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Peloton Gym Classes: Four New Classes Added to the App

Continuing to lean into its newest app feature, simply titled Gym, Peloton added four new Instructor-created classes today, which brings its grand total of Peloton Gym classes up to 28 as of the end of July.  

New classes are available now!

Peloton Gym Newcomers

While Adrian and Jermaine have multiple Gym classes available to choose from, there are the first classes that Olivia and Assal have created for the app feature.  Olivia is well-known throughout the Peloton Community as the Glitter Assassin, but Assal, being one of the newer German instructors, may not be as widely known since her classes are typically only taught in German.  If you happen to be one of those people who are unfamiliar with Assal, taking her newly-added Peloton Gym class offers a great way to get to know her teaching style without having to worry about a language barrier or subtitles!

Four new classes were added to the Peloton Gym app feature on July 31, 2023

Where to Find Peloton Gym

As a reminder, Peloton Gym is only accessible via the Peloton App.  It is a free feature, available across all three tiers, and you can find it under the Workouts tab.  

Did You Know?

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