive.

You can drop off things at the New York studio. They are looking for children’s clothing, diapers, educational games, puzzles, and all that stuff. You can register. If you can’t do it in person, you can also click on the donation link. It’s on the registration page. We want to finish up December and make sure we do lots of giving for the kids.

I wonder if maybe next year, they’ll expand this to stores.

That would be cool if they did. They have one in every state where they have a store in. That would be cool.

That’s an easy way to any of our physical locations. Verizon’s Plus Play has arrived and you can use it to get your Peloton membership or Netflix for free with your Peloton membership. My guess is it probably has to be a new membership.

That’s a great point because somebody posted. I saw this in the group. They had tried to go in and take advantage of this, and when they did, Verizon said that they had to cancel their current subscription and start a new one. They were like, “I’m terrified.” I think they should be. I don’t think that they should do that.

That’s a shame. I know they had something like this with Disney+. If you got a Verizon line, you got a year of Disney+. I called them and they just added it because I had bought Disney+ prepaid for three years before it launched. I got it for $4 a month or something. It was crazy cheap.

It lasted for a long time.

They then added a year to our membership. Now we got it for four years instead of three. I guess they’re not doing this with this. This is a good promotion. There are different subscription packages like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, HBO Max, and Discovery+. If you sign up for them, you can get a year of Netflix Premium for free through Verizon.

It is nice to have all these different options and different things that you can do.

It’s also fascinating that it has a Netflix connection, given the current CEO.

What I was thinking about was how funny it is that we’re talking about Verizon, and T-Mobile is all over this page. It’s cracking me up. That’s what I was focused on.

Somebody’s ad placement is working well. You’re reading about Verizon but click for T-Mobile. Well done, T-Mobile.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. She was a five-year national team member in rhythmic gymnastics, and sports psychology for USA Gymnastics. It’s Dr. Jenn.


For this episode, we have some people that are dealing with coming back from COVID. I have three individuals that wrote in questions. All of them have diminished exercise capacity. Also, they’re feeling exhausted and are not sure how to get back to where they were before, and how to deal with the lack of motivation when they aren’t where they were before.

That makes a lot of sense. I’m hearing a lot of this. First of all, you want to clear it with your doctor. Make sure that you are well enough to come back to exercise. Sometimes people assume that because they’re now testing negative, that means they are ready to go full-blast exercising. That’s not necessarily the case, especially if you have long COVID or you’re not fully recovered. That’s the number one thing.

The next thing is if you are still struggling with exhaustion, and I see a lot of people who are experiencing this after having gotten COVID, many of them long-term, you got to completely start from scratch. It’s no different from if you had surgery or if you had some other illness or you were out for a long time or an injury. You have to start at ground zero. You need to conceptualize this in layers. You need to mentally come from a beginner set point.

There are more people under stress now than in the past, and there is going to be somebody else that's going to come in. Share on X

You cannot compare yourself now post-injury because COVID is an injury to your system. You can’t compare yourself to where you were before you got sick. You got to start with much smaller cardio. If you were running, maybe you start with walking. Start with a ten-minute walk and see how you feel. Do a warm-up walk and see how that goes. What you want to do is layer as you’re able to build.

You know how I feel about that five-minute Olivia core class. It’s all on your back. The one in which she’s in a red sports bra and red leggings. That’s the kind of class that’s a little better if you’re tired. I tend to put that at the end of a bootcamp class when I’m pretty spent, but I want to get in a little more abs. You can be laying down and exercise.

You want to look at what is conducive to that. If you’ve got a rower, you can be sitting down while you exercise. That’s a great way to build back up. Look at this as an injury, start small, build on it, mentally prepare yourself that you’re starting from scratch, and give yourself credit as you build.

That’s excellent advice. Also, it’s good to remind people that even though they’re starting from scratch, it’s not going to take as long to build up as it did the first time if you go easy on yourself. If you go out too hard, you’re going to make it worse. Excellent advice as always.

That would have to be beyond frustrating. As someone who hates exercising, if I felt like I had to start over, I could very easily see myself being like, “No, I’m good.”

Tom could never get sick and/or injured.

The other thing is that sometimes people go, “I’ve had COVID so I don’t have to worry about COVID in the future.” Keep in mind that you can’t get COVID again and you don’t want to have to go through this again. You may want to up your precautions. A lot of the time, people are like, “I’ve had it so I can’t have it.” You can get another variant. There are a lot of different ways you can get sick. You can get RSV. You can get the flu. There’s a lot going around right now. You want to take extra good care of your body and be extra careful. Also, nutrition. Make sure that you’re eating foods that will help you to heal and that are nutrient-dense so that your body gets the fuel that it needs for the workouts as you build it.

That’s a very good point.

Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on all social media @DrJennMann. I post all of my Peloton workouts on my Insta Stories. You can also find me in InStyle Magazine. I have a weekly column called Hump Day With Dr. Jenn.

Thank you.

Daniel McKenna is now accepting in-person training stuff.

Very limited spots are available.

There are only 24 hours in a day. He got to sleep for some of them.

That’s true. That’s a good point.

There you go. I know people like to know what he’s up to. That’s what he’s up to.

We got to talk about the non-compete. I’ll tell you, I don’t know but I will say this. Because he’s doing in-person personal training does not necessarily mean that there is not a non-compete in place. It also doesn’t mean that there is. We will never know.

It could be that he has a non-compete in terms of he can’t be on any platforms for X amount of time. Maybe this was part of the negotiation that he can’t be on platforms for a certain amount of time but they let him do this. If he was able to do this previously, you think he would’ve been doing it already. If he was able to be on platforms, you’d think he would jump to that.

I don’t know. I know that there are a lot of people who think they’re attorneys out there. I’m tired of the whole thing.

Anyway, he’s out there. You can go sign up for it if you live in New York. You can sign up for it if you don’t live in New York. You just got to travel a lot.

That’s a very good point.

Jess King was invited to the White House for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act.

She said, “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as a Latina, and as a parent, this meant so much to me. I acknowledged the fight those before me have fought to get to this place. I don’t take it lightly. Love is important. Love should be protected.” If only they could protect all the things, that would be great. It is huge. I am a huge supporter of it, just to be clear. I’m also still salty that not everything is protected.

Take your wins where you find them. There was a kerfuffle on the OPP. A couple got engaged in New York and they took their engagement photo or the proposal in the middle of Times Square.

All the bright lights behind them.

One of the bright lights was Alex Toussaint who happened to be walking through the frame. He didn’t deliberately photo-bomb their picture. He happened to be crossing the street as this couple was doing this, minding his own business. After they took the picture, they were like, “Alex Toussaint is in our engagement photo.” They posted it on the OPP, and then they were immediately called racist because clearly, that’s not Alex Toussaint.

People spent twenty minutes arguing about that until it was determined that it was in fact Alex Toussaint because they found a picture of him at the Knicks game wearing the exact same outfit. People said, “People could buy the same coat and you never know and maybe this thing happen.”

You’re then back to being a racist again.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


Alex Toussaint chimed in and was like, “It was me. That’s me.”

I love his quote, “You all got to chill with this negative energy. That’s clearly me. Much love to this couple on their engagement.” Thank God there’s a voice of reason. Also, when did he get to go back into that group? The instructors aren’t supposed to be in there. Maybe they are.

In the OPP? I think they could be in that.

They couldn’t be in the other one. I guess they just never do. They never talk to anybody.

I don’t blame them.

Neither do I.

I think it’s because that’s official. Hats off to him for not leaving this poor couple out there swinging in the wind.

That was nice of him to chime in. It was clearly him. He was making a weird face. I will give him that. He was like breathing and it’s the way that it caught him. He had his cheeks puffed out a little bit. It did look odd.

I saw the picture before it was officially declared that it was him. I’m 95% sure it’s him but there was that 5%. I wouldn’t have chimed in either way. I’m really close to sure, but not 100%. Ross Rayburn had a Christmas party and lots of instructors were present.

Some folks from the Broadway crowd were there as well. This is all the Peloton crowd. For those of you watching the YouTube video. We’re scrolling through the gallery. Marcel in that dress, my goodness. I would never have the confidence to wear that.

Me neither.

You wouldn’t either?

No, I would not. Ash Pryor was there. Matty Maggiacomo was there. There are all sorts of people. If you want to see and get a peek inside their fancy New York digs.

That’s one heck of an apartment.

I’m assuming this is their apartment.

I think so.

 It looks like a banquet center, especially because the ceilings are so high for a New York apartment.

They have a staircase. One of these, I didn’t put in here. It shows Matty and some other people entering down the staircase. Apparently, it’s quite the entryway. This is being taken from the stairway. You enter and everyone was looking at them. They were dancing down the stairs and everything. It was quite the event. That is a heck of a lot of people. That is a lot of real estates right there.

Jermaine Johnson was in New York City and visited the studio. It’s nice that he was able to get off the waitlist.

Now you know how you get off the waitlist. Now you know how you get into a class, guys.

You just become an instructor. It’s almost as easy.

He was in a lot of classes. One of the classes that he got to take part in was DJ John Michael’s last DJ ride of the year with Robin. That was fun. He also showed that this has been eight years since he’s been a DJ creating these DJ rides. That’s crazy. The last DJ class is during the run coming up the day this episode comes out. It will be the last run of the year. It’s pretty cool. That was neat that Jermaine got to come all the way from the UK. It looks like he had a great time.

Susie Chan posted about focusing on her recovery.

Did you see why?

She just did a huge Ultramarathon thing.

She did the Daytona 100. That is exactly what it sounds like, 100 miles.

That must have taken her 3 or 4 hours. Seriously, do you know how long that took her?

She had it in one of her other posts and I don’t have it lodged into my brain at this moment, but it was a few days.

That sounds like a lot. She deserves it.

A year from now, there is going to be another big component that will come out. Share on X

She said that it took her five days to recover. She was back to running and teaching five days later. That’s incredible.

Robin Arzón hosted a Twitter space talking about her 3 for 31 Challenge.

She was on with Boss Beauties. If you’re still not sure about this Swagger Society or if you are participating in 3 for 31 or if you want an opportunity to hear from Robin, this is a great way to do it.

Selena Samuela is taking a social media break.

Part of this whole thing was that she was on crutches. I don’t know what happened. I must have missed the story of what happened and other stories had been taken down. It was that 24-hour thing. She said that from here on out until the baby is here, she’s off social media. She’s going to focus on getting in the zone and taking care of the baby. Good for her.

Coming up after this, we’re going to hear what instructors do to prep for their day.

Healthy Eats had an article about how the instructors prep for their day.

They had a few different things that they talked about. Mariana Fernández talked about what her go-to snack or meal was when she had a long day of classes ahead. At the end of the day, it was links. Let’s just be clear. It was neat to see the different things that they are putting together in one place.

For sure they asked them about their food, their preferred water bottle of choice, and things of that nature.

The must-haves in your gym bag. It’s still good information even though it’s one of those link pages. Good stuff.

If you’re going to do something like that, that’s the way to do it. Adrian Williams is partnering with HOKA.

I love HOKA so I had to share that. That’s all. Congrats.

Speaking of Adrian Williams, he posted an Instagram video of him lifting what appears to be all of the weight in the world.

It was 1 million pounds. It says somewhere in here that it was 535 pounds. That is very impressive. What’s nice about this post is not just that he did it. He struggled to do it. He failed the first time and didn’t let that stop him. He tried again. That’s the impressive part.

It would be easy to post this and be like, “We don’t need to talk about the other thing.”

The instructors like to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I thought that was cool.

Emma Lovewell was the featured keynote speaker at the Microsoft Aspire program. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what Aspire is.

Let me share it with you, Tom. Microsoft Aspire experience is a two-year learning and development experience for those who joined Microsoft after graduating from an undergraduate master’s PhD or full MBA program.

It’s a way to bring you into the cult.

It’s like extra learning stuff that some of those corporations do, which is nice. That’s a nice opportunity. Usually, it’s for people that they find promising. It’s a very cool thing to be chosen for that.

It’s a nice way to say management training program.

That’s probably true.

DJ John Michael was in Atlanta or as the kids say, the ATL. I’m very down with what the kids say.

Are you now? What was also nice about this was it was the whole music team that puts together all things music on the platform. That could be chasing music to ingest as he says. This is DJ John Michael’s words, “Artist series planning and managing label partnerships, and ideating events like AFO and Rock 22, supporting our instructors and generally being badasses.” What I also found interesting about it was I wanted to drill down on the ages of everyone in the room. There’s a fairly good age range there. They’re not all 40 and above, but they’re not all 18.

That’s how they stay relevant. That makes sense. Not too relevant to where you don’t have heritage. It’s catalog stuff. I also find it interesting that a company that’s based in New York, not exactly a lack of music industry types in that city, sets up their music team in Atlanta.

It does make sense after watching the series Atlanta. I feel like I pretty much know all about the music business.

We know everything there is to know about the music business and Atlanta itself.

How many shows reference the cultural music center that Atlanta has become? It does make a certain amount of sense.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


Between New York, LA and Atlanta, I would’ve thought it would be New York or LA.

I agree. I would’ve never guessed. I had no idea they had a little office down there.

You would’ve staked it out when we were there.

I’m sure would have. I’m going to start doing that in every city we go to.

Christine D’Ercole won the Heart Award from Project HEAL.

They honored her in recognition of her work. It talks specifically about her work in the Medicine of Movement, the fitness sphere, self-talk, and her Wordshop. It has a lot to do with healing and self-empowerment. I thought that that was cool. I wanted to make sure that I shared that.

Project HEAL deals specifically with people recovering from eating disorders.

I did not know that that’s what Project HEAL did. That’s even more awesome.

Ally Love and Cliff had a two-for class.

Ally was in London to do this class with Cliff.

She’s been filming something for Netflix in London. They had matching outfits from Brittany Allen.

Also, our past guest update.

That’s true. I could have run that sweeper too.

They look like very cozy jammy outfits and I mean that in a good way. You could wear these on the bike, but you could also hang around your house on a nice cozy day. Very nice, Brittany Allen. Awesome stuff.

Joining us once again is Angelo from MetPro here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions.

Thanks for having me back.

We appreciate it. We have a two-for-one question for you. We have Courtney and Sandy both asking pretty much the same question. They’re craving sweets/sugar. This time of year, there’s more of it and they keep eating it. How do they make that stop?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic diet or strategy that makes chocolate no longer taste good. Chocolate is still going to taste good. What you can do is you can get yourself out of a scenario where you’re battling both the fact that chocolate tastes good and the physiological craving response that is associated with being hungry, having low blood sugar, and not eating small meals throughout the day.

When you have a good base routine, in other words, you’re eating a quality breakfast, quality lunch, quality snacks, and that’s in place more or less stable, what you’re going to find is those times when these indulgences come along, they will be truly what a dessert originally was meant to be. That is a small indulgence after a healthy meal versus being the meal itself, which it can quickly turn into because we all have a few bites. “I’ll have one cookie here. I’ll have one scoop there,” and pretty soon it’s like, “I guess I’m having this for dinner and I don’t need to eat later.” It’s easy when it is all around us.

For some social hacks unique to busy social seasons, when you’re invited to an event, usually there are going to be some healthy options. I’ll give you two hacks. The first one is to eat twice but eat well. Here’s what I mean by that. Eat twice, but eat well. I used to have clients who say, “I’m going out to the pizza place with my family tonight. I know there’s not going to be a whole lot of good options there, so I’m going to skip lunch.” That is not the winning strategy.

What I want you to do is, if anything, eat more before you go to these events. Don’t show up hungry. Even if it means that you eat twice or you’re eating extra. You will consume more quality calories and you will consume fewer calories if you show up having eaten well with a modest appetite where you can then execute selective indulgences without being ravenously hungry. You’re always going to do better.

You can have a slice of pizza. You can have a taste of the different samples they have out. You can feel like you’re part of it. You don’t have to avoid anything, but you’re not trying to fill yourself up because you’re famished. That’s the first one. Eat twice but eat well. Sometimes if you have an evening engagement, I tell people to have a light dinner first.

The second thing is do you remember BYOB, bring your own beer. Bring your own platter, bring your own snacks, or bring your own entree. Who wants to show up to a dinner party empty-handed? If it’s an opportunity to bring something, then make at least one item. My wife and I, whenever we go to a friend’s house, we’ll make something like turkey wraps or lettuce wraps or things like that. They get gobbled up because a lot of people do want something healthy and clean and light.

You’ll know that there will at least be one good item on the menu there that you can grab if you’ve brought it yourself. If it is a beverage occasion, bring your own beer. Bring your own alcohol because there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. At least if you bring some alcohol, martini shakers make great gifts for households. Bring something along those lines where you can put together a beverage that isn’t going to derail your progress if you are in a focused stage.

Remember the biggest factor, which we talked about recently, isn’t necessarily what happens at any one meal. It’s how long it takes you to dive back into your healthy living lifestyle. That’s what we’re looking for. Parlay back into your routine quickly. If you don’t wait days, then you’re going to do fine. That one meal off here or there is not going to do a bunch of damage. It’s the leftovers that you feed off of two weeks afterwards that kill you. Trust me, I’ve been down that road.

That’s why when we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, what did I do? I gave my leftovers to Brian. I was like, “Brian, there’s a bunch of leftover chicken tenders in there. You should have those for dinner right now. You should eat those,” even though it was 9:00 AM.

“Start eating them now. They’re out the fridge, Brian, go.”

“Eat them or you’re grounded.” If people would like this sort of fitness information tailor-made for them in their nutrition and fitness goals, where can they find you?

You can only teach fitness and do that for so long. Sometimes, you need to go into something else. Share on X Thanks for having me, guys.

We appreciate you.

For those of you who have a Tonal or are interested in a Tonal and like to know what’s going on with them, they have an interesting new feature that they’ve rolled out.

I really like it. Whenever you sign up for a program, now you can go in and pick the days of the week that you want to do the program and it’ll save to your Tonal calendar. On your phone, it will also send you reminders like, “You have this workout plan today, just a reminder.” It’s not in a way like sometimes my watch will be like, “Check your rings. You have been sitting on your ass all day.”

That could be you projecting.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

There are times when I will say, “Were you not going to work out today?” You’re like, “What does that mean?” I was like, “I didn’t know what the rest of the day look like.” “Am I not doing it enough? Is that what you’re saying?” “No, it’s just are were going to go somewhere later?”

Way to call me out, Tom.

We should also probably explain to people that don’t have a Tonal, their programs can be 2 to 4 weeks long. It’s not like a Peloton class where they’re all one-offs. If you sign up for a program, you might do a program 3 to 5 days a week. You can say, “I want to do it at 3:00” or whatever, and it can drop it in for you.

I tried this if you can’t tell. I’ve finished one program. I started another program. I did another five days a week. What it does is it automatically gives you what days they prescribe it on, and then you can check and uncheck days where you’re like, “That’s not a good day for me.” Of course, if you skip it, it’s no big deal. It’ll just pick right up where you left off. it’s not going to penalize you.

If you skip it, it doubles all the weight. It’s like, “You got to make up for the lost time.”

It’s important to say because with Peloton, on their programs, if you skip it and it goes into next week, you don’t have a chance to go back. People who don’t do Tonal don’t understand. It’s very different from Peloton. That’s why I’m making a point to say that. I like it and I dig it. You can go into regular workouts and you can put those on your schedule as well. You don’t have to do just programs. You can be like, “I just want to do this workout.”

You can build your own program and drop it in your calendar.

If you go in and you’re doing a program on your off days and you go to use a Tonal, it will recommend automatically workouts that complement the program you’re currently in. Very nice, Tonal. Well done.

The latest artist series features a band we’ve heard of, Linkin Park. They had one hit when I met them.

What hit was it?

Whatever that first big one is.

I was excited to see this. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take anything live. I’m very bitter about it. Somebody was supposed to show up for an interview and didn’t.

These things happen.

That’s not for our show. Our interviewees have always been amazing. Just to be clear about that.

Not all of them. There was that one. You know who you are. Now, I’m making them all wonder. Everybody has been fine, but I just like to keep them all on their toes. Now, they are all out there like, “Was it me?”

It wasn’t. It had nothing to do with our show. Anyway, it sucked because I was so excited to take this class, and then I realized the one time I want to take a class in the middle of the day, I already have something scheduled.

It’ll be there waiting for you.

I know. I just wanted to take it live.

There is so much Peloton apparel that you don’t always know what to get. Now, they are very graciously having Instagram live to help you pick things with Kirsten Ferguson and Tunde.

You can ask them anything you want about gifting and they will tell you to buy Peloton apparel.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


You’ll be like, “My husband likes video games. What should I get him?” “Leggings.”

“He will be very comfortable while he video games.” That’s how this should go. I don’t know what they’re going to say but it’s fun. We want to make sure people see it out there. I’m glad that they’re finding ways to involve the instructors to push the apparel. They should be.

If Brian gets a sports bra for Christmas, now you’ll know why. Coming up after this, we are going to talk to Erica McLean, our resident tarot card reader. She’s going to tell us what is in store for Peloton for the year 2023.

Joining us is Erica McLean and you might remember her. I would hope you remember her. She’s our tarot card reader and she has scored some pretty big hits so far.

First of all, welcome, Erica. For people who don’t remember, you had said some things that proved to sound accurate. I say sounds accurate because these things can be read a little differently by people. One of the things that came up is you had said last time we talked that you thought there was going to be a male tread instructor leaving due to management issues, and then we had a big surprise.

I think so.

I feel like you nailed that. I don’t know how else to spin that. It could have been something else. That was pretty accurate.

I’m going to tell you right now that I was shuffling the cards during the introduction and I’m not even joking about this, but the same exact card that I read with Daniel leaving fell out again.

No. Put it back.

I honestly think that there is going to be somebody else either leaving. I don’t see this happening for at least another eight months or maybe sometime in August. Somebody is leaving or thinking about it internally. They’re having issues with mental things or things going on with the studio that they need to take a break. They sit back and think, “Is this the right decision for me? Am I in the right place right now?” I’m going to start off with that

That’s pretty specific. Do you have any feelings on whether or not male, female, tread, bike, yoga, or rower?

I honestly think this time, it might be a female. I’m getting female vibes. Once again, it could be either/or. This person is multi-modality, so it could be someone who does strength, bikes, bootcamps, strength or whatever it may be. It might not be a total walk away, but it could be something where this person needs to take significant time off to focus on themselves and think about what they need as a person.

It’s coming in hot, Erica.

We didn’t even get past the recap and she’s dropping down.

A lot happened.

We should also say that she predicted lots of babies, and we had lots of babies.

You were right about that. We have a baby boom out there.

A lot of babies.

I feel like there was something else that you had said that was scary accurate. I can’t remember what it was. You’ve gotten so many big things right that I’m like, “That’s weird.” It’s so funny because at the time you think like, “That’s such a long shot,” or, “Of course, there’s going to be children. All these people got married and we have all these women in their twenties.” You can look at it that way, but you were so specific about it was going to be a lot. In the Daniel thing, you were so specific that it’s going to be a male. There’s going to be a disagreement. A lot of times, when people leave a company you assume there’s a disagreement, but this one has become very public very quickly.

The whole Daniel thing has. It’s something that I feel like a lot of people still haven’t gotten over and I don’t think they will. There are people who might have even left Peloton because they were upset about it. I don’t know.

We were going to the same place. Do you have any more thoughts or predictions on that issue especially since it’s legally contentious?

Yes, which is so extremely weird. I had a dream about Daniel last night.

Is this a dream you can tell us or is it weird?

It was fine. It was one of those dreams that were happening. It was supposed to be happening in a hospital. I’m also a nurse, but I’m not working at the moment as a nurse, but I was working as a nurse. It was in labor and delivery, which is all about rebirth and new beginnings. To me, that’s what I would think about with that dream.

He was in it, but at the same time that it was a hospital, it was also a college dormitory and he was with two other people and they were in a band together. That makes me think of the total pinnacle of energy, which is working together, coming together with a couple of other people, and making it big. I do see him having a comeback. Maybe sometime this summer or it could even be before. I don’t think he will be coming back to work at Peloton, but it could be a comeback where he wins whatever it is going on with Peloton or maybe a comeback for him in a different area of his life, whether it’s photography, fitness or whatever it is where he makes it big and he’s super happy.

That would be fantastic. I hope that turns out as a good thing for Daniel. I also hope selfishly that means that it’s still a good thing for Peloton. I don’t want it to be one or the other.

I don’t think that it’s going to break Peloton down either way, but I do see him being satisfied and coming off of the whole thing with being in a good vibe in a good place. I still think mentally that he’s not. He was broken and all the feels.

What about, other instructors? Do you have any feelings or things that are coming up for Robin and all this Web3 stuff? I have seen a lot of negative reactions to that, but it seems to be getting a lot of attention. I’m curious if you have any reading on that.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


It’s so weird that you say that. Since we started, all I was getting was big Virgo energy. As we know, big Virgo energy, that’s her. For you to say that to me magnifies that there is something coming into fruition with that whole thing. What it is? Let’s ask tarot and we can go from there.

Here’s my guess. She’s skipping Web3. She’s going straight to Web4. She doesn’t have time for this Web3.

Robin ruled Peloton, but I feel like in her mind right now, she doesn’t feel that way. She doesn’t feel like she has everything at her arm’s length. She’s got so many things outside of the company that is weighing on her. She keeps it cool and she keeps all her other worries. I do think that there’s another child in the cards for her. I think that’s what she is constantly thinking about. I think she does want another baby. I think that’s going to happen. That might not happen within the next year.

I do see some troubles, but she is going to follow through with that. There are two things right now that she wants and that’s one of them. The other one is all this other extra stuff that’s going on, and it’s going to have to be almost like a decision between the two. Right now, I don’t know how much more recognition all this other outside stuff is going to get her, but something else is going to tap through. I think there’s going to be something else. I don’t think that she’s going to get caught up in the whole Web3 that she’s doing. I think she’s going to have so many other things to concentrate on, is what I’m trying to say.

It’s going to be there. It’s going to be a thing that happens, but it’s not going to be the sole focus for her. She’s got too many other important things going on.

Exactly. More things are going to come along for her that is going to be important that she’s going to need to pay attention to and try to stick with. All the other stuff might fall through, but I don’t think it’s going to be as crazy and big as people are thinking about it being. I think she does have a lot on her mind. I think that she hides it well.

That makes sense. You can’t have all of the irons in the fire that she does and not have a lot on your mind. It would be very difficult to not let that show. That’s a lot of pressure.

We might see her plate being a little bit more full as the year goes on. As 2023 starts rolling, we might start to see maybe she’s not teaching as many classes or maybe she’s cutting back a little bit because there are other things that she’s trying to concentrate on. She’s still going to be there. She’s still going to be present. She’s still going to be Robin, but we might see her not doing classes all the time. She still will be there. There will be other news for her, like other things coming up.

We have had three major changes to the tread instructor lineup. Do you feel like there are more changes to the instructor lineups, either new instructors or existing instructors adding to what they already do?

I honestly think that for the instructors that are there, some will be coming to the tread. I don’t know why I keep on thinking that Tunde will eventually get there. I already know that there’s going to be London people that are going to the tread. I feel Ben will be at the tread by May. I see Tunde. There was a whole week. There’s a new instructor. There might be a new tread instructor. I was like, “I feel like it’s Tunde energy.” I have been totally vibing her and her energy is super contagious. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get her up there too within the next year.

Tom, do you have any questions? What are you thinking about?

We are wondering. The company in general, it’s been a rough couple of years. What’s 2023 looking like? Is it more the same, better or worse?

I don’t know if a lot of people feel that way, Barry is very intimidating to me. I feel like a lot of the instructors are getting that vibe too. I feel that he intimidates them too. Whether when he’s at the studio, they might not be themselves or whatever. I feel like there’s somebody new that’s going to come in, whether he’s there or not, that’s going to be the knight and shining armor that’s going to make everybody feel more comfortable and accepted.

I feel like there are a lot of people under more stress now than in the past. I feel like there is going to be somebody else that’s going to come in. I want to say maybe around March 2023. As I said, whether they are there together and this person’s going to also help with everything or level Barry out or whatever they are going to do. I feel like this is going to put more of the instructors at ease, the PAs, and everyone there.

As for the company and how it’s going to do financially and money-wise, I feel like there are lots of things. As with any job that we have or people have, there are things that go on behind the scenes that we don’t know. Instructors have all sorts of feelings. I’m sure there are people who clash with certain people, but I feel like there’s a lot of healing that needs to go on. I feel like there are a lot of different groups. They are probably all friends as a whole, but I feel like there are different groups. It’s like when you are in college or high school, you have different friend groups. I feel like there are certain groups that need a little bit more healing than others if that makes sense.

Do you mean throughout the company or do you mean specifically instructors?

I feel like the instructors. I feel like there are some that feel that they are getting treated unfairly and that other people shine a little bit brighter. There’s a lot of healing that has to happen in 2023. There’s going to be somebody else who’s coming in that’s going to bring everybody together and help everybody’s needs because I feel like people’s needs aren’t being met.

I feel that instructor-wise. Whether it’s because they don’t feel loved the way that they need to feel. That’s the vibe I’m getting. Whether it’s made known to us or whether we are kept in the dust about it, you might see more of an appreciation. They are all happy now whether it’s on social media or they are doing a class, but you may see more of a positive vibe come March 2023 with them.

Here’s a good one. Do you have any feel about Homecoming? Do you think it’s going to be in person this year or is it going to remain virtual?

I think that Homecoming is going to be a celebration, whether it’s virtual or in person. However, I do feel like it might be an invite-type thing only. Right now, I feel like as we are talking, they are trying to work this all out because a lot of people look forward to this and they think, “Since everybody is in the studio now, could it happen?”

I feel like they have a lot of stuff to work out before they make that call. I feel that it’s a good chance that it will happen, but it might be something where it’s an invite thing only. They are taking certain people and to certain classes. They are inviting certain people like they will send an invite to people who take all of Jenn Sherman’s classes and love Jenn Sherman. Those people might get a certain invite to take her classes during Homecoming. They might separate things so it’s not like it was in the past when there were big crowds and stuff like that.

I could see that. That makes sense, some invite-only thing. They have been doing that a lot with the different rides like the Cody LOL thing and the Lizzo ride. There was something else that they did that for. It was another musician that was in the studio.

Babyface. I went on that ride.

You were in that?

Yes, I was in the Babyface ride.

How fun.

It was really fun. I took Adrian’s class before, and I’m going to say it, it was even better than the Babyface ride.

Did you know you were going to get an invite before they did?

It was weird. I got an invite two weeks before it happened. It was a Wednesday evening and they were like, “You’re invited to Babyface ride.” I’m like, “I’m going.” We went and Adrian’s class was maybe two and a half or three hours before that, so I saw it was waitlisted. On my way to New York, I’m like, “Let’s jump on the waitlist,” and I got in. I ended up getting to take his class too and then Andy Speer’s the next day, which is awesome.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


Good for you. That’s great. That’s how you do it. People are stressed about that. On that note, do you see people changing how they feel or Peloton changing how they approach these live rides? It has been a source of constant conversations about how difficult it is to get in. I had somebody at my regular job reach out to me and ask me if I had any ability to get one of their clients into a ride like I could somehow pull that off.

They do that to me too. They will see social media stuff at me in the studio. I’m like, “I do as everybody else does. I get waitlisted or I try to get on.” It is what it is. I think there are going to be more changes, to be honest. I think that’s another thing that they are trying to figure out as a whole at the company of how they are going to go about this.

There are people who I feel do take advantage of this stuff. They are taking 7 or 8 classes a day. They are getting all these classes. I think that they are going to be a little bit more selective and maybe go by milestones. If Adrian Williams is your instructor and you take all his classes, you might end up getting an invite to his class. I think that they are going to keep changing it up. They might add an extra day to the studio. I feel like we could see a Thursday too in the future or them tagging on a Thursday to do classes or maybe even group classes. We have Selena Squad or all those different squads where they might take certain groups and get them into a class.

That would be nice. What else, Tom? What are you thinking?

Do you think we’ll see any new equipment?

They are always going to come up with something. I do think that we are going to see new equipment. I don’t think it’s going to be anything crazy right now. It might be more things with the whole strength component and stuff like that. I do think that a year from now like if we do a 2024 episode, I do think that there is going to be another big component that comes out. Something like the rower. As of right now, it’s going to be little small things and more things happening in the studio or happening with invites or with special guests coming into classes. We had Lizzo, Babyface and Mariah. I bet you Mariah Carey comes into one of the classes that they have.

That’d be cool. That makes sense. They’re more focused on the content.

We have LOL Cody. They may do another series like that. They are going to try to hype everybody up with that and hype everybody up with the whole invite thing. I think that they also are doing that because they are trying to give more people a chance to get to the studio and to take away from all that stress from having to wait online too.

You got to give people more than a week or two weeks’ notice though. People who live far away can’t just drop everything and run to the studio.

I live four and a half hours. If I was in a car right away, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. I do think they will take that into consideration and on that note, monitor the guests that live farther away and be like, “We have so and so coming up and maybe give them more of a heads up in the near future.” I don’t know why I’m getting September and I know it’s far away because we passed September, but I feel like September 2023 coming up like the fall is going to be big. It might be big with members like more people meeting up. I see something happening that’s fun.

It is around the time. Isn’t that whenever they do the New York City Marathon? No. That’s November.

Maybe they will make it like a school and we’ll have Homecoming in the fall and a Prom in May.

As long as I can go with Adrian Williams, I’m totally fine with that. I do think that there’s going to be more love interest. I see RK and Andy. I don’t know whether they are going to get engaged soon or whatever, but I feel like they are good. I see them getting more invested in each other, whether they are moving in together. I know they live in the same building. I know they are going on vacation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops the question. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s relationships with instructors, but you might see more people with their significant other and talking more about that stuff because we don’t see that a lot with like Denis or Adrian. We don’t see their girlfriends, but I think that as the year progresses, there might be more weddings. Matt Wilpers is going to get married. I had said that he was going to get married in February, and then one of my good friends told me, “He’s getting married in February.” I was like, “There we go.”

What kind of weirdo gets married in February?

They’ll probably get married on the top of a ski slope.

He would, and then they say their vows as they swoosh down.

Coming down, and then they are going to go do a triathlon.

Do you think we’ll see any push into new markets or are they sticking with the countries that they are in?

If they do add more stuff with countries, they are going to do what they are doing in England right now where they have the German instructors there. I do think they might add some more country-type things. Peloton might go to different countries. I don’t know why I was thinking of Singapore. I don’t know about China. I don’t know if they are going to have instructors come from other countries around there and teach. I don’t think they would open a studio there. They would use either/or the New York-based studio or London. I keep seeing LA and California. I don’t know if they are going to open a studio there or have some space there for instructors to instruct there in the future.

You are going to make people’s heads explode with that. People wanted that for years.

It might not be something that happens until a year from now. It might not be like a New York studio. It might be like some of these instructors are in California and we have the studio there. Kendall is a big West Coast person, so maybe she’ll end up down back there. I don’t know. I see something on the West Coast happening too.

It’s not necessarily a true studio, but a place like the one they built out for Cody so that he could do rides from there. You are visualizing something that’s more like not something that the public interacts with, but they can do classes from there.

Exactly. I do see though that sometime in the spring, there is a little issue with money for Peloton. Whether they are nervous about money. They are raising their prices a little bit more, whether it’s with the app or it was what it is. I do see that subsiding by the fall. I see somebody else is coming in that’s going to have more ideas around finance and around financial stuff, and be able to work with whether it’s the instructors, people at the studio working there, or production assistants. I feel that around April or May. There might be a little bit of an issue with finances.

What else has been on your mind? What’s been on your radar that we haven’t asked about?

I was like they are going to do a Mariah Carey thing and they did. With the whole holiday thing, a lot of people thought that. I do think there are instructors that are unhappy right now and that there are things going on behind the scene, and that corporate is trying to work with them and give them a little bit of a pull of what they want. I think that there are other opportunities for them.

In my mind, that’s why we are seeing things like the LOL Cody because they are trying to scratch that itch.

I don’t think he’s happy. I think there are other things that he has at his fingertips. I think that where he is right now is his place or home where he feels safe, where his friends are, and what he loves. I think he’s going through a little bit of like, “What am I like? Where do I belong,” type of deal.

I get that. I also wonder what comes next. Can you be a fitness instructor for 30 years? Probably not. He’s probably trying to figure out what the next chapter looks like.

TCO 289 | Peloton Predictions


You have to strike while the iron is hot.

I do think there are instructors that see that. They have been there for a long time and that’s on their mind right now. I think that they are in touch with other companies. I think there are instructors within the next few years that will leave that has been there for a long time because you can only teach fitness and do that for so long. Sometimes you need to go into something else because as we get older, it’s harder. It’s harder to have that same job.

I do see in the next few years people leaving and newer and younger instructors coming on. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were some instructors that have been there for so long that left but ended turning up doing management and that type of stuff, which will be better in the long run for the instructors there now, for the community, and for Peloton itself.

I have one more question related to that. I have felt that we are coming up to a time period where we are going to see Jenn Sherman retire. Are you feeling that?

A little bit. I think within the next two and half years. Christine maybe. I think there are other things for them that are more important right now. They have things going on in their personal life. Things that they want to do that they feel like what they have been doing for so long being an instructor. It’s like it might be that time to move on to the next adventure in their life.

I think that there are going to be opportunities for more money. Once again, right now, behind the scenes, they are working on all that stuff. They are planting that seed to be like, “What is the next step for me?” I do see not all of them, but some of them, maybe 1 or 2 that will eventually be sticking with the company and making it that much better.

Last question and then we’ll wrap up. I’m curious, over the next year, what do you see for the company?

All good things. Don’t be scared. I think that The Clip Out is going to do great. It’s at the point now where it’s on fire. Every person that hasn’t listened to you guys is all of a sudden listening and they’re like, “Oh my gosh.” I messaged you Crystal a couple of months ago that I had a dream about you being in New York in cahoots with stuff with the company for working with them.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you guys do more things where you are at the studio. I do think that there are people that are like, “Tom and Crystal.” I think that people want to see you more at the studio. I do think that there might be a time when you go in and you are doing work with Peloton and helping them. Maybe this spring, you might get good news about that like, “We want you guys to come in. We want you to ride.” Maybe even do an episode at the studio or something.

I like where your head is at.

We need you to work at Peloton.

You guys do a great job of giving a lot of information to the community and they appreciate that, and the community appreciates that. There might be a good opportunity for you guys in 2023.

Fingers cross. That would be nice.

I hope that happens.

Thank you so much for doing this. This is nice becoming our annual year-end wrap-up tradition. It’s nice to check in and see what we can look forward to in the coming years. Thank you very much. Before we let you go, remind everybody where they can find you and all your things.

You can find me on the leaderboard @FitMomErica, also on Instagram @FitMomErica, or on Facebook at Erica McLean.

Wonderful. Thank you.

I guess this brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online on While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel, That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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