TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going

207: Will Having Tread Affect Your Home Owner’s Insurance? plus our interview with Karen

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going


Planet Fitness partners up with iFit.

Dr. Jenn – How to Balance Peloton and Tonal

Congrats to our Tonal winner – Tania Meeks!

Matty Magiacomo and Oliva Amato launch a Beginner Strength program. writes about future Tread lawsuits.

Morning Brew talks about what Peloton’s pivot means for their future marketing.

Freight Waves digs into the logistical costs of the recall.

Forbes covers Twitter’s reaction to the recall.

Does having a Tread affect your home owner’s insurance?

Why is the Washington Post on the Peloton leaderboard?

Looper looks at the latest song used in a Peloton commercial.

Angelo joins us with tips for meal prepping.

Emma Lovewell discusses staying motivated on New England news.

Alex Toussaint had a Bike+ delivered.

Pop Sugar talks to Robin Arzon about setting goals.

Wish Matty Maggiacomo a happy birthday on May 16!

All this plus our interview with Karen Ready!

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Will Having Tread Affect Your Home Owner’s Insurance? plus our interview with Karen

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I say we kick off this episode with a big announcement. Next on the show, we’ve got a fun interview. People send us suggestions all the time. These are suggestions we’ve been getting for a long time, but it’s not always easy to snag some of these suggestions. We’re not going to get Michelle Obama on the show. We would love to have her but it’s not going to be a thing.

That’s not a political statement, by the way. Save your letters and notes.

She’s doesn’t have time for peons like us. Someone who took pity on us and decided to join us on the next episode, we will sit down for an in-depth conversation with Jersey Shore’s own Snooki to talk about her love of Peloton. It was a lot of fun. She posts pictures from her Peloton all the time and we’ve always seen her on the bike. She also has a tread and she talks about that and how she found Peloton.

You’re going to have an exclusive. You’ll get to find out who her favorite instructors are.

You’ll also get to find out what other members of the Jersey Shore have Peloton. That’s what you get to look forward to the next episode. We’re excited about that.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going

We should be. I’m excited.

What do you have in store for people on this episode?

We have our awesome interview with Dr. Jenn. We also have a nutrition segment. We’re going to announce the Tonal winner officially. There are tons of news about Peloton, news for the instructors. It’s all over the place.

We’ll deal with some of the fallout from the recall announcement.

We’re going to hit the stock market a little bit.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and leave a review so people that come along after you know that we’re worth their time. That’s always helpful. You can also find us on While you’re there, like the page, join the group. You can check us out on YouTube. While you’re there, also subscribe so you’ll get notifications. You can watch these shows in HD right there on your computer or TV or TV app. You’ll definitely want to do that. You’d want to do that every week but you’d want to do that when we talked to Snooki.

It’s fun to actually see her. It was pretty surreal when she showed up.

I left the zoom screen minimized so I didn’t look at her.

He didn’t want to get distracted. He didn’t want to stare at her.

It’s easier if I’d be hearing her so I had it minimized. You can do that over at You can get our weekly newsletter mailed to you with all the links and pictures and whatnot if you sign up for our newsletter at Let’s dig in, shall we?

We shall.

Joining us once again is John Mills. How is it going, John?

I’m all good.

Let’s dig in and talk about the stock for Peloton unsurprisingly has had some wild swings in the past week.

What do you, what do you think of that? We’re at around 90 or at least we closed right about 90. It’s been hovering. It’s been a little up. It’s been a little down.

We know about the effects of the announcement of the recall and we saw how it dropped relative to that. Since then and the earnings call and then the explanation with regards to why they did what they did and then what their future forecast was going to be, their outlook and how well that went. It had been positive on Peloton since then even with what we see now. I know it was down a little under 2%, but it’s been consistent right around 90 while all these fires are going on. It’s like the movie. When something explodes and the guy is walking away slowly. That’s how I see this because we got fears of inflation and housing prices are up. The Fed is out there saying, “We’re about to raise interest rates.”

We have no gas on the East Coast.

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We got hackers attacking Colonial Pipeline. People are sitting in lines. This craziness is happening but at the same time, they’re stable. If you look at the rest of the market, NASDAQ’s down, S&P 500 is down, everybody’s down. NASDAQ in total was down by 2.7%.

None of these analysts is talking about that. They’re like, “Boo Peloton. We’re all going to die. It’s awful.” There’s one analyst I’ve seen out there who’s like, “Keep it. It’ll be okay.” Everybody else is like, “We’re all going to die.”

That’s the easy headline.

I’ve been all positive. Do you know who scares me? It’s not Peloton. It’s Nautilus. They scare me to death. I cover my eyes. I’m trying to watch their chart. They’re up, then they dropped 3%. You hear that their numbers are great. They go up 10% aftermarket. The next morning when the market hadn’t even opened yet, they dropped 12%. During the day, they go up 3%. Now they’re down 7%. I don’t know what in the world is going on at Nautilus. We know that ICON is talking about going public. We know that Beachbody is working with Myx and FRX, some investment company.

That’s going to be a SPAC. There’s another SPAC that’s happening too. I don’t remember what company it was. They’re everywhere, all of a sudden.

The Beachbody thing, they had a conference call and they were talking about their plans. They got all these big plans of going global with it. They were talking about all these countries. When I hear that stuff and the ICON, I think that would impact Nautilus, but Peloton. For example, Nautilus was on their call saying, “We made $200 million in revenue for the quarter for the first time in 35 years. In our whole 35 year history, that’s the first time we ever broke $200 million.” Peloton just did $1.2 billion in the quarter. They’re then talking about, “We got 250,000 members.” Peloton has 5.4 million. I see all these SPACs and all these that will impact Nautilus. That’s probably why you see all this craziness, but Peloton, it’s a positive that we see them right around 90 and doing this while all these explosions are going off, and Jean-Claude Van Damme is doing all this karate stuff.

I feel like Peloton is the leader and everyone’s fighting to see who can be a distant number two.

They’re all talking a lot of trash though. They’re acting like they’re way better than a distant number two.

It’s because it’s all they’ve got.

It’s like politics, when you don’t have anything positive, you got negative.

The numbers are too positive. They’re doing too much stuff. They got their hands in too much. The contents it’s too great. There are too many people. That’s why I think this is a good time to buy.

I agree. You were a little at a ten with your happiness level with Peloton last time, but by the end of the earnings call, you had come back. You felt at ease and now you’re riding along that line with them. You’re right there.

I’m walking arm and arm like this while the explosions are going on. It’s me and John Foley doing high-fives.

Could you do one of your videos and make that happen?TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going

We can make that happen. We got to do this.

Tom and I like to be in the background.

There will be all four of us and stuffs exploding. That’s what’s going on.

I agree with you. I think everything’s going to be fine. As we have both said many times on Peloton, we’re sticking with it. We’re not worried about it at all. It’ll be okay. There are lots to come. The other thing we wanted to chat with you about is Planet Fitness. You posted about this in your group. I wanted to hear you verbalize more about this bricks with clicks because I kept reading it and I’m like, “I need him to explain what he’s saying here in words. My eyes were hurting.”

Planet Fitness entered into an agreement with iFit. They did that back in April of 2020. The pandemic hit and Planet Fitness was like, “Everybody’s at home now. We’re closing doors. How do we keep our members engaged? We don’t have content.” They went to iFit and they helped them out. Now they got all this Planet Fitness content. That was back in April 2020. Now they take it a step forward and they’ve invested in iFit. They’re like a minority investor iFit. You can expect it’s going to be a little closer tie. There’s probably going to be more that comes from this. That was interesting to me that I saw ICON, iFit, Nordic Track, ProForm and all that stuff are looking at this from the perspective of Peloton like fitness is going into the home. We’re on a path to that.

People aren’t going to be going to the gyms like that anymore. If you don’t have to travel, then you’re going to do it here. I saw them in that same world with Peloton. When you see this collaboration, it looked like it’s going to be this brick and mortar presence. We’re aligning with that in some way. That was the interesting part of it. When Planet Fitness makes a clear statement about, “We’re going to have a digital presence and that’s why we’re having this association with iFit. It’s more like bricks with clicks, meaning it’s brick and mortar. “You’re going to want to go here but if you need some of that digital content, we got that too.” It seemed backwards to me if you think about connected fitness. From a connected fitness perspective, Peloton is going to say, “I would reverse it, clicks and bricks.”

I get the logic and I think it will work on some level for some people. It’s more like a bullet point when they’re giving you the old hard sell and somebody is like, “I don’t know. If I got a Peloton, I could do it at home.” “We added this so you still have that option with our stuff, but you can also come in and lift a weight or hit the pool or whatever.”

Do they even have pools? I don’t think they have pools. That’s my point because Tom, you’re right. That is what they’re doing. A pool is a major sell for a gym especially if you’re a person who wants to do triathlons. If you don’t have that, then anything else can be done at home. Weights and cardio can be done at home. What I’m trying to say is I am concerned for their future. I think bricks with clicks is a bad idea.

That’s where I was too. I hear their perspective. I hear where they’re going with it. To dominate is our business, bricks. That’s our world and bring some clicks along with that. That’ll work. I saw that perspective but then I thought. I don’t know if they still do but before Peloton purchased them, Precor had an agreement with Planet Fitness, which sounds like there were supplying them equipment. You have Planet Fitness and they have a dependency with iFit as well. Both of those companies are connected fitness with an intent to bring more fitness into the home. I kept thinking, do you want to be dependent on your competitor? That’s the way I saw it. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

It’s like getting incestuous.

If this goes south, won’t Peloton and iFit go, “You’re gaining too much market share. Let’s disconnect this relationship.” Wouldn’t they do that?

There’s certainly a risk involved but I look at this as less designed to lure in new people than it is to keep the customer base that’s contemplating deflecting to at-home fitness. It’s like, “For the same price, we’ll add this other thing and why roll the dice? You already like here. If you want to dabble in this at-home stuff, here’s our version of it. It’s already baked in.” Unless they’re producing actual, viable, interesting content, I don’t know that they’re going to get much traction. The irony is if they were to invest in producing good content, I could see people going for it. I could see people that haven’t made the choice yet saying, “They have good content. I can still go to a real gym when I want to. Maybe I go to a real gym once a week, but I can still keep up on my exercise plan throughout the week without having to disrupt my schedule to do it.” I see the appeal to something like that for people. I still feel like short term, it’s more about keeping people from defecting than it is about luring in new business.

That’ll be interesting because I’m hearing a lot more people talk about how they’re using iFit, particularly on their treadmills at home. I’m seeing a lot of that. It’s not enough that I’m worried about Peloton or anything but compared to where it was months ago, it’s a lot louder. It’s a lot more people. That’ll be interesting to see how all these things go forward.

This is an interesting one. I’ll be interested to see if ICON does go public because it’s tough looking at Peloton and Nautilus as the only true publicly traded entities in this space. I know Lulu’s in the space but they’re more around the apparel. You don’t see the similarities in how they’re moving in the market. It’s not the same, but I can see the similarities when I look at Nautilus and Peloton. I’m looking for another company to go public. To see ICON go public, that’ll give us more to compare. We’ll see more happen with these companies. I’m interested in that. I’m interested to see what this Myx and Beachbody thing and how that plays out and how all of this affects Planet Fitness. That was the core of that posts about what is happening with Planet Fitness here? Why do they have these connections? Are they trying to save something? Is something not working and they’re trying to stay connected to this domain? What’s going on there?

It seems like they’re trying to be everything to everybody.

They’re probably also concerned that now that we’ve had a pandemic, what if there’s another one in two years and people want to leave again. You can say, “We’ve got the at-home stuff. You don’t have to cancel your gym membership.” Also, the other version of that sentence isn’t, “We have at-home stuff. You don’t have to cancel your gym membership.” The other version of that sentence that the gym might say is, “We have at home stuff, you’re not allowed to cancel your gym membership.” They played hardball with those contracts. If they had this at-home element, they might look at that and go, “You still have access to our services. You can’t go after yourself.”

I think you might be on to something there.

I’m an evil genius. I’m going to grow a handlebar mustache so I can twirl it. Thank you very much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me in my Run, Lift & Live group or page on Facebook. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive or at

Joining us is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist. Most importantly, for our purposes, sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, her long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show or her app, No More Diets. It’s Dr. Jenn. Hello.

We have another question for you from The Clip Out community. This one dabbles into our Tonal community too. The Superset community that we have. This is from Jessica Lynn Swift. She would like to know how to balance her Peloton bike and tread with Tonal. She’s not sure how to plan out minutes of cycling, running and weightlifting per day, per week. She’s looking for advice.

I get this. We have a Tonal, as I’ve mentioned to you. I feel such loyalty to Peloton that I’ve never actually used our Tonal. Whereas Eric uses the Tonal and my dad uses it with him. They swear by it and Eric’s body looks quite amazing. I’m sure Tonal is amazing.

It sucked me and that counts for something, right?

That definitely counts for something. They should put that on their website. That is probably their biggest claim to fame.

If anyone knew who I was, that would probably help.

In general, finding the balance between cardio, weights and I’m going to say it even though people like to forget about it, it’s stretching/yoga/ foam-rolling. It is the key to your workout longevity. It’s the key to having a balanced workout. It’s a key to physical fitness. We all have our biases. There are some people who are like, “I’m all about the weightlifting.” There are others who are like, “I’m all about the cardio.” I don’t know anyone who’s like, “I’m all about the stretching,” but that’s so important. I know for me, if I don’t stretch in every workout I do, I am hurting the next day so much more like my muscles are way too tight. The key is to make a regimen on a weekly basis that has that balance. If you’re not sure what that balance looks like, and typically a lot of trainers talk about alternating arms and legs and making sure that you work. If you’re going to be running, that’s probably going to be an arm day as opposed to a leg day or depending on how you spin. It’s finding that balance and working with someone who is a trainer who does understand Peloton and Tonal who can help you find that balance, and then making a plan that you can do every week.

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I think that is the key to it because it is hard. What you said there about finding somebody familiar with both is important because so many of the Tonal programs incorporate arms and legs. You can do a lot of full-body workouts. If you’re a person who wants to do the bike and the tread in addition to the weights like myself, it’s hard to find that balance because you’re using your legs all the time. It’s so hard.

I do the bike and the tread that for me, it can be very challenging. At the beginning of each year, I’d sit down with someone who knows and very familiar with Peloton and helps me come up with a workout plan. I’ll probably This six-month point, I’ll probably do a re-eval, let’s refresh this and do something new. It is also important having those rest days, even if it’s an active rest day. I have an active rest day. I walk on the tread. I do a walking class and I do yoga class. I keep it gentle. I stick to 20 minutes, 30 minutes max.

That’s a good idea because then at least you still feel like you were moving, you get your checkmark but you’re not overdoing it.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingI also find for me that yoga is one of those things. I never liked yoga until I took Kristin’s 45-minute Billy Joel class. I am a hardcore Billy Joel fan and that hooked me in. I love Kristin. All of the Peloton instructors are amazing and they’re yoga classes but Kristin, I think maybe it’s because she’s a dancer. I also love her music selection. I always find that on Sunday, my active rest day, I find myself going like, “I don’t know if I’m going to do yoga.” As soon as I start, halfway through it, I was like, “This is exactly what my body wants me to do. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be.” It is so good for you. As you get older, your balance is not as good. Yoga is so good for that. Your muscles need to be stretched more. It’s something that people forget about. The other thing that I personally love is Hannah Corbin’s foam rolling series. If you haven’t done it, try it. I had a bad chronic hip injury. Her foam rolling glutes is the one thing that makes a difference for me. That class is amazing. I do it almost every day.

Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on all social media, especially Instagram @DrJennMann. Also, my InStyle magazine column called Hump Day with Dr. Jenn. It comes out every Wednesday. It’s about relationships, sex and all kinds of good stuff.

Thank you.

Our big contest is finally over and we have a winner.

Congrats to Tania Meeks.

She was the big winner. She won the Tonal and all the smart accessories and a year membership because she was kind enough to donate by entries to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area.

We gathered up through all of your amazing donations and entries. It was $14,771.

We’re close to $15,000, which is statistically speaking on average, that’s a wish and a half. Well done. They were very surprised that we’ve raised that much. Thank you to you guys.

You guys are amazing and congrats to Tania. I’m sure we will have more contests coming up soon.

We’ve got more things up our sleeves. If you didn’t win a Tonal and you might be interested in one, it’s not too late to purchase one. I know from the past, the last time we gave away Tonal, they saw a little bump when the contest was over. People that were waiting and hoping they won were like, “I’m just going to go buy the damn thing.”

We might have another one of those bumps. If you guys are interested, go to and enter the promo code, The Clip Out, and then you get $100 off of your smart accessories. By the way, you are almost done with one of the programs you’re in.

I’m doing a Four Weeks to Fat Loss.

That is one of the harder ones.

I found that out after I signed up for it.

You didn’t ask. There were people that got to see where I posted over on Instagram. You were doing burpees while I was on the bike. That’s part of the Tonal programming because they don’t just have you do stuff on the Tonal. They have you do stuff off the Tonal to get your heart rate up and that’s what you were doing.

There are all sorts of different things. We’ve talked in the past about the digital weight. They increase it in 1 pound increments. You don’t even realize that they throw a little bit more weight on there for you.

It’s the trickiness you need to motivate yourself.

If you want to check it out, go to and use the promo code, The Clip Out.

Matty Magiacomo and Olivia a Moto took to Instagram to talk about their new program for Beginners Strength.

This is brand new for people that have never done strength training. This Instagram was all about what you can expect in the program, how they made the programming, how they curated all of the classes and what went into it. It is going to be a six-week program. It’s already out there. It was one of the programs that were released over Homecoming. It was cool hearing Matty and Olivia go through all of the details of what you can expect from it and the thinking behind all of the classes. It’s pretty awesome. had an interesting article about, will Peloton face lawsuits over its treadmill recall? Spoiler, yes.

If you read the article, what it says is they think that they did an about-face fast enough that they will probably avoid some of the lawsuits that would have happened. They are definitely facing lawsuits. That’s a fact. If you compare it to what they would have had, had they continued down the path they were going, they’re in a much better place. It’s what this said. This article that you’ve pulled up doesn’t seem to have that much. I don’t know if this is one of those that you have to log in to. I think you get to open it once before it does that. That’s annoying when we try to do this show prep thing we do, but take the time to read this because I thought it was interesting. It pulled apart the different kinds of lawsuits that they were facing. There’s the one for investors. There’s the one that’s for the public. I’ve been seeing lots of notifications that those are all expiring. Those deadlines are coming up for those. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down.

If you want that link, sign up for our newsletter and it will get sent to you in your inbox. You can scroll down to the bottom of the email and click the link. Morning Brew had an article about, where does Peloton go from here and how will it affect their marketing? They sat down with some insightful people to talk about the future of Peloton marketing. They were just brilliant observation.

Experts, you might say. We’re joking, of course. It was us. I realized John Foley did say, “We’re going to become the marketing leader,” but if you read this article, we added a lot more to that statement. We gave an example of what they did with the music industry. We talked through why we think that they’re going to be able to pull that off. We took what John said and expounded on it using past experience.

We pointed out that they were getting sued left and right by different music industry factions. They went to court and hammered it out. Now they’re the leader. They turn around and sign a multi-year deal with Beyonce.

For anybody who’s still worried about this whole treadmill thing, it’s going to be okay. I genuinely believe that from the bottom of my heart. Not just because I want to but because I think that Peloton has now taken this on as like, “We will crush this,” when they put all of their weight behind that. I forgot to put this in the notes, but I saw come up on the job opening board, they’re looking for a safety specialist. They’re already starting to hire people specifically for this reason. It’s going to change everything how they do it. I know it.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingWhile we’re going through stories, dealing with the fallout of the recall announcement, Freight Waves, which talks about shipping and the supply chain end of things had an article about the logistical cost of Peloton’s recall.

This gets pretty in the weeds. Know going in, if you decide to read this article, that you’re going to get deep in the logistics. They talked about things like the Suez Canal being an issue. They talked about the gas shortage being an issue. On top of all of that, the expenses to pick things up and what that’s going to look like. You can only make guesses because it’s going to depend on how many people send their treads back and what that’s going to look like. For what it’s worth, the author of this article agreed with my theory that there are not a lot of people that are going to be sending their treadmills back in the aggregate. I’m not saying no one’s doing it, but when you look at the overall numbers, it’s pretty small.

I agree and I feel like anecdotally, that’s been the prevailing comment from people. They’re like, “No, I’m keeping it. I’m not worried about it. I feel like I handle it safely. I’m going to maintain it.” I see a lot of people saying that since they have until November of 2022, that they’re going to wait to see if they have a new tread and then they’ll return it so they can buy the new one. To which I say, Peloton is not stupid. If you see a new tread come out, I don’t think you’re going to see it until 2023. They’re not going to announce a brand new, super fancy tread with all new bells and whistles, just so you can return the old one. It’s not their first day.

I think people are also saying that let’s say they take existing Tread+ and they change the manufacturing process so that it adds safety features, not just that rearguard that we’re anticipating but other features as well. I think people are also saying I will send it back for that. Peloton hasn’t been clear about what that timeline is like.

When push comes to shove, whatever those improvements are, most people aren’t going to think that it’s worth it. You still are going to have to eat your delivery, your taxes and your extended warranty. You’re going to have to burn another day of PTO so you can wait for the delivery guys to show up. I doubt they’re going to probably pick up and deliver on the same day. You’ve got to probably have to do it twice. I think people say that, but when push comes to shove, it’s going to be too much bullshit for people to deal with. They’re going to be like, “What I have is fine.”

It would have to be some pretty extenuating circumstances for me to want to get rid of my tread. I love my tread. I’m very happy with it. It’s like running on air. No one can take it from me.

Forbes wrote an article about how people responded on Twitter.

It cracked me up.

I’m sorry, Forbes. We thought you knew that Twitter was a shit show.

You might want to pop over the OPP and see what these entitled jerks say over there.

Welcome to the internet. I didn’t realize it was your first day.

This is why we don’t read comments. The whole article is like he was shocked that people were like, “The treadmill is fine. Peloton shouldn’t have to send it. I ordered mine and now it’s canceled. This is bullshit. Peloton, give me my treadmill. I know how to use it. I’m a responsible adult.” This guy was shocked at that. He was like, “What? Why would you be mad at Peloton for doing the right thing?” It’s because so many people don’t think it’s the right thing.

They don’t care about safety and bad things will never happen to them. There don’t need to be any precautions taken.

I have mixed feelings about it because I want it to be very clear. The tragedies that have occurred are awful. They are tragic. At the same time, I still am not convinced that’s Peloton’s fault. I don’t know that it’s any more dangerous than a treadmill. For the people that say otherwise, show me the data. I would genuinely like to see that.

We’re willing to be convinced.

My mind can be changed. I saw an article that said that supposedly three deaths occur on a treadmill per year and 32 accidents. I find that very hard to believe.

The death number sounds right but the accident number sounds shockingly low. That doesn’t make sense to me at all because people slip and fall on treadmills all the time. All you got to do is type fail on YouTube and 30% of your videos are somebody on a treadmill. It’s not the fault of the treadmill. It just happened.

All kinds of stuff happen and accidents occur. I hope those families that this occurred to are okay.

As okay as they can be in the circumstance.

I am glad that Peloton is working with CPSC because we all need to move forward.

I’m not going to move forward as yet because I got another one of these types of articles. This one’s from the Washington Post all about, will buying a Peloton or a trampoline increase your homeowner’s insurance?

It sounded like the answer was yeah.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going


I think it theoretically could. I think your homeowner’s insurance will ask if you have a trampoline. Ours had never asked if we have a Peloton.

You can’t help but wonder if that day is coming.

It very well could be.

Not just because of the safety issue but also because of the expense. It might cover a stationary bike but it doesn’t cover a Peloton $2,000 stationary bike. It’s not meant for that.

I guess if your home burned down, it would cover it. I never thought about it.

You do the best you can with what you've got. Share on X

It’s like some people have expensive jewelry and they get a special writer on that. That’s what this article was also putting out there. Besides the safety aspect, don’t forget that these have a very high value.

I thought about it. We have enough fitness equipment in here that it’s worth more than your wedding ring.

True statement. Maybe we should get a special writer. A Peloton writer. No, just a fitness equipment writer. I have so many things. We’ve got the Tonal. We’ve got the Fight Camp.

It keeps piling up. had an article about, what is the song in the Peloton rise and shine commercial?

This is a thing now. Every time they have a commercial, we’re going to talk about what is the song.

We know that Peloton drives clicks. That’s for sure.

If you’re wondering, it’s Stop This Flame by Celeste. She’s a British singer-songwriter. It’s not been heard over in the US. It might be new to us fans and I was not clear where this commercial aired.

We saw an interesting article and we’re not even sure what to make of this. It’s about the fact that the Washington Post appears to have a Peloton account. Sometimes when people are on their bike, they get high-fives from the Washington Post and nobody knows who’s behind it.

Am I reading too much into this or could anybody have made this? Any single person on the planet could make one called Washington Post or WaPo or whatever it says. Why do they think it’s actually a Washington Post worker?

They also have randomly created a Tik Tok account. The current theory is that it is somehow officially the Washington Post. They don’t know if they’re using it to keep track of people that are on their bike when they should be on the clock. I don’t know but apparently, the Washington Post is out there watching you.

Watch away, Washington Post. Watch me work.

Joining us is Angelo from MetPro.

Thanks for having me back.

Thank you for joining us. We have another question from our community and this one is from Donna Watwood Ecker, who we’ve heard from before but she has a different question for you. She’s not into cooking. She wants to know what kind of food prep is involved.

That’s a great question, Donna. I’ll tell you a secret but you can’t tell anyone this. I’m not a big cook either. People talk to me all the time like, “What’s your favorite recipe on this and that?” I’m like, “I love barbecue.” I do a little bit of that but I’m not a big cooker. I’ll give you one of my favorite techniques for someone that doesn’t do a lot of cooking. You buy macros in bulk and you meal prep by macro, not by meal. Otherwise, someone will think, “I got to make this whole meal. There’s baked chicken, roasted asparagus, sweet potato, quinoa and all these great ingredients. It feels like I got to do this elaborate cooking.” No, you don’t.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingHave in your house vegetables. I like fresh vegetables. You can even get vegetables in a can that are organic if you need be. Make it simple and quick. There is something to be said about brevity and speed. When you’re on the go. Have that in the house. Have your fats in the house. You don’t have to think about it. At any given time, my wife and I keep stocks of olive oil and avocado, our two favorite fats. Maybe that’s not your thing, but whatever you go for as far as fats, keep it in stock. You don’t have to think about that. What does that leave? That leaves mostly your meal carbs, your slow-digesting complex carbs and your proteins. Do you know what we used to do? We’d go to the deli section of any nice grocery store and we’d get 3 pounds of 2 cups of that, and it’s in our fridge. Meal prep is no longer cooking. It’s serving. I’m into serving.

If you are into cooking and you want to be efficient, I recommend two carbs and two proteins. There are lots of different approaches. You don’t have to use these carbs and these proteins. If you were to open our fridge at any given time, we have chicken and some grilled hamburgers that my wife cooked up in advance. Usually, we’ll have a bucket of sweet potatoes that she’s baked in advance. I’m not a fan of brown rice. She loves brown rice. We’ll often have a big thing of brown rice, and I keep them there done. That way I have some variety. When I don’t have time, I go to the fridge. I grabbed the bulk macro and I serve. It’s that easy. If I have to run out the door, I put it in my to-go container. I’m out the door and it’s done. It’s easy. Cook prep by macro, more than by meal.

Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find all of this wonderful information?

Come visit us at for The Clip Out.

Emma Lovewell was on in NECN.

Do you know what that is?

It’s New England Cable News. Not because I looked that up to find out what NECN was. I just knew it off the top of my head. Emma Lovewell was on there with four ways to stay motivated.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, this would be a good news segment for you to watch. Pretty much take any M level class. That’s going to take care of it. Check that box.

Alex Toussaint posted on Instagram. He had a Bike+ delivered.

Remember he just bought his first house a few months ago. He finally got to have a Bike+ delivered to his house. He is going to be on the leaderboard with us, MrToussaint25. That is Alex. If you get a high-five, you might want to high-five back because it’s Alex.

We should all take comfort in the fact that it took him five months to get a Peloton. They didn’t rush him to the top of the list. Now that the delivery times are going back to normal, he’s finally getting his. How about that?

He was very complimentary of his delivery drivers and they all took a picture together. It was posted and they were all very happy.

If you’re not watching on YouTube and you want to see that picture, go sign up for the newsletter at Finally, Pop Sugar had their weekly article. They spun the wheel and it landed on Robin Arzon. They talked to her about advice for tackling big goals.

They went through a few things about her advice that she says like how to get it on your calendar. If you have read her book, Shut Up and Run, you might have read some of these before. They re-used some of these things, but also stuff that she has had on her Instagram lately like using Hyperice for recovery and things like that. The point being, break that stuff down and get it on your calendar. If you need more specifics, that would be a good time to check out our newsletter as well. We’re going to have the whole thing right there in front of you.

Coming up on May 16th is Matty Maggiacomo’s birthday.

Happy birthday, Matty. You are a special guy and we are super proud to know you. He said he was going to be 36 this 2021.

Joining us is Karen Ready. Karen, how’s it going?

Great. Thank you for having me.

Thank you for being here. It’s scenic. Have we had someone do one of these outdoors yet?

I don’t know if we had.

Here you are in the lovely Long Beach Island.

The LBC. I’m going to have Sublime stuck in my head.

When did you hear about Peloton? How did you find it in the world?

My husband had a spin bike and he didn’t use it often at that point. Our neighbor, here at the beach, said, “Have you heard about this? You could do it on the app. You don’t have to have a bike. You can use the app.” At that point, it was $12.99 a month. He went home after that summer and started every day. He lost a bunch of weight. I was a little jealous. I was then a third-grade teacher. I taught for 30 years in the Arlington County Public School System outside Washington, DC. I found out that I had to have surgery. I knew that recovering from the surgery would be a whole lot better if I were to drop 10, 20, 30 pounds.

One day, I said to him, “Can I try it?” He said, “You can.” I got on with my sneakers on his spinning bike and got on there. I survived my first class and came back for a few more. I ended up finding Jenn Sherman. She’s about my age. I was inspired by the music she played. I got to the point where I got up every morning at 5:00 before I went to school and got my workout in. I knew that I had accomplished something for the day that I wouldn’t have done before that. I had tried different Pilates classes and things like that and I never stuck with anything. I never found anything that inspired me to stick with it.

At that point, your husband was like, “You owe me $650 a month.”

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingWhere are we in the timeline? How far back was this?

November 2017 was when I first started. My surgery was the following January. I ended up losing 30 pounds before my surgery in January. Recovery went a whole lot better than I expected. It took a while to get back on the bike after that but I did. I celebrated my 100th ride that March.

You lost 30 pounds before you did 100 rides. That’s three pounds a ride.

I haven’t kept all of it off. I’d like to say I got stronger. Maybe not skinnier but stronger.

Were you trying to diet as well?


It wasn’t just the bike because that’s fast to lose that much weight.

It was a combination. I was inspired when I got to the point where I was like, “My pants are big. I get to buy small pants. That sounds good.”

That’s a great feeling.

It depends on when you get to buy a new belt. Go in that direction.

I don’t wear belts anymore so I’m not sure if that’s going to be something I’ll need for long.

We’re in 2018. At some point, you transitioned to a Peloton bike. Tell us how that happened.

It was over 2.5 years and probably 1,250 rides before we got our bike. My husband and I were watching an NFL playoff game or something and I said something to him about buying a bike and he said, “We go back and forth to the beach. It would be difficult to transport it. You wouldn’t want to leave it at home in Virginia for the entire summer if you were at the beach. How would we do that?” I got on the JSSTribe Facebook page and I said, “Help me out. My husband thinks it’s going to be too difficult to transport this bike. Please convince him otherwise.” They came back, rapid-fire, “I move all the time. It’s easy. You can do it.” My husband gave in and we ended up getting our first bike in January 2020.

It was before the pandemic.

We had a six-week camping and cross-country road trip planned before the pandemic. We got about a week into that before everything changed. Having that bike at home was a good thing.

I bet that was a huge difference during the pandemic. You had a bike either way so you would have been fine but it’s nice to have the actual thing.

When I first started on the app, I had to scroll to high-five anybody and then they could never see you. I like being able to join in.

Now you can high five with the band on.

Did you get a Bike+?

We brought the bike to the beach house and decided, “Now we’re going to leave that one here.” We bought the Bike+ for our Virginia House. I timed that for delivery on my husband’s birthday.

It was a gift for him.

He rides it too. He tried to jump at the Sunday Jenn Sherman ride. I said, “I don’t think so.”

You’re like, “Go to the other house and do that.”

Consistency is key. To make something a habit, you have to work to make it a habit at first. Share on X

“It’s a short drive to the beach.” You went from having a spin bike to then training up to a Peloton bike. Now you have a Peloton and Bike+.

You probably know the answer to this but I don’t. How do they handle that with the memberships? Do you have to carry two memberships or can you have one for both?

When we use our bike here at the beach, it bricks the bike at home. We sign back into that one and it bricks one here.

As long as you don’t try to use them at the same time.

We’re not using them at the same time.

That seems fair.

The only time you have to pay for two memberships is when you’re using them simultaneously. If you have two bikes and you want to ride at the same time then you have to pay for two memberships. What was your fitness level before Peloton? Were you working out at all? Were you not working out?

I had my Fitbit, tried to get my 10,000 steps in and thinking, “I’m a teacher. I’m constantly active. Third graders keep you moving all the time.”

Kids are lazy now.

They do keep you moving, that’s true. My fitness level was horrible and it wasn’t something that I prioritized at all. I didn’t find joy in any exercise that I had tried. Therefore, I didn’t continue.

Peloton changes that. I had the same experience you did where nothing held my interest and engaged me in the same way. What do you think it is about Peloton that engages you to keep going and keep coming back to the bike?

For me, a big part of it is the music. I know that there are certain rides that I know the music and I’ll be singing the words. When I found Jenn’s epic sing-alongs, for example, I might have had my AirPods or something but I’d be singing out loud. That helps. After I joined the JSSTribe, I got to know virtually some of the people. I got to meet some people here on Long Beach Island. That was cool. I went to hang out on the beach with some. I met some for a drink. In the summer, I had some stop by as well. I’ve had Peloton in the wild.

That’s the best.

It says here that you have been making a crap ton of masks for people.

That’s the official measurement.

I’ve consulted my notes, it’s a metric crap-ton.

If you had told me years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

For people to get an idea of what Tom means by a metric crap-ton, I know that you’re way over 17,000. What is the exact number at this point?

It’s at 17,946. It’s crazy.

You’re the lord of masks.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingThis is the first one I ever made. When I first started sewing, which was the October before the pandemic hit, I was sewing things like baby quilts and items for a camping trip. I made nylon utility bags for laundry, our gear, things like that and ten runners on the floor so the floor wasn’t cold. I got on YouTube. A friend of mine said, “I hear that nurses need these because they’re slathering their masks with hand sanitizer between shifts.” I thought, “That’s disgusting.” I had some fabric and I pulled it out.

This was the first one. At that point, I didn’t have any elastic. I didn’t make all the ties. I figured, “This covers your face and it’s going to give you some protection.” This is what I first started with. People sent me elastic, fabric, stamps to send out more. I started sending out to people who I knew were nurses and doctors. I get a message saying, “My niece is a nurse. Can you send her some?” I’m like, “Sure. I’ll send her some.” “Can you send some to my son who’s a doctor in New York?” “Yes.”

Tribe members helped me find places to send them contacts. That’s where it started. I started to find fun fabrics. In the summertime, I had flip-flops, beach umbrellas, sailboats and things like that. Bicycles, that was a fun one. I made them for all sorts of holidays, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, whatever I could find the fabric for. I even had some spin bike fabric. It was fun.

How long does it take you to make a mask? It’s almost 18,000.

I do it in steps. One step would be to cut the fabric. The next step is to sew the two pieces together. The third step is to invert the fabric. There’s a lot of ironing especially if I’m doing the pleated ones. I don’t know how much time I’ve spent at the ironing board. I went through a couple of ironing board covers because I burned them out.

I didn’t know it’s possible to burn an iron cover.

It shows you how wrinkled our clothes are around here.

I didn’t use mine much before either. When you spend most of the day at the ironing board, that will happen. If I’m working full-on in a day, I can make about 200 but that’s morning to night of constant working. There are days that I’ll work on it full time. I’m retired so I can do that. There are days that I have little helpers. My granddaughter and grandson like to sit and push the button that cuts the threads. When they’re my helpers, we don’t get as many done. They do like to sew masks, it’s what they call them.

Are people still sending you ideas for people to send them to? Is that still happening? COVID has changed so much, dramatically. I feel like we’re in a new phase of it. Is that still occurring?

Schools in the Washington DC area, in the Northern Virginia area have reopened for hybrid learning. Two of the schools where I used to teach and the school system that my children went through, I’ve been supplying them with masks. If a kid comes to school and their mask gets dirty or gets broken and they can’t wear it or something like that, there’s a basket they can choose from. I’ve been told that these two schools that the teachers are walking around and they say, “It’s like you haven’t left. We see your masks all over the building.”

I saw a post that you got a little medal. What was that about? Tell us about that.

A friend of mine, her husband is the ambassador to Serbia. He sent me the medal and it says, “This machine fought COVID-19.” I now have that medallion on the front of my sewing machine. It’s a way to commemorate it. I’ve saved all the scraps of fabric. Someday when I’m not sewing masks, I’ll make a scrappy quilt, 2, 3 or 9 because I have so much to work with.

You can make quilts.

Were you going to ask something else about the mask, Tom?

For the schools, I was thinking that they should have two baskets of masks.

Why two?

One would be if the mask breaks, a kid can pick from that one. The other one is if the kid forgets the mask, he has to pick from embarrassing masks.

Like fun prints.

Make one that has a picture of a giant poop on it.

Those I haven’t made. I am a little discerning about my fabric. I like it to be fun. We’re not going there.

The plan is to encourage the kids to bring their own masks to school. If they forget their mask, they have to wear something embarrassing.

I don’t what to look at them at a poop emoji mask.

How many hours do you think you’ve spent on this? It seems like a full-time job.

It could have been. In the beginning, I feel like it gave me a good outlet. I couldn’t stay on the bike all day. I didn’t have the energy to do that. It gave me something to keep my mind and my hands focused so I wasn’t eating constantly, which I probably would have done while watching the news. It’s guided most of my days but that’s been good because my husband and I were pretty much locked down. Our oldest daughter was pregnant with her third child and we weren’t taking any chances. We didn’t go anywhere. We weren’t doing anything. I kept myself busy with something that I thought might help people.

It’s awesome. I did a little bit of quick math because 18,000 divided by 12 which means approximately 1,500 masks a month. Let’s divide that out by four weeks a month, that means that each week you were creating 375 masks. Divide that by seven, that means, on average, you made 54 masks a day.

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Your next surgery is going to be for carpal tunnel.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You Going

I’m hoping for no more surgeries.

That is the hope, no surgeries. That is incredible. I understand that you didn’t have a lot to do and you wanted to keep yourself busy but that is above and beyond. Congratulations to you for doing that.

There’s so much that has transpired. On some level, we’ve forgotten how hard it was to find masks at the beginning. It was a mad scramble to try and find any face covering.

Especially on the East Coast.

The cool thing too was that I got to see them in all sorts of different places. A friend of mine is an anchor on MSNBC and she has a house here at the beach. I tutor her kids in the summertime. She wore some of them when she was on air. I see pictures on Facebook. I saw people going to vote while wearing my mask. A picture was in the newspaper of someone wearing the mask. Going to get their vaccinations, people have posted wearing the masks. That’s been cool.

You need to make a scrapbook of all those pictures and things like that so that you never forget.

I’ve been saving the pictures and I want to make a collage or something.

That’s going to be cool. Getting back to Peloton, would you say that you have a favorite instructor? I don’t want to put any words in your mouth.

There’s a go-to if I haven’t mentioned Jenn Sherman enough. I sent her some and she wore some and posted on her Instagram account too.

Does that imply that the JSSTribe is your favorite Facebook tribe?


You should’ve made Jenn Sherman a Bruce Springsteen mask.

That would be funny.

I also have some Grateful Dead ones. She’s talking about going to a Grateful Dead concert.

At this point, any of us would settle for any live music. It wouldn’t have to be a big band.

Even the Grateful Dead. I hate the Grateful Dead.

We’re not big Grateful Dead fans.

I love me some classic rock but the Grateful Dead is like, “Oof.”

I don’t know what it is. I don’t care for them.

I would like to go back and see a Pink show though. Have you ever seen one where she’s flying through the air?

It is phenomenal. She puts on such a good show.

If you ever get a chance to go, you should go. Even if you’re like, “I don’t care for the music.” The stage production is Broadway-level. It’s like a Cirque du Soleil show. It’s amazing.

That and the vibe of the crowd. Every age level, every stripe of the rainbow, anything goes and it’s always positive.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingI miss that.

We ended up going the last time and the guy who sat next to me was so large that he was physically in my seat area. My husband went up to customer service and they gave us tickets, which happened to be down on the floor in the eleventh row so we were right there. It was awesome.

A lot of people don’t realize that it works in the concert industry. If you find yourself in a situation like that, a lot of times the building has seats on hold for situations like that or if you’re next to somebody who’s rude unless you go to the BOK Center in Tulsa because they’re douchebags. They don’t have those and they treat you like crap. Normal venues that aren’t the BOK Center in Tulsa don’t do that. They have seats set aside in case something like that occurs.

We had a bad experience at BOK. It was Billy Joel.

If you take chances, you might surprise yourself. Share on X

I’m not a fan of the BOK Center.

We drove all the way there. What about your leaderboard name? How did you come up with it? What is it, first of all?

My leaderboard name is #LBIGirl. It happens to be the same as my license plate. I had the license plate first. I grew up here on Long Beach Island. We lived year-round on the island. I went to school 2nd through 4th grade. My husband and I bought a house here in 2009. My parents have a house but being 1 of 7 children, I only got one week a year. One week at the beach is not enough. I needed more. I was a school teacher so I had an entire summer off.

We looked for two years. We finally found the house in 2009. Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012 and we spent a couple of years redoing the house. Most of the work we did ourselves. I got good at pulling wire and wiring light switches and things like that. My husband and I did all that electrical work on our own. We had somebody else do the major part of the build but we did a lot of hands-on, five years total to get into a situation where we thought we were “done.” Now I have different projects that we work on, a garden in the back.

That sounds like a lot of work.

That sounds awful.

I’m tired these days so every time I think of this massive amount of work, I’m like, “I can’t put myself in that place.”

I worked five days a week with third graders and then we drove up here on the weekends to do all this for five years.

I’m not going to lie, that does not sound delightful. I’m sure the end result is delightful and worth it.

My grandmother used to say, “You do the best you can with what you’ve got.” That’s what we did.

I’m sure it was worth it. Your lovingly your spot. That’s great.

Now we can come spend as much time here as we’d like.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingMake masks. Hopefully, not for much longer. The end is nigh.

I’m getting my second dose of the vaccine. I hope for a more normalized summer. We live down the street from the small Yacht Club. It’s a clubhouse with some docks. We’ve got a crabbing boat and another boat that we can go out on the bay. We’ll do that in the summer. No waterskiing for me after my shoulder surgery. We have to find other things to do.

We need to keep that shoulder in shape for you to do your other sewing and stuff too.

When I had the surgery, I had this huge bandage on it and my husband put some artwork on it. He drew the Peloton and wrote my leaderboard name on the side. Not only does my clothing say Peloton but so does my bandage.

Do you have any advice for people who are now getting their bikes?

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingConsistency is key. To make something a habit, you have to work to make it a habit at first. In the program, they say, “Fake it until you make it.” That was the approach that I took with the bike. I was going to stay consistent and gave it a chance to have an impact on me. I found classes with music that I liked. I found the intensity that I could do. I got involved with the tribe, which I knew that there was some accountability there. People would say, “I’ll see you in the morning.” I knew if I didn’t show up in the morning that they’d be like, “Where are you?”

For me, over this pandemic where social stuff has been so difficult, I’ve been connected to so many people who ride Peloton. They’ll say, “Which ride are you going to do tomorrow?” It has been a good thing for me. Find a buddy who will help keep you accountable if you’re new. Start with the shorter classes. I jumped into the PowerZone challenge, which I have never done before. If you take chances, you might surprise yourself.

That is true.

All great advice.

Thank you so much for joining us. Before we go, where can people find you if you would like to be found?

I am on Facebook, Karen Allen Ready. I’m on Instagram as @MrsReady3, a remnant of my teaching days.

TCO 207 | Music Keeps You GoingI saw your husband tearing through wives.

I am the second one and he used to call his work his third wife. She handed him divorce papers when he retired.

I feel like you should be Mrs. Ready 2 then. What else are you going to say, Tom?

I was going to say thank you for joining us.

Thank you very much, Karen.

Thank you so much for having me.

That brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, the bike and the tread @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online on While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Don’t forget to find us on YouTube where you can subscribe to the show and watch everything you’re hearing. That’ll be fun theoretically. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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