TCO 155 | Exercise For New Mothers

155: Peloton Earnings Report Thing and our Interview with Gina Harney

TCO 155 | Exercise For New Mothers


We dig into the quarterly earnings report.

Recap of “Homecoming” and the warehouse sale.

There’s a new badge but how do you get it?

New York Times reports on “Peloton Panic Buying.”

Washington Post talks about what exercise looks like in other countries as they reopen.

Gold’s Gym officially files for bankruptcy protection.

Alex Toussaint gets featured on The Golf Channel and The Today Show.

Christine D’Ercole was in Dead Poets’ Society and we found the picture.

The next Zoom call is set for afdasdfasdfAFASDFASDF

The Feel Good Fam has tips on how to increase your output courtesy of Jake Goldstein.

Crystal updates us on Fight Camp.

Info on a fundraiser for Hope Air.

Tribe wars for Tread groups are heating up.

All this plus our interview with Gina Harney!

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Peloton Earnings Report Thing and our Interview with Gina Harney

How is it going?

It’s going.

Normally, we give little updates here about what’s going on in our lives, but there isn’t anything. We can’t leave.

I did walk from the kitchen into the living room, and I went outside. I went and got the mail. I brought the trashcan in from the curb. It’s very exciting. Then I was on phone calls all day long.

Since there’s no real updates, let’s just hear what we’re going to talk about.

We’re going to talk about the earnings. We’re going to talk about some new stuff that’s popped up on Peloton. We’re going to talk about several articles and some new stuff. They had a new commercial we had to talk about. We are going to talk about what we’re going to do about the Tonal winner. We’ve got some fun stuff going on with the instructors. Some of the tribes have some fun stuff going on. I think that is all.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, so you can go there, rate, review and most importantly, subscribe, so you’ll never miss an episode. We have a new review. This is from Strongbad6901, “Tom and Crystal, meeting you all in person is on the top of my bucket list right next to being on the tv show, Survivor. Your podcast is my favorite thing about my Friday mornings. As a 2014 OG, I’ve seen all the growth and changes along the way. I have to say that The Clip Out is one of my very favorite things about being part of the Peloton Community. Thank you.” Leaderboard name, SusanATX, Susan Burton from Austin, Texas.

I love Susan. She is one of the sweetest people. She always sends messages and she’s always helpful with little things. She sends articles and she’s the best.

She’s sweet as molasses. I’m trying to be Southern too.

She left us a message that one time, she left us a voicemail. I bet you she could really say things like, “Bless your heart.” It might sound like she means it nicely, she doesn’t. That’s a double whammy right there. It sounds sweet but no.

Thank you for the nice review and thank you for not having that review including, “Bless our hearts.”

It was a very nice review and you’re amazing.

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The earnings report happened moments ago as of this recording. We are fresh off the earnings report call. The question of the day, “Are we rich?”

Here’s the thing. Last time, just before the earnings call, the stock price went up and it did again today. We’re at 38.03 as of closing today, which is Wednesday. Also, the last time we talked about an earnings report, the next day it plummeted severely. That was because they had adjusted their guidance for the rest of the year. I think it was for quarter three. I don’t want to delve into the whole thing, but it was like they had expected a bunch of Bikes and Treads to go in the second quarter or third quarter, and then ended up going to the second quarter because of how everything fell. It got things done faster.

Those transactions fell in a different quarter.


That’s why they adjusted it. It really wasn’t as bad, but the market is stupid. We’re doing well. Are we rich? We’re never going to be rich because we didn’t buy enough shares to be rich even if they do amazing, and you’ve got to sell them. Regardless, the answer to all of that is they’re doing very well. I didn’t get to hear a ton because I was working while I was listening, so it makes it hard. What did you hear?

I heard that their churn rate was at an all-time low or maybe not all-time, but I think they said four and a half years, which if you go back four and a half years, were there enough Bikes to have insurance?

Officially, they’ve been at it for six years. That’s amazing.

When the numbers of people have increased that much, but your churn rate is lower.

Didn’t they say that they had 1.6 million users?

I think it’s something like that.

For the digital subscription, it was something crazy like 376,000. It was a huge number. That was just for six weeks that they had done that. Time will tell if those will flip over into long-term purchases.

I also thought it was interesting that as of right now, they are spending $0 on marketing. They’ve paused all their marketing because of the Coronavirus crisis. They’re recognizing more profit just because obviously, as we know there’s been a spike in purchases for at-home fitness. They’re not spending dollar one to drive those sales at their coasting, for lack of a better word, off the brand that they’ve established over the last six years.

I didn’t hear if they said that their expenses in general were down or if it was just the sales and marketing was down. They also said that some of the other expenses were up due to hazard pay for people who are in the warehouse. I didn’t hear the overall.

It sounded like some of their expenses were up, but not much of the marketing costs that offset them a great deal. There’s the hazard pay and they were paying to ship things faster to get them into the marketplace even quicker as they saw demand spiking.

They’re trying to keep up with the Bike demand. Obviously, they can’t ship those Treadmills.

Another interesting thing that they said, I think it was John Foley who said that they had to essentially scuttle plans for announcements of new product.

Which we’ll get to how things went on Saturday on the “Homecoming” fireside chat. That was one of the thought processes that came up within our Zoom call. Maybe they aren’t making announcements because they can’t. There are no retail stores. They’re not open. There’s no place to sell them. There’s no logistics available to get them to people, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Foley did not say or commit to a timeframe of when they would be announcing, but I heard that little slip of, it sounds like it might still be this year 2020, or at least he’s hopeful.

I got that same vibe that he doesn’t want to commit to anything obviously, but Johnny is hopeful that we can all get back to some semblance of normalcy and then things like that can resume.

That’s definitely what I heard. I also thought some things that were interesting was that right now, their guidance says that they do not include any kind of delivery for the Treads for this entire next quarter. They said that if they are able to start delivering prior to that, that guidance would just go up, but they’re not including that. That tells me that they’re at least planning for the worst, that they’re not going to be able to deliver Treads this quarter. They said that they were going to be on the trailing edge of opening up their retail stores. That because they’re having this amazing demand without the marketing, they don’t need to open up their retail stores. I was happy to hear that their retail employees are still working and are able to work remotely. They’re helping out with inside sales. They’re helping out with other things at home, so they’re not out of a job if they’re not opening up. Foley pointed out that they would be able to get even better deals for new places to open in the future.

Because with retail taken a hit, they were reading between the lines. I think the implication is that they think that rents will drop and they’ll be able to leverage that for better square footage prices when it comes to storefronts.

I think it was definitely a decision that they made. I think they were hoping this whole time they’d be able to make some announcements, but as COVID continues to progress, I feel like they have to keep adjusting and they have to keep pushing off those announcements. I don’t know when they’re coming, but they’re still out there. He used the words that there is a big backlog of things that they are bringing to the market.

Foley felt that this is a permanent shift in how people will exercise. The at-home fitness aspect is that he doesn’t think, and I tend to agree, that a lot of people aren’t going back. Once you get the stuff in your house, why would you?

A lot of naysayers feel that they’re going to crave getting back out there with the people. Johnny says that it’s not necessarily true because eventually the world’s going to open back up. There are going to be other opportunities to have those moments to interact. Of course, there’s the Peloton community where they can interact.

I think a lot of the naysayers don’t fathom the level of community that’s there with Peloton if you want it. It’s more engaging than a gym because when you go to the gym, you don’t even want to make eye contact with people.

It’s funny for somebody who won’t use the equipment, but okay.

I do engage with the community. Anyway, that’s how the earnings report went. From there, let’s segue into a recap of “Homecoming.”

It’s no one’s fault, but it’s just not the same.

It felt a little anticlimax.

To be fair, Peloton transitioned, it wasn’t called Homecoming anymore. It was called “Together, We Go Far.” That is absolutely true for this company, for this community, for everybody involved. The thing is that I anticipated and clearly wrongly that there were going to be big announcements because they were like, “Join us. Don’t miss it.” There were text updates, there were posts on Facebook reminders, and they don’t do a lot of that. Naively, I was waiting with bated breath. I thought this was going to be a big moment, and it wasn’t. It was just basically asking some questions. Unfortunately, it was questions that you and I had already asked while we were up on stage a couple of years ago at the actual Homecoming.

There are lots of new people that haven’t seen that.

That’s a very good point. There are many people that haven’t heard this. For me personally, this does not speak for the entire community, I couldn’t do that if I wanted to. I’ve been a part of this community for a long time now and that’s the first time I felt a little bit of repetition, seeing this, been there, done that. That’s not Peloton style. There’s no doubt in my mind that had they had their way, it wouldn’t have been that. Nobody went into this planning it like that. Then there was also the warehouse sale, which was not great. I didn’t think that it was going to be because in person, you can bring out more stock and dump it in the boxes. It’s a lot harder to do that online.

Peloton is one of the best ways to get good cardio at home. Share on X

Someone made a good point, and I had thought the same thing, that a lot of that stuff is probably on inventory to put it back online to re-classify it to put it back into an online store. It’s not worth spending that kind of money on the labor to then blow it out. It’s $3 for a sports bra.

The end result was that everything that was out there went really fast. It was gone by 10:00 in the morning. The wide variety of sizes were gone very early. People were left frustrated and disappointed. There is a silver lining to all of this. Next year is going to be amazing. They’re going to have all the stuff they couldn’t sell at the warehouse this year. They’re just going to throw it into next year’s bins.

There’s also another silver lining.

That you didn’t have to spend any money?

You didn’t have to spend any money.

I didn’t and not one penny because everything that was on sale I have already bought. The good news is we’ve already gotten it. The bad news is you paid full price. A lot of people though that did, were able to actually get the sale. They were happy with their sale prices. You’ve got to remember this when it comes to Peloton sales. Many people were caught off guard. A lot of you know this, but we’ve got to spread the word. When you have these big sales, they can take this out of your cart. If you don’t hit Buy, it’s gone. What you’ve got to do is shop in shifts. You go in, you find three things you like, hit Buy. You go back in, you buy three more things, hit Buy. You don’t have time to think. This is not a time to think like, “Do I really need this?” You absolutely need it. You’re here to buy.

This is a sprint, not a marathon.

You’ve got to have your shoes on and ready to go. I don’t want to end that subject on a totally negative note though. As you pointed out, a lot of new people came and got to hear John Foley speak for the first time, got to see Jenn Sherman ask John Foley questions for the first time. I think that’s great. They probably had their first interaction with Tom Cortese and not their first experience with Cody Rigsby. I’m sure they’ve taken classes with him and Jenn. Seeing them interact like that, seeing the genuineness that comes from it.

In all fairness, maybe they have it, people tend to find their instructors and stick with them. Maybe that wasn’t new exposure for both of those instructors. There’s a new quest badge.

It’s been spotted. Nobody knows what it means or what it’s for, but it’s out there. It was on screenshots. It sounds like somebody sent out an email. It’s all complete speculation. It was seen, and nobody knows why it was seen or why it was out there. Nobody knows what it is because if you go to your tablet, you can’t find it. All I know is it’s green and it says “Quest” on it. We don’t know what that means. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it.

It’s like Quest Diagnostic, you have to give a blood sample?

I was thinking more like you’re going on a quest.

That could be a thing too.

Maybe you get a special badge for giving blood. I don’t know.

You’ll never know. We’ll have to watch this space to figure out what that means. There was a nice article in the New York Times about people panic buying Peloton.

It’s funny to me the shift. It wasn’t even six months ago. We were talking about how people were frustrated at Peloton because they were “tone-deaf” for having the nerve to have a man by a woman, an exercise gift for Christmas. Then here we are in May talking about that it’s the must-buy of the pandemic season. Having said that, for those of you who think that it’s still tone-deaf to be talking about that whenever there are people who can’t buy their food, I agree with you. Nobody ever said that Peloton was the one making that decision. This is just an article.

Clearly, Peloton is spending $0 on marketing. That’s not a message they’re pushing.

That’s all just a perception. There was an actual tweet that inspired that article that said, “I just panicked-bought a Peloton.” Stay-at-home orders have been extended in this family’s home. They had kids and they had an active family and they were like, “What are we going to do? We cannot do another few weeks of this staying home,” so they bought a Peloton. I get it. I really do not know how I would mentally be doing at this moment if there were not exercise equipment in this home. I don’t know what I’d be doing. It probably would not be good though. It’s funny to me the whole article.

It’s not as major of a purchase as the general public tends to think, especially when all those people who had gym memberships now have that money freed up.

That’s a good point. A lot of gyms have frozen those gym memberships. They’re not taking money.

I found an interesting article in the Washington Post about how exercise is working in Spain.

I thought this was fascinating. Tell us about it.

They are doing shifts for exercising in outdoor places.

My understanding is you get an assigned time.

There are assigned times based on your age group. From 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM, adults get to exercise. From 10:00 AM to noon, 70 and older. All the adults need to go inside and the 70-plus get to exercise from 10:00 to noon. Then from noon to 7:00, kids under fourteen. I think the parents can go with them. From 7:00 to 8:00, 70 and up again.

They get it twice?

There are shifts like that. From 8:00 to 11:00, adults could do it again.

Do they consider anybody over the age of fourteen, an adult?

I’m assuming that’s how that works. If it’s kids, fourteen and under, then it’s probably 14 to 69. Adults get to go back out again from 8:00 to 11:00. Then I guess from 11:00 to 6:00 AM, we just need to be in bed, go to sleep. I thought that was very interesting the way they’re staggering that, basically mandating how that works.

It’s fascinating to see how each different country has been handling this at a very high level. I found an article about Gold’s Gym, and they are officially filing for bankruptcy.

If you have a Gold’s Gym membership, you can roll all that into your Peloton panic purchase.

A while back, we had talked about that they had closed several stores, that was in April. Now, they are filing for bankruptcy. A lot of people seem to think that they’re going to restructure. I don’t know what will happen there.

It wouldn’t surprise me if in some capacity, just even if it changes ownership, someone will acquire that name just because it has such brand recognition, in the same way that someone bought It’s an established brand. Somebody at some point will probably open a gym and look around and be like, “Can we license that name if nothing else?” There was a new Peloton commercial in Germany.

To be clear, I don’t know if it’s new or they just posted it to the YouTube channel. We are not privy to the TV that is happening in Germany. I can’t really tell you how great the commercial was because it was in German, but it looked great.

Was it all like Kraftwerk?


I’m picturing like Mike Myers and Sprockets.

It was a typical feel to it where you have the instructor on the Bike and being very motivating. I saw a lot of Irène in there.

Everybody’s wanting to know when and who won the Tonal. We can’t tell you because as of the recording of this, the contest is still going on. By the time you will read this, the contest will be wrapping up. Right now, it is still anybody’s Tonal. It’s up for grabs. It is yours, but it is also everyone’s and no one’s. Should we make them wait a full week or do you think we should post the answer on Facebook?

I don’t know if you want to have another Zoom call this weekend and announce it on the Zoom call.

I don’t know if that person’s not on the Zoom call, then everyone else on the Zoom call will want to hurt us.

We don’t have to draw it on the Zoom call, but we could announce it on the Zoom call. Then we can still put it on Facebook.

We can do that. When is the Zoom call?

Do you want to do Saturday again?

Yeah, let’s do that.

Saturday 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern, that’s when you will find out the Tonal winner.

Alex Toussaint is having a good week.

He deserves it. He’s a great guy.

He got featured on the Golf Channel.

He is the de facto trainer of the PGA Tour. That’s official according to the Golf Channel. It was a big thing. They did it up really nice. It was great.

The Golf Channel must be seen by tons of people.

I think it’s super popular. It’s not our thing, but I think it’s a big deal.

I’ve always read that golf on TV is one of those things that doesn’t get huge ratings, but it stays on the air because the people that do watch it got serious bank. They want to advertise to those people. We know it’s fewer people but it’s people with so much money, disproportionally speaking.

It’s so fascinating that Alex has become the trainer to all of the athletes. I wonder what they could see in each other that they’re connecting. I don’t mean that like Alex doesn’t have something to pick up on.

Of all the instructors, why that one? If there’s a different one, then why that one?

It’s not just golf, it’s, it’s football and it’s all the sports people that we’ve talked to. They keep coming back to Alex and it’s just fascinating. I’m like, “If you’re an Alex guy, you’re probably not an Emma Lovewell.” I don’t see those pairing a lot. That’s not like your go-to instructor typically. On the flip side, if you’re an Alex person, you’re probably a Robin person. It’s fascinating to me that all these sportsy people gravitate there. I feel like there’s some common thing they sense in each other.

Look at it from the other direction that if you’re a professional athlete, they probably all have some personality trait in common. Therefore, they’re bound to disproportionately land on similar instructors. It’s just a matter of which one.

I find it fascinating. I feel like there needs to be a psychological map of all of the Peloton instructors and how they relate to the rest of the public. I feel like there’s a study that could be done here. That would be fascinating.

Also, Alex was on The Today Show.

It was a video of him on The Today Show. Actually, Rory McIlroy was on The Today Show. Then there was a video telling Rory McIlroy, “Happy birthday.” It was very cool. You could see Rory in the background. It was a really nice thing.


This actually isn’t exactly new news, but it might be new information to a lot of people. I didn’t know this but I found it fascinating. Christine D’Ercole was in Dead Poets Society.

Who knew? Probably a lot of you, but I didn’t know that. I was checking out something else in the Canada Peloton Riders group, then all of a sudden there was this thing about, “Did you guys know this?” I was like, “I did not know that.” Somebody had actually gone to the trouble to go fact check it because apparently Christine, at some point on her Instagram, mentioned it. It is official. It is her.

She went to prom with one of the cast members.

It’s fascinating stuff. There are little things about our instructors.

The Feel Good Fam has tips for people.

It’s a little program they’re doing. Do you know who Jake Goldstein is?


He’s important. All you’ve got to know is Jake Goldstein is coming on to their group just for The Feel Good Fam, so you’ve got to be part of it. They’re going to swarm on Alex’s on-demand class. Then Jake is going to, for a whole week, focus on different aspects of training like Bike positioning, technique, that kind of thing. There are going to be some Instagram Live Q&A sessions where you can discuss the strategies and learn how to breakthrough plateaus. The first event is on Saturday, May 9th. Then there’s going to be an output test. You can find out all about that. You can go to Jake Goldstein’s Instagram. You can find it on the Feel Good Fam. It’s out there. Everybody’s going to work together to go through this like training program. I thought that was really cool.

Speaking of training programs, how’s FightCamp treating you?

It’s treating me very well. I know I keep saying the same thing. I’m enjoying being able to do it. My favorite thing this week is that whenever I am able to use FightCamp, I feel like I’m working my core without doing things like crunches. It’s an all over workout. You’re working your arms, you’re working your shoulders, your chest, all of that. You’re also working your core. Whenever they throw in things like squats, you’re working your lower body too and you’re doing all the twisting. You get this amazing workout, but you don’t feel like you’re working out. It’s like you were a kid and you’re playing a game. You feel like you’re playing rather than working out, which for me tends to be the secret of success of sticking with something.

One of the cool things I think about it too is right now, everybody’s looking for new and exciting things to do with their at-home gym. It’s a great compliment.

As we pointed out before, it’s fabulous that it can be delivered to your home. You don’t have to have somebody come in and set it up. It’s easy to set up because you and I did it. It says it all. If you already have a boxing bag, all you’ve got to do is buy the gloves and the sensors, and you’re off to the races.

It’s easy-peasy. If you want more information, go to

If you do purchase, don’t forget to tell them at the end of your purchase, there’s a survey, that The Clip Out is where you got it from.

Mark Rubinstein has a little fundraiser going on.

To be clear, it was this past weekend, but I wanted to talk about it because it’s a cool story. He organized a charity ride with all of the Peloton members in support of Hope Air. Hope Air is a Canadian charity that helps families in need with free air freights for critical medical treatment. How amazing is that? Over 50 rides hopped on and they got on the Bike at noon Eastern. They rode on-demand on the All For One ride, and they raised over $21,000 for Hope Air, which represents over 80 flights for families in need. That is amazing. I’ve got to give a shout out to Mark Rubinstein because this is the third Peloton fundraiser that he has done and that he’s been involved with. In 2019, he also organized a drive for food banks through the Facebook group and participated in the Alzheimer’s ride with Jenn Sherman in 2019. He calls all this riding for good sparked by the community of Peloton. His leaderboard name is Sinner Saint, which is pretty perfect. Thank you for all that you do, Mark.

Thank you very much. Finally, there are some tribe wars brewing within the Tread groups.

It’s good tribe wars. It’s in the competitive spirit. If you’re new to Peloton, you may not know this, but in 2019, there was the first big Tread competition that there had been. There were all these people getting together. I think it was treading through July. It was all started by Tammy Lynne, who was one of our lovely medical workers who’s been an absolute angel during this COVID crisis. She’s the one we’ve talked about before who goes into the rooms and is with people when their families can’t be with them. She’s another amazing member of our Peloton community.

This year 2020, it’s a whole different thing. What we’re going to do, we being the Peloton community, because I’m not actually organizing any of it I’m just telling you about it. What they’ve done is they’ve set up this different kind of competition between each of the Tread instructors. You pick an instructor and you and your tribe get points for every class that you do with a set instructor. If you’re on Matty’s team for example, then every time you take a Matty class, you get a point for your team. I thought that was a great way to do it. They figured out a way to balance it all out because they don’t have even numbers. Not everybody has 100 people in each group. They found a way to balance it. They figured that out. They’ve taken that into account. It’s going to be a lot of fun. If you are interested in that, reach out, go to any of the Tread tribes, and you will find all the details about that.

Joining us is Gina Harney. How’s it going?

I’m doing well. How are you, guys? It’s great to chat with you.

You are from the fitness blog, Fitnessista.

How did you originally come across Peloton?

I started using the app a few years ago. We were living in South Georgia at the time. We are military and we’ve moved around quite a bit. Before we moved to South Georgia, we lived in San Diego so I taught at an awesome gym there. We had the lighting going on in the screens and classes were packed. Then we moved to this small town. The vibe in the spin classes was different. It was quiet. They had this tiny sound system and I missed that high energy dance party club vibe. I heard about Peloton so I’m like, “I’m going to try this out.” I had a spin bike in my garage and I downloaded the app. I use it on my iPad, propped up on my old school Johnny G spin bike and I fell in love with it. I ended up getting the Bike itself. I love it so much I still ride it frequently because I thought in the back of my head like, “This might be a novelty thing, maybe it’ll wear off.” After a little while, I still ride it just as much, if not more, than when I first bought it.

That’s saying a lot because typically I ask people what their fitness level is before Peloton and you said you were at the gym all the time. You have been active for it seems like a long time, so I was curious how you made Peloton fit in with everything you already do.

It was more of a convenience factor than anything. My husband travels a lot and we have two small children. It is the best way to get cardio at home where I’ll push myself instead of starting a video and being like, “I’m going to check Instagram now or do something else.” I shuffle it in based on when he’s gone because I know that day, I’m guaranteed to get an awesome workout.

That’s a good way to do it. Tell us all about your blog and your podcast. Is your podcast also called Fitnessista?

It’s not, which is probably a bad branding move on my part. It’s called Healthy in Real Life. I wanted to get real-life perspectives on navigating a healthy lifestyle because I feel like there’s so much noise and conflicting information out there. Let’s talk to real people and see what they do in their own routines that are simple things that anyone can implement. I started the blog about years ago. That was also when we were first living in a small town in Georgia, but we had just moved there. I had not made any friends yet, and I was yearning for some type of connection. It was also born out of the fact that my husband told me to please stop online shopping so much because I was so bored. Every day, a package would show up on the doorstep. He’s like, “Find a hobby, whatever you do, please stop spending money.” I was like, “I’ll start a blog.”

I wanted to find a community. Find people who are interested in the same types of things that I was and I also started working as a personal trainer. Some of my clients would ask me for workout ideas or healthy meal ideas. I was like, “’ll put it on this blog.” I didn’t expect anyone to read it, but it’s been amazing to watch it grow and it’s been so awesome that I’ve been able to keep doing it because we have moved so much. I can do it at home when the kiddos are sleeping, and it’s been cool to see this community and people connecting from all over the world.

It’s probably a good way to bring your friends with you when you move. You’ve got this little community that you’ve built and it doesn’t matter where you go. They pack up and go along with you.

Yes, because that is one of the hardest things about often moving because you make your core group of friends and you’re like, “I love hanging out with you, but we’re going to be leaving in a year or two.” That sucks. That’s such a great way to look at it.

How many times have you moved since you started the blog?

We’re in Georgia to Tucson, San Diego, back to Tucson, to Georgia, and back to Tucson. We were also in North Carolina before I started the blog. It’s been quite a few times. Bounced around a little bit.

We can cut this out if need be but are you on the lam?

She said it was military.

I think that’s code. She’s there in the Federal Witness Relocation Program. They just use “military.” They’re like, “Here’s our plan but you have to stay in shape and cut your hair short.” When you started the blog, was that a conscious choice like, “I want to start this and maybe try and build it into something?” Or was it more like, “Here’s this little thing I’m going to do on the side and what happens, happens?”

It was more of a what happens, happens kind of thing, but I almost feel like that was to my benefit. I feel like if you start a blog with the intention of monetizing it and you’re like I’m going to make X amount of money from this, it almost always fails. Because people can see right through that. I’m like, “I’m going to do this for fun, connect with people, share information, have fun with it and see where it goes.” That’s always been my goal for the blog. See what happens and then it’s been cool to watch it unfold.

I agree that if it’s not coming from the point of passion, that shines through quickly.

I think that one thing that stands above the rest is being your authentic self. I feel like from the blog post I read, you are being your authentic self or you’re a really good liar. Because it’s a natural place. You’re talking about everything from workouts, to being a mom to good healthy things to eat. You’ve got this huge range of topics, but all about living a healthy life, which is fabulous.

I feel it’s easier to pivot too when you don’t have a set path in place, because so much has changed since I first started the blog. It’s been easy to be like, “I’m going to do this now. No big deal.”

Do you think having the blog has made you more accountable to stay on track through different ups and downs of your life?

I think so. If anything, it helps me focus on the positive side of things. A lot of people are like, “You’re happy all the time. You’re optimistic.” It’s like, “I’m not all the time,” but people don’t want to read about that. It forces you to look at the bright side. Especially with what we’re going through right now, the pandemic. People don’t want to see doom and gloom. They want to see things that make them feel good. I feel like it’s been such a positive like blessing in my life to look at the bright side of things. Because moving all the time has been hard. There have been other things that have happened that have been difficult.

I know that doing the show makes me stay focused on having to keep my workouts up continuously. I would feel fake if we were doing a show about Peloton and I wasn’t using the Peloton.

I have the Peloton, but it’s in the clothing rack in the garage so listen to my podcast.

Ironically, I have no issues of any kind doing that.

How many rides have you done, Tom?

If you don't plan out the strength days of your exercise regimen, you let them go. Share on X


He’s never even sat on the bike.

Is it you just don’t want to? Why?

I’m lazy.

You don’t feel like it. Do you like to do any other things for fitness or not your thing?


There you go. How many rides have you done, Crystal?

About 700 rides.

That is amazing.

Plus, you’ve got the Tread. You’ve got all that going on.

I’ve been mixing in the runs and then I’ve been doing a Tonal, so I’ve been doing strength. I also got the FightCamp, so I’ve been rotating through all of them. It’s been great. What I like to do is do a Tonal and then rotate through the different cardio. It’s been great.

Bike versus Tread, what are your thoughts there?

I have learned to love running, which is shocking to me. Because one, I’m super slow. I am a legit turtle whenever I run and whenever I say running, it’s jogging, but I’m getting faster. I love the freedom of it. I enjoy the Bike very much. I love the Bike. The Bike’s always been my first love, but being able to run and feel this freedom that comes with running and I love being able to go fast. I feel more effective when I run than I do when I Bike, if that makes sense.

That’s interesting.

You have the Bike. Don’t you have the Tread?

I don’t, but I want the Tread.

I’m not even going to lie. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery.

We need it. We have the Bike in my office and I have this chaise lounge against the wall, and I’m like, “The Tread would fit perfectly right there instead of that couch and be more enjoyable for me.” I might do it.

I worry for you though if you have to move a lot. That thing is massive.

We’re in Tucson for good now.

Congrats on being able to be stable. Thank you to your husband for his service. I don’t mean to at all belittle that but I’m excited for you to be stable and sit in one place.

We don’t even know what it feels like. We’re still getting used to that idea. We’re like, “We can do things to our house now. We can remodel some things because we’re going to be here, so nice.” “My friends, I don’t have to leave you. It feels good.”

That’s wonderful. You should get the tread then. I’m excited for you.

Take the money you would have spent on moving expenses and apply it towards the Tread. I shouldn’t say this because her husband can kick the crap out of me. He’s a big tough military and I’m not.

He would like the Tread though. I got him to ride the Bike. He’s done that about a handful of times and he liked it, but I think he’d like the Tread even more.

It’s a very different vibe, but in all the best ways it’s still the same. You still get those great encouraging and inspirational instructors. Also, this amazing content to tell you how to correct your form and your breathing. I love that they have hill runs, endurance runs and HIIT runs. I don’t have to think. A big portion of exercise my entire life that I’ve been avoiding is not knowing what I need to do to be effective. Having all these tools tell me what I need to do next is brilliant.

It takes the guesswork out of all of it. That’s another reason why I love it too because I’m a personal trainer, and I can create my own workouts, but it’s nice not to have to think about it and have someone else do it for me.

I get that. What other workouts do you do?

I like to do pretty much everything. Weekly, I’ll probably do two Peloton rides. I’ll do a bar class or yoga class. I lift weights a couple of times a week. I might do some HIIT training. I love hot yoga. I mix and match depending on how I’m feeling. Now, it’s been a little different because we’ve been home for a short time. I’ve been doing lots of home workouts, lots of streaming workouts up in the office or in the garage.

You probably already know that Peloton does yoga as well.

Yes, and Denis teaches yoga. I love Denis.

We could tell.

We all love Denis.

I’m okay with Denis. He seems nice enough.

He’s smart too. We interviewed him and he shocked me because he’s such a photogenic person and also incredibly smart. He can talk to you about things like books, literature and how important words are. He’s an intelligent guy. How do you combine all the different workouts you do into a schedule? How do you know what’s best to do when? Do you just do what feels good? Do you focus on different aspects? How do you know?

I try to get at least 2 to 3 solid strength workouts a week. Some type of weightlifting. I’ll do it split. Either I’ll do total body all those three days or I might do an upper day, lower day, total body day. Weight training, I always shuffle in first and then I’ll add in cardio. That’s usually Peloton or I might go for a hike outside and then I’ll have a wild card day in there. That will be a bar, body pump, yoga, something different.

I always do strength first too because I’m too exhausted after cardio to do strength properly.

That’s a smart way to do it. I feel like if I don’t plan out the strength days, I let them go because I don’t think strength is as much fun as cardio so I would do cardio every day if I could.

I love how I feel after having done the strength, but I don’t think it’s as fun as cardio. Cardio, you can shut your brain off and have a great time, but strength you’ve got to focus.

It’s fun to zone out. Have you tried any of the dance cardio workouts?

Yes, they’re great. It was a blatant reminder about how little I can dance. I have no skill in that area and I have no rhythm. I had a great time though. That’s really all that matters. They’re fabulous. I did the twenty-minute. It was Rebecca and Jess King. It was a blast.

That’s fun. I like them.

Tom was watching us and he was like, “Does Jess have a background in dance?” I was like, “She does.” Because you can tell when she’s dancing how fluid the changes of movements are versus Rebecca, who comes from more of gymnastics. It’s specific. Hitting each of those movements precisely.

Hers was with great precision. It was, I know this is a vocal term, staccato. Not bad but it had more of a fluidity to it. I like musicals.

You did the dance workout too?

No, but I took pictures of her so she could post them. I made myself useful. I even went up the steps so you get a good view from the landing.

Got an artsy view.

Going up steps is like exercising. That counts.

For sure, and you’ve got some good angles too. That’s impressive.

She’s giving you a lot of credit. It’s nice of her. How long have you been a personal trainer?

I started in 2008. It was a few months before I started the blog.

What led to that? Were you doing it all the time? Did you love it? What caused all that?

I have a Finance degree and I had a job offer out of college, which I wasn’t able to take because we were moving somewhere else and I was already engaged. When we first got to Georgia, it was a good old boy network. It was all about who you know, and who’s your dad. They looked at my resume and be like, “You’re from Arizona. You moved to North Carolina and now you’re here. What’s going on?” I feel like the military was almost like a big red X on my resume. It’s hard to get a job in the finance industry where we were so I was into fitness at the time. During college, I taught at a dance studio and that was my favorite thing. I grew up dancing. When we first started moving, I felt group fitness was the closest thing I could get to dancing. I started to take a lot of fitness classes and that’s when I decided to become a group fitness instructor. When we had moved to Georgia, I was like, “You know what, this finance thing isn’t working out. Maybe if we move again, that’ll be great. I’ll start to work as a trainer and see how it goes.” It went from there.

I have a lot of people that are in my network here locally in St. Louis. They say they’re trying to be a trainer, but it’s hard to make a good living on that. Did you find that was the case? Do you think times have changed? Because it’s been decades. I have no idea if that changes over time or if maybe it depends on who you are and what kind of contacts you have. I don’t know.

It depends on your experience and where you live. When I first started working in Georgia, I was getting paid hourly as a trainer and it was low, but compare that to when I was in San Diego. It was six times as much as I was making there. It depends where you are and it’s volatile everywhere you go. It is hard to make a living as a trainer because you are paid by the hour. They’re usually off-hours too so people work. They want to see you early in the morning or in the evening. It’s a lot of shuffling.

It’s probably hard because, for you specifically, as soon as you’d start to build up a clientele, you’d move.

It was nice because by the time we moved from Georgia, my blog had become a full-time income. I didn’t have to depend on training anymore.

Congrats. That’s fabulous.

It’s nice when the side hustle takes off.

When the side hustle becomes the main hustle.

You’re giving us hope.

Fingers crossed. I noticed that you have a significant portion of your website dedicated to postpartum fitness. I’m curious what led to that? I guess it’s obvious what led to that, you had a baby. What made you dedicate so much of your sight and focus on that?

I feel that there is a lack of information out there for pregnant mamas and postpartum mamas because I experienced it myself with our firstborn. Even as a trainer and a group fitness instructor, the amount of education you get regarding that is small. We have a chapter in our training book and it’s only two paragraphs in special populations. There was so much I had to learn the hard way. I was dedicated to researching as much as possible and compiling it. I created a postpartum fitness plan that’s called Post Baby Bod. Everything I learned, I put into that PDF file.

Even as a fitness professional, I didn’t know any of this information, and I jumped back into it way too quickly. I was teaching at a health resort at the time and I was two months postpartum, taking this high impact Tabata class so that I knew how to teach it as soon as I came back to work. It’s jumping and doing all these crazy things that I think about now, and I’m like, “I can’t believe we did that.” Because the crazy thing is that even if you feel well, you’re like, “I feel great. I feel back to ‘normal.’” There’s so much internal healing that has to transpire. You have no idea what’s going on internally, and you could be doing these things and it could affect you for the rest of your life.

I think back to that time period and I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t in shape going into my pregnancy and I when I came out of my pregnancy, I lost quite a bit of weight. Because I was bloated, the end of my pregnancy was during the summer and I was able to nurse and that helped get rid of the excess weight too. Going for a walk was exhausting. I remember wanting to get back into shape but not feeling like my body could handle that. Like jumping with that impact. When you talk about that I’m cringing because I can’t even imagine. There are lots of women that have their abdominal muscles torn or they’re not back together.

Literally cut apart depending on the birth of choice.

It’s a whole different ballgame. I’ve seen on Peloton platforms many times that people are asking for pre and postnatal exercises. That’s fabulous that you were able to focus on that and give people so much information.

I feel like many women are anxious and excited to finally get back into their “normal routines.” The second you get that clearance, you’re like, “I’m free. I’m going to go run 6 miles.” It’s like, “You couldn’t run 6 miles yesterday. Why do you think you could do that now?” I feel like that’s frustrating because you go for your 6 or 8-week postpartum checkup and they’re like, “Go back to whatever you were doing.” “You don’t know what I was doing before I got pregnant. Maybe I was a scuba diver or a ninja. You don’t know what that includes.” There’s no guidance.

You couldn’t have been a ninja because your husband would have never been able to find you to get you pregnant. Think it through.

That is true. They don’t know if you’re a cage fighter. People are going to be kicking and punching you. They have no idea and there’s no step-by-step guidance like, “Maybe for the first few weeks, you should try this. If that feels good, progress to this.” They’re like, “You look good. You’re free to go back to whatever you’re doing.”

Backing up in the timeline a little bit. I’m curious of the thought process. What happened to your head when you’re like, “I’m a personal trainer. I’ve got this blog that’s doing well, I’ve built my whole world around fitness and I’m pregnant. I’m excited, but what do I do while I’m pregnant?” Did you have to reconsider what your profession looked like while you’re pregnant?


Now that I look back at it, it seems crazy. I was teaching at a health resort when I got pregnant with our first daughter. There were over 100 fitness classes on the schedule each week. We were expected to be able to teach 75% of those classes. I was out there at the pool teaching aqua fitness. I was inside doing bootcamps and treadmill classes. I taught Zumba until I was 36 weeks pregnant and our boss walked past the dance studio. I was up there shaking it with my giant belly. She waved her finger like, “You are done.” That’s when they pulled me out. Looking back on the things I did while I was pregnant and knowing what I know now it’s like, “That’s why you had abdominal separation. That’s why this happened.” It was an interesting profession to be in during my entire pregnancy and teaching many classes each week.

I’m sure that makes a lot of moms at home feel better that you were in this profession and did not know all of the things. I know women have a tendency to beat ourselves up over not doing everything perfectly.

Totally, and looking back, it was interesting to see the comparison with my 1st and 2nd pregnancy because I had learned so much the first time around. A lot of that was from sitting in the locker room with my colleagues and being like, “Why are people still doing sit-ups or bicycles while they’re pregnant?” Because women would come to the resort and be like, “Should we do that? Is that safe?” They’re like, “That is not safe. This is why.” They were a huge resource for me too.

What do you think with your fitness regimen was the biggest change from pregnancy 1 to pregnancy 2?

Pregnancy two, I wasn’t teaching nearly as many fitness classes. Round one, I was teaching about fifteen per week, which is a lot and a lot of them were active teaching classes, dance, cardio and Zumba. We had this world beat class with the drummers that were fun and awesome. Second pregnancy, I was only teaching six per week. I always did yoga teacher training during that time, which was valuable and informational. I took it easier on myself and I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I didn’t feel worn down. During my first pregnancy, I felt like I had to nap every single day. Second pregnancy, number one, you can’t nap because you have a toddler running around, but I took it easier on myself. I also did a physical therapy after our second birth and that taught me so much. That helped a lot with creating my postpartum fitness plans. I could use physical therapist-backed exercises.

Do you think that there’s one thing that moms ask you over and over again, that you feel like everybody should know or can benefit from?

A lot of women want to know when they can go back to impact exercises. That’s common. Honestly, I wouldn’t go back to impact exercises until you’re at least sixteen weeks postpartum. That feels like an eternity after the baby’s born, but it’s worth it to protect your pelvic and to ease into it slowly. Because a lot of women are excited to get back into their routine, so it’s hard to wait but that would be my number one. Wait sixteen weeks postpartum until you’re running, jumping and doing any type of plyometric exercises.

The women are almost as excited as the husbands are.

Being a trainer, I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Peloton content?

I love it. I love the variety. They make it accessible for different fitness levels. It’s easy to modify. One thing I do think that they’re lacking, I don’t know if maybe they did this and I can’t find it, I did this in my full Peloton review post that I wrote is it would be smart and intuitive on their behalf if they use algorithms and technology to create a custom schedule based on the classes you like to take. It’s like, “Gina, I saw that you did two HIIT classes last week. We added in some strength classes and a yoga class to create a more balanced weekly routine. Do you want to try it? Yes or no?” That would be amazing.

I love that. Although, I would also say, I could imagine seeing that and feeling a lot of pressure. I feel like but I’m already doing these other things.

That’s a good point. I feel a lot of people don’t know how to balance their Peloton classes into a balanced schedule. There are some people who ride the bike every single day, which is awesome, you’re getting great cardio, but might not be doing any strength classes or any types of stretching or mobility work. That would be such an easy thing for them to have a sample schedule on the screen somewhere.

To take your idea and tweak it a little bit for somebody like me, you could say what other things are you doing outside of Peloton. They could use that to tweak that altogether because that is something that’s missing. For a lot of people, when they have the bike, they love the bike because you just get on every day and you ride it. You don’t have to think about that, but I have learned as I’m getting older, doing strength is incredibly important and it helps with mobility. It helps with stretching, being stronger and feeling good as you do your daily activities. I do think that people could benefit from having the strength recommendations, and the yoga recommendations. That’s a smart idea. I like that.

That would be cool. Because if you think about the movement on the spin bike, you’re doing it every single day. You have that flexion in your knee, ankle and your hips. Often, so much repetitive movement can lead to injury. It can even lead to nagging knee pain or hip pain. By doing that, they would have built-in longevity because people would not be injuring themselves and be able to balance it a little bit better with everything they offer because they offer many different types of classes.

They do. It’s good.

I feel like I know the answer to this one, but what is your leaderboard name?

It’s Quadhangover.

I was wrong.

You were very wrong.

I assumed it would be Fitnessista.

I am inconsistent with branding. I have different names for everything.

It’s adorable.

Merge all that.

Maybe she doesn’t want it.

I thought about it. It’s like, “How do I stand out on the leaderboard?” If someone reads my blog, they’re like, “There’s Gina. She’s behind me. I’m beating her.” I like being someone random on it.

I do get that. Tell us what inspired you to write about your favorite instructors? I thought you did such a great job of breaking each one down.

Thank you. I’ve done a few Peloton posts on my blog and they are in my top post pretty much every day. A lot of people are searching for Peloton-related content. I do an annual blog survey asking readers what they want to see if they have any topic requests. A common one was for me to break down my favorite instructors. That’s why I wrote that one. It’s funny because they’ve been my core favorites this entire time. They’ve brought in new instructors that are great and I’ll take their classes a couple of times but I always gravitate back towards the same ones.

That is an ongoing thing with everyone. Regardless of who you connect with, it does not matter. You have 3 or 4 that everybody tends to gravitate to. They’re a different 3 or 4 for you, versus me, versus everybody else, but there tends to be this strong connection with a few and there’s probably one that you have above all others. I don’t want to put you too much on the spot.

It’s Cody 100%. He is a party of a human being. He is amazing. I feel like even though his classes aren’t necessarily the hardest, I don’t think I’ve ever PR’d in a Cody ride. They always make me laugh and I have a smile on my face. He makes working out fun, which is important.

Peloton made working out fun for me and that’s why I keep coming back to it. Working out was never something I enjoyed ever before Peloton and now, I love it. I look forward to it and honestly, since this whole pandemic thing has occurred, I am a different person when I don’t work out. It brings me back to a calm peaceful place compared to when I don’t exercise.

I’m right there with you. I was looking at my watch app on my phone where it shows the little circles how many you completed each day and March is full because I’ve had to work out every day to keep my sanity with everything going on. They made working out fun for many people and what a great way to have some sense of community when many of us are isolated.

I could not agree more. It’s been fantastic.

I didn’t give him a proper shout out in the blog post. I have to give credit to DJ John Michael because he is amazing. Every class that he is in, I’m like, “I know this is going to be a great one.”

His energy and you said you follow him on Facebook. The posts that he makes are sometimes obvious but you don’t think about. You don’t spend the time focused on the specific thoughts and it’s like, “That makes perfect sense to me and I needed to hear that now.” He has a great outlook. I love following him.

I love his dance moves and his lip-synching. He’s fun.

Do you follow him on Instagram too?

I do.

There's a lack of information out there regarding exercise for pregnant and postpartum mothers. Share on X

Do you know about COVIDISCO?

I did not see that.

Every day at 6:00 PM Eastern, he is going live and doing a DJ, seriously.

That’s on the plan. COVIDISCO is happening.

You will have so much fun. It’s great to watch him doing his thing back there behind the table.

That’s fun. Have you met many of the instructors in real life?

Yeah, because we go to Homecoming. We’ve gotten to meet quite a few. I haven’t gotten to take that many classes that I would like to take, but I have gotten to meet them. When we’re there for Homecoming, they tend to have all these different opportunities that you could interact with the instructors. I have had the opportunity to meet several of them over the years. They’re as fabulous in person as they are on the screen.

That is cool. Is Homecoming canceled this 2020 or is it postponed?

It’s canceled.

That’s what I thought. That’s sad. I did not go last 2019, but the classes that they filmed during it were amazing.

It’s like a double whammy because they opened their new studio. It would have been an introduction to the new studio and it’s a bummer. We think that if all of this dies down, we might take a trip in the last quarter of 2020 up there and do a little HRI of our own for The Clip Out. Go up there and have a chance to see everybody that we didn’t get to see. I can’t bear the thought of going a whole other year.

Seriously, is there a new studio closer to the Manhattan area? Where did they move to?

They were in Chelsea and now they moved to Hudson Yards, which to my understanding, the difference between them is blocks. It’s not miles, but none of Manhattan is all that big. It’s still fairly close. The headquarters are moving over to Hudson Yards as well. I can’t wait to see them in person because I think the new studios are gorgeous. I love the new angles. I think they’re cool.

They get fancy now. They’ll do underneath shots. I’m like, “Look at you, guys.”

Don’t you think that’s brave? I would not feel comfortable with somebody coming at me from that angle. They look good doing it though. There are a lot of mixed reviews, surprisingly. There are people that are anti the new shots.


They feel like they’re a little too up in their business.

I wondered about that when I heard it’s coming up from below.

To me, it doesn’t look vulgar. It’s like videos from the 1980s whenever the singer would be on stage and the guitarist would do his little thing across the stage and they would come at him.

Like they were shooting from the pit.

I put it in rock terms for Tom because he’s all about pop culture and music.

It makes it easier. Spoon feed it to me.

That’s not a flattering angle for most people, but when you’re at 0.2% body fat, it makes it a lot easier.

Healthy in Real Life: The Fitnessista Podcast


You can pull that off.

I would have four chins, but Robin looks good from below. It’s artsy.

I saw pictures of you on your blog, so no, you don’t get to say that.

The internet has pictures on it. Do you know that?

When you have the below angle though, it’s like when you open your phone and it’s accidentally in selfie mode? You’re like, “Oh no.” I feel it would be like that situation.

My phone always says raise the angle for a more flattering photo like, “I get it.”

It tells you that?

It does and it’s a little upsetting.

That’s hurtful. Sometimes when it’s on selfie mode, I’m like, “No wonder the kids are scared of me.” Makes a lot more sense now.

How many kids do you guys have?

I have two boys and she has a daughter.

We’re a blended family.

I love it.

You said you have two?

Yes, they’re still little. I’m hitting the point where I am struggling a little bit. I’m trying to figure out how to keep them entertained all day long, but taking it day-by-day.

I totally get that and I completely empathize with you. Also, those days where they love you and think you’re smart and they hug you. You still get them, and when you have teenagers, you don’t.

They’re a lot easier to keep occupied because they’ll just sit in the room and sulk.

You are the dumbest person when they turn thirteen. You know nothing, you don’t understand them and you no longer need hugs unless they want something. I miss the four-year-old days especially.

Four is sweet. She’s sweet too, but she’s definitely getting a little bit more into that questioning mom and constant negotiation type of thing.

Sydney, my daughter, was early on in the teenage years. When she was around 10 to 11, it was much worse than what we got going on.

That’s what I’m hoping. I’m like, “Maybe we’re going through this early. Let’s get it out of the way.”

Good luck to you either way because I know it’s hard having kids at home while you do all the other things.

It’s been interesting, but hopefully the thing will be over sooner rather than later. We’re all hoping so.

Fingers crossed.

Do you have any advice for people just entering the world of Peloton?

I don’t even know what to say, but just enjoy. I would say try quite a few instructors before you get stuck with one because there are many different ones and many different personality types. They use different motivation strategies. If you try a couple and you’re like, “I don’t know if they’re the right fit for me.” Keep trying different people because you will find your Peloton instructor soulmate.

It’s like dating.

That’s good advice.

Who is your favorite cycling instructor?

I’ve been letting this out of the bag a lot lately. I feel a little sad. My go-to, the one that speaks to me the way Cody speaks to you, is Jenn Sherman. I feel the same way about Jenn Sherman as you do about Cody. No matter how I feel, when I get on that ride, I am smiling by the end. I feel like she connects with the people on the bike. I feel like she’s a real person on the bike, if that makes sense. I’m hoping you know what I mean by that.

I know what you mean. You can relate to them. They don’t seem like a video game character or something like an avatar on the screen. I’ve only taken two of her classes and that was a long time ago, so maybe I need to try her classes again.

If you’re going to try her classes again, I would highly recommend to you the Epic Sing Along and the Football rides because those are some of my favorites. The Sing Alongs are a party on the bike. There’s no way you can get on one of those rides and not feel like $1 million when you get off the ride.

I’ll do that.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day.

Thanks for having me. This was fun.

Remind everybody of all the places that they can find your stuff.

On the blog, I am at Instagram, @Fitnessista and then my podcast is called Healthy in Real Life.

I’m assuming they can get that anywhere podcasts are available?

That’s correct.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to join us. We appreciate it.

Thank you for having me.

You have a great rest of your week and hang in there.

You too.

That brings another one to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next episode?

Another fun treat. We’re going to be talking to NFL player, Geoff Schwartz.

Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, on the Tread and the Bike, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page, join the group. When you’re on your Bike or Tread, don’t forget to use #TheClipOut. Be sure to subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcast. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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