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219: Ben Alldis & Leanne Hainsby Get Engaged plus our interview with Cathy Huff

TCO 219 | Community


Equinox and SoulCycle make vaccines mandatory for studio usage.

John Mills joins us to discuss Seeking Alpha’s bullish long-term take on Peloton.

The next earnings call is scheduled for August 26.

Dr. Jenn – How to keep going during a tough workout.

Cody Rigsby address “ButtFart”-gate.

The 3 free months for Tread owners are almost over.

Peloton recommits to being anti-racist.

Peloton is advertising in unique ways with the Yankees.

People Magazine features a woman who transformed herself using only the app.

Angelo joins us to discuss the best way to change habits.

Ally Love got married last weekend.

Callie Gullickson also got married last weekend.

Ben & Leanne are engaged.

Jayvee Nava also got engaged.

Hannah Frankson’s mom was name Cancer Nurse of the Year.

Robin Arzon posted pics from a new Peloton photo shoot.

Peloton released a Golf capsule collection.

Kristin McGee did an IG Live with Venus Williams.

Lots of birthdays this week – Alex Toussaint (8/6), Olivia Amato (8/8), Christine D’Ercole (8/11)

All this plus our interview with Cathy Huff!

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Ben Alldis & Leanne Hainsby Get Engaged plus our interview with Cathy Huff

Colonoscopy achievement unlocked and I do mean unlocked.

That was an interesting experience.

I’m on the five-year plan. I get to relive this again in five years.

You just had the one little guy in there. That didn’t sound quite like I intended it.

I lost 7 pounds overnight.

It turns out your digestive tract is heavy.

I don’t know. I haven’t weighed other people. Maybe that’s standard. I’ve always wondered how much is in there. Now I know it’s 7 pounds.

Do you want to tell everybody how much you gained the next day?

No, I don’t. I took a cheat day. It was a pretty aggressive cheat day. I put back on 10 pounds, but I’m right back to where I was. Everything’s okay. I took a day and went right back to what I’d been doing. Now I’m back within half a pound of where I was. Everything is copacetic. There’s way more than everyone wanted to know about my digestive tract.

This is your public service announcement. You go get your colonoscopy.

It’s totally not a big deal.

The most difficult part was truly the prep.

You sleep through the other parts. You’re all worried about are you going to be embarrassed or whatever. You then lay like conky on the head and you’re knocked out, and then you wake up.

That was funny. Tom, as it turns out, has never done drugs of any kind.

I’ve never even smoked pot.

He has never been knocked out before.

I’ve never had surgery. I say my body is in new condition.

TCO 219 | CommunityHe’s not joking. They roll him back into the room. He opens his eyes and he’s like, “Hi.” The nurse introduces herself and says, “Hi, my name is Brittany. I will be your recovery nurse.” Tom, without missing a beat says, “I’m so glad you’re free.” I look at the nurse and I’m like, “What is he talking about?” She says, “I guess he means the free Brittany thing.”

I was like, “She’s Brittany, bitch.”

He said it just like that, then closed his eyes and went back to dosing.

When I say it’s a tick and I can’t help it, I’m hard-wired this way.

He’s not just saying that. That was fun. I don’t think there were any good stories of me when I’ve woken up from any kind of surgery.

You’re just groggy.

Tom goes right into being a comedian.

What pray tell do you have in store for people?

Apparently love is in the air. We hear so many love stories. There’s so much to cover. Also, we’re going to talk about Peloton from a stock perspective. We’re going to do that with John Mills. We had Dr. Jenn stopped by and she is going to talk to us about habits that we want to work on. We also had MetPro stop by and they are going to talk to us about when you change your habits, should it be one at a time or do everything at once and why, whatever the answer to that is. There’s also instructor news galore.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget, we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts, you can find us. You can also find us on the Facebook at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. I forgot to say, when you’re getting your podcast from your delivery system, you should leave a review for us and we have a new review. This is from A Moon Mama. It says, “The highlight of every Friday is listening to Crystal and Tom’s witty banter. They and their fun guests dish on everything Peloton. I’ve been listening since I got my bike in 2018 and especially the early episodes where they couldn’t say it right.”

I’m glad you like it because we have taken some shit over the years for that.

People need to remember when this show was launched, because we are on the cutting edge, they didn’t have TV commercials. We’ve never had those before, then people are like, “You can watch Tour de France.” No, I don’t watch Tour de France because I don’t give a shit. I don’t watch baseball. I don’t watch football. I certainly don’t watch people ride bikes.

I’m going to say that’s pretty darn boring. I know there are people who enjoy it but it’s not our thing.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small sliver of society that watches it. I don’t know bike racing jargon.

That’s all right. We know it now. We’ve grown.

Sorry, I went to a dark place.

The people who are still complaining about it have not learned. They are still crabby.

She goes on to say, “Thoughtful interviews with Peloton members who struggled with fitness, health and life hurdles, who’ve benefited from the classes and community are inspiring.” It’s a lengthy review and we appreciate it. I will also end by saying that her leaderboard name is Pedal4Joy. If you want to seek her out, that’s where you can find her.

TCO 219 | CommunityI’ve seen that leaderboard name out there. Thank you so much for the very kind review, and sorry that we took a detour to complain about people who complained.

Also, don’t forget we’re available on YouTube, You can subscribe over there and watch these episodes in HD. We have a newsletter that you can sign up for at where you’ll get all the links, pictures, and things like that sent to you in a weekly digest. There’s all that, let’s dig in, shall we?

We shall.

Joining us once again is John Mills. How’s it going?

How’s it going? What’s happening? I just worked out and it’s a good thing.

I saw that on Instagram that you were working out. You were running. I did a run too. I did a 30-minute Rock Run with Selena. Right after, I did a ten-minute warmup with Becs. I followed those up with a stretch a ten-minute stretch with Matty.

I’m supposed to do the stretch and then I don’t do the stretch.

You got to do the stretch.

We’ll start our foray into all this stuff with how COVID is relating to the world of Peloton and connected fitness. Let’s start with the fact that New York City is going to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining and fitness.

I found out that I don’t ever want to post anything about this issue ever again. People are mean about this subject. It is political and mean and I was starting a conversation. I didn’t want to start a fight. Apparently, I started a fight.

All you did is reporting. You didn’t even take a position. You’re like, “This is what’s happening.”

I’m giggling because I did the same thing, then the fight started. They’re still fighting and I started the fight.

A post from three days ago and they’re still fighting on.

America has so many different places. In New York City, they are requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining and fitness. Meanwhile, in Missouri, they made it illegal to cover your mouth when you sneeze.

It is craziness. John, I think we’re in the same place on this that you and I don’t think that Peloton is going to reopen anytime soon. I’ve been thinking Peloton is about to open and now it’s not happening.

I guess it’s about to happen. Right towards the middle of summer, it’s going to happen, then about a month or two ago, I started thinking, “I don’t think that’s happening.” Now with the whole Delta thing and these mandates, to me, that seems a little iffy. I think they would want to wait.

I’m going to play the devil’s advocate for a second. The problem you’re going to run into is that there’s never going to be an all-clear. There’s never going to be a moment. There’s never going to be a VE day where they’re like, “This is done,” or one day, we’re going to be like, “It’s been about eight months since anything happened.” I wonder if mandates like this make it easier for Peloton to open because now it’s not them making a choice. They can be like, “Be mad about it or not, these are the rules of where we’re located.” Even though I’m sure, they’re probably like, “Thank God.” People can’t get mad at Peloton now for taking the stance because the local government is going to take the heat for them.

Here’s why I think, no. I think that is not the case because there’s no upside to them opening. They only have the one studio and they can continue making classes without opening. Unlike all these other fitness studios that have to open, Peloton doesn’t need to. You’re not getting that many people in there.

It’s not about revenue. It’s about optics.

Everybody is going to be at a different point in their fitness journey. Click To Tweet

I don’t think they will because the people that go to New York to take these classes aren’t from New York. They’re from here. When I say here, I mean anywhere else besides New York. They’re not in places currently where there are mandates. People are saying things like, “I live in a free state.” I never thought I would hear those words from someone but I did. My point is that is what Peloton is up against. Why would they bother? It’s only going to start a needless debate. If a post like that starts the kinds of fights that I saw and John is seeing, Why would Peloton open the studio?

My posts are always posing some questions. It’s never just a post. Yours is just a post. I’m enticing them. I do feel a little bad. I agree with you about from the perspective of if they open, we know how it works. People are flying in from everywhere. I don’t know if you want those optics of something happens and they’re doing some contact tracing of 50 people from four different states.

Are they still doing contact tracing? I haven’t heard a story about contact tracing in a year.

I haven’t heard that either. That’s that’s true.

Do you want to have somebody get COVID and they weren’t vaccinated, and they lied about being vaccinated, then they got in? How do you require this passport thing in New York when you’re from out of state. You got to deal with that. What’s that going to look like?

That’s a good point. I know nobody’s ever ridden into this new studio. When I think of riding the studio, it goes back to the original studio because I never rode in the new one. I keep remembering sweat flying everywhere. That don’t give me the good feel.

I think a lot of people think that.

If you’re not requiring a mask, then I’m not sure how much you’re doing, if it’s just the vaccine.

Equinox and SoulCycle are going to give it the old college track.

That’s going to start. That’s interesting because they have to because they’re in New York. They’re also saying they’re doing this across the board, but they have to open their studios if they want to have that revenue. It’s much more of a revenue stream for them. I know they have their at-home bikes but we all know that they’re a very small portion of their business.

It’s not just Equinox and SoulCycle. Stephen Ross said that their related companies, the larger entity that owes them, they said any of their companies are going to have this mandate. That’s how I started this fight.

I do think this is the ghost of Christmas yet to come. You’re going to find more and more businesses that are like, “You got to be vaccinated. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, there’s going to be increasing numbers of places where you cannot partake in the future.”

I definitely think that’s where we’re headed. Whether people agree with that or not, that’s what we’re doing as a country because the way that it’s set up right now is that the businesses are the ones that have to police it. They’re going to put as little liability on themselves as possible. I was hoping we could avoid this. I was hoping that we’d get to the point where we didn’t have to deal with the Delta variants, that it didn’t happen but here we are. What’s going to be the next variant? This is just the one at the moment. Are we doing this forever? Is this our life?

It feels that way.

From a business perspective, it makes sense. As you said, they don’t want the liability. They want to be able to have the doors open. They want people to continue to come in. Regardless of your political position, from a business perspective, this all makes sense.

Moving on to less controversial topics, writes about why Peloton stock is a long-term investment you want to make. I hope they’re right because we did.

It’s a great article not just because it says what I want to hear. It is a good reason. Honestly, I feel like it’s the most well thought out money article I’ve seen in a long time. When I say money, I mean anything stock related. It talks about how Peloton had done all these things in 2020 to create more revenue streams, which is what we’ve been saying. There’s nothing shocking there. To hear it spelled out and laid out in this way, first of all, we have the United Healthcare partnership. That’s four million people. If all of them get a year of digital for free, and if even only a tiny little percentage decides they want to go and get the full access, they want to buy a bike after that year, that’s a ton of people that they snatched up just by doing that.

The indicators on this thing are cool because this is not the first time Peloton has made this partnership. There have been three other companies. One of them was Wayfair. I don’t remember the other two, but they gave them a bunch of survey questions. I feel that it has improved my fitness to something like 80%, 87%. My fitness goal was 67%. When you’re seeing from an HR perspective these kinds of numbers, there is a certainty that this is going to continue in the future. We’re going to see more companies doing this in this space.

TCO 219 | Community


I agree with all of that stuff. I also loved that they talked about how they’ve branched into wellness and gamification of the different arms. It’s broader than what they are staple or where they started. That’s what I’ve always thought. That’s going to create their longevity. It was a good article.

That’s more like the long tail of it. They’ve reached critical mass now that they can start doing these things that will set themselves up for decades in a way that these other companies are still trying to get up to speed.

People are always talking from a marketing standpoint about how to have that longevity of marketing. By getting into gaming, they’re bringing in the younger generation. That’s going to be smart. First of all, that’s everywhere right now. Second of all, to be able to bring in those kids as they’re young adults, and then they get older and they start caring about their fitness in a different way like many of us have, Peloton is there. That’s a brand they recognize so they’re going to stick with them. It’s pretty cool.

While we’re speaking of money, we should talk about the fact that the earnings call is coming up on August 26th.

Is it kind of nerdy that I wait for these dates? That’s weird.

No, because we’re with you.

I think that’s weird.

I don’t think that a self-proclaimed nerd wearing a space whatever shirt you are on can pick on us for being nerdy.

I was trying to guess, “What is the date? They haven’t announced it yet.” I’m guessing and I’m always wrong. When I get it, I marked the calendar. That’s weird.

You’re trying to see the pattern so you can predict the next one.

Have you noticed they used to be on Wednesdays and now they’re on Thursdays? I think it’s because we record on Wednesdays and they were like, “Let’s set it a day later.” They made it worse. Now it’s on Thursday. We have to do a separate segment for that. I think it has nothing to do with us. I have no idea why they’ll do that.

We’re not that important. Watch this space for when the earnings call comes out. It’ll be interesting to see.

I’m interested in the questions. I want to hear what they’re going to be asking about.

John, I’m going to have you do your money prediction. You might want to pull up your details.

I don’t even remember what I predicted.

My predictions are not financial because I leave that to John. My predictions are that we’re going to get a lot of questions about Precor. We’re going to get a lot of questions about gaming. We’re going to get questions about the supposed rower and strength information that’s coming out because we know that that is coming out in the fall, the Tiger. We’re going to hear a lot of questions about all of those things.

The tread also.

TCO 219 | CommunityThey’re going to definitely ask about the game stuff. That’s an interesting branch off into what they’ve been doing. We’re going to hear about Precor. The tread and the Tread+ and what’s going on with the fix. When is that coming?

We’re in August and there was no tread.

I can’t find my numbers. I’m horrible at looking for stuff. There are numbers out there.

Here’s how you do it, “I’m not going to tell you the numbers. You need to go to Run, Lift & Live over on Facebook if you want to see that.”

That’s the shameless plug. That’s how you do it. We’ll also recap the week that we do the earnings call. We’re going to see how close your work is since they’re in writing. No pressure.

It’s like Sylvia Browne going through your predictions to see what you got right. Thank you so much for joining us, John. Until next time, remind people where they can find you.

They can find me on my Run, Lift & Live group or page on Facebook. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive or at

Thank you.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist. She was also a five-year national team member in Rhythm and Rhythmic Gymnastics. She’s written four bestselling books including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection and Intimacy. Ladies and gentlemen and all points in between, it’s Dr. Jenn.


We have another great question for you from The Clip Out community. This one comes from Alyssa Kovarik. She says, “This is timely. My question is that I psych myself out in the middle of a hard workout. I’ll give an example from this morning,” she wanted to do a HIIT and Hills ride as her hard workout. Toward the end of the first hill section, the instructor had her take the incline to 12%. Instead of adjusting her pace as any sane person would do, she said that, not me, she wigged out and left the class. She then realized she was being stupid and started a 30-minute HIIT and Hill’s class, finishing without any issue. “How do I stay mentally focused when a workout is crazy hard?” This has always been an issue for her.

I feel like we’re going to hear about negative self-talk.

You’re onto something but before I get to that, there are a few things. One is she needs to look at what is her level physically and what are her expectations of herself. It’s very important to have goals and to continue to grow as an athlete. That is awesome. It sounds like in this instance, she was capable of doing the class and she left one class and did another, I’m curious if there was a 12-hill in that second class. What I would have recommended to her at that moment is to check in with herself. For me, when I trek on weekends, I have a long run that I do. That’s my tough workout. It’s the one I dread and look forward to at the same time.

When I’m doing my run, I always ask myself when I’m starting to peter out. I do a check-in. I asked myself, is it my endurance? Is it my muscles? Is it my mind? I find it helpful because there are times, and it’s less now, where endurance-wise, I’m not there yet. I’m pushing myself but for me to make it through this 45 minutes or this hour run, I need to pace myself better. There are other times where I check-in. I’m like, “My legs didn’t have enough recovery time from my last workout.” I got to respect that. This instructor may be doing a Hill. They may be doing a 6 incline, but I’m going to do a 3 because I got to respect my body.

There are other times where it’s my mind. The core thing is sometimes it’s exhaustion. Sometimes it’s just I didn’t get enough sleep. It was a stressful week. I’m tired. That’s the harder one. When that happens, you got to pace yourself. If you want to make it through the ride or the run, you got to pace yourself. When it’s mental, that’s when you go to changing the self-talk. I’ve talked to you guys that I have a mantra. It’s so deeply ingrained in me that I do it without even noticing it because I’ve done such a good job changing my self-talk. When I’m on the tread, my mantra is, “I’m strong, I’m light, I can do this.” When I go on my default, that is running through my head without me even thinking about it at this point because it’s so deeply ingrained.

When this person is on a ride where let’s say she’s decided, “I’m doing a HIIT and Hills ride,” first of all, she needs to mentally prepare herself. She needs to know, “There’s going to be a point in this ride where I’m going to want to give up, but I’m not going to because I know that I’m capable. I’ve done HIIT and Hills rides before. I know that my body is capable and at the same time, I’m going to evaluate.” She probably would have felt a lot better had she taken her incline down from a 12 to an 8 and stuck through the ride. She’s got to give herself the room to adjust on that.

There are a lot of times because I have some back issues where I will do a ride where the instructor says to go up a lot higher. I know that I may do it now but I’m going to regret it tomorrow. She’s got to give herself a little space to say, “Maybe if I take my 12 down to a 6 for a minute, I may be able to go back up to a 12 and be okay.” Finding that balance of respecting her body, changing her mindset, even in advance, checking in with ourselves and asking ourselves, is this my endurance? Is this my muscles? Is this my mind? Is this my exhaustion? Giving herself the room to adjust when needed and then go back up and not beat herself up can make a big difference.

Excellent suggestions. It’s almost like a checklist you have to do because your mind can play games with you. I find that a lot of times, my mind gives out long before my muscles do. Sometimes I get bored.

For me, music makes a big difference, and also changing it up. I haven’t done one of those 60-minute endurance rides or runs where you’re like rubbing at the same pace. I should probably do it for the mental strength of it. To me, that would be challenging in a different way. I also think that we have to constantly assess what is good for our body and what is our dream. I dig doing Hills. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but my back and my hips don’t agree. I have to be very mindful of how much of an incline I do and how high up I put my resistance.

The great thing about Peloton is how it has a best for each type of thing you might look for. Click To Tweet

That’s good to know. Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time. Where can people find you?

On all social media @DrJennMann, and also in InStyle Magazine, I have a weekly column called Hump Day With Dr. Jenn.

Thank you.

A controversy of sorts, so low brow that I even shake my head at it. That is saying a lot. Let’s not kid ourselves, considering we were talking about my colonoscopy at the opening of the show. I guess this is adjacent to colonoscopy. There was a leaderboard name trending in a Cody class.

I’m not exactly clear how this all started. Apparently, there was a class that a bunch of people were going to swarm on. I think this took place in the boo crew and also in the hardcore on the floor. They were going to do a swarm together and they already had a hashtag for everyone to use on the ride so everybody could find each other. Somehow this person got wrapped up in this and they had their leaderboard everywhere, which they put out there and then all these people globbed on it for some reason.

There’s somebody whose leaderboard name was ButtFart 87 or something like that. Cody calls them out like it’s a lame leaderboard name.

The reason I’m telling you all that backstory is because somebody got the impression that Cody was offended by it. They asked everybody in the group to not use that hashtag on the ride after all. They ended up doing it anyway. After the class, Cody came up on Instagram and was like, “I cannot even believe that I have to talk about this.”

He was like, “I’m not offended. I just didn’t think it was funny. I thought it was low humor.”

That’s exactly where you and I landed on. I’m not offended. I’m just like, “Grow up.”

We actually have the audio. Before we move on to our next topic, we will drop in Cody’s statement from Instagram right here, in case you missed it.

“I’m so happy to be back from vacation and joining you on the bike this evening. Peloton Community, there’s some sort of controversy of a leaderboard name that I called out. I believe it’s ButtFart87. I can’t believe I even have to address this, but I wanted to shout out that I’m not offended by it. I think it would take a lot more for me to be offended than poop humor. I just thought it was a mediocre screen name like, “Come on, do better. What are you, five?” I’m not offended in any way. Everyone needs to live their life, be okay, go drink some water, eat a nourishing meal, and figure out something else to stress about because there are a lot bigger problems in the world. I love you all. See you all tonight.”

Onto more pressing topics. There was a reminder put out by Peloton about Tread+ members.

A while back, whenever they put the kibosh on the sales of the Tread+ and the tread, if you had either of them, you got a 90-day waiver, three months to full access membership for a couple of reasons. One, because some people were not able to use it because it wasn’t in a safe room for their children or because they weren’t able to use Just Run without a full access membership anymore. Those are a couple of reasons. I’m sure there are more that Peloton decided to do that. I wanted to remind everyone as Peloton reminded me that three months is about up.

That’s interesting because they have not come out with the new tread and it’s 90 days later. We all expected it based on what Peloton had said mid to late July. I’m not sure where they are in that process, but we know we’re not going to see anything about the tread or any dates until it is approved by that committee, the SPSC or whatever they’re called. Hopefully, that will be soon, at least on the regular tread. We have a long way ahead of us for the Tread+ based on how long this one has taken.

It sure would seem that way. Plus because of everything that went down, they needed the Federal government’s approval, and the Federal government isn’t exactly known for its speed.

It’s not just the Federal government, I would say any government like local. It’s bureaucracy and it’s slow.

It’s going to be a bit.

We’re going to need some patience.

TCO 219 | Community


In 2020, Peloton launched its plan to become a more anti-racist organization and they have some updates to that.

They’ve done a ton in 2020. They have committed in 2021, effective July 1st, they are investing $60 million to increase the hourly wages of the Peloton workforce. All North American and European-based non-commissioned hourly team members are getting a $3 per hour pay increase. The starting hourly rate at Peloton is going to be $19 an hour. That’s very nice. They are also addressing their job opportunity gap by investing $20 million and a learning and development program, which is going to have a dedicated focus for the hourly teammates. It is nice because so many of those from management are hand-picked people. Sometimes, people fall through the gaps and that kind of thing.

They’re also committing to support the fight against systemic racism at the institutional level. They’re going to invest another $20 million in third-party non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause. You might remember they had donated $500,000 to the NAACP legal defense and education fund. They’re going to start with that. That’s where they started. They did this in 2020 as well but that’s going to continue. They’re going to find more programs like that and continue to donate.

They are also trying to bring fitness and health and wellness to all communities. They’re going to make their product and content more accessible to underserved communities via their digital and connected fitness platforms. In four years, it is Peloton’s goal that at least 10% of their classes are going to be streamed to and taken by members of those communities. That’s a pretty amazing goal. They commit to being a truly anti-racist organization and delivering on their robust long-term agenda of diversity and inclusion goals beginning immediately with anti-racism learning opportunities at all levels of the company. These are some of the things that they’ve been working on and will continue to work on in the future. It’s pretty cool.

Past guest and a longtime friend of the show, Gayle Fine send us this one. She thought this was interesting. It’s a new advertising platform or avenue for Peloton. She was watching the Yankees game on the Yankees network, and on the pitcher’s mound, ever so subtly, you see it says, “Peloton.”

I think that’s so creative.

Here’s what is interesting about this form of advertising in the grand scheme of the history of Peloton. It says that Peloton has reached a point where they can do advertising that’s about branding. Their product has gotten to the point that they don’t need to explain what they are. That’s rarefied air for a product. If you’re Joe’s Roofing, you got roofings in your name, but there’s just Peloton. Look at the Pepsi sign behind the home plate. It doesn’t tell you that it’s a soda. It doesn’t even tell you it’s a beverage. It just has Pepsi because they know you know what Pepsi is. They’re trying to remind you that Pepsi exists. Peloton has reached the same level as a Coke or a Pepsi or McDonald’s. That says a lot.

It does say a lot, especially when you think about how quickly they got there.

Remember the first time a Google guy was talking about something and he mentioned Peloton and he didn’t explain it. It was the first time we ever heard anybody say Peloton and did not explain it. We were caught off guard. It was only a few years ago where you couldn’t say Peloton without having to stop and explain what it is. Those days are over. I know when we talk to people that aren’t in this Peloton ecosystem about, “We have a podcast.” They say, “What it’s about?” It used to be when we said Peloton, they were like, “What the hell is that?” It was like, “Is there enough people that have Peloton that would listen to a podcast like that?” Now it’s like, “That’s smart.”

Even if it’s not their thing, they get it now. We don’t have to explain it. It’s fascinating to watch this transition in real-time.

Thank you, Gayle, for sending this up.

Gayle always finds the most unique things.

People Magazine had an interesting article about the way Peloton encroaches on all the different aspects of pop culture. This mom transformed her body through Peloton without ever getting on the bike.

She used all of the other content, I mean digital classes. She didn’t just have a Peloton bike and that’s how she transformed. It is a stunning transition. She lost quite a bit of weight after her pregnancy. It’s cool to see that we have people in People Magazine that are regular people from right here in St. Louis.

I didn’t even realize she was from St. Louis.

We should see if we can find her and have her on the show. Congrats to, I believe her name was Rachel. That’s awesome.

Joining us once again is Angelo from MetPro to answer your fitness and nutrition questions.

Thanks for having me back. It’s good to see you guys.

You too. This is going to be a doozy of a question for you. This is from Tammy Barnett, “How does one transition to healthier eating all, at once, dropping one bad habit at a time? Signed, loves bread, cheese, sweets, butter, wine, sandwiches, and eating late at night.”

Tammy, you are awesome. I love it. That is fabulous. The answer is it depends. Both strategies have merit. Here’s the circumstance with which you might consider one over the other. The first thing is you have to take an approach that will yield results. Generally speaking, I have learned the magic number of things you can change at once with efficiency and the magic number is one. You can do well. I like that strategy of small changes. Don’t get hung up like, “Angelo said I’m supposed to change one thing.” You changed one thing and you conquered that, now let’s move through that list because we got a few up still in mind. Doing one thing at a time has merit, but here’s another secret. The greatest human motivator is seeing progress. The adjustments have to be substantial enough that it keeps you motivated.

Have realistic expectations. You’re not going to change two things about your diet or go on a walk every night, then after a week, you look in the mirror and you do not recognize your shape anymore. That’s probably not going to happen, but you can see forward progress. Stick with it. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a challenge, and I’m not a psychologist by any stretch, but we used to look at your preferences and psychological disposition. Are you the type of person that thrives with a strong support system of people to do something with? Everyone falls under that category at some point. Are you the type of person who thrives because you know the why behind it?

Sometimes I’ll talk to my client and say, “Johnny, remember how we made that adjustment to your lunch last week? Now you hit the number that I wanted to see on the scale. We’re going to start those workouts this week, so we’re going to change this and here’s why,” and he eats it up because he likes to know the why behind it. There are people who don’t bother with the support, “I don’t need the high-fives. Don’t tell me why.” They just want to lay down the challenge. “If it’s not challenging me, I’m bored.” If you’re that personality type like Tom.

I’m a why guy. I’m like, “Why am I doing this?”

“Why am I getting up in the morning?” I’m the same way. I’m the why guy. If I can wrap my head around a strategy and the why behind it, I’m all in. A lot of people are like that, but then I get those type-A personalities too. I call them up on the phone and it’s not about telling them what’s in the brown rice or sweet potato that he’s eating. It’s about telling him, “Johnny, here’s what I ate for lunch. See if you can do better.” Know yourself. You’ve been in your body for a very long time. You know your personality. Find the strategy that’s going to work because the goal is longevity.

I’ll give you one last illustration of this point. Anything you do this week doesn’t matter unless it’s laying a foundation for what is sustainable a month after and a year after that. If you try and bite off more than you chew, that can backfire. If you’re not changing enough to see a result, that can backfire. Find that happy medium for you. This is where the shameless plug has to come. That’s accountability. If you have somebody that’s walking on that path with you that’s like, “We’ve been here before. I’ve seen this before. Here’s what I and countless others have done. Here’s been their response. Here’s what I’d like you to do. What do you think of this?” Finding that support and it’s human nature. When you have somebody in your corner leading you, teaching you, supporting you, and sometimes challenging, it turns into some good stuff.

Thank you very much for answering that question. Until next time, where can people find you?

Thank you.

I feel like we should be playing the theme to Love, American Style. These are going to be all love stories. We’re kicking it off with a story about Ally Love but that’s not why these are all love stories.

That’s funny. I feel like everyone already knows, but in case you missed it, Ally Love got married and it was a five-day event. I’m not exactly sure when the wedding occurred but it was in Mexico. She had quite the guest list because tons of the instructors were there. Cody, Robin, Jess Sims Emma Lovewell, Tunde, Hannah Corbin, Alex Toussaint and Denis Morton. I don’t know who all was there from the corporate side, but I do know that John Foley was there. I think everybody had a great time. There were some fun pictures posted on Instagram of the instructors like Emma Lovewell, Jess Sims, Hannah and Tunde were all working out together in one of the mornings they were there. They got some fun selfies and did some fun videos. They were riding bikes on the beach and their cadence was 5 and resistance was 3. They were going to breakfast and they were having a great time. It was fun to see that.

Because Peloton doesn’t do anything small, she wasn’t even the only instructor who got married.

Brand new instructor, Callie Gullickson, who’s one of our new strength instructors also got married. I’m sure the instructors were like, “Which wedding do we go to?” She was like, “Should I invite them?” I’m sure there were all kinds of awkwardness.

She’s new, she’s not going to have the same depth of relationships with coworkers that Allie Love would have because she’s been there for so much time.

It totally makes sense. I saw some people starting some drama about this. To anybody out there who hasn’t thought it through all the way, maybe they haven’t thought about it from this perspective. It’s like why were some instructors were at either of these weddings and some instructors weren’t. Somebody had to stay back at the studio and keep teaching classes. They didn’t shut down the entire schedule for Ally’s wedding or Callie’s wedding for that matter. It’s that and also, not all instructor relationships are going to be created equal.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other.

I don’t go to people’s weddings that I work with. If I’m invited, that’s great. There are people I work with that I would go and there are people I worked with that I wouldn’t go, not because I don’t like them, but we’re not close like that. I don’t think anybody needs to make a thing over it. Also, other people had other things going on, for example, Jenn Sherman was taking her daughter to college. That’s going to trump a wedding. Things like that. I’m sure there were lots of other things going on.

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Moving on from nuptials to impending nuptials and finally made it official.

They are engaged.

They’ve gotten engaged so people would stop asking.

Now, they’re going to be like, “When are you having kids?” I figure since they’re both instructors and since we’ve watched their relationship, we all get to go to this wedding. I get why we didn’t go to Ally’s because the guy, Andrew, wasn’t a Peloton person.

Now since they’re both Peloton people, we should all be there.

We’ve watched their relationship. We watched when they didn’t even know each other, then they’re living together, and now they’re engaged. We’re part of this. I’m pretty sure we’re all invited. I think all four million members are going to go. It’s going to be a big wedding. It’s going to be expensive but it’ll be worth it, Ben and Leanne, trust me.

Maybe instead of having it fancy, just a bunch of chicken are at the reception. That’ll keep the cost down.

That may be a good idea. Maybe they feel sorry for us and they’ll have a Zoom wedding for the rest of us. We’re all dress up. It’ll be amazing. Congrats to them. That’s awesome.

Since one wedding wasn’t enough, why would one engagement be enough? We get a second engagement, although this was actually first, chronologically speaking. JayVee Nava got engaged.

We go way back with JayVee and she’s been at Peloton since the beginning. I know she’s not an instructor but she is very much the heart and soul of Peloton in my mind. We wish her a huge congratulations.

Rebecca Kennedy is back.

She’s been off taking care of herself. We know that she was off recovering from something. We don’t know what and it’s none of our business. We do know that she is back and it kicked off on Wednesday, August 4th with a 30-minute live pop walk. I saw the Instagram live afterwards. She was in a great place and having a ton of fun. I hope everybody got a chance to check it out. If you didn’t make sure that you check it out on demand. Welcome back, Rebecca, we’ve missed you. I love taking classes with her. She’s such a delight.

Congrats to Hannah Frankson’s mother, Cancer Nurse of the Year.

May posted this and tagged us in it to make sure we saw it. I love this. Cancer Nurse of the Year, Her mom won. Isn’t that amazing?

That is amazing because I can’t imagine the competition. It’s got to be pretty intense, but beyond the competition for an award like that, imagine the competition for the year, it’s 2020. Of all the years to be Cancer Nurse of the Year 2020, holy crap.

Hannah Frankston is not just saying things or exaggerating when she says that her mom is her biggest cheerleader and also for every single person on the planet. You have to be a cheerleader to be able to guide people through cancer. That’s not an easy job. Congrats.

Robin gave us this sneak peek. What is this?

TCO 219 | CommunityIt’s some photoshoot presumably for an upcoming drop. I’m confused because I’ve posted three of the pics, one of which is a leopard outfit, the cheetah looking outfit. That’s been out before. The only thing I can think of is that one was so popular. That’s the one that sells for $800 just for the bra. I’m wondering if they’re bringing it back. I don’t know that’s what’s happening but in the picture, it shows the cheetah bra with bike shorts. I don’t recall the last time that the cheetah print was out that it had a bike short. I recall it having the leggings that matched. I’m pretty sure this is new. At any rate, it was posted and it said, “On set with One Peloton today.” It’s not like these are old shots. Make of that what you will. That may or may not be some sneak peek. I have no idea but I thought it was worth posting because it might be.

While we’re talking about clothes, there’s a Peloton golf capsule collection.

It’s very limited. Selena Samuella has been showing she’s been posting it on Instagram and One Peloton posted it too. It’s a golf shirt and a golf skort.

It looks like a skirt but it’s got shorts underneath so they can’t see the goods.

Selena is a huge golf fan. She is always golfing. This is perfect for her. I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about this other than people were a little confused by the grays that didn’t match. The shirt was one color and the skirt was a slightly different color, but it all worked together. I thought it looked good. Other than that, I don’t know much about it. I just wanted to bring it to people’s attention that it’s out there. I know that we have a lot of collectors around. I thought that people might want to know if they haven’t already bought it.

 Finally, Kristin McGee did an Instagram live wellness session with Venus Williams.

They got together on August 2nd at 5:00 PM. If you miss that, you can still check it out. I believe that was 5:00 PM Eastern time, to be clear. It was still out on Kristin’s Instagram when I checked on the third. At any rate, it’s cool. I love Venus Williams. She’s done Instagram lives with some of the Tonal instructors too. She’s absolutely fascinating to listen to and very down to earth. Kristin McGee is as well. That’s a great combo. Be sure to check it out.

It is Alex Toussaint’s birthday, August 6th.

Happy birthday to Alex Toussaint.

Olivia Amato’s birthday is on August 8th, and then Christine D’Ercole is on August 11th.

Many Leo birthdays in the Peloton world. I’m telling you, it is not a coincidence.

There are still tons more so watch this space. You’ll have to keep tuning in to find out.

Happy birthday to Alex, Olivia and Christine.

Joining us on this episode is Cathy Huff. Cathy, how’s it going?

Good. How are you guys?

Good. We already know you’re a patient woman. We were having technical difficulties with our new fancy setup.

Cathy sat quietly and nicely and she smiled the whole time. Cathy, were you patient about getting the Peloton? How did you find your Peloton and decide this is the equipment that you need?

The funny thing is, years ago, on a New Year’s Eve night, I’m pretty religious about making resolutions and oddly keeping them. I decided that I wanted to have fitness a complete part of my life, be joyful and have fun with it because I want to do all these things as I got older. I didn’t want to form into the couch as I had started. I was trying all sorts of different things. I went on a trip with my husband. It was a business trip. The hotel had a Peloton. I’ve never heard of it before. All I knew was some exercise bike, and I fell in love with it. I kept talking about it again and again to my husband. He did that thing that all those husbands got blasted for before COVID.

TCO 219 | CommunityYou verbalized how much you wanted it. That’s okay.

He got me the bike for my birthday back in 2018. It was a gift from my husband. Probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. I thought it was always funny that commercial came out soon after and there was so much flack over it, but I thought, “I’m one of those women and I loved it.”

We have said this often and I will say it again. If only they had included the part in the commercial where the wife had asked for the bike, I think that would have been the game-changer. I’m very glad you got it. It’s already been years since you got your bike. 2018 to now flew by.

Honestly, I will say, when you hear newbies starting up and everything, I have to admit, even though I wanted it and everything, it still probably took me about 4 or 5 months to get into a rhythm and also decide to give up. It goes against the name of your show, but I gave up on clipping out. I left my shoes in and nobody else was riding my bike. My shoe has also been on the bike for three years.

Have you never clipped out? That’s amazing. Not one time? I love that. I had trouble clipping out at first too. I have left my shoes on the bike. There have been times even to this day that I’ve left it on, but I didn’t leave it on consecutively. You have me beat in that regard. If anybody out there can beat you with that record, I would like to hear about it.

What if your husband ever decides to use it? What are you going to do?

I think he knows at this point that it’s my baby and to stay clear of it.

You’re like, “It’s easier to buy a second one. You’re not taking my shoes off.”

At that point in time, he was getting into Ironman and triathlon. He’s got plenty of bikes on his own and I’ve got my Peloton.

He rides but doesn’t ride the Peloton. He does his own thing.

Yes, and, of course, he convinced me. He wanted to get the Tonal. Also, he’s got that. I’ve tried it here and there. It’s not quite into my rhythm yet. That’s also because as much as I fell in love with the bike and I got into biking. It was probably soon after everything was shutting down with COVID and all that I started getting into the strength training and the cardio classes on Peloton. I’ll be getting to celebrate a double milestone. I worked hard to plan it. I got my 1,500th bike ride and my 1,500th strength class.

Congrats. That’s amazing. That’s 3,000 classes combined. That’s fantastic.

It was kind of like a mixed marriage. You have the Peloton and he has a Tonal. Is that how it works?

I know. It can work.

I am very glad to hear it.

What can’t work is if you had the Peloton and he had an Echelon. That would be problematic.

That would not work. I won’t even accept a NordicTrack. There could not be another one in there.

This is a deal-breaker. You’re going to have to trade this in for a mistress or something because this is a bridge too far.

It was Christmas 2020 that he ended up getting me the tread, which he uses as well. We found common ground.

That’s what makes a marriage work.

You have the perfect trifecta, in my opinion. The tread, the bike and Tonal. That’s perfect.

We used to have this entertaining basement that we spent all this time developing into an entertainment spot for movies and now it’s a gym. COVID changed that.

Were you working out pretty regularly before you got the Peloton? Were you still working out here and there? When you got the Peloton, how did it change things?

I was working out here and there. I was getting into a little bit more of a rhythm. I was getting more fit. I had tried some bootcamp classes, like CrossFit stuff with my sister. She was trying to get back into it and did some bar classes and went to the gym. Quite frankly, I ended up getting some knee injuries that I had to rehab. I thought, “The bike will for sure be safe on the knees.” I wanted to complete a half marathon.

I’m not much of a runner, but I decided to turn myself into one. It went along with all of the activities that I was trying to do, not only my seven-year plan of making this a lifestyle, but I also wanted to try lots of different things. In the last few years, I’ve tried tap dancing, trapeze class, mountain climbing and other various circus classes, just all over the place. I love the fact that it went from, “This is a bike and this will work okay on my knees and everything,” to now I do every kind of class on their app. It helps me be active, limber, flexible and fit for any activity I feel like.

With all the different things you tried, I’m just curious, what did you like the best and what were you like, “Sweet baby snow peas, never again?”

The trapeze.

Which one?

It was, “Sweet baby, Jesus, get me off of this.”

I’ve always wanted to try it. Why did you not like it?

I almost threw up the first time down. It was a complete fall. The trainers there were yelling out directions in German, which I don’t know German. They’re not German, but apparently, all the things in the world of trapeze are in German. They’re yelling out these things for me to do in German, which they hadn’t trained me on. I’m flying back and forth going, “What am I supposed to do?”

Did they start you up high or down low and as you get better, you work up?

No, it’s up high.

I thought it was like when you learn to walk a tight rope, they don’t start it over Niagara Falls. They put you real close to the ground. They start you up high?

The contraption that they put around you for stability. You’re thankful for it. You feel safe and you feel secure, but I started laughing when they started putting it on because I thought this guy was joking. He put it on so tight that I couldn’t breathe and my rib cage popped out over. I’m like, “You’re just joking with me. It can’t be this tight.” No, he left it like that and he said, “The hardest part of all of this is climbing up the rope ladder to get to the top.” At that point, I’m thinking, “I thought we were supposed to have this whole class and we’re going to watch the videos and all this.” “No, just climb up to the top.”

I’m starting to think this wasn’t a very good class. They weren’t good teachers.

Did they have a Groupon? Did they skip a day?

Did you only do class 2 of 3?

It even shocked me that I got myself to go back up and do it twice, but some people were doing it. We were there for two hours. You could probably do it easily fifteen times over. After the second time, I still couldn’t get over that feeling of, “I think I’m going to throw up.”

I can’t get over it. I’m just listening to you talking about it. Did any of them do the flips or did you just grab onto the bar and hold on for dear life? Not the people that work there. They don’t count but the people that came in to do the class.

They were doing all the flips, leaping to the other person on the other side.

The people that showed up for a class we’re doing that.

I did hang upside down and I did one little flip, but that’s it.

What was the one that you liked the best out of all the different potpourri of classes you took?

I ended up taking my whole family. All my nieces, my sisters, my mom and another friend of mine, we all did this aerial class. It was on those big silks that hang from the wall and the hoops and all of that. We did that. Honestly, it was fun because you will laugh at yourself the whole way through. There were times where you felt like you were flying around. I took a lot of videos and you look back at the video and you think you probably look spectacular. You’re doing all of this aerial stuff. You watch the videos and you go, “No, I look like a pug dog that’s hanging from a string, just hanging there.” It was a ton of fun for all ages.

Which group do you admin in the Peloton world?

The Breakthrough Crew.

That started back when they did Peloton?

It did. I joined the group because you know how each team had their slew of trainers that were their team. I joined because some of my favorite trainers were part of the group. Oddly enough, at that point in time, I had only dipped my toe into the world of all of these Facebook Groups and tagged groups and everything. I joined a few, but I wasn’t deep in. I joined the Breakthrough Crew during Peloton and I randomly started posting the stats every day, like where we stood in the stats and who was winning and so forth. I kept posting about how we needed to bring more cowbells and getting everybody psyched up. I did that every single day.

After Peloton was over, a couple of the admins approached me and said, “We think we’re going to keep this group going. Do you want to join our team?” A couple of the admins are taking care of other groups, so they don’t have time. I joined and we’ve doubled the size of the group and kept it going. The nice thing is all of us that are admins, there are six of us women. We’re truly about wanting a space that is one, all fitness. No negativity also means no drama. Pure fitness. There’s no selling and no gimmicks. It’s all about encouragement, which for me, that’s at my heart, just who I am.

I love that because every single day, I can go on there and encourage people. We do lots of different strengths challenges and send out t-shirts and mail little handwritten notes and all sorts of stuff we do with different challenges. Getting everybody involved and join whatever type of breakthrough they’re trying to get to.

Refresh my memory. Was it the Breakthrough Crew that won Peloton?

It was.

I was part of the Unstoppables and as I had mentioned, we were totally stoppable. We got stopped a lot. It was not great.

I was part of the Uncrustables, the delicious people and jelly sandwiches that they sell.

The reason I ask is I don’t think any other of the groups that started around that time are still around, like any of the other Peloton groups. If they are, I apologize. If anybody out there reading who’s like, “Yes, we do,” I don’t know of any. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but the Breakthrough Crew is the one that I see on the leaderboard all the time. That’s why I think it’s only you guys that are still out there.

Do you think that’s just to buy a product of having one?

I think it’s her persona and the way they cheer everybody on.

That’s the cowbell. I do live in Indiana, so you got to watch out for that.

There are lots of cows in Indiana. We get that because we’re in Missouri. There are lots of cows here too.

I don’t know if the other groups are still around or not.

That’s because you won. You don’t pay attention to them because they’re losers. I’m not putting words in your mouth, but that’s exactly what you meant to say.

That’s what I heard. No, Cathy’s nice. She didn’t say that. That’s something Tom would say, not Cathy. She’s like, “I’m just going to smile.”

We’ll let Tom say that. Outside of maybe a couple of other tags in the Peloton sphere on the bike and on the tread. I think the Breakthrough Crew is maybe 2nd or 3rd largest in terms of how many people have it on their leaderboard name. I know there’s maybe close to about 65,000 that use the tag.

I know some of the ones of Peloton has 500,000 or something crazy. It’s ginormous.

I think Together We Go Far or something like that one is a big one too.

Clearly, you guys are up there, in the top of the range, though.

Have you done any vetting to make sure people from the groups that lost aren’t trying to now sneak in and ride your winning coattails?

I think they’re welcoming of everyone, Tom. She’s okay with the coattail riding.

We completely opened it wide. All of our strength and bike challenges, we do it all trainers. We’re not just the six trainers we started off with. We opened it up beyond the team because we thought Breakthrough Crew is about breakthroughs. Everybody’s looking for different things in terms of breakthroughs for their fitness. We’ve had some interesting group rides. We’ve been able to do some group rides for people that were struggling through cancer. A woman that was quite the hero in terms of the fact that she had a very freak accident occur. She was able to save her child, but unfortunately, she lost a leg. She was trying to get back on the bike. We were able to get a special shadow from Christine. We reached out to Christine and gave her a special shout-out. We had a whole team ride around her.

I think for us that lead this group, that’s what we adore the most. The fact that everybody is going to be at a different point in their fitness journey. They have different needs, breakthroughs they’re going through and challenges. We love to wrap around and be able to cheer everyone on and bring a whole lot of cowbells.

It sounds to me, based on our offline conversation, that you’re not a cheerleader just for Peloton. You are a cheerleader all the time because you were telling me about how you do this fundraising for young women and children coming out of sex trafficking. How did you get involved with that? There has to be a whole range of emotions you deal with whenever you’re involved in that.

Yes. Whenever I’m talking with people about it, I understand it’s a dark topic. It’s deep. I always try to bring people around to the fact that, “This is something we can fight and beat because we’ve done it before.” History proves that. When I got connected to it is because my husband and I were introduced to a 9/11 survivor. His story is out of this world in terms of what he survived and how few people around him did not. He truly got pulled out of the ashes of one of the towers after it fell. He started becoming this known speaker. He started speaking around the world. He ended up giving up his full-time job, moving his family away from New York City. He did that for five years, where he talked about his story and speaking around the world. He went back to his home country since he was originally from India. That was the first time he saw what is considered one of the worst Red-light districts in the world.

I always tell people because I know a lot of people think red-light district and they think in terms of, “Women might be trying to do this to get money and whatnot.” Red-light districts in a lot of the world are women and children that are kept in literal cages. Tank 5X7, no ventilation, no way out. They’re not given any money, barely any food. They tend to last between 7 to 11 years surviving in that situation. He saw that. For him, it gave him hope because he thought, “I got pulled out of the ashes and I got this whole new life of where I was getting led and called.”

He looked at these women and children and started finding ways of being able to pull them out and into safety and into a safe house that he started. He started this organization to help women and children. He felt like, “We can pull them out of the ashes and give them a new life.” It turned into an international movement. He’s put together educational materials and all sorts of great things. When my husband and I connected with them, for me, it connected because I had already gone a few years into my fitness journey of being able to move freely and be fit and do anything and everything I wanted to.

I thought, “I have pure freedom of every single way you could think of.” I felt like I needed to be able to figure out a way to connect how much freedom I have and figure out how to give that away. It became a process of a course I need to educate myself. I also started speaking to small groups, churches, businesses, some large businesses. I even went out to New York City and met with some of the folks out there in the fashion industry.

The more I kept biking and getting into more endurance activities, I thought, “There’s got to be a way where I can get people involved and go if I’m going to be on the bike for a long time.” For instance, I started doing that PeloFondo Event. I thought, “If I’m going to be doing this, then why couldn’t I just figure out a way to raise money?” One of the last PeloFondo’s, I was able to get a team of women involved. We were able to raise $5,000, which literally for just one woman to be able to give her a completely new life in terms of healthcare, counseling, a safe house, the whole nine yards. In some of these countries, it’s literally a few hundred dollars a month, so it’s pennies.

That’s why making $1,000 here, $5,000 there, $10,000 there all adds up and makes a difference. I felt like if I am going to be enjoying all this freedom that I’m given, I want to be able to pack this up and give it away. I’ve found a lot of other men and women that are joining along and wanting to do this as well. I know I’m looking forward to the next PeloFondo because I want to explode and get a bigger team and go out and hopefully blow $5,000 out of the water and fundraise even more.

Is that how the community can be involved? How do they join your PeloFondo and fundraise? How do we help you?

How do they give you money?

Honestly, a couple of different ways. Clearly, I would love to have everybody join the Breakthrough Crew and they can automatically be messaging me through there and asking and inquiring through there. I’m a very active admin of that group and also through Instagram. My leaderboard name is BestEverYet. My Instagram is @BestEverYet2.0. Being able to find me there, feel free to direct message me, ask me about it.

Of course, you guys obviously know enough Peloton people that I’m sure you’ve seen a million of these boards like YouCanFreeUs. That’s one of the organizations that I do a lot of work with. I always put that out there because the name itself says a lot. We can free women and children. We have the power to do that even from our own basements on our Pelotons. Even if people just want to check out the organization and say, “What are they up to? I need to educate myself.” You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. It’s @YouCanFreeUs.

I’ll be checking that out. I have a couple more Peloton questions. Do you have a favorite instructor?

This is a tough one because I do so many different classes across the spectrum. I would have to say probably my top two, especially if you look at how often I take them, it would have to be Emma and Olivia. I’m a huge music fan and concert-goer. Emma has such a great taste in all sorts of music in every single genre. I connect with her on that and, of course, she gives me a good sweat. There’s that too. Olivia, to me, is bar none, hands down the best on core and body weight strength training. She will literally crush you. She doesn’t break a sweat, but you will probably not be able to breathe or fall asleep that evening. She is excellent on that as well. I got to say, I’m loving the new trainers that they’re bringing on board as well.

I’ve tried Callie and Rad and some of these new ones. I’m excited to see how they’re bringing on more. I know they’ve got a new German added as well. I always try to take all of them because I feel like each one has their thing that they’re the best at or whether it’s a mood you’re looking for or a certain type of strength training or a certain type of class. I love that about Peloton. There’s a best one for each type of thing you might look for.

Do you have any advice for people that are entering the world of Peloton?

I’ve given out a lot of advice to newbies. I’d say that the absolute first one, if it’s a bike, make sure you get your bike fitted appropriately. If anything is hurting in your legs or your joints, then something’s off. If your tail end is hurting, that’s normal. If it’s your ankles, feet, knees or hips, anything like that is hurting, then something needs to be corrected. That’s always for me, number one. I always tell I’m like, “Next comes form, getting your form down so that you’re also not hurting your neck and your shoulders.” I think Matt Wilpers is probably one of the best on form with those low impacts.

Ally Love is also great because she’s always reminding you about your core and how you’re supposed to be sitting when you’re in the saddle. I think those two are good to start off with. They’re very encouraging and positive. Of course, I think Cody is another one where if people want to experience that pure crazy fun side of Peloton so that it gets them a little bit more roped in going, “This is not just hardcore fitness. We can also have a lot of fun with this.” Cody will probably get most people roped in from that angle.

Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you again for your patience at the beginning.

Thank you both. I love your show. You guys do a great job. I’m always watching your Instagram and all. Thanks for having me on.

Thank you.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people for the next episode?

We have had requests for this interview for quite a while and it is finally happening, Calvin Harris will be joining us.

Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Twitter, Instagram, the bike and the tread @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Find us on YouTube at, be sure and subscribe while you’re there. Don’t forget our newsletter that you can sign up for at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in and until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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