364. Cody Rigsby Signs New Contract With Peloton Plus Our Interview With Jodie Sweetin

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  • Users report their bike systems freezing after latest update.
  • The Tread gets a power bar.
  • Max isn’t showing on the Entertainment tab for some users.
  • Peloton adds Yoga to monthly badge sets.
  • Friendly reminder – Prepare for major schedule changes.
  • Angelo – Recovering from an illness with no appetite.
  • Cody Rigsby signs new contract with Peloton.
  • Emma Lovewell joins the Tread team.
  • Ben & Leanne’s wedding(s).
  • Becs Gentry joins NBC’s Olympics coverage team.
  • Robin Arzon and Benny Adami are training with Hyrox.
  • Why Kendall Toole was at 30 Rock?
  • The latest artist series features Kacey Musgraves.
  • Is Taylor Swift/Tortured Poets Department class coming our way?
  • Ilana Glazer (Broad City, Babes) popped up in Robin’s class.
  • TCO Top 5.
  • This Week at Peloton.
  • New Pride classes for June.
  • Peloton pet classes? Where have we heard that before?
  • Peloton celebrates Global Running Day.
  • There’s a Road to Half Marathon program coming.
  • We’ve got details on the Lululemon meet-up.
  • Irene Scholz (6/3), Rad Lopez (6/4), Cody Rigsby (6/8)

All this plus our interview with Jodie Sweetin!

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Cody Rigsby Signs New Contract With Peloton Plus Our Interview With Jodie Sweetin

Should we tell them about my latest adventure?

I think we should. What a crazy thing.

My son has auditioned for a play in a local community theater that’s been around for years and years. He got a role and they found out with six weeks to go that the actor who plays his father who’s also the lead had to drop out because he had to have surgery. We got a text from Brian that he had volunteered me.

You got voluntold.

He was like, “My dad used to act.” I was like, “That was 30 years ago. All the plays were still in old English.” Now, I’m the titular character in a play in six weeks, after a 30-year hiatus.

This is your big comeback. This is your moment.

It’ll be fun, but it’s a little daunting.

Scary? That’s how I felt when they said, “Do you want to be in Catalina this weekend?” I was like, “To do what?”

Life got a lot busier. Also, we have six weeks but we’re going to be gone for ten days because we’re going to Hawaii. Anyway, these are the things we do to ourselves.

Good problems. It’ll be a special experience for you and Brian to have.

That’ll be fun. Before we dig in too much, what is our bingo of the week?

Our bingo number one is Olivia Amato.

What pray tell do you have in store for people?

One thing we have is our guest Jodie Sweetin. She’s back.

She was kind enough to return. We didn’t even have to ask. They volunteered.

She’s so sweet.

They were like, “We didn’t get to do a real thing. Can she come back?”

We’re not going to say no to that. We also have a whole bunch of stuff. Peloton decided in the last ten days that they were going to drop stuff left and right. We’re going to get all caught up on that.

Do you think they’re like, “Let’s do all this stuff before we have a new CEO? She can’t tell us no. Let’s do it all now.”

I don’t know. My guess is it’s probably the timing of some of these things that take a long time to get up and running. We also have some friendly reminders for you. We have some issues to talk about as far as some problems Peloton has been having. We’re also going to do a lot of instructor updates. There’s been several of those, and tons of stuff. There’s a celeb sighting. There is a new artist series to talk about. Some rumors are going around. There is all that, and the In Case You Missed It stuff too.

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We haven’t gotten any negative reviews in a long time either. A lot of people have left us reviews, but they leave us stars. They don’t say anything.

They don’t type anything out, they just leave stars.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a wordy one.

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We have some new writers. It’s so fun.

It’s helpful to the show to keep it afloat. That’s greatly appreciated. Finally, you can sign up for our newsletter at TheClipOut.com, where you get a weekly email with all the links and things like that for the things that we talk about. There’s all that. Let’s dig in, shall we?

We shall.


Users have been reporting that their bike systems are freezing up following the most recent update.

It’s been going on for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen lots of posts about it. I found this article interesting because it’s very low-key. This a very small affiliate and it’s NBC Chicago, just a small article. The reason I find that interesting is that people keep posting on the OPP nonstop. Peloton will not address the issue, but in this article, they’re like, “We have acknowledged and we have found a subset of people that this is affecting, and we’re working on it.” That’s what you got. That’s all they say.

“We’re taking this very seriously.”

It seems to be mostly with the older bikes and it seems to be that the screen freezes. What comes up is 10 to 15 minutes in class, it’ll say, “You’re not connected to the internet. You’re going to have to reboot but then everything freezes and people can’t do anything. The music continues. On the tread, I guess you could turn it on. It’s not a tread. This is only on the bike. Forget that I said anything about the tread. Don’t let me confuse the issue. There’s no way other than to unplug it or do they even have the little button on the top anymore? I don’t know that they do. That was the old Peloton bike.

You are asking the wrong guy.

I know I am. It’s interesting to me because I feel like Peloton needs to communicate with people. For some people, the only way to fix it is to get a new screen. Back in 2017 or 2018, when I got the tread, I was having the same problem on my original version bike. They had come out with all these new things and suddenly my bike could not load the new stuff. I seriously think that’s what’s going on. The only way to fix it is to get a new screen.

They’re saying that some of these people are developing a solution. They don’t have a timeline for that solution. That’s all the article says, but I felt like it is our duty to let people know this is out there and it’s happening. I don’t think that you should rely on the answer from a tier-one customer service specialist because they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s not Peloton. That is across the board. Almost anywhere you call, the first person you reach doesn’t know anything.

“Have you tried turning it off and on?”

They’re looking at a book. Because Peloton is not at the height of their game, they don’t have as many people to fix things and to get back to you as far as customer service. I know that’s not right. I think that you need to keep raising the issue. I think you need to keep escalating. If somebody tells you, “Deal with it. It’s your internet,” and you know it’s not, then you need to escalate that to the next person. Do not take no for an answer. That’s my advice.

At this point, so many people have multiple pieces of equipment where it’s getting harder to get away with that because they’re like, “How come my tread works? How come my row works? How come my Tonal works?” What have you?

I agree with that. For some people, they might have an issue with a mesh network. We had the issue of not having a mesh network. That means having little tiny routers throughout your house that all go to one router. The benefit of doing that is that most routers can only have about up to ten devices on them at a time. There are exceptions to that. I’m talking about your standard router.

She’s tier-one support right now, people.

Don’t come at me. The reason that’s a big deal is because when we started counting up how many devices we had, we had over 30 devices. It was insane.

Everybody in the house has a phone and a laptop. You have two phones and two laptops, and then all the TVs.

Not to mention the Xboxes, the iPads, and other things.

You have things that connect to your Wi-Fi these days like the refrigerator.

Also, all of our lights that we can tell Google to do things. We have a lot of devices, and 30 is an understatement now. We are way past that. Moving to an Eero mesh network solved the problem for us.

This is not a commercial.

Not at all. There is no affiliate. Nobody is paying us for this. Some people need to know this because it was life-changing for us. One of our listeners who lives here in St. Louis and works up at Costco reached out to us and was like, “You need a mesh network, go get one.” We did and our life changed. It was crazy. I want other people to know that’s a thing.

The tread is getting pace targets.

Yes, and it is so freaking exciting. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I love it so much. I tried the classes today. This is so cool though because it’s very similar to Power Zone in that there are seven different zones. It’s a little bit different right now. There’s no FTP test. I think that’s to come. I suspect that’s to come because remember the leak that Christine D’Ercole put on her page? That was an FTP test. I think we’re not there yet. I think this is round one of the releases we’re getting.

When I took the class, a couple of things stood out to me. I took the intro with Matt Wilpers and he specifically says that you can take the classes on the app. You can’t take the classes on the app because if you go there, the collection is not there. I think that is to come as well. It’s probably still rolling out. The other thing about that is you have these little colored bars like the power zone, just like on the row. it’s great because when you first started up, it was so similar to Lanebreak. It’s like, “Based on what you’ve been doing, we think you should be X.”

They have all these different pace targets that you can have. They put me in one that was embarrassingly low, but it makes sense because of how slow I am. I took a 20-minute intro class and it was on the low side by just a smidge. I think that I could go up to the next level. It was great because you start and you do a jog, you do an intro, and then in this particular class, since it was an intro, they had you do all of the different seven zones.

You did an interval in each of those zones and then did a rest and recovery in between. It was different. It was nice to have that structure. It was nice to have very specific feedback because when you go into the different bars, they are so small. The changes from easy to jogging, from jogging to light are so small. It was like 0.3 or 0.4. When I increase, I’m like “1.5, let’s go.”

You’re all or nothing.

I am, this is pretty much my life. I think that might be holding me back a little bit in my training. I’m going too hard at times and then I’m probably not resting enough on intervals. I found it super helpful from that vantage point. It was nice to do something different on the tread. I also took the global running day class back to back with that today. I know we’re going to talk about global running day classes in a little while, but I have to say how fun it was. It has all-for-one vibes. They had three instructors in the US studio and they had two instructors in the UK studio. It was a 30-minute class and they kept going back and forth. They first all came up on the screen together, and then it was like one instructor led off to the other. It was a US studio going to the UK.

I thoroughly enjoyed it so much. I was right back in 2018, loving seeing all my instructors right there on the screen in front of me. It was so great. It was nice and it’s global running day today. It was perfect. That was delightful. I had to share that because if you haven’t tried the tread and you haven’t been doing the tread content, this was so fun. It was the most fun I’d had on the platform in a long time. It was great. Those two back to back.

We should also talk real quick about the fact that Max, formerly HBO Max, isn’t showing up on the entertainment tab. For some users, Max is not showing up on the tabs. If you’re looking to watch Hacks while you’re on the tread, you might be out of luck.

Peloton acknowledges that. They know it. It’s in the works. This is showing up as a real issue on their outage page.

They’re acknowledging that this one exists.

Publicly, not just in a random article.

They’re not being shamed by NBC Chicago and talking about it. NBC Chicago is like, “We don’t care if Max is on there.”

“We are not Max.”

Peloton has added yoga to its monthly badge regimen.

It’s nice. We’ve seen a couple of months in a row of having these challenges and I should say it’s yoga and meditation. Both of them are now within the yoga badges. Every month, you can participate in those challenges. If you’re a person who doesn’t bike all the time or doesn’t walk all the time, this is great. Maybe you’re a big yoga person. Now you’re not left out, because some people felt left out by that. Tom’s like, “I don’t get any of it, but okay.” It’s nice to have something to reach for if that’s your topic of choice.

Before we wrap up this segment, we want to have a friendly reminder, a PSA if you will. Brace yourself for major schedule changes. Every year, we tend to see them around this time, so if you see them, don’t run off half-cocked thinking your favorite instructor got fired. Please, at all times, try to stay fully cocked.

We will see them now. We will see them in the fall. It’s every year like clockwork that this happened. Just breathe, it’s going to be okay.

You got sent a fun thing, as fun as laundry can be.

Honestly, there are not a lot of things about laundry that are fun, but this was, in that it solved a problem for me. It’s called Active Hamper. The reason that I say that is because here’s my system. Here’s my brilliant system. If I put my disgusting clothes right into the laundry basket, what happens is all of my clothes get funky.

What I started doing long ago, which has been years in the making, is I draped the clothes on the side of the tub so that they can dry, and then those nasty dried clothes that are like cardboard, I throw those in the dirty hamper. Although they’re still funky, it’s not wet funky. Now it doesn’t funk everything up as much. It’s still disgusting.

It’s not good funky. It’s like funky on a cruise ship, “That band doesn’t know how to play funk.”

That’s so true. Active Hamper has decided they’re going to solve this problem for you. They reached out to me and told us, “We’ve got the solution called Active Hamper.“ They have an upright hamper. It has nylon, a spandex insert, and three different compartments at its base for dehumidification and deodorization buckets. Those dry and pull out the odor from your activewear. The best part is though, whenever it’s laundry day, you pull everything, including the insert out, and you throw it in the dirty clothes.

As someone who shares a bathroom with you, it made a difference.

We have a big bathroom so I don’t notice the scent that much.

We do have a nice-sized bathroom. We’re fortunate in that regard.

It’s like a long bathroom. If we lived in the old house, that would be a no-go.

That bathroom was way small. It’s undoable.

I couldn’t even have a hamper in there, but this was a game-changer. You didn’t smell it.

I did not.

The cool part is, they are getting ready to do pre-sale this coming Monday. They’re going live on the 10th. If you use code Crystal, you will get $30 off on Active Hamper from now through next Thursday. That’s pretty cool.

We were both skeptical.

Sometimes, the stress is just not worth it. Share on X

On a personal note, it’s cool because these guys live in Missouri. They live across the state in Kansas City. They are delightful normal people starting a business and we want to support them. That is why we are doing this and we wish them all the luck in the world. I love their system.


Joining us once again from MetPro here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions, it’s Angelo.

Thanks for having me on.

Thank you for being here. We’ve heard from this person before but this is a very specific question for Karen Marquez. She said that she is recovering from a recent hospitalization and illness and she’s still on antibiotics. Her appetite is shot. How does she manage this? She’s still trying to eat five times a day, but she doesn’t have it in her to eat what she usually does. Her doctor said to listen to her body, get rest if she doesn’t have the energy for regular workouts, and do what she can.

She said that she is still getting a gallon of water per day. She’s still on point with water. She’s concerned though that when she gets her appetite back, how is she going to ramp that up without affecting her overall weight loss? She also wanted you to know, and I feel like this is important too, that she’s working with her MetPro coach on these issues, but it’s a question she has heard before and she is sure it will come around again. I just wanted you to know we are working on this.

Karen, these are great questions. I am so sorry for your recent illness. Yes, listen to your doctors and listen to your body. We are not medical professionals. This is a common scenario regardless of what the health circumstance was. I get this a lot, “I had a surgery or I had XYZ health issue. I lost some weight. I wasn’t able to eat much. I have no appetite. How do I manage when the appetite comes back?” I want to start with the last thing you mentioned, Karen, when your appetite comes back. Don’t be overly concerned with that.

What your coach in MetPro is going to do is make sure that as you add calories back to manage your appetite, you’re not adding it all in one or two meals. It’s going to be spread gradually and spread across the day with as many small meals as possible. This is where a lot of the fitness gurus missed the mark a little. You’ve heard this debate about how many times a day I should be eating. They’ll quote the science. There’s no science in losing more weight when you’re eating more meals or fewer meals. That is true.

It is about the totals. However, I can tell you there is absolute science in your body’s ability to increase your intake levels and eat more food without gaining when you’re spreading meals over multiple meals a day, especially in the presence of regular physical activity. That’s why during metabolic revving periods, we have someone eat more frequently. It’s not that those more frequent meals instantly translate into weight loss. It enables your body to acclimate. You eat a little now, a little a few minutes later, and a little few minutes later. It keeps that metabolic rate revving hot. If you add exercise on top of it, your metabolism increases at a much faster pace.

Your MetPro coach is going to help you with that as the time comes. The issue that you’re dealing with immediately is the loss of appetite. That is going to be a simple matter of selecting foods that are not overly filling. All the typical, I call them bodybuilding foods, like oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potato. Those are all great foods, but they are designed to be highly voluminous for the amounts of calories consumed. Those are not the options that you want to go with.

It’s a little-known fact. Things such as pasta and tortillas and things like that are not necessarily the weight gain villains or carbohydrate villains that they’re sometimes made out to be. Let’s take pasta as an example. It has a reputation for weight gain, but pasta is a medium glycemic carbohydrate. It doesn’t have a bunch of fat in it. It doesn’t have extra calories coming from non-carb sources. Why does it have this bad rap?

The reason is that you can eat a thimble full of pasta and get 30 grams, 45 grams, or 60 grams of carbs without feeling like you eat very much food. When you sit down to eat a typical portion size of pasta, it is not uncommon to consume 90 to 100 grams of carbohydrates. Whereas when you sit down to eat a typical portion size of sweet potato or brown rice, you’ve only consumed 15, 30, or maybe 45 grams because the food itself has more volume to it.

It’s just that it’s one of those things that comes down to getting to know which is which. Of course, that’s what your coach is going to help you with, but I would be a big fan of you doing something like tortilla or even temporarily pasta. I don’t know if you even like that, but something that’s going to be less filling. The same thing applies to your proteins. There’s not a huge difference in your proteins, but that’s where something like a protein shake can make a big difference.

I’ve had some stomach issues in the past and there’s no way I was getting my protein needs from chicken breast and lean beef during that time period. I use a vegetarian protein powder during the day and a whey protein powder in the evening. Sometimes I switch it based on my activities, but it helps me get a little bit of extra protein and calories without feeling heavy in my stomach. The last tip I’ll give you, Karen, is the food that makes your stomach feel bloated is often raw vegetables. If you’re doing things like cauliflower, broccoli, or things like that, these are excellent foods that I encourage everyone to eat.

If you’re feeling full you may need to either have them cooked, steamed, or in less smaller quantity, and opt for vegetables that are a little less intense. You can do green beans. You can do mushrooms. It’ll still give you a little bit of caloric value without taking up a bunch of space in your stomach. Those are all things. Talk to your MetPro coach to know your personal circumstances best, but that’ll help you get some good fuel in you in the short run.

Thank you very much. If people would like information like this tailor-made for their fitness journey and maybe you or Crystal can help them out, where can they find you?


Thank you so much.


Everybody can calm down. Cody Rigsby has signed a new contract with Peloton. All these people are like, “I noticed he didn’t have a class for two days. Did he quit? Did he get fired? Has he been abducted? Has he fallen and can’t get up?”

There were a few things that raised eyebrows.

Does he have rickets?

He doesn’t have rickets either. For the record, he’s also not engaged.

Did he get engaged and his new husband won’t let him work at Peloton anymore?

Can I explain what happened?

No, I’m trying to stir up more rumors.

Okay, go for it. Let me know when you’re done, then I’ll talk.

Did he tape major baseball without express written consent?

No. Are you done?


Let me know if you’ve got more. He went on vacation. I know it’s a shocker. He was in a country where they do lots of samurai stuff. Anything that has to do with another continent, I’m not great at, because we’re American. He went on vacation and while he was gone, another thing happened. Instagram put out a new type of drop-down menu where you have to choose what kind of public figure you are. Cody is a fitness instructor and that is now what it says.

It used to say something different. Some people say, and I cannot confirm this, that it used to say Peloton instructor. In his LinkedIn bio and everywhere else, it still says he’s a Peloton instructor. It does not stop these crazy people from posting all over the OPP, all over all the groups, everywhere, saying that Cody is quitting. He’s not quitting, and that is what this is addressing. He was like, “Not only am I not leaving, I signed a new contract. You’re going to be with me for a long time.” When they sign these contracts, it’s usually a 3 to 5-year deal. At least, it always has been. Maybe that’s changed over time. We are going to enjoy Cody’s presence for the time being.

He is not happy with the rumors.

I told Tom when I sent him the video, “You have to hear it.” He was like, “Stop it.”

It’s funny because we saw the post in the OPP and we went down the rabbit hole, and we were like, “This doesn’t seem true at all,” and therefore, we didn’t talk about it.

Right, because there’s nothing to talk about. It was a nonissue, but for some people, they got to get the pot and they got to stir.

If you are a Cody fan, you can sleep soundly knowing he is with you for the foreseeable future.

You can share it with all your other friends who may not be as into Cody as you are. Maybe they’re casual.

Maybe they love Cody but they’re not on Facebook every day, scoping stuff out.

They may not know, so watch for these notes and know. Let’s talk the rumors down. Let’s get people back. There is enough to panic over this year. We do not need to worry about an instructor leaving. We got bigger fish to fry.

Emma Lovewell did join the tread team.

It’s super exciting. Right now, she is teaching hikes. Every Thursday in the month of June, she will be teaching hikes. This is great because up until this time, it’s mostly been Rebecca Kennedy. Not that no other instructor has taught hikes, but there are not as many of them. To have an instructor who is going to specifically be adding more hiking content is great. The hikes are surprisingly effective because they’re low impact and you get such an incredible workout, and you know 15%, some of you are going to be 12.5%, but for a certain amount of time.

It’s a little bit of a flex.

Honestly, it wasn’t. I just knew somebody was going to yell at me and go, “I don’t have 15%.” If you calibrate your tread, you don’t. That is accurate.

She called it a baby tread. You’re like, “I’m not trying to talk down to your baby tread.”

I didn’t mean that. I mean as opposed to the behemoth that I have, it’s a giant piece of machinery. I love it so much. No one will take it from me ever.

You’re a size queen.

Stop. Anyway, congratulations to Emma Lovewell. I am curious to see if after the baby is here, will there be running classes added to what she does or if is she going to stick to the hikes. There’s no wrong answer. I’m not judging.

She’s going to have a stroller on that treadmill. I think it’s probably dangerous.

It seems like a bad idea.

Ben and Leanne got married.

They did, twice. They had first a beautiful intimate ceremony and it seemed like it was very private, like family. Who knows who else was there? Their closest friends, I’m sure. They had a big celebration. It was a party and Leanne has basically like one of those disco balls as a dress. It was so sparkly. It’s very Leanne. She pulled it off beautifully. It is exactly what everybody would expect when Leanne says sparkly dress. It was quite the affair and all the instructors over in the UK spent a lot of time showing that they were getting ready. A lot of them posted pics from the entire night.

There were a couple of US instructors there as well. I believe it was Ally and Ross Rayburn, which is a weird coupling. They weren’t there together. Out of all the instructors, if you were like, “Who were the two people from the United States that will show up at Ben and Leann’s wedding? Ross is okay. I don’t mean anything against Ally, but they don’t just go together, not in a bad way.

There are some instructors you see palling around all the time. It’s hard to pall around all the time because they live in different countries or different continents.

If somebody was like, “Jess King and Rebecca Kennedy went,” I would be like that track. They are together all the time. That would make sense to me, but Ross and Ally? I also want to say a lot of people felt like it was weird since more US instructors weren’t there. I want to say I don’t think that’s weird. First of all, have you guys purchased an Intercontinental travel airplane ticket lately? It’s super expensive.

They got the cash.

They do, but also the time off if you have other things planned, not to mention Ben and Leann. Let’s think about this. If you wanted to invite all of the instructors, that’s 58 instructors, plus their significant others. That’s over a hundred people and just the people you work with. You haven’t even invited any of the production staff or any of those people and family. That’s my point.

I don’t think it’s that crazy that not as many people went. I think it would be weird if none of the US instructors showed up and it was in the US. That would be weird. I would raise an eyebrow at that. All of the UK instructors were there and only a couple from the US. That does not strike me as weird. Some people think it’s weird, but I don’t think so.

I don’t think it’s weird. It’s probably harder for them to have close relationships with the US instructors because they work in different countries. They’re not seeing them every day in the same way that people who work out of PSNY do.

I totally agree.

We have a name change on the platform.

It’s sweet to see that Leann officially changed her name on the platform. She is Leiann Hainsby Altis. Did all the instructors add Altis to their last name like when Courtney Cox got married on Friends?

I don’t know, but that would be amazing if they had.

Do you remember when she changed her name to Courtney Cox Arquette? In the first episode back after her marriage, everybody in the credits was like David Schwimmer Arquette. I do remember that. Jennifer Aniston Arquette.

I had completely forgotten that was a thing, but that was funny whenever we watched that.

I’m like, “What is happening? I didn’t realize they were polyamorous.”

Big news for Becs Gentry. She’s joining NBC’s Olympics coverage team.

She’s going to be covering Paris. That’s pretty darn cool. That’s pretty awesome. That’s amazing. Huge congrats. It probably would have been happening if she hadn’t been pregnant and then had a baby. It seems to me that all of a sudden, things are clicking into place. She’s next leveling her getting out there.

For sure. That’s a huge platform.

I’m so happy for her. That’s amazing. Huge congrats.

Robin Arzon and Benny Adami did the Hyrox races.

I don’t know that Benny has done it yet. I think he’s still in training. Robin had her race this past weekend. The paparazzi caught pics of her and they were like, “It’s Robin Arzon from Peloton.” I didn’t see the details of how it all turned out. I know they’re supposed to be a global leaderboard and you compete. I saw that she posted she had done it but I didn’t see any of those details, but she seemed to enjoy it.

She’s such a badass. I’m sure she did amazing. When we posted this article though, Benny Adami was like, “Maybe next year, we can both do it in America, and Robin and I can partner up.” Isn’t he just a doll? He’s the sweetest. I love him. It would be fun. That would be so cool. I hope they do. I hope that happens.

Kendall Toole was at 30 Rock for some odd reason.

All of a sudden, she is hanging out with a very high-level journalist. One of them is at 30 Rock and then there was the in-classic Kendall, which irritates the shit out of me like, “I’ve got a secret I’m going to tell.”

Did she put the journalist in the shadows?

No. You got to see the journalist’s face, but it might only be because the journalist was the one taking the picture. Otherwise, who knows? Kendall said in the post, “Big things to come,” or “Great things to come,” or something like that. Will she now be another correspondent to another thing? I don’t know. She’s been all over the golf circuit lately. Who knows? We will see. I’m sure we will find out about it at some point. Hopefully, we’ll find out and it doesn’t have to be a game we play to know, but who knows?


The latest artist series features Kacey Musgraves.

This is going to be a nice one. I took a class with Matty over the weekend. He was playing one of her newest singles. It was not part of the official lineup. I got the feeling Matty would have loved to have been the official instructor to do Kacey Musgraves’s classes. He has some other surprises coming, and we will talk about that when we get to Pride. He did say a few cool things about Kacey. He loves to give interesting details. A lot of people are very excited about this. She is a big deal. It’s nice because she walks that line of country and pop. A lot of people who might only fall into the country world and not know other things from the pop world and vice versa know of her.

There are a lot of people who don’t listen to country music but like her.

I would say Follow Your Arrow song is my favorite. I love that song so much. It is very much my vibe. There will be a series of seven different classes. We’re going to have yoga. We’re going to have full-body strength. There is an outdoor walk and run with Matty. I guess he is having one. I should probably read these before I start talking. There’s going to be a ride with Robin, a walk with Selena, and then a row with Matt Wilpers.

Also, not an official artist series or even official at this point, but we have reason to believe that a Taylor Swift Tortured Poets Department class is coming our way.

I am merely someone who works out in order to balance out my cheeseburger. Share on X

On June 27th, there will be a class that is only happening by invite. It will be with Robin. It just happens that only Swifties got invited. A lot of people who got invited were in the Peloton Swifties group, but I got some intel on the side that other people who had the #PelotonSwifties and who happened to have taken pretty much all of the Swifty classes also got invited to this class.

The next logical question that everyone will ask is, is she going to pop in and say hello?

I don’t know. I would say that it’s very strange to me that this is going to be a prerecorded class. This is not live. I also think if there is The Tortured Poets Department class, it will be hard for me to believe there’s only one, which means there might be other things, but this one is going to be pre-recorded and separate. Why is it special? You might ask. Why are the rest of them not invite-only? You might ask.

You will say that with the date of that class if you match it up to her tour dates, she is not performing that day.

She has a performance on the 23rd.

I think that’s what it was, the 23rd or the 24th, and then she performs again on the 28th.

That is the day after this, so it could happen. Will it? I don’t know. We all know Peloton probably needs Taylor Swift more than Taylor Swift needs them.

I think right now, everybody needs Taylor Swift more than Taylor Swift needs whatever that other thing is.

There’s no doubt about it. That’s what I mean. This isn’t about how huge Peloton is. This is about how huge Taylor Swift is. I will also say that she’s the kind of person who would do it if she wanted to.

She does not half-ass anything.

She does not. I don’t know, but if any of you get to meet her, I will die. I will collapse. If I got invited to that and she was there, I don’t think I could stay conscious.

She played in the Arena the first year I worked there, but I didn’t go. She was big at that point in time, but not like she is now.

She’s a phenomenon now.

I had tickets to see Bob Seger, and I had never seen Bob Seger. It was the same night so I was like, “I’m going to go to the Bob Seger show.”

Now you’ve seen Bob Seger three times since then.


You probably should have gone to see Taylor Swift.

Yeah, if I had known. To show you what a different world it was, it was Taylor Swift with special guest, Eric Church.

It’s definitely a different world. Although I would have loved that show.

I hope that it does happen. I don’t know whether or not she’ll be there. I think that’s probably a big ask, but either way, it’ll be a great time.


We had an in-studio celebrity sighting from Ilana Glazer.

We just watched this movie.

She has a new movie that she wrote and starred in, Babes.

I enjoyed it. I think a lot of women out there would enjoy this movie. This is a very much girl with friends movie.

People are comparing it. It’s like Bridesmaids but for childbirth or pregnancy.

I don’t remember Bridesmaids.

It has a very female voice, but it still has a little bit of the raunchy comedy aspect to it. Because it’s female-led, it has a different vibe because of that.

I will also say some negative reviews are coming from this class. One is that Peloton turned it into an advertisement because Ilana Glazer was in class and she had the spotlight on her. They do that with all celebrities. I don’t think that’s a big deal. She talked to Robin the whole time. One person sent me a message. I don’t want to out that person, but they felt like it was an advertisement and it came across as Ilana Glazer had never taken a Peloton class. I will say I have not taken the class so I don’t know. I can’t weigh on that, but I did watch after she took the class and there was a reel that Peloton did. I thought it was great. I thought she was very knowledgeable about Peloton. She was like, “I usually only take 15-minute classes.”

I watched the reel too and she did say that she typically takes short classes.

Maybe she doesn’t know all the things about the classes because she takes such short classes, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Everybody uses it in different ways.

They do. She seemed like a delightful person whenever we watched the movie, but she was acting so I don’t know. It’s her vibe. She wrote it. How do you come up with that?

A lot of people might not be familiar with the movie because it’s a smaller film that just came out. She was also one of the stars and creative forces behind the show Broad City, which has a very loyal following.

Also, the other main actress in the movie was Michelle Buteau. She was the host of the show The Circle. She’s had her own stand-up. She’s a comedian, and she’s been in lots of other movies here and there. I haven’t watched them all so I don’t know what they are. Anyway, I’ve always loved her. I think she has a great vibe. She always makes me smile when I see her. She has such a friendly face. Anyway, I love the movie and I thought it was cool. That was a fun celebrity sighting.


The bingo that we’ll announce in this segment is?

Kristin McGee. There’s number two.

It is time for the Clip Out Top Five. We ask you for your input on your favorite classes and then we share them with the room so people can discover new things. The first item up for bid is your favorite Peloton running class.

It’s the Lindsey Stirling run with Becs Gentry that took place on 5/28. Everyone is buzzing about this. There were videos that you could see Lindsey performing in and Becs did an amazing job of navigating the conversation so that it felt conversational. Joanna Davis summarized this by saying, “Becs’ Lindsey Stirling Run was my favorite this week. As soon as I logged in and saw Lindsey was on the leaderboard, I had a feeling she was going to be in class and there she was. Becs was great and the whole production showing clips of Lindsey’s music videos was fantastic. Bravo to Peloton for trying something new. It was engaging and the time flew by.” I’ve heard this from numerous people. People are begging for more things like this. I have no doubt we are going to see more of this setup and I love it. I think I’m here for it.

Number two, your favorite Peloton stretch.

This was from Ross Rayburn. It was a lower-body stretch on 5/30. It was 10 minutes. Nikki Smith, our own Helper Bee Nikki recommended this and said, “If you’re a member of the short hamstring club, then Ross’s lower-body stretch from May 30th is a stretch you need in your life. Ross is at his biometrics best, giving stretch variations that allow you to get deeper into a stretch, and if you have short hamstrings, you know exactly how difficult that is without making you feel like you’re going to rip your muscle in half. Me and my short hammies will be doing this one on repeat.”

 Number three, favorite Peloton ride.

The Killer’s ride with Emma Lovewell, also from 5/30. Diana Volk picked this and she said that she liked how Emma doesn’t talk too much and lets you enjoy the music. That is important in these musical classes. She also picked the best tracks for you to give it your all and zone out. I loved it. I did the Susie Chan outdoor 20-minute Killers run, and there’s usually not a lot of talking during an outdoor run in general when there’s music, like a special artist series. I loved the vibe. It was so much fun. It went by so fast. I enjoyed it. I think part of it is just the vibe the Killers give off. They have great music. I’m glad to hear this one made the favorites.

Number four, your favorite Peloton yoga class.

Back to Ross Rayburn. It made the list twice in one week, 20-minute focus flow, lower-body, and this was on 5/22. Amy Nance chose this class. She said, “I am not usually a fan, but I took this class anyway, trying to give him another chance, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve taken several yoga classes, but this class was just what I needed. Ross gave explicit instructions on how to do the poses and exactly where you should be feeling it and gave options to get you where you needed to be. Very helpful in helping me understand my body and alignment. Two thumbs up.”

That’s good. She is finally coming around on Ross Rayburn and he’s leaving. Finally, you’re unstackable for the week is a run. It is a 45-minute HIIT run from Becs Gentry on May 25th. She also gets two spots this week because we had the Lindsey Stirling. Leslie Gray Colbert said that she was done after this run, “The programming makes it so doable though and you don’t realize how bad it is until it’s over.”

Sounds like my first marriage.

No, because she enjoyed it. Don’t ever compare an instructor to your past marriage. I can’t with that.

We have new Pride classes for June. Are we recycling?

No recycling. I’m excited about the content this month. They always do a great job. There’s going to be camp yoga with Ross. There’s going to be a Pump the Beat Core with Rebecca. There’s also going to be Pump the Beat Lanebreak Run and Walk, then there’s also a Pump the Beat Row with Ash. In other words, a Hyper Pop with Olivia. There’s going to be an addition to all of that, the most exciting. Mara Thonner is back on June 22nd. We will be seeing her for a walk.

It’s probably hard to run in those heels.

That’s fair. I can’t wait to see the outfit that Mara Thonner is bringing because Matty posted a teaser. It had something wicked this way comes. It had a theme song from a famous musical. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but I know it’ll be fabulous. Marathoner will bring her best. Get This. This is how old this is. It’s going to blow your mind. Matty is going to be doing a Cher class this month. It is the first Cher class since Christopher Street. Matty’s favorite icon is Cher and he has not done an entire Cher class since Christopher Street. I’m very excited about that as well. It’s going to be a great month with lots of great music. I know that these classes are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s going to be a lot more.

Apparently, Peloton listens to the show.

I think we might have inspired this. If we don’t inspire this, then we tell the future. Take your pick. Back on April 1st, we talked about the new instructors that were joining and they were all pets of the instructors and they were going to teach pet classes. There’s going to be Pet Appreciation classes. They are dropping by tomorrow. I’m super excited about this. It seems like we’re going to see some dogs walking in class. I think they’re going to be outdoor classes. It’s the way it sounds. They’re going to be part of the class. That’s pretty cool. I’m excited.

Peloton is celebrating Global Running Day.

I know that I already ruined it by talking about the one with all of the instructors. If you haven’t taken that, you should. As a bonus, if you’re into Pride, they were wearing rainbow colors. This is a special moment though. It’s the first time Peloton has ever taken the London studio and the New York studio and had them in the same class during class. It was very special. They didn’t do it live, which is a little bit disappointing, I’m not going to lie. I think it was probably for the best. That’s a lot to try to manage. There’s always that delay. They didn’t do that, but that’s the special highlight and everyone needs to take it. It has all-for-one vibes. You will love it. There’s also going to be more outdoor runs. There are going to be several Focus Flow for Runners classes and Strength and Core Runner all dropping today. Make sure that you take those. If you didn’t get to take it on Global Running Day, by the time you hear this, that will be in the past, you can still take them and enjoy them. It’s not going to hurt.

It’s always Global Running Day in your heart.

That’s true. It’s a special day. It has become a big deal to me. I love it. I get all kinds of badges from Strava and Whoop and then now Peloton. It makes me happy.

Also, Becs Gentry was doing something for Global Running Day with Nike.

This is special. She is in Athens right now.

The original Greek Marathon.

When the guy originally did it, he got lost and so he ended up repeating the route. He ended up doing it several times so it’s way longer than an actual marathon. Because of that, Nike is celebrating by doing Pegasus 41. They are celebrating their new shoe and there are going to be 41 runners doing a relay and Becs is one of those runners. They’re all wearing new Nike Pegasus in green.

There is also a Road to Half Marathon program coming.

It dropped today as Global Running Day. It’s also super exciting because they dropped it on demand. It’s very cool because they had the Road to Marathon, but when they dropped the Road to Marathon, so many people said, “I want the same training but for a half.” You do need to train differently for a half. You cannot just cut it in half. It doesn’t work like that. It’s super exciting. You’re going to be able to get strength, endurance, and confidence. There are going to be ten weeks of training in this and they’re going to be outdoor workouts. They’re also available on the tread. They all drop today. I’m so excited about all the running content that dropped this week. It’s a whole new platform for me. I am so freaking stoked. I love it.


We have information about the Lululemon meet-up.

That is going to be this weekend. We’ve talked about that before, the 7th and 8th, invite only. You have to be a Lululemon member, not an invite. Anyway, the point is if you’re going, you’re going to get a free Lululemon water bottle. You’re going to get 20% off Peloton Studios retail store. You’re also going to be able to hang out in the Recovery Lounge. You’re going to be able to demo Beyondfeel shoes. You’re also going to be able to hang out with other members. In addition to all of that, you have to validate your Lululemon membership on the iOS app for Lululemon or the website. You have to do that at check-in. Isn’t that fascinating?

They’re messing around. If you’re not part of the team, no thank you.

We will have two different people that are going to be present. We will have all the details on how that goes down this weekend.


We have one birthday this week and then two I missed. Irene Schultz on June 3rd.

She’s Kamer now. It’s Irene Kamer now. I think it’s my fault for saying Schultz whenever I send that to you, but she’s married now. My bad.

Rad Lopez, I believe it’s still Rad, on June 4th. Coming up on June 8th, former Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby.

Stop it. Happy birthday Irene, Rad, and Cody.

We have that creative desire to want to do something different and to know that we can do something different and try. Share on X

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Jodie Sweetin, so stick around.


Joining us once again is Jodie Sweetin. Jodie, how’s it going?

It’s going great. It’s much better than the last brief moment that I appeared then it was like, “Everything is falling apart. I have to go.”

We understand. We have children as well. We’ve been down that road.

Between kids and allergies, it was not my day. It was not the day that I planned.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to own it and be like, “You know what?”

“It’s not going to happen today. It’s just not happening.”

As I’ve gotten older, it’s hard because I’ve lived my life according to a pretty strict like try and do it. Even at my messiest, I’d like to show up if I can and say I’m going to do something. I learned as I get older that sometimes the stress of that is not worth it. It’s so much better to be like, “This and this are falling apart right now.” I need to prioritize because if you’ve got all that going on over there, you’re not present anyway.

We’ve canceled interviews before or rescheduled them because there’s an emergency happening. We are not going to be able to give you the interview you deserve.

Life happens. Particularly when you have kids, life happens because you’re getting sick that much more. They’re getting sick. All of a sudden, you had a very full day planned, and at 10:15, someone calls from the nurse’s office. You have to go and cancel everything else because now you’re like, “Oh no. You have a 103 fever and we’re going to urgent care.” It’s great.

Let’s face it, it’s not exactly like where the Today Show.

Even if it were, I would have been like, “I need to go deal with this.” It is what it is. I’m glad to be back. I’m glad to be here. I appreciate you rescheduling me.

We are super happy to have you back. I feel like I would like to say on the record that when you had to leave last time, we let it drop. We’re like, “That’s fine. Things happen. No big deal.” Your camp reached back out to us to reschedule it. That was super nice of you.

Unexpected and it made our day. Thank you so much.

My pleasure. When the show reached out, you were like, “Do you want to do this?” “Please.” That doesn’t count. Whatever that mess was in those few minutes, that was not a thing. Let’s start this over again.

Peloton Background

That’s so sweet of you. I want to ask about your Peloton background because we didn’t get to get into that last time how often you used it and how you got into it.

I got into Peloton over the pandemic, as a lot of people did. It was something that I wanted to buy for myself but I am oftentimes the worst at making those decisions for items that are maybe more of a big ticket item like something that I want specifically. Around the time that my now husband moved out from New York during the pandemic, he was also looking for something to stay active and do because he was coming from walking all the time in New York.

We used to take spin classes and stuff. Our friend was an instructor or whatever. I had been saying, “I want a Peloton. I don’t know if I’m going to do it with everything going on.” He was like, “Let’s do it.” He put it on his credit card and it showed up one day. I was like, “I’m so glad you made this decision.” I’m not one of those people that rides five days a week or whatever but it has been a consistent part of my routine. It’s something that I always know I can jump on the bike and sweat it out for 30 minutes and I feel great. It’s an instant like, “I can go do this because it makes me happy.” I hated spinning when I first started.

Did you?

I hated it years ago when spin class was first a thing. I was a member of a gym and they had a spin class. This is the days before SoulCycle or SpinLab or all these places. I remember I took it and I could not stand up in the saddle because it was hard. What was harder was the seats. I sat in that seat and bruised the little bone right in my cheek. I was like, “This is terrible. Why do people do this? This is torturous.”

I was going to go back the next week. I tried to get on the bike. I was like, “No, we’re not. Still uncomfortable. I still can’t do it.” I walked away from it for a while. I was like, “These people are crazy. Why are they doing this to themselves?” I had a trainer who was a good friend of mine who I started working with doing personal training stuff but she was also a spin instructor and a dancer.

Part of her training was we trained at a gym that had a small private spin studio. They did 10-person or 15-person spin classes. She and I would do a one-on-one spin class for 15 or 20 minutes but because I had been working out and doing all this stuff, I now didn’t have to plant my ass on the hard seat the whole time. I could stand up. I was strong and had the cardio to do it. I was like, “This is a cool workout.” It was in a dark room with loud music. I was like, “I get it now.” It changed everything but it was not something I loved at first. Now, I enjoy it. I’m that crazy person who tells people the story of injuring my tailbone and being like, “No, but I promise it’s great. You’ll love it.”

“That won’t happen to you, though.”

“No, you’ll be fine.” It’s so funny because Peloton has an official page that they have out on Facebook. It’s a group and it used to be super small. When I first joined back in 2015, it was 8,000 people and now it’s half a million. It’s crazy. People are not necessarily as encouraging as they used to be but you see over and over again, still to this day, “What do I do about the seat? How do I make it not hurt?” You have to keep going back. You have to get through it.

You have to keep going. I do a lot of low-impact classes because of my knees and I have a titanium in my ankle and my left shin. I’ve got pins and stuff on my right foot too. I have a lot going on with all that, so I do a lot of low-impact classes because standing up out of the saddle sometimes is not for me. Now, no problem. It’s fine. I don’t know if that means that I’ve tortured that part of my body so much while sitting on the seat that now I have zero feeling there. I’ve done some damage or maybe I’m strong now and I am capable of handling it.

We’re going to go with you toughing it out.

I’m going to go with the latter but it could be both.

You sound like Crystal. She’s like, “Here’s something good I did. Let me figure out a way to make it into a character flaw.”

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Tom.

With all that titanium, flying must be fun.

Do you have to get a special one?

Titanium doesn’t go off in the metal detector but it severely snapped my tibia, my fibula, and my ankle and dislocated it. Doing a very stupid small thing rescuing a $1 toy for my kids in 2016. I hopped over a small fence which I’ve done many times before and happened to catch my pant leg on it then came crashing down to the side that it should not go to because your foot shouldn’t look like an S.

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be as active as I am. I’ve been more active since that. Almost even than I was before. I’ve done a lot more physical activity stuff like hiking and all kinds of things. When I was in the midst of healing from these two surgeries and not walking on it for weeks and in a lot of pain, I genuinely did not think I’d be able to do it again. I am very grateful to even get my little self on that Peloton. It was clipping in and out for a while. I was like, “I can’t do that. I can’t swivel my ankle like that.” I had to put the shoe in and then put my foot in the shoe.

I think about what Jess Sims says all the time, “You don’t have to. You get to.” When you have a period of time in your life where you can’t do the things you want to do, you truly do value being able to move. It always goes through my head when about that.

I do genuinely value it. As much as there are the days where I’m like, “I don’t want to.” I don’t think about it and do it. I genuinely was like I don’t know that I’ll get to do all of that fun stuff again because it was a long recovery.

Peloton Routine

Do you and Andrea ride together? Do you take the same type of classes or do you have different ideas of how you should utilize them?

We have different ideas of what we ride to. I ride to all ‘90s hip hop and R&B or Beyoncé. If there’s a new kids’ ride Andrea has probably done every single one of them. If there isn’t, she’s planned one. It’s funny because Andrea rides way more than I do. She’s way more committed to Peloton. She was a runner and all this stuff.

Truthfully, I am merely someone who works out to balance my cheeseburger life. She takes 45-minute classes and I’ll take those sometimes but I’ll be like, “I’m good at my little 30 minutes.” I do 30 minutes then I do some arms or an interval class. I do a lot of Tunde classes. I love her. I love her energy. She makes me feel good and happy on the bike. If I want to try the class while I’m in it but also feel accomplished after, I’ll take Alex Toussaint because he is hard. I find all of this time, I’m like, “Oh my God, what are we doing?” It’s good at the end.

That’s funny because you two both like Peloton. In my head, you would like it in a similar way because you come from the same world. I know that’s inaccurate, but that’s how it looks over here.

Everyone is like, “You might as well try it.” We have probably very different tastes in music. I’m aggressive when I ride. I’m one of those people. I also sing when I ride because it’s also a good form of breath control and cardio exercise. Being a singer, it’s hard for me sometimes not to. I will be in there with my air pods in. I come out after riding the Peloton and my husband’s like, “You sounded great.”

That’s how Taylor Swift prepped for The Eras Tour, not on a Peloton.

As a singer and as someone who likes to be in relatively good shape. It’s a great form of practice to be halfway through a class doing a climb and also singing along to some Lauryn Hill.

I saw that Kirsten Ferguson posted this thing about associating during exercise and disassociating during exercise and how people do different things. I have discovered after thinking it through that I am a dis-associator. Even though I hear the music and I enjoy the music, I can’t remember to sing along. I have tried to do it when I’m running because I want to work on my breath control and get better with my lungs. I forget because I’m concentrating so hard on my speed or keeping my breath even or whatever. I forget. I find that fascinating.

For me, it’s very much a meditation exercise. That’s probably for a lot of people but I will zone in on one particular area or thing or movement to get the most effective bit out of it. I feel like I dissociate too when I’m in that zone, but it’s almost like I’m on autopilot. I don’t think about it. For me, if I do something and I’m singing, I’m not enjoying the music and I’m not in the physical sensation of it.

I picture you in an argument with your husband then you just start singing. “I’m disassociating from you right now.”

We don’t even argue mostly because I sing in him. We don’t argue because we both know that neither one of us will back down or want to be wrong. We’re like, “This is not the hill I want to die on,” most of the time. The things that we would stupidly back and forth over, we’re probably like, “This is dumb. This is about loading a dishwasher.” The personality of both of us would be like, “No, you’re wrong.”

It’s funny. We’ve had this conversation because we are both very competitive people but we’re very fortunate that the things that we’re competitive about are opposites.

We never compete against each other.

We don’t cross the streams if you will.

You have your own things that you’re competitive about but not necessarily with each other. That’s always a good idea.

We’re talkers.

We talk everything to death.

Our fights are like talking.

Sometimes we have to go to sleep at some point.

“Great. We’re done now.”

Peloton Classes

What about any other classes on the platform? You take the bike classes. It sounded like strength with Tunde. Are there other classes you’re taking?

I’ll do the arms classes. I also love the yoga and the floor Pilates classes. One thing for me is when I’m traveling, I oftentimes can’t get in a small hotel North of Toronto and don’t have a gym nearby or time to do my normal routine or have a Peloton sitting in my hotel room. I find those are such a huge help and assistance when I can be somewhere and still have those workouts and those strength workouts. I also like doing a lot of it and starting a lot of the Peloton stuff during the pandemic.

I tried things that before I was like, “I need to be in the room to do yoga.” Now it’s such a great addition to my balanced routine. Sometimes, I’ll have a week where I don’t feel great. I don’t feel physically exerting myself in a yoga class or at something. Those classes there or the meditation ones or whatever would diversify on my own terms. I don’t have to find a class or something and wait for it to happen.

That makes a lot of sense. In my head, people who are celebrities like yourself. You would be like, “I don’t want to work out at home. I don’t want to go out in public and be recognized. I want to workout in my own home and not have anybody see me.” I’ve always thought that Peloton should be majorly a hit with everyone who lives in that world for that reason.

Who is visually recognizable.

We’re going to a class, and maybe sometimes I don’t want to necessarily be recognized. I love being able to workout at home too. I transformed what was my guest room when my parents didn’t stay as much because the kids weren’t as little. I’m transforming that into my home workout room. My Peloton is in there. I’m going to get some little weights set. Get my yoga mats up on the wall. I have a nice little stool to put around for meditation and all that stuff. I’m focusing on giving myself an area to create that.

I love that. That’ll be great. You have to send us pictures when you’re done.

I will be posting them. My friend has been helping me. We did one of those peel-and-stick wallpaper murals in there. I’m having some fun with it.

How Rude, Tanneritos!

I know we talked about this a little bit last time but tell us about the podcast that you and Andrea have.

How Rude Tanneritos has been so much fun. Andrea and I started doing it. We were produced by Danielle Fishel and Jensen Karp as well as iHeart but they do Pod Meets World, which is the Boy Meets World Recap podcast. It all came about when Andrea had gone on there then I had gone on there within a couple of weeks of each other.

We had both said that we never watched it. It wasn’t something that we grew up watching. We’d never seen the episodes. Once we did them, we moved on, and how fans knew them so much better than we did. Also, now we were in our time in our lives where it was funny to go back and look at them as when you’re a teenager or still out of it. You’re like, “This is so embarrassing.” We went back and we decided to do this podcast.

Danielle, Jensen, and iHeart approached us like, “Why don’t you guys do a rewatch show because you’ve never watched the show? You have a fresh set of eyes on this show that’s been around forever. In a weird way, you also have all of the behind-the-scenes experience.” It’s like going back and watching old home movies that you haven’t watched in 30-plus years and being like, “Oh my God, I remember that thing or whatever.” Even stupid little props.

It’s so much fun to walk down memory lane like that, especially to do it with Andrea or AB as I call her. She and I have always been close and good friends even when we were doing Full House back in the day when Kimmy and Steph were ultimate frenemies. We have so much fun together. It doesn’t feel like work. We get to come together and do fun podcasts. We watch the show. I make stupid jokes and silly comments about it. We laugh at our ridiculous hairstyles.

We’ve gotten to interview some incredible people that we’ve worked with. Dave Coulier has been on, as Jeff Franklin, John Stamos, Candace, and Laurie. We’ve also gotten to interview Lenny Ripps who was one of the writers, who was writing for all of these incredible Joan Rivers and writing material for huge stand-up comics then came to write Full House’s Kim character or whatever. It’s also about getting to go back. It’s like talking to the adults that you’ve grown up with your whole life and finally asking them the questions about, “How did you get into this? What was your life like?” You realize that you’ve been surrounded by people who are giants in this industry in a lot of ways.

It’s been a fun, heartwarming, and touching experience too. Everyone who has worked on the show or been a part of both Full and/or Fuller House has come on the show and has said they’ve never experienced anything like it in their entire careers. Some of these people have worked in this business for 45 or 50 years. They said it was a special and unique environment. I’m glad that we get to share it with everybody. It’s fun.

I bet it’s cool to talk to the people who were adults when you were a child, but now they can answer you knowing that you’re an adult and they don’t have to necessarily protect you from certain things. Not necessarily anything dark or nefarious.

It’s like finding out all of the stuff that was talked about at the big people’s dinner table when we were stuck at the kids’ table. It’s about finally feeling like, “I’m one of the adults too.” A big thing for Candace, Andrea, and me on Fuller was coming back as the adult leads on the show and being like, “We’re in that position now,” and stepping into that. It’s been great.

I didn’t think about it from that perspective, but you came full circle on Fuller House. That’s cool.

Candace directed and wrote an episode. The things that we had wanted to do for a long time and we got opportunities to do them amongst a family of people. Some of whom we’d known for 30-plus years.

That’s cool. Crystal and I always have like a classic sitcom in the mix. That’s because of me because I’m old. Now, we’re doing Barney Miller but we did Booze and Buddies, which is famous for being Tom Hanks’s first starring vehicle, and Peter Scolari as well. I always go down the rabbit hole looking up the writers and directors. I had never realized until we rewatched Booze and Buddies that a lot of the Full House people came from Booze and Buddies.

That was how a lot of them came to work on Full House. It was through Booze and Buddies. Joel Zwick, our director, who we had as an interview, directed a ton of Booze and Buddies, and he is very good friends with Tom Hanks, who came to the set to visit him once or twice. These people were giants of the television industry and of some of the most popular shows of the late ‘70s, early ’80 and into the late ‘80s and ‘90s. You don’t realize it as a kid. You’re like, “That’s just so and so. They’re there. I know they’re a writer. They do their thing.” It’s not like you’re ungrateful for it but you’re not aware.

It just doesn’t mean anything to you.

It’s been cool to get to go back, reconnect, and learn about the incredible work of some of these people who have been in our lives for so long.

Has there been a particular story that you’ve heard that you were surprised at? The one that stands out.

That you didn’t previously know.

I’m the worst at recalling stuff like this. My brain these days is like, “Meh.” I know we’ve had a couple. I know there are always funny stories from Dave about the real reason that somebody was running late or something. We were like, “Remember that time we were waiting?” There’ll be a lot of funny films like, “It was because this was happening or somebody was stuck in the bathroom or whatever.”

Music is a huge part of working out. Share on X

Funny stories, but I know there’ve been a couple of surprising ones. There have been stuff like Andrea auditioning for DJ, which was originally called, the character named Jennifer. We found the original sides that Andrea’s mom had kept from the very first audition for Full House with the name Jennifer. They weren’t the Tanner family. I forget what we said they were, but it’s interesting little deep dives into the show was created or what almost was. I wish I could remember them all. I know the Jeff Franklin episode had some great ones.

Exciting Projects

People can go look for that one. One more quick-acting question. I’m curious, what is the role or project you took part in and the most proud of or excited about that is not Full House related?

I’m working on a couple of things that are very different. A friend of mine has written a lot of plays. She’s an incredible playwright and we are working with another producer friend of ours on potentially turning it into a movie. It’s something very different and a little bit of thriller and psychological drama, but that’s something I’m excited about.

Some of the things that I’m the proudest of or excited about are I’ve been doing more comedy. I have a monthly show called Family Dinner in LA. As monthly as we can get it, depending on my schedule. It is a panel show that I host with three other standup comedians. It’s been so much fun moving more into the comedy world and into the writing world and doing things a little bit differently and a little more of who Jodie is. Not necessarily only Stephanie.

That’s tough to move in and out of what you want to do.

Difficult to navigate sometimes.

That’s the thing. It’s such a beloved show and character and has given me everything in so many ways. It’s also that creative desire to want to do something different and to know that I can do something different.

Peloton Instructors

Pivoting back to Peloton, do you have a preferred instructor?

Tunde. I take almost all classes with her. I love her energy. For me, music is a huge part of working out. I don’t care about what metrics we’re going to hit. I look at playlists because if I don’t like the music consistently going on through the whole workout, I’m going to be like, “I can’t listen to the song. It doesn’t motivate me.” I think we’re around the same age. All of her taste in music is very similar to mine.

It’s always stuff that gets me hyped up. She pushes in a way that is encouraging. She has a way about her that pushes me to do more in class and push myself beyond what I can do while also listening to and honoring any injury or anything that might be going on. Sometimes I feel like, not early on Peloton, but someone starts to be like, “Go. Push.” She does a great job at being like, “Push but also listen to yourself.” That’s something that I struggle with a lot, pushing myself beyond what I should and what I’m comfortable doing. I love her energy and her vibe. She’s got such a great smile. When she looks and smiles, I’m like, “I can do it. I can keep going.”

That’s awesome. Are you comfortable with sharing your leaderboard name?

It’s a 2Sweet82. If you want to follow me on there, go for it. I’m very technologically not savvy. There are a lot of features that I don’t do. I do know how to high-five people in class and I like to do that. That’s always a nice little bit of encouragement. I follow Andrea and a couple of other people on there. Feel free to follow me. You can see how often I’m not on the Peloton. Call me out on it.

You’ll have thousands of accountability partners.

Damn it. What have I done?

Jodie, thank you so much for joining us and for rescheduling when life threw you a curve ball last time. We appreciate that. Before we let you go, remind everybody where they can find you and all the places where they can find the show.

You can find me on Instagram at @JodieSweetin. You can also find the podcast @HowRudePodcast on Instagram. You can check out my show Family Dinner. That’s also on Instagram @FamDinShow and you can catch all the newest dates and stuff coming up. I’m so glad I got to come back and do this. Thanks again for having me on. I’ll see you guys out there on the leaderboard.

Thank you.


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