TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton

270: Instructor Details For The Rower Emerge Plus Our Interview With Deidra McNish Brown

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton


  • Episode Description: Peloton Prophet has rower related scoop.
  • Tunde shares a flashback clip from her appearance on Deal Or No Deal.
  • Jess King had a Peloton baby shower.
  • Cody Rigsby was on NBC’s The Drink with Kate Snow.
  • Robin Arzon partners with Baby Jogger on a stroller.
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts was on KTLA discussing how yoga can improve sleep.
  • Marcel Dinkins has Top Tips for a 5K.
  • Logan Aldridge and Adrian Williams were accidentally twinning.
  • We have updates on the studio layout and how to book classes.
  • More details on the latest music lawsuit.
  • Peloton filmed new scenic classes in Scotland.
  • Some Peloton stockholders can get their money back.
  • The latest Artist Series is with Muna.
  • Ben Alldis has a new challenge.
  • Birthdays: Jess Sims (8/5), Alex Toussaint (8/6), Olivia Amato (8/8), Christine D’Ercole (8/11)

All this plus our interview with Deidra McNish Brown!

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Instructor Details For The Rower Emerge Plus Our Interview With Deidra McNish Brown

We are coming at you from a boat.

We are aboard the Norwegian getaway.

We made it.

We’re somewhere a couple of hours away from Puerto Rico. I say somewhere because things have gone awry.

You’ve been telling us we’re somewhere close to Puerto Rico for the last 24 hours.

We were supposed to be getting off the boat at 8:00 AM and they said, “Some stuff happened.” We skipped St. Thomas altogether. We were supposed to do that now and then go to Puerto Rico the next day. It got flip-flopped and now we’re landing in Puerto Rico, but here’s the thing. We’re going from 4:00 PM to midnight.

There’s going to be a lot of people missing the boat.

They’re going to go drink, and all the excursions are a mess. I know it sounds like I’m complaining. I’m actually not. I am super disappointed that I’m not going to be able to see the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico because we’re only landing in the Dominican Republic for two and a half hours. I’ll probably pop off the boat and look around. I have to say that after the whole Kyle fiasco, we are happy to be here. This has been an amazing trip. They take good care of you on the Norwegian.

We had a great time. It’s also interesting to be recording this because right now, we don’t know when or if you’ll actually hear this. Our thought was we bought the internet package and while it might be slow, we could upload the file, but there’s no way we can upload this file. There will be no video for this episode.

We couldn’t make it happen.

We don’t know. When we get off in Puerto Rico, we’re going to get off the boat and go hunting for WiFi.

Depending on how long that WiFi takes and when the boat leaves, we may or may not be able to get this uploaded. If you’re hearing this on Friday, then we got off the boat and found a place. If not and you’re hearing this as a bonus episode, it happened.

This is The Clip Out Lost Episode for Patreon subscribers. You’ll know why.

I’m drinking rum and diet Coke because I got a little uptight. I have been incredibly relaxed in the last few days, and that relaxation went away. It did go toot sweet. I decided that before we record, I was going to get myself a rum and diet Coke. I don’t know if you can hear that but that is the ice rattling. If you hear me drinking, that is why.

That is my diet Pepsi and diet Pepsi.

I guess it’s rum and diet Pepsi because that’s what they have on the boat.

It’s a Pepsi boat.

They know what I asked for. Anyway, we made it onto the boat and we had a marvelous time.

What do you have in store for people?

We’re not going to have John on because we can’t reach him. It’s impossible. We’re not going to have Dr. Jenn and MetPro. I would have done all this ahead of time had I realized what was going to happen with the WiFi but I didn’t, so we’re not going to have Dr. Jenn and MetPro. You got me and Tom. That’s what you got.

We have an amazing interview with one of our amazing guests. We will still be doing that. We do have a lot of interesting information. There’s a whole bunch of stuff. We had a visit from the Peloton Prophets. We have a little scoop on the rower. We have some interesting news going on with the instructors. We have a bunch of stuff about Peloton, artists collaboration and that type of thing. There’s a lot we don’t have for this episode so bear with us.

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It’ll be a static image but it will be on YouTube. That’s Of course, our newsletter, because we throw all the links at you and stuff. You can sign up for that at That’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

The Peloton Prophet stopped by and he, she, they or it has information about the rower.

Everybody knows Adrian Williams is going to be the Peloton instructor. We know that. That’s not news. There will also be rowing bootcamps. That’s not news. Peloton does bootcamps. What you may not know is that Matt will be an instructor. We think that means Matt Wilpers. The Peloton Prophet can sometimes be a little cryptic. They said, Matt so I thought Matt Wilpers and did not think to ask a follow-up.

I’ve never heard anybody refer to Matty Maggiacomo as Matt.

He is Matty. We also know there will be three other instructors. They will be brand new to Peloton. They’ve already been hired. They’re already in the process of being trained. It’s in the works. We just don’t know their names officially yet.

I don’t know if Matty Maggiacomo could be a rower instructor because he’s taller than the rower.

I don’t think he’s taller than Adrian. Adrian is pretty tall.

Is he? I’ve never met Adrian.

I just looked at him on the screen. He’s in front of me. What do you want me to do? I looked at Matty too. I’ll tell you what. Gay or straight, everyone agrees that Adrian is nice to look at. I haven’t heard anyone say that he is not worth sizing up. I’m just saying. At any rate, I don’t think Matty is necessarily any taller or shorter than Adrian. I feel like they’re about the same height. I haven’t met Adrian in real life so I could be wrong.

Matty seemed tall but most people seem tall to me.

What do you always call yourself?

A Shetland person.

We’re also hearing that an announcement will be coming out around Labor Day. I think that weekend is when you’re going to start seeing the rowers showing up in stores. You’re going to be able to go in and try it out. Before you make an order, you should be able to pre-order at the stores. You should be able to pre-order online. Remember, support your stores. If you want them to stay open, you need to support them. Even if you call them, you don’t have to go in. They’ll help you over the phone because they’re amazing.

Also, the Peloton Prophet has reiterated to me numerous times, this came from another source, that the rower is incredible. There is something special about this rower that people are field testing right now. We don’t know exactly what it is, but we are being told. I’ve been told this for months. There is something that differentiates this rower. It’s amazing.

It will be fascinating to see what sort of rowing breakthrough technology they’ve created. It seems people that have used it are super excited about it.

That is what we know about the rower.

Tunde had a fun clip that she shared on the gram. She shared a fun clip pre-Peloton when she made an appearance on Deal or No Deal.

Do you remember her talking about those during our interview?

I do. I had forgotten it until she showed the clip.

I believe she won, but the clip shows it. She posted it on TikTok. You’ll be able to see it whenever you get our newsletter because the link will be right there so you can watch it.

There are so many Peloton pregnant instructors. They just did one group baby shower.

Jess King posted about it. All of the moms-to-be and a whole bunch of Peloton people were there. I can’t even imagine the number of gifts that needed to be purchased.

That’s frustrating. You do five baby showers at once. That means anybody who goes there has to buy five presents. That can’t be how they did that.

Given that it was mostly instructors in the picture, I feel like they’re doing okay. I think they can handle buying five gifts. I’m just thinking. Based on the houses they now own, I’m pretty sure they’re okay.

You wouldn't just want to put a random person next to Lizzo. They had to have somebody next to her that was more chill. Click To Tweet

I thought it was more like, “Everybody who’s pregnant, there’s cake in the break room.”

They didn’t show the gifts so I don’t know that for a fact, but I feel like they probably came out okay.

Cody Rigsby was with Kate Snow on NBC. It’s called The Drink with Kate Snow.

It’s a long YouTube video. I say long not in a complaining way, but in a way to let you know that there was a whole bunch that went into this. This was a whole thing. They got together and they sat down and had dirty martinis like what we’re doing right now or one of us, and just gab, then the whole thing ended up on NBC. It’s also on YouTube. If you missed it, you can easily go find it. If you get our newsletter, that link will be coming to you. It’s a pretty long in-depth interview going all the way back to when he started in North Carolina where he grew up, and then eventually moved to New York and how he became a Peloton instructor. It’s his whole history. It’s a long in-depth interview. Good stuff.

I find it fascinating that in today’s world they have a whole segment based around drinking.

It is interesting.

We say this as you were like, “I have a rum and Coke.”

We’ve talked about this before. People don’t know how much goes into us deciding on who to be a sponsor for our show. It’s behind the scenes. If we were to have let’s say Glenfiddich become a sponsor for the show.

What is that?

That’s a whiskey. It’s scotch, I think, I don’t know. It’s a fancy drink. Everyone is laughing because they probably already know what that is. I only said Glenfiddich because it was featured in the show we watched last night. They had a bottle of the Glenfiddich.

I thought they were drinking Old Grand Dad.

What I was trying to say is if we had a sponsor like that, I think that people would complain. Not everybody. Most of our people wouldn’t, but we would have some people that would write in and say, “How dare you glorify drinking in this way and have them on a sponsor.” We would have other people that would not say a word about it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing that people would speak up about that. To your point, it is interesting that they have an entire show around drinking.

I just thought it was interesting. That’s all. Robin Arzon is partnering up yet again with another sponsor, Baby Joggers. They’re working on a jogging stroller.

Is it called Baby Jogger?

It says, “Baby Joggers Can’t-Miss Stroller Collab With Peloton Coach Robin Arzón.” That headline, by the way, was written in an SEO factory.

She posted about it and it’s going live very soon. It’s interesting to me also that the instructors have leveled up yet again because now it’s not just when the collab goes live. They talk about when they’re dropping the collab. They’re hyping up the collab dropping.

It’s like how we went from having trailers for movies to we have teaser trailers to where now we have announcements for teaser trailers. When you watch the teaser trailer, you end up having to watch an ad for the movie before you watched the teaser trailer.

Isn’t it funny? That’s a thing. That happens. In case you need a baby jogging stroller, the collaboration is going to be dropping very soon.

I don’t plan to have jogging or babies in my life anytime soon.

That’s fair.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts was on KTLA. She had some yoga poses for a restful night’s sleep. I would think laying down would be at the top of that yoga pose list.

The idea would be that you would do some yoga poses in preparation to lay down and go to sleep.

Marcel Dinkins had an Instagram post for going the distance, and tips on building endurance for your 5K.

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton


You might remember that Peloton is actually doing a program right now called Going The Distance For Your 5K. This post was meant to be in conjunction with that. It’s like in support of it and some good tips on how you can do your best. The endurance aspect of it was very prominent in these suggestions that she gave, but there are a ton of them. There are several tips.

I think building endurance is the biggest part of when you’re first starting out to run. That is the part that you need to focus on the most before you can get into the speed. I’m glad that she’s laying this out. She’s also doing a Q and A, so people could post questions on her Instagram this week, and then when she goes live, she’s going to answer those questions. It’s great that she’s helping out runners. I love that.

Tip number four was by Robin Arzon’s Baby Jogger.

If you have a baby.

It says even if you don’t have a baby.

You just take the jogger. It does add strength to the equation? You start pushing around a baby and a jogging stroller while you’re jogging, you’re going to get some added strength.

If there’s somebody slow in front of you, mow them right down. Logan Aldridge had a funny post.

I guess Logan Aldridge and Adrian Williams showed up in the studio and they both went to teach a class on the same day wearing the exact same outfit. What got me about the fact that they were twinning is that whenever they posted, they did the little heart. Each would have a heart in their hands and they looked so cute. I loved it. It just struck me. I don’t know,

We have some update scoop on the studio, what it looks like, how the process works, and how to book a class.

I’m going to begin with a few things. Number one, if you’re trying to book a class and you want to reach out to Peloton and you’re like, “I want to book a class for September,” just know they’re not going to help you just yet. They’re not going to do anything until they go live on August 19th. That weekend is their official launch, and then they will start being able to help people. Not that they’re trying to be mean, but they can’t do much just yet. That’s the official marker.

At that point, supposedly, according to the powers that be at Peloton, you are going to be able to book classes four weeks in advance now. In the past, it was literally one week. In theory, you’re now going to be able to see your classes four weeks in advance. There has been some confusion. I have heard two different reports. I have heard the classes are going to pop up 24 hours in advance of the moment they’re booking. If you have one at noon, it’s going to show up four weeks to the hour, four weeks early. I’ve also heard that they’re all going to go live at midnight Eastern time four weeks from now.

I’ve heard two different things. I’m not sure which is correct, but we’ll keep an eye on that. That is also all going to eventually be updated on the website. Right now, it still has all of the old information on how to go in and book a class. A lot of people have been asking me. You definitely have to go to the website for the studio. You need to make an account. It can be the same credentials that you use to log into everything else Peloton, but it is a separate account.

You have to go there to buy credits to be able to take classes in the studio. This is all separate from the rest of your account. My understanding is it will be $45 a class. It doesn’t matter how long it is. It’s $45 a class. That’s 20 minutes, $45 an hour, $245. I also thought it was worth mentioning that the 23rd Street studio closed several months ago. For people wondering, can you still stop by? Nope, it’s closed.

That’s if you want to look at a closed building.

It has nothing to do with Peloton anymore. The donut plant that was next door is also closed. That’s just a fun little detail. I also wanted to give you some information if you were taking a class. We’ve had several people give us some information about what the process has been like. We know that now all classes are on a 50-second delay. That’s how they’re doing the captions. We’ve talked about this before, how are they doing those captions in real-time? That’s because it’s on a delay. What’s happening in the studio is actually happening almost a full minute before we’re getting it at home. That’s interesting. That’s new. It’s not used to be like that. It’s always a live feed. It’s still alive, but now it has a delay.

The other thing that I thought was interesting is that Fred posted this amazing video that I want to share. At some point, I have to do a whole bunch of stuff with it that I don’t actually know how to do. He posted it on Facebook and you get to see how they lay out what the class is going to be. Now they tell you, “Don’t have your phones. They need to be completely on silent. They Don’t take any pictures. Don’t have any side conversations.” They go through this whole spiel and they tell you, “This is going to happen first. This is going to happen second.”It’s very different from what it used to be. It used to be you just walked in and the class started. It was not a big thing.

Now the instructor comes out. It’s like Rocky walking into the ring. Everyone is cheering. They announce it before it happens. It’s totally different. Also, another thing that’s different, back in the day when Peloton first started and they would do these classes, the people who were editing the classes would pick a frame of the picture of the instructor. They would use that as the thumbnail picture for that particular class.

That has evolved over the years. It used to just be a picture, and then they started posing on the bike in whatever class. Now, there’s a whole photo shoot that takes place before the class where they come in and they’re like, “We’re taking the thumbnail pics and the instructor poses. They take four different poses and then whoever is editing it chooses their favorite one. It’s so different from what it used to be.

It’s show business now. I’ve been saying that going back to the earliest episodes. I’m like, “They are making TV shows.”

It’s still interesting to see the evolution and to see the proof of the evolution. Also for these people who have never been to a pre-pandemic class, this is like education. This is history. They now have brand new towels that are amazing. It’s unlike what they used to be. I heard some dropped into some gym bags. I don’t know whether that’s true or not. I’ve heard maybe some did.

They also have food available. They used to only have smoothies. Now they have food. That was unclear whether or not that was only for the preview days and the special people that got invited. The locker rooms are huge. They now have ten showers in at least the men’s locker room. I got a lot of info on the men’s locker room. In case need to know there are tampons in the men’s locker room. We assume there are also tampons in the women’s locker room.

One would think.

We know there are tampons in the men’s locker room.

I know not every ride is going to be like this. For my first experience in studio, that was everything. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Click To Tweet

It’s very forward-thinking. I can’t wait to watch the complaints pour in on Yelp.

That’s on them. Apparently, the locker rooms are beautiful and unlike the 23rd studio as of yet, there are no molds in the showers. In case you care, the writing on the shampoo and conditioner was so small that people could not tell which is which without their glasses. They do have a retail studio or a retail store there but apparently, it’s tinier or at least equal to the one at 23rd Street. It’s the postage size. That is all the details.

That’s a lot of details.

We’ve got great listeners. I would say the best listeners.

The Reel Spoilers listeners are pretty good.

I’ll take our Clip Out listeners but that’s only because I don’t interact with the Reel Spoilers very often. Every once in a while I get pulled into something, but I haven’t done an episode with you guys in a long time.

It has been a bit. We can’t afford you anymore. You’re a big Peloton superstar. We have more info on the latest music lawsuit we thought these days were behind us.

We talked about this a little bit in the previous episode. We knew some very basic details like who was suing them and who they were but that was it. Did you get a chance to read this article?

I skimmed it, but it’s saying that it was basically over their use of Cypress Hill’s songs Insane in the Brain and Rap Superstar.

Whoever this article was quoting, I don’t remember who the words came from, but they were quoting somebody who was angry like, “Peloton should know better. They have been sued for this. They know better. They have not given us any permission.” In Peloton’s defense, I know that these licensing things can be convoluted. We’ve talked about this before. They may very well think they have given proper permission because it’s not like you go and pick a song, and then it’s like, “Here are the five people you need to inform.” It doesn’t work like that.

It can get very convoluted.

They may have done what they thought was crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, and then found out they didn’t loop everybody in. That’s very possible.

A lot of times, not every song from an artist is owned by the same people. You have the thing where you might think you bought a bunch of Aerosmith songs, but it turned out you bought 80% of the Aerosmith songs and then 10% are over here. Another two are over here. It’s very complicated. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out because you would think, at this point, Peloton would have this down. It is surprising because I don’t think anyone at Peloton was sitting there going, “We’ll pay for everything except Cypress Hill. They can suck it.”

In defense of Peloton, I don’t believe this was done on purpose. The way that the article is written is to suggest that they did and that they are textbook doing this on purpose. They use the word textbook in there somehow, those textbooks willful whatever, but I don’t agree.

It seems unlikely. At this point, it seems a pretty bad business model if that’s their plan.

It’s dumb and short-sighted. Peloton is a lot of things. I’m not saying they don’t ever make mistakes. To me, this seems like an innocent mistake like, “This is what we’re going to do.” As you said, it’s a business model. We’ll see. I’m sure there’s more to come on that. My guess is that one is going to end up being settled out of court.

They typically are. is reporting that Peloton is filming Scottish scenic classes.

I’m going to need you to give me the details because I can’t see your screen like I usually can. We know that these scenic classes took place because I talked about it in the previous episode, but this one gives some details on where they were filmed. I thought that maybe we could give people a little bit of background because it talks about the one where it says, “Susie did this one. John did this one.”

It says they were recorded in North-West Highlands.

It’s a beautiful area from what I understand.

Options include a 30-minute guided run through Ardverikie Estate. That one is with Susie Chan or they can check out Jon Hosking leading a 20-minute guided run through Kinloch Hourn.

They did one together, right?

Chan and Hosking also team up for a 30-minute guided hike in Glencoe as part of the new series of Scottish exercise classes.

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton

I thought that was neat. If we have any Scottish followers out there, we sure would love to hear from you. I would love to have you on the show. Please reach out to me at

Also, help us pronounce these things. I know how to pronounce Kinloch because it’s the neighborhood right next to where I grew up. That was a pretty rough one.

The Kinloch in the St. Louis area is a little rough. Probably not so much in Scotland.

Not if they’re doing scenic runs there.

I’m thinking no.

Bloomberg is reporting that some Peloton stockholders will be getting their money back.

This is a crazy story. Did you get a chance to read this one?

It says, “Barclays blunder gives some burned Peloton note holders a 1,200% boost.”

Apparently, Barclays did something that had in the paperwork that’s like whenever you redeemed it, you got it back at the actual value. The value that you bought it at regardless of what the new value was. It just so happens that it worked out in all these people’s favors that Peloton stock shit the bed. Now when they turn it in, Barclays still has to give them their money all the way at the original value. If you bought it at $160 and it’s $8 or $11 now, you still get it at $160.

You don’t necessarily make money, but you don’t lose money. You break-even. That’s the worst-case scenario.

Barclays loses but you do not.

It’s upside only as we say in the concert industry.

In case somebody somehow bought and didn’t know that from Barclays, now you do. It’s a fascinating whoopsie. Whoever wrote that probably got fired.

They are looking for work and updating the old LinkedIn.

We have a new artist series this time featuring Muna.

I have heard so many good things about this. I believe that they are EDM. We don’t listen to a lot of EDM. We’re not the demo, but the people that have posted about the series that do listen to EDM love it. They say tons and tons of good things. I did listen to a couple of the songs because Jess King posted her story on Instagram. I dig it. It’s not something I would have found on my own but I liked it. It’s very upbeat. Some EDM has no up and down emotion to it and this did. I liked it. I will probably take that series.

Ben Alldis has a new challenge for you. It’s The Best of You.

He put this challenge together and he has a whole bunch of different pieces that go into it. What is he asking people to do this month?

Probably ride their bike and stuff.

It literally says on the post.

It’s a four-week cross-training challenge, cycle, strength and stretch. It’s time to discover the best of you.

There you go, cycle, strength and stretch. You have to take a certain amount of classes.

Four workout days a week plus recovery days. It’s a very similar training approach to what Ben himself does.

Be confident in who you are. Don't let other people bring you down. Click To Tweet

I would hope. He’s telling everybody else to do it.

What he does doesn’t mean it’s what other people need to be doing. He might have different fitness goals.

That’s very fair.

It says a 50-minute overall workout time each day, including a 10-minute full-body stretch. This is a challenge just on social media so it can’t be found on the tablet. Would you like more?

I think that’s perfect.

I can read more.

Nope, we’re good.

We have a bunch of birthdays. It is a crazy town with birthdays.

Leo season has arrived.

We have Jess Sims on August 5th, which is also my son Brian’s birthday.

He’s turning 18 on a boat. He gets to have his first drink in the middle of the ocean because it’s legal here.

August 6, Alex Toussaint. Get your cards ready for August 6th. August 8th, it’s Olivia Amato.

On August 11th, Christine D’Ercole. We got Jess Sims on the 5th. August 6th, we got Alex Toussaint. August 8th, Olivia Amato and August 11th, Christine. Happy birthday to all of you and happy birthday to Brian. Now people can check out the amazing interview we did with Deidra McNish. She was actually in the studio for the Lizzo event.

This is a good one. She’s got all the details. She was on a bike in the studio as Lizzo walked in, and then she was next to her bike on the floor because Lizzo walked in.

She recorded with us while she was on her vacation in Jamaica because she’s a superstar.

It was very fitting. She recorded on hers. We recorded on ours. That seems very fair.

It’s a whole vacation episode. Enjoy.

Joining us is Deidra McNish-Brown. All our guests are special, but she is a little extra special because she was a part of the infamous Lizzo ride. We are very excited.

She was part of breaking the internet. She is part of Peloton’s history forever.

She is like, “The ride I took broke the internet. Also, Lizzo was in the class.”

Let’s back up. Deidra, when did you get involved in the Peloton world? When did that start for you?

I am a pandemic Peloton first in. I had seen Peloton before and I was interested, but it was not until the pandemic and life situations and stuff that I was like, “We are going to go ahead and we are going to get this bike.” I got my bike in February of 2021. It took a few months to get it.

You had to wait after.

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton


I was going to ask how long was it between when you pulled the trigger and when you got the bike.

They moved it up in November or December, somewhere around there. I ordered it. We were surprised that it moved up because we had a date far out and then they moved it up a little bit. We are like, “This works.”

I am curious how you ended up in the studio then because there are so many different ways you could get there to these preview rides. Were you one of the lucky people that got the email that said, “Come schedule a ride with us?”

I got an email. I know I had seen on Instagram and everywhere different people with John Mills, your group, and different groups are saying about some people were getting invitations to go. I got the email. When I got the email, it was a survey in back June. I was on Run, Lift & Live’s Clubhouse. I was like, “We’re people getting invites or was it a survey? Which one was it?” I found out that the survey was only sent to certain people and then it got exposed by other avenues, and everybody started filling out the survey. It was like, “I do not know if I am going to have a chance anymore because I do not know what this means and how it is all going to work.”

People ruined it by sending it out.

I was like, “Peloton had a system.” Whatever else got done, I did not know how that was going to mess it up. I was checking my email for a couple of weeks and then I was like, “This is probably never going to happen. I do not know what is going to happen.” I was coming home. As soon as I parked my car, for some reason, I decided to go with my emails and I see, “Peloton. You are invited to be in the studio. You have a choice to ride with Robin. You have the choice between the run with Marcel or yoga with Chelsea. Rank them in order and we will get back to you and let you know when you are confirmed.” I was like, “What?”

It was both. It was the survey and an invite.

I was like, “Okay,” but then I was not even sure because I was like, “Was this one of the dates that I filled on the survey? I am supposed to work.” I was like, “F it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Years went by when I was like, “I am not going to do this because I’m going to go to work.” I was like, “This time, who cares?” I am leaving on vacation anyway on Sunday morning. It was like, “We are going to run with this. This is perfect timing.” Now, I have to figure out how to pick what to do. I love Chelsea. I want to see her. She always gives me shout-outs when I have my yoga milestones. It would be interesting to run with Marcel but I am a little scared. I do not want to embarrass myself.

It is harder to hide on the tread than it is on the bike. I hear you.

I do not want the big embarrassment. I was like, “We going to go for Robin. Hopefully, he is not wearing yellow. We are going to go for it. We are going to put Robin, Marcel, and then Chelsea.” They were like, “We got your submission.” They sent the email back and they were like, “Later tonight, you are going to get your confirmation.” I was like, “Okay. This is crazy, but I am going to go with it.” I am waiting for the email back and then later they are like, “There has been a change. It is not going to be at 11:00 AM anymore. It is going to be at 12:00 PM.” I am like, “Whatever, I am going to take the day off anyway.” I live in Brooklyn, so I am hopping onto a train. It is not a big production for me.

I did that and then the next day, I am sitting on it because I am like, “I am not going to say anything at work.” I am like, “Let me wait.” I wanted to wait for the confirmation anyway. They said, “Okay.” I started seeing posts on Instagram that said, “It is going to be a two for one. They are doing this Lizzo artist series.” I was like, “Is that why they changed the time?” When I went back in my emails later, they said, “It is going to be a two-for-one with Robin and Cody. You are confirmed.”

During everything that went on with the pandemic, I work in healthcare and I had left healthcare for a little bit because it was too much. Cody was one of the ones that I took all the time. I was like, “I am going to go through Cody because he brightened my day.” It was a different vibe with that. I was like, “How much more exciting could this be?” I got into the studio. It is two for one. It is going to be Cody. I am like, “This is crazy.”

That was the thing. I did not realize that this was a thing that was going to be. I was talking to Moms of Peloton through Instagram as well. I was like, “This is going to be a thing. I am going to be in the studio. This is so crazy.” You did the email where you had to say, “Yes, I agree.” The first emails that we got said that we could have cell phones and everything. When I read the other emails late at night, it said no cell phones. I was like, “That is strange. I wonder what is happening there.”

It was a Thursday night when we did the Run, Lift & Live thing. She got in as waitlist from Marcel. We are talking about the COVID test because they said that we had to do rapids now. They were like, “On my email it said, because it is going to be a two-for-one ride, you have to have the rapids.” We are like, “One more instructive means you have to have the rapids?” Everyone is confused that there were different emails that were going out. I was like, “I am going to go with it. We are going to see what happens.”

It was when I was getting ready that I was like, “A lot of things seem different here. Something else might be going on.” I thought about it and then Moms of Peloton posted that she thinks Lizzo was going to be there. I was like, “I am not sure.” All the pieces started to come together so I messaged her. I was like, “You might be right because they are saying all this stuff.” I was on the train when I started seeing the posts that Cody was not going to be there because he was not feeling well. They said it was Jess Sims. I used to live for her when the Flash 15 were up.

I am not a morning person. I would get up and torture myself. I love her spirit. She seemed so sweet and so amazing. I was like, “If I cannot have Cody, Jess is awesome as well.” Who else would you want to be with? I got there. We did the whole check-in. We did the rapid and everything. Everybody is whispering. They do not know what is going to happen and think it might happen. We go into the studio and everything was amazing. The studio is beautiful. The staff was great. They were very helpful. The locker rooms and everything is amazing. We are here. We were talking to different people. We were meeting.

When we go into the studio, they make sure you lock the phones. We were carrying up phones. I locked mine away. I was like, “I was going to lock mine away, but other people are carrying theirs and everybody is taking pictures and doing Instagram lives.” They said, “We will see.” They made an announcement. They were like, “No cell phones.” We had to leave it in the lockers that were downstairs because we were in Studio 1. We file in. People started running for bikes. I was like, “I do not know. It is my first time here. I am going to pick something.” We are in. We look and we noticed that there is one bike off to the side that is empty. We are like, “Why would that bike be empty? What we are thinking has to be true. She must be coming here because why would you leave a random bike right there at the side open?”

They came in and Robin came in. They were so awesome. They greeted us, those of us that had milestones because that was my 800th ride. We got our shout-outs beforehand and they were talking to us. They were hyping us up. We got everything. They said because a lot of people were speculating, but they had pointed to that corner and said that that was the Peloton music team. I know a lot of people are like, “That man that sat next to Lizzo must have been so amazing.” They were like, “How the hell did he get that bike with two security?” In the beginning, they said they were so thankful to the Peloton music team. They pointed over there, so I assumed that everybody in that corner was part of who made it happen.

It makes sense for a couple of reasons. You would not just want to put a random person next to Lizzo. If it was me, I probably would have jumped off the bike and hugged her or something and then gotten taken away by security. They had to have somebody next to them that was more chill and is used to doing these kinds of things.

We started the ride. We started out all normal. We were talking about stuff. Jess was the ultimate fangirl as well. She is talking about different things. I noticed somebody. The person was on bike six or so that was right front and center. She started pointing and I am like, “Are we supposed to be doing it?” I am like, “I do not want to get in trouble for talking.”

They do yell at you though. If you are not supposed to be doing something and you do not want to ruin it because if you ruin it, it will not get put up forever. You have to be careful. She is totally right.

People were behind us because there was a whole bunch of staff at the side at first. They left when the rides started. I was like, “They are leaving.” All of a sudden, somebody kept coming behind me. I was like, “Am I flailing my arms too much? Am I out of my bike too much? Are they going to tell me, “You need to calm down.”? I am going to get out of here.” When I saw the Instagram, I was like, “They were filming all the reactions.” In a lot of it, you see my arm. I am having so much fun. It was so crazy.

Lizzo comes in. They were trying to make it a surprise. When people noticed and started looking over in the corner, she came in. It was overwhelming for her too. It was so crazy because even the WiFi issues that people were complaining about, a lot of people were complaining at home, afterwards, I saw the Facebook, and they were like, “It must be nice to be people who got to be there because we could not get the ride.” We were having network issues very early into the ride. I was high-fiving people in-studio and I saw people at home. I was trying to high-five them and it would cut out. It came back for a second and then it froze on us. The poor woman in bike eight, a lot of people said they saw it on the screen. Her bike would not work at all. They kept coming and reset her bike. It would not turn out. She had no metrics. She was just on a blank screen.

Lizzo is one of those people who are just meant to be a star. She could do whatever she's going to do. She just has that presence that lots of people who are famous don't have. Click To Tweet

We were there and we were doing it. They had a plan. They started with a plan. If you follow the ride, we were following a planet first, but we were all hype. We are singing along, we are dancing, we are doing that, and then we realized like everything would not come back. You could not do anything. At one point in the ride, Robin was like, “You are going to do whatever is making you feel good right now.” We realized, but we were so hyped too, that we did not really realize.

At one point, we see Jess and Robin out of their bikes. We are like, “Maybe we should get out of our bikes.” We are sitting and we are like, “Maybe I should crank this.” It was so much fun. It was crazy. At one point, I looked down at my watch, I was like, “We are 28 minutes in.” I tried to look at the clock that they have above them. That was off too. It was like, “No classes found.”

Everything was down. I understand that people at home did not know what was happening, but we had nothing in-studio either. The person next to me, her leader board had her, of the class of us, at 21 with 60 out the entire ride. It never changed. I was looking for metrics. I was like, “You are 170 out, but why are you still here?” We were trying to figure out what was happening.

What was weird from a perspective of I was taking it live and I did not get kicked out, but I realized I was so pumped up on adrenaline. I thought I just was not listening to the cues. I thought they were saying it and I was not hearing them. I am pretty sure I spent over 20 minutes at 50 resistance because, at some point, they said 50 resistance. I just stayed and I was going so hard.

I am in at the saddle at 50. I was like, “Maybe we should have been standing up at this point.” After the listening game, they were like, “Whatever.” I was even looking in the reflection that you used to be able to see this. They do not have that much of a privacy setting on their screens. You used to be able to see something. There was nothing on their screens. You saw them look down, but that shows you how awesome they were too because they just kept going. They stop and be like, “We do not know what to do.” Everybody was singing along and dancing.

All of us were like, “We are 28 minutes in?” Even the cool down, you could see, was very abrupt. It was so fun. You did not realize that half an hour went by and I was like, “I know not every ride is going to be like this, but for my first experience in-studio, that was everything. I could not have asked for anything more.” It was so amazing.

You might as well never go again.

You will never top that experience ever. I do not think the top of the experience and I was not there. I cannot even imagine. I have been telling people that we have a friend who just got a bike. He has known about Peloton since we have had it. He was on his way back on episode five. He tried out the bike and he was like, “Not that impressed.” Now he is in love with Peloton. He is taking his first rides. He got it on Friday. I was like, “Do not take this ride first. You cannot. There is no going up from here. There is nothing better. Whatever you do, take a whole bunch of other classes before you circle back around to this one.”

I know it is unmatched because even in any of the other rides, you have never had that level of explosive energy. Everybody was so nice. I ended up hanging out in the studio for a whole other hour and a half afterwards, talking to people, and meeting different people that I have seen on Instagram.

You had a mini HRI. That is what you did. That is awesome. Did they just whisk her away whenever the class was over?

When the class was over, they had her go off to the side. They told us to wait for a little bit. When we went out to line up, they said, “Ware going to take the pictures of you.” They take the pictures and then they email like, “This was the class.” You can find your own picture, but I had heard from other people who went to the Ally and other preview rides that they just handed their phones. The people behind them are like, “Get some pictures of just me.” You want to do that.

The person in front of me, I was like, “Get your phone out of the locker. I will take pictures of other people.” They did not have a problem with it. I was like, “We will pass it back and forth. We will hook each other up. Do not worry about it.” We did not see Lizzo after that, but Robin and Jess came. I had even seen when Robin’s husband first came into the studio because I was like, “He is here. How is it going?” It was his 12th month and 50th ride. He was there for that. I was like, “This is cool. I wonder who else?” I know with Ally’s, Emma came in, her husband came in, and different people were there. I was like, “We will see what happens with it.”

After they had their moment in the back, I think when they filmed that they crashed the whole platform. They came out and took pictures with us. I know a lot of people were asking about the woman in the green sports bra. She had a conversation with them. They had different conversations. I will admit I was stuck on stupid. It was like, “I have seen them. I do not want to be the cornball in my phone and take up so much time.” I am just like, “Hi.”

I do not know about you, but when I get up there, I have nothing to say. I am just like, “I love you.” That is all I can think of. “I am a huge fan. Thank you for all you do.” That is all I have to say. I do not know what else to say.

I was like, “I do not know what else I could even say at this moment.” It was like, “Hi, thank you.” I was like, “Maybe I should have said something about how they helped me through it.” I was just stuck on stupid.

As someone who runs meet and greets as part of his job because I book concerts for a living, so I am the guy that runs the meet and greets when the bands are doing them, I have never seen anyone go up and say anything that was amazing. I have never watched somebody go up and say something and be like, “I should file that away. I should repurpose that.”

There is no perfect opening line.

We did not realize how we had crashed everything. The people who were there from Marcel’s ride ended up on the line. It was a long line for pictures. She was like, “Everything is down.” They pushed Marcel’s class. They told everybody that was going to be in that class and just come take photos with Robin and Jess. You try to be mindful of the time and everything. They all got that opportunity. That is another reason I spent so much time just hanging out there because people kept pushing the time. I saw that on Facebook where people were complaining like, “The run keeps getting pushed. I do not know if is going to happen. They keep changing the schedule. What the hell is happening?

They kept it cool. Even when you finish and when you go right after you come out of the rooms, they have a little sitting area and they had these amazing fresh juices that they had for you. They had vegan cookies and regular cookies. They had wraps and gluten-free sandwiches. You got little swag bags and everything. They had stuff set up there for you. It was not like other places like, “Ma’am, you got to go. Your time is up. Get the hell out of here.” They were just like, “If you want to hang out, we do not care.” A bunch of members just sat there and we just talked.

What was in the swag bag? You got to tell us. We got to know.

We got a running/cycling hat that my husband has now claimed. We got one of the run belts, like a really thin waist run belt. There was a two-pack of towels. I know those were the main things. It is a nice little Peloton bag that I have at home that I am going to cherish. It was very nice. I was not expecting this much stuff because you have gone to other places like you came for a class. It is what it is. It was nice because even when you came in, they asked you if you had water. I was like, “I brought water,” because I did not want to expect too much. They were like, “You can get bottles of water.”

They had nice towels and they leave the towns on the bike for you. You do not have to be worrying about it. Anything that you really need, they have. You are not worrying about like, “I forgot to bring this.” The locker room has Bobby pins, Q-tips, scrunchies, and everything that you would need so you are prepared.

You had pretty much the most perfect first experience in the studio ever. That is amazing.

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton


This might be a dumb question given your excitement level, but were you already a Lizzo fan? Did you like her?

I was a Lizzo fan. I remember watching her even when she went on like Ellen and stuff back in the day and was saying that she has been working her way up. People doubt big girls, but I was not one of the fanatics that were going to run her down. I have been watching her. I have seen her stuff and I am like, “She is awesome.” Even when she was running on the tread before and she was not really affiliated with Peloton, she was like, “I can sing and run on the treadmill too. I am doing it.” I have seen her do different things. I know she used to workout sometimes with Shante from Beach Body.

I have seen all those different things. I was like, “I like her. She is awesome. She is amazing.” I watched a few episodes. I did not watch all the episodes, but I did watch a few episodes with the dancers and everything. I think she is amazing. She has been doing the most to say, “Be confident in who you are and do not let other people like bring you down. Live with who you are,” with her YITTY, because that is what Robin and Jess were wearing as well.

Thank God somebody else chose what Robin wore that day. That is why you did not get the yellow. I am truly jealous. I cannot imagine the excitement of not expecting that and then walking in and having that happen. It is one of those things that even if they have other artists in the studio, at some point, it will never match that because nobody saw it coming. It was funny because I had seen the rumors that she was going to be there. I was going to be on the right either way. It was two minutes into the class and nothing had happened. I messaged him. I was like, “Maybe it is not happening.” I hit send and then she came in. In my house, I started screaming.

I was at work and I heard her scream. I thought I was in trouble.

You said that was your 800th ride. Did they do a shout-out for you at the very beginning of class before it was recorded?

Before it was recorded, they went through and gave birthday shout-outs and they did milestone shout-outs as well. I figured they knew they were not going to because that was the whole thing. When I was even planning my rides, at first, I was going to do it with Tunde because she had 45 minutes. I was like, “That is more than enough time that maybe I can get a shout-out in that one.” When I got the invite, I was like, “Do I want to like stack a few others or do I want to wait? If I do get in, it would be awesome to have that as my like milestone as well.” Everything is wrapped in one.

Just to recap, you had a milestone in the studio. You got pictures with Jess and Robin. You got to hang out with everybody who is taking the run class with Marcel and you got to take a class with freaking Lizzo. That is so fantastic. We need to tell people too that not only are you getting up early in the morning to record this with us, but you are doing it from Jamaica on your vacation. You are all around pretty amazing.

That is one another thing. I was like, “This is happening two days before I am getting on a plane.” I was literally on a plane. I think I messaged you from the plane when you reached out to me. I was like, “I am actually like on my flight right now. We left at 6:00 in the morning.” This is the last day of at-home time with the family and then we are going to the resort. It is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. Everything is wrapped all up in one. It could not be any better. It is amazing.

I’m happy for you.

If you have never seen her live, you should. She is amazing.

We did get to go see her live. We got to see Lizzo live before she went on stadium tours. It was before the pandemic started.

She was playing at a club in town. It seats 1,500 people.

We were fairly close. We were not too much further away from her than you were on your bike because of how small the club was.

It was great. I remember saying to Crystal afterwards, I was like, “There is a handful of times that you see an artist as they are blowing up.” The closest thing I can think of it felt like seeing Nirvana in ’92. It is a totally different genre of music, but just the feel.

Some people have that magical presence though. I feel like Lizzo is one of those people. She is just meant to be a star. Whatever she is going to do, she has that presence. There are lots of people who are famous that do not have that presence, but some people have it. It is amazing.

Anybody came to the boat with her and her energy and her smile. I noticed when she came in, a smile. People were saying that they were not even fans of hers. After that, they were like, “We have to listen to her. We have to do this. We can’t not be a fan of hers.”

Not being a fan of Lizzo is like not being a fan of Santa Claus.

She just spread so much joy and happiness. I seriously do not know how a person could not like Lizzo. I do not understand. I think she is the best thing ever. I remember whenever Peloton did their original artist series with her, I legit had no idea who she was because I am old. I was like, “I will just take the class because you never know.” I was instantly a super fan. I listened to all of her albums. That was back then in 2020 and 2019. I listened to it on repeat a billion times because I loved it so much.

I had to scramble to figure out how to get tickets for a club show that had been sold out for nine months.

Deidra, tell everybody your leaderboard name so they can stalk you in case you get another Lizzo appearance.

I am Reggae Flava.

What do you have planned for the rest of your vacation besides your amazing anniversary?

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton


At this point, I am just hoping to relax because I have to deal with some other stuff here. I have not been down since the pandemic. I had some things to sort out and that was stressful. I am going to hope that I can actually relax and take it easy and hopefully, pass off my children and my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law for a little bit. That is the best part.

If you have to have in-laws, put them to use.

It is an anniversary present. They can do that for your anniversary.

If you cannot relax in Jamaica, you are physically incapable of relaxation.

It has been a rough time because like I said, I was in health care. It was a lot since the pandemic.

I cannot even imagine the stress level. I am sorry.

Things happen. We had situations, but it was nice to come back and see where I spent lots of my time as a child and reconnect a bit.

It feels like the universe paying you back a little bit. You got all this cool stuff in one week, so that is pretty cool.

It is like a whirlwind. My mind still cannot wrap around how much stuff has happened in such a short period of time.

Now you get to be on The Clip Out.

That pretty much tops it all off.

I am set for life.

I totally know what you mean though about whenever things happen in rapid succession. It is almost like your brain needs more time to process than your body does. It will probably take a little bit. Hopefully, lots of people did get recordings. At least, you have those videos that Peloton took.

Somebody snuck in a phone because there is footage out there.

I think that was Peloton. Peloton did that.

When I was waving, I was like, “Are they coming to tell me like that I should stop?” They kept passing behind. I was like, “What are they doing?” At one point, I heard a thud because they put a box or something to stand on to get a higher shot. I was like, “That is what is happening. Okay.” You just feel somebody keep coming behind you. I am like, “What is happening?” That is what it was. I even told John because he was like, “Somebody got hurt.” I was like, “It was the staff.” We did not realize that that is what they were doing it for because they do not tell you anything. You are just in there.

Is there anything else that you want to share with people at home before we let you go?

It was an amazing experience. I know a lot of people because a lot of back and forth like, “Peloton needs to get it together. They got to figure it out.” There are a lot of kinks in the system because I saw that they opened for preview rides. I was trying like, “Let me.” It says book and then everything says full. You keep trying to click. They got to work through it, but they have their process. Let’s just respect it and not go off the deep end. I know we are all eager. I know some people are going to be like, “It is easy for you to say because you got chosen.” You have to leave it alone.

TCO 270 | Lizzo Peloton

I did the survey. If it happens, it happens. It came up and it was meant to be for me. We will see who else it is meant to be for and give it some time. We will work it out. I know I am also a different story because I live in the city, I live in New York. It is a 30-minute train ride from me when other people want to plan trips. We just got to let them work it out and have a little faith in them and give them a chance. They are trying.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day and your vacation to join us. We greatly appreciate it. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you in all the places if you would like to be found.

My Instagram is also @ReggaeFlava, but that is my personal Instagram as well. I do not do crazy amounts of posts there because I have my business one.

Thank you so much for sharing your Lizzo story with us. It was a blast.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. Have a good one.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can we find you?

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