363. Ben & Leanne Got Married! Plus Our Interview With Katrina Noplos!

The Clip Out | Katrina Noplos | DJ And Peloton


  • Changes coming to the PSL schedule.
  • Peloton + Odesza Flyaway.
  • Jenn – Will instructors’ marriages impact fan interactions?
  • Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby married!
  • Logan Aldridge created an adaptive deadlift tool.
  • What is Becs Gentry training for?
  • Mayla Wedekind is plotting her return and looking for your help.
  • Ross Rayburn featured in Wall Street Journal.
  • Jess King hosting Pride Disco in Central Park.
  • Matty Maggiacomo took over Disney Hits on SiriusXM.
  • The latest artist series features The Killers and Linsey Stirling.
  • Saga introduces the HoloBike. E
  • lin Hilderbrand is done with Nantucket. T
  • CO Top 5.
  • This Week At Peloton.
  • New Benchmark Strength classes debut.
  • Helper Bee Lindsey reviews Sam’s Video Store.
  • Lululemon line drops new colors.
  • Birthdays – Benny Adami (5/27)

All this plus our interview with Katrina Noplos!

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Ben & Leanne Got Married! Plus Our Interview With Katrina Noplos!

Normally, we talk about stuff here.

Do you want to talk about Hawaii? I’m excited.

Sure. We’re going to be leaving here shortly. Two weeks from today’s recording, not the day you’ll hear this. We don’t know when you’ll listen If ever. Two weeks from today, we are heading to Hawaii for ten days. This is our third attempt to go to Hawaii.

I’m going to be in quarantine before we go. If you haven’t heard the story, the first time that we were going to go was June of 2020. You can figure out what happened there. in 2022, when we had rescheduled, I came down with COVID the day before we left.

The day we were getting ready to check in for the flight, you said, “I don’t feel right. I think I need to take a test.”

You made me take a test.

You were like, “I’ll be fine.” I was like, “Take the test.” You came up positive. In this case for you, it’s positive but negative because that’s how you were for the next six months, very negative. It was funny though because we canceled the trip. We had the insurance, but we had to show proof. We couldn’t show the over-the-counter test.

We had to go to an urgent care and get an actual test from a third party illustrating that you were indeed in COVID. You go in to take the test and we’re sitting there like, “What if the test was wrong and we’ve canceled this? We canceled this trip for nothing if you come up negative on the official test.” The doctor comes in and she’s like, “You have COVID,” and we’re both like, “Thank God.”

I was weak though. I was like, “Yay.”

The doctor was like, “What is going on?” “Oh thank God” is not the right answer though.

In this case, it was. I hope that we make it to Hawaii this time. That’s what we’re going for.

That would be nice. Fingers crossed. Let’s do our Bingo call out before we forget.

Let’s do it. Bingo number one this week is Anna Greenberg.

What pray tell do you have in store for people?

We have an interview coming up with Katrina Noplos. We also have a whole bunch of things to share with you that are going on in the world of Peloton. We’ll be talking about the changes that occurred to the London schedule. You’re going to want to pay attention. We also have a contest that we’re going to tell you about that Peloton is doing. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn and it’s timely. I can’t believe it ended up this week. That’s so funny. We talked to Dr. Jenn about what the instructor marriages will do to fan interactions in the Peloton community. Of course, we will talk about Ben and Leann getting married.

We totally did that on purpose. We’re good.

Especially since we recorded it weeks ago. We’re going to talk about an interesting new competitor in the bike market, not to mention lots of content, lots of instructor news, and in case you missed it.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs. Don’t forget, we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, TuneIn. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and follow us so you never miss an episode. Maybe leave us a review. It’s super helpful and it’s greatly appreciated. Crystal picked up her phone. Apparently, she’s going to do that right now.

I’m going to leave a review. It’s just that people were sending messages. I thought there might be something else I needed.

When I do shameless plugs and Reel Spoilers, both the guys pick up their phones as soon as I say shameless plugs every time.

That’s hilarious. I guess you just have that voice.

They’re like, “Tom is going to go on his spiel right now.”

I can look at my notes.

Sure. The notes. That’s what you’re looking at.

I can look at my messages.

You’re in front of a laptop but you’re like, “Let me look at my notes on my phone.” Sure.

I got notes in two places.

You always tell me that what you love about Apple is that everything on your phone is on your computer and vice versa. Why would you need them in two places? Why would you need to pick up your phone right now?

It’s two windows, Tom. You don’t believe me? I was checking messages to see if there was new information that had come in like late breaking news because I wanted to stay on top of it for our listeners.

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We need that 12-step program or whatever that is.

I used to get mad at people and now I’m like, “Wait a second.”

Maybe you know the secret to the universe.

Does this mean you’re not getting the spam?

Every once in a while, I consider starting a new email address that I don’t give anyone just to keep it clean. Just to have a brand new slate.

If you don’t give it to anyone, what would you do with it? Log in and feel refreshed for the lack of stress at an empty mailbox.

Instead, I have four different mailboxes all filled to the brim. They’re all at 99%. It’s very stressful all the time. It’s like, “Okay, I’ll get to you.”

There’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

There have been some changes to the London studio schedule. There has been some kerfluffle surrounding that change.

People are not happy. That’s the only kerfluffle that there has been. Back over COVID, they closed down the studio altogether. When they reopened it, they opened it Friday through Sunday. They then added Thursday, and then they added Monday. At this point, in London, what they have done is starting July 1st, you can only book Friday through Sunday. That’s it. No Thursday. No Mondays.

People who were apoplectic were thinking, “What does this mean for the New York studio?”

For Peloton, nothing. They say nothing. No changes to the New York studio.

I tend to think that that’s probably true.

I think so too, but what I’m unhappy about is the lack of communication and transparency. I don’t know how else I’m supposed to read between the lines other than to hear it as this is happening because we had to let so many people go.

I think it’s a combination of having to let people go and a combination of they don’t have the demand at the London studio for the live classes the way that they do in New York.

The demand is part of it. They talked about how they were going to have global cuts equaling 15 % of the workforce, so we know that they got rid of all the delivery drivers in the UK, and now this. It has to be connected.

I think they go hand in hand.

I agree, but the fact that they didn’t say that or spell that out, and what concerns me about that is that we’re going to either make assumptions and be right or make assumptions and be wrong. The fact that they don’t have somebody messaging this proactively concerns me. This is the biggest concern I have about Peloton. When you guys start f-ing it up and you don’t tell anybody, that says now you don’t have anybody in charge of your communications. The last time you didn’t have anybody in charge of your communications, it got bad. That concerns me more than any other change

When you don’t control the narrative, one will be set for you. Oftentimes, especially in this community, it will be wrong, dramatic, and worst-case scenario. That’s super important but at the end of the day, people didn’t sign up for classes in London like they do in New York. I can’t imagine that the studio classes are a profit point for Peloton. It’s a money-losing proposition no matter what. For them to charge you what they would need to break even would be way more than the $40 that they charge or whatnot.

It drives me crazy. I see it all the time, “You should have more classes. You should have more classes.” I’m like, “Guys, logically, that doesn’t make sense.” They’re not making money off a $35 class.

That’s not where the money is at. You’re still thinking like it’s the local studio down the street. That’s not what this is. There are too many moving parts that go into creating the class for Peloton for $35 a person to ever cover the revenue or cover the costs.

I can’t help but wonder if that also means that some of the production team had some changes as well or not. Maybe it doesn’t affect the production team because you don’t need as many people to run it and whether and not people are in the studio doesn’t change that. What changes are the desk staff and the security guards.

The front-facing staff, not the behind-the-scenes team.

That’s where I think they probably made some changes.

We could see the lack of demand when we were in London for Peloton on Tour. It’s this major thing and all the instructors are there and it’s this major event. They were trying to talk me into taking a class because they had open slots. She’s like, “Grab some shoes. You can go in this room.” In the middle of this huge giant promotion, they had open slots.

It was annoying because Peloton set me up with my stuff. If I had booked it myself, I would have been able to get into anything. If I had said nothing to them about going, I would have gotten into everything but instead, I went through the proper channels. See what that gets you, but I was able to only go to two things. There were all these open slots, which they should have, but I don’t mean they should do that for me for free. That’s not at all what I’m saying. I just wish that I hadn’t said a word.

You did not realize there were all these open slots. You felt like you’d be stepping on their toes if you signed up for stuff anyway, and looking greedy when it’s like, “But they’re empty.”

It’s completely different than New York.

It was like me when they brought the donuts out at the party. I’m like, “I’ve been here for a while now.” Everybody had a shot. I have like a third donut. By third, of course, I mean fifth. They were good though.

I didn’t have any of the donuts.

That’s because I ate them all.

I had the alcohol.

They did that to offset the liquor.

There is a Peloton ODESZA giveaway. You can fly away to either New York or Los Angeles, the city of your choice, to see ODESZA.

This was a nice thing because you got to go to whichever show. You get round-trip airfare. You get accommodations. You get to go to the pre-show lounge, VIP merch, early entry with crowd-free merchandise shopping, and more. It is not sponsored by Peloton. The other interesting thing is that do you notice this in no way said you get to meet and greet? More and more VIP tickets are doing that.

I see it all the time.

I bring that up because I think a lot of people assume there’s a meet and greet.

Ever since COVID, so many of these VIP packages now don’t include meet and greets. It’s not even an option at the highest price level. It’s not like, “This tier doesn’t.”

It just does not exist.

They have used COVID as a reason to stop having the personal meet and greet, even artists who have loudly proclaimed that COVID is a hoax and not the least bit scary. It’s funny when you get the rider, it has all these COVID precautions in there.

That means somebody in their management team cares about it even if they don’t.

I’ve also noticed that initially, they would at least replace it with like you get an autographed item. A lot of them don’t even do that anymore.

This one does say you get VIP merch, so maybe there’s something signed.

If it was signed, it would tell you.

They would say that?

Yeah, because normally, you get a T-shirt or something or a special lanyard.

The only good thing about this is that if you like ODESZA, you get free accommodations. The free trip. That’s great. I thought that was very interesting that even with an amazing contest thing, you still don’t get a meet and greet. Greedy.

Are these guys visibly recognizable to people?

They’re not to me, but that does not mean a thing.

For sure. I always think of DJs up behind the laptop and they’re faceless.

I know who Pauly D is.

The Clip Out | Katrina Noplos | DJ And Peloton


That’s because he was famous before he was a DJ. He was a DJ before he was known as a DJ. I didn’t need the Jersey Shore people coming at me. We watch. We get it. Don’t at me.

Stay tuned. There will be another Jersey Shore reference shortly.

I was wondering if someone got their picture taken with ODESZA and posted it on the gram, would their friends even know who they were?

They may not. To me, it’s more about the chance to see them in person. Even though I know they won’t remember you in any way, shape, or form. It’s literally a cattle call. I get that, but I still think there’s something that makes you feel special, and if you’re going to be a winner of a big contest, it seems like an easy thing to drop in.

I concur.

It’s fascinating. I hope people enjoy it. If any listeners happen to win, I would love to hear how it goes. Maybe they’ll surprise people. They don’t put it in, and maybe they’ll still take them back. You never know.

They won’t. That is not how that works.

I try to be positive.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. She also has an app called No More Diets that you might want to check out. It’s Dr. Jen.


We have a question from member Paula. Paula wants to know what your thoughts are about how the instructors who are going to be getting married this year might change their interactions if it all with the general public. This will be our first time to have two celebrity couples that are getting married. What are your thoughts on that?

I think it’s an interesting question. I hadn’t thought about it. We’re talking about Andy and Rebecca. We’re talking about Ben and Leanne. They’re also adorable. It’s so cute. I can’t wait for there to be Peloton babies. Are they going to buy them like cars and stuff for kids? Are there going to be Peloton for babies? Thinking about it, and all so attractive. They’re going to have the most beautiful babies. Anyway, I digress. I suspect that a lot of these couples have already negotiated outside interaction with other people and figured out what feels right for each couple.

Just like any couple, some couples are like, “I don’t care if you like some girl’s bikini shots on Instagram,” and then there are other couples that are like, “No, that doesn’t work for me.” For most of them, it’s not like they dated for three months and then are getting married. Most of them have dated for quite some time. They had the opportunity which I love because the initial stage of a relationship, that first eighteen months, give or take six months, is honeymoon.

It’s the honeymoon stage. It’s like, “You like pizza. I like pizza too. I can’t believe how much we have in common. Nobody else loves pizza like we do.” These couples have gone past the honeymoon stage. They’ve probably moved through the negotiation stage, which all couples go through where you negotiate things in your relationship, whether it is outside influences, how you interact with other people, what flirtations are okay, what is not okay, what violates, what feels safe for you in the relationship? I think that these instructors at this point are pros at figuring out what feels right and what doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see over time if that does change and how it changes.

That would be frightening to be in a relationship that high profile.

I agree. It’s like everybody has a comment about what these instructors do, good or bad. It does not matter. Everybody has an opinion. Can you imagine publicly going through that? It’s one thing for a Peloton instructor to go through a divorce publicly, but to then go through it when you’re both Peloton instructors sounds awful.

I see it the opposite way because if one of you is a Peloton instructor and the other isn’t, the other person is not going to fully understand what another Peloton instructor can. Andy doesn’t have to explain to Rebecca what it’s like to be a Peloton instructor. She knows. She’s been there. She has gotten the feedback. She has worked through those and they can swap stories. We all imagine them being gorgeous in their perfect Instagram bed like, “Honey, I deal with this,” “Yeah, honey, I deal with that too.”

I will say the flip side of that flip side is I would think the experience of being a Peloton instructor is very different for the women than it is for the men.

That’s a very interesting point. I think anything in life is a little different. There are different feelings of vulnerability as a woman and there are as a man. When someone approaches you, there’s flattering and then there’s creepy. I think that line is a little different for most women versus men, but I do think that being with someone who’s in the same job makes it easier. There’s a shortcut speech with each other. You understand that shorthand with one another.

A lot of couples who are in the same industry face challenges in being competitive with each other. Peloton instructors are no notorious competitors in the big world. They run races. They are super competitive people. It’s interesting to know if we ever get to see any of that and how they handle that in their relationship. Is there a conflict over who has more followers, whose post got more likes, or any of that stuff? Are they superhuman in that they never have that dynamic in their relationship? They want to help their partner and each other, none of it matters, and they’re perfect human beings, which doesn’t exist. We like to think they are.

Thank you very much for all that. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on all social media @DrJennMann.

Thank you.

Coming up after this, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Ben and Leanne’s surprise wedding, so stick around.

Get me up to speed here. I think what happened is they posted the picture that people on YouTube can see on the screen right now where Ben has on a wedding ring. Did this force their hand in announcing this?

I don’t think so. Here’s the deal. They told everyone. I don’t think this is a surprise at all because they told everyone they were getting married in May. They told everyone there were going to be two ceremonies. The only surprise here was when the timing was going to occur and where it was located. We were very unsure about that, It turns out it was in Morocco. There was a Moroccan-themed dinner. I don’t know that it was in Morocco. Somebody assumed that and I globed onto that. That’s possibly my imagination.

We’re going to tell you everything we think might be true about Ben and Leanne.

Here’s what we do know. Over the weekend, we saw this on Leanne’s Instagram. The first hint that it was coming up very soon was there were a couple of pictures posted by both Ben and Leanne separately where they hid their hands. They would talk with their right hand up and their left hand over here. That was like we were all paying attention. The second thing that happened was one of Leanne’s friends or family tagged Leanne and said they were on their way for a beautiful ceremony. Clearly, the wedding is nigh.

Leanne posted it on her story. She had control over that. We then saw a picture of the two of them seated together where they both had their rings out. It definitely has occurred. We can confirm it has occurred. They finally posted the picture of the ceremony where Ben and Leanne were together. I guess it’s in front of the cake and they’re celebrating or they’re having their kiss.

That was when we got to see our first glimpse of what it looked like. This was Ben and Leanne posting and acknowledging, “Yes, we are married.” They then said, “Ceremony one is done. It was small and intimate. Ceremony number two is coming, and we’re going to celebrate big. More details to come.” They have not shared when or where. We don’t know who’s invited. Maybe all of us because they said big. There’s still time, still in the future tense.

This is what they’re doing this year instead of homecoming.

A limo could pull up any minute to take us to the airport.

To drive us to Morocco?

Obviously, not. We don’t know the details but it’s got to be soon because they made it sound like through all of this, they would be close together. Ceremony number two shortly. We think maybe that’s the one that’s going to land in People Magazine as an exclusive. One of these has got to be. Right?

You sell these things off these days.

I was surprised we got anything before I saw it in People Magazine. If it had been Ally Love, we would have had to wait weeks and everybody would have corresponding days that they could post in outfits.

We’d be talking about it over the next three episodes. As much as they’ve both been popping up in People over the last year, you got to think that’s what’s going on.

It’s coming for sure. That’s what I think. We are very happy for them. Congratulations to Ben and Leanne. You heard what Dr. Jenn had to say about that. It’s not only Ben and Leanne but soon-to-be Rebecca and Andy, how that’s going to change things. Hopefully, they’ll stay together happily forever because a Peloton divorce would suck.

That would be ugly. It will be fun to cover though, but it would be ugly. It would not be fun to cover actually.

I would be so sad and torn.

People would take sides and then no matter what we said, somebody would yell at us, so it would not be fun.

No, it wouldn’t. Genuinely, if somebody gets married, you hope that it’s going to last forever and be happy. I do wish them the best. Ben and Leanne had quite the road already. They’ve been through a lot.

When I first saw that they had an early wedding, my first thought was, “Has this something to do with health insurance?” I was like, “Wait, they’re not American.”

Everybody always comes to Peloton through the bike. Share on X

They don’t have to worry about that. They just go to the hospital.

Logan Aldridge has created an adaptive deadlift tool that is for sale.

I think this is so cool. I want to spread the word. Anybody out there, if you see this, hear this, whatever, put it out there everywhere because who knows who needs this, but when they need it, they need it. This strap is what he uses to do his deadlifts. He is now selling it so that he can help people buy it. This may have been out there forever. I have no idea. It looks like he started using this back in 2019. He’s been selling this this whole time and we didn’t know. I think it’s cool though.

It is cool. It’s one of those things where it’s like there has to be a finite number of people that need something like that, but if you do, you do. I have wondered how you get such a definition when there are moves that are designed for people with two arms to do that. There are some body balance symmetry aspects going on there that he can’t utilize.

Even on the Peloton platform, there are several classes that he has done for people who have adaptions necessary, whether it’s sitting or standing. He has all kinds of different classes. I think what he does is cool. I know it’s been a while since we got to go to the Runway of Dreams, but I am so impressed with all of what they do. It’s the coolest thing.

Many people don’t even know that they can use it or that it’s even available, and people who were not born without an arm, but maybe as you get older, you’re starting to have trouble zipping a zipper. That kind of thing is not obvious to somebody. I think of my parents. It’s not going to be that long. They might have trouble doing certain things. Being able to have adaptive clothing and adaptive abilities to lift is so cool. I’m very impressed.

Becs Gentry is training for something.

I thought this was cool. I don’t have any pictures, but I have been taking a lot of running classes, obviously.

You better.

Otherwise, it’s going to be awkward in November when I can’t get anywhere. When I’ve been taking Becs’s classes lately, she has mentioned on more than one occasion that she’s training for something but she’s declining to say what it is she’s training for. I find that interesting because she said that this is something completely different than she’s done. What does that mean? Does it mean distance-wise? Does it mean it’s not running? I think it is running, or at least, running related because she also did the special training in a Nike lab where they did a bunch of testing to see how springy her jumps were and how her VO2 max was. It was all these tests that were super in-depth.

It makes me wonder if she’s doing that thing we talked about last week, the HYROX.

Maybe, but that’s more about lifting and I’m not seeing anything about that. She talked about the fact that right now, as she’s training, she is working on increasing her mileage. My first thought was maybe she was going to do an Ultra. She’s going to go Susie Chan and do a big Ultra. It’s weird that she wants to keep this training to herself. She said, for a while until she’s gotten her mind wrapped around it and then she’s going to share it, which sounds big and exciting. The only thing big and exciting running-wise in my mind, she’s already done. She’s done the Olympic trials. Maybe it’s a different Olympic trial. I have no idea. I am completely guessing.

Here’s my thought. She lives in the New York area and she’s training for something a little bit different. Summer just kicked off with Memorial Day. That means coming up soon at the end of summer is Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.

I don’t think it’s that because it’s supposed to be six months from now. It’s going to be the late September or October timeframe. One of our tipsters started looking at all the Ultras to see if they could figure it out. There are lots of Ultras that time of year. There are lots of marathons that time of year. I have no idea. I don’t know. I’m stumped. She’ll share it soon, but we can speculate. I’m excited. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be super cool.

We’re also going to talk about Lindsey Sterling in a little bit. While we’re talking about Becs, I also want to say that Becs mentioned on her live today that there’s going to be more YouTube content like what they did for Lindsey Sterling. I can’t help but wonder whatever she’s training for, does that somehow overlap with more YouTube content? Very cool to think about.

We shall see. Mayla Wedekind is plotting her return and she’s looking for your help. Not you, specifically.

It’s everyone. She is planning a Rock Ride as her first ride back. She is looking for like epic favorite songs from everybody.

If you want to do that, you should stroll on her Instagram.

You should. She’s got a reel up, not just a story. If you have time, go. That is why I went ahead and included it. If it’s a story, I’m not going to bother. We move.

Ross Rayburn was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Very fancy.

How cool is this? I guess that’s why he’s he’s leaving us.

Yeah, with that kind of press. Did they do his picture in the little point art?

I only saw the online portion, so I’m not sure, but it would not surprise me.

It’d be worth being in the Wall Street Journal to get that little image. I’d make it my Facebook profile.

I totally would too. That would be so cool. My features are so round that it would look like a big circle.

I am pretty round too. They would be like, “Why is Charlie Brown in the Wall Street Journal?” Except I got the hair for it.

You do have the hair for it. He was there and it was all about keeping your zen while you travel. He went with the Wall Street travel person and they did a long distance together. He showed tips and tricks on how to stay zen while traveling.

You should read that article because we’re about to be on a plane for nine hours.

I’m going to land in Hawaii. I’m going to be fine.

We got to come home.

Yeah, I won’t be fine. I’m going to be a brat. I’m going to be like, “I want to go home.”

That is why you need to read the article.

All right, I’ll read it.

We have two big artist announcements this week in the world of Peloton. The first is an artist series featuring The Killers.

There were a lot of different classes for The Killers. This one should be familiar to a ton of people.

They’ve been around for a little bit. They’re pretty big. Old people like us have heard of them.

My other exciting part about this is there are going to be Lanebreak levels. You’re going to have a ride, a run, and a walk. That’s pretty exciting. Those are going to drop on June 3rd. The rest of these classes, there’s going to be all kinds of them, by the way, strength, rowing, riding, running, and stretching. Classes are also available in German. Those drop live on May 30th.

Also, it’s not a full artist series, at least not yet, maybe it will be, but we have a little special something with Lindsey Sterling.

I mentioned it briefly earlier, but this was so cool. Lindsey Sterling was live in the studio with Becs during Becs’s run this week in the afternoon. Lindsey was on tread four. That is what I was told. She talks to Becs the entire time. She’s super in shape because she can talk and run easily. She’s a singer. I tell you what.

Did she sing too? I know she’s a violinist.

I don’t know. That’s a good point.

I could be wrong. I just know she plays the violin.

I don’t know but she talked to Becs the whole time, and they had a great conversation. It was a very special class. People are raving about it. It was freaking awesome.

The Clip Out | Katrina Noplos | DJ And Peloton


People love them some Lindsey Sterling.

It is on-demand as of this time. If you haven’t checked it out, you absolutely should. Take a walk if you don’t run. It’s fine. Enjoy it.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk about a new bike from the future.

A company called Saga, a company I’ve never heard of, has a new bike that gives you classes with holograms.

They’re trying to compete with Peloton. I love how they say that it’s a disruptor brand. They’re trying to out Peloton the competition with the HoloBike. You really can’t out Peloton.

If you’re trying to be another brand, you’re not disrupting much of anything, are you? That’s not disrupting. That’s just copying.

I will say that I have been feeling for a long time that this is where I thought Peloton was headed, and apparently not. What they do is they have a light field display. It’s a stereoscopic light field display that projects 3D holograms that are visible to the naked eye. No funny glasses and no VR headsets. That is key. Also, it has a 4K display and it combines it with micro-lenses and supposedly creates life-like 3D images.

Do we know what they’re showing you in these images?

The trails. It’s like outdoorsy.

It’s like a scenic run but it looks more immersive because it’s 3D.

Yeah, but it’s a bike so you’d be riding, not running.

It’s not like there’s a little tiny instructor like Princess Leia warning you.

It does not mention that. It doesn’t mention any Princess Leia-type of things. It does say for added engagement, there are infrared sensors that adjust the visuals based on the rider’s position for a consistent immersive experience. I get requests all the time to try out things. I might reach out to them. I’m curious about this. I love new tech. Sorry, Peloton.

Does it have a price point attached?

You can pre-order it only through Kickstarter. Super early bird prices start at $2,600. That price is limited to the first 200 bikers. Also, I wanted to go back to what are they showing as classes. It says the routes that are displayed are AI-generated from volumetric scans of real-world locations providing a unique and game-like experience. It allows for the rapid creation of new trails, therefore, you can expand the library of available rides.

Interesting. We shall see.

We shall.

We have a past guest update courtesy of Elin Hilderbrand.

Elin Hilderbrand is retiring. Twenty-five years of the beach read. She’s out.

She’s only kind of, sort of retiring. She’s retiring from writing her beach-type books.

She still will be doing things, definitely writing.

I skimmed the article and I think they’re working on adapting some of these in the TV shows.

That had already been in progress. We reported that.

She’s working on a podcast.

She’s had that podcast going but it’s new.

They were saying it’s more of a brand pivot than a full-on retirement.

She said she didn’t want to be doing books set on Nantucket when she said what she felt like she had to say. I think that’s smart. Just like a TV show, whenever it’s on its last season, it’s time to wrap things up.

We watch a lot of classic television. Some of them, you could tell, “They probably should have wrapped this up a season or two ago.” Not Barney Miller. Barney Miller stayed good to the end.

We haven’t hit the last.

We have one episode left. I feel pretty confident they’re not going to shit the bed in the last episode of the eighth season.

I agree with you, but that one crazy ass episode where we had to go to Wojo’s house was awful.

That was bad. They gave Wojo a back-door pilot. It was a bad idea.

Also, I was ready for fish to go. Barney Miller, I enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed the entire run with those two pieces excluded.

Those are fair critiques.

I get what Elin Hilderbrand is saying. You have to know when it’s time. I think it’s hard to know when it’s time.

It is, especially when it makes a lot of money for you.

It’s also something like you’re connected to it because it’s your baby. You created it. It’s hard to walk away from that. We are congratulating Elin because it’s a new thing. It’s a new phase. Congrats to her.

Let’s do bingo call-out number two.

We got Jon Hosking.

There you go. That’s your goal for the week. Every week, we ask you guys to chime in with what you thought was your favorite workout of the week, and then we share them with everyone else in case they’re looking for new things to do and don’t know where to start. There’s so much content to wade through. It’s called the TCO Top Five. Let’s start with your favorite Peloton ride.

First up. We have a low-impact ride. It was 30 minutes with Benny Adami. It took place on May 11th of 2024. Marie Logue took the class and she said, “Benny should be more popular than he is because his classes, many in English, are fun and challenging and he is so joyful.” That’s true.

I think it’s very helpful to point out that a lot of them are in English. A lot of people steer clear of the German instructors because of it.

When I announced that Ross was leaving, some people were like, “Who’s Ross?” Some people know so little. They just get on the bike and they pick the same stuff. They’re not even aware half the stuff exists. It’s crazy to me.

Reading the crowd is definitely a skill. Share on X

Number two, your favorite Peloton walk.

This is a 30-minute Rolling Stones walk. It took place with Susie Chan. Rich Glass said that this walk is easily in his top five of all classes that he has ever taken bike or tread. He said between the music and Susie’s fantastic teaching, picking this class was easy, especially since he was specifically looking for a walk to do. It would be impossible to pick a Rolling Stone song that wasn’t energizing, but the playlist has all the best songs, including Honky Tonk Woman, Get Off My Cloud, and Start Me Up.

Number three, your favorite Peloton row.

This was a scenic row or changing things up. Just so you know, you have to have the row to try this class. This was the scenic San Diego row with Ash Pryor. Karen Marquez said that she loved this row because she loves seeing the water and will be doing more of these scenic classes. She said Ash’s coaching is great. The scenic classes can be super relaxing because you get to see your home from your gym. I haven’t done any of the scenic rows, not one. Isn’t that crazy?

That is crazy. Number four, your favorite Peloton outdoor walk.

This is a 20-minute R&B walk with Joslyn Thompson Rule. Tina Buon said she’s already taken this class a few times because the playlist takes her back to her middle school days. The music includes On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men, which means you’re in a relaxed walking state while Joslyn is sneakily getting your heart rate up.

The one everybody is waiting for. If you want to be challenged and you want to end up sweaty, it’s your favorite unstackable.

We got you. It’s a 60-minute total strength with Andy Spear from May 19th. Lindsay Kelly says that she loves this. She’s not a big fan of mountain climbers. You have to know that first, but she stated the class had the best playlist. She said it was made for her age group. Her 14-year-old who lifts her up was like, “Mom, you’re getting way too excited about every single song.” Bonus points to Andy for putting, “She thinks my tractor is sexy between Weezer and Warren G.” That is quite the range.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week at Peloton. We’ll start it off with Hip Hop Pilates with Anna Greenberg.

This is fun. This is going to be a new addition to the on-demand Library and it’s a new 15-minute Hip Hop Pilates class. If you’re looking to mix things up, here you go.

Fit Family Shadowboxing. The only thing I hate more than dance cardio is shadowboxing. I feel like an idiot doing that.

If I can’t find a workaround, I just grab my Fight Camp and do the shadow boxing on the Fight Camp because I need to hit something.

I have to clear out of the room when you’re starting shadowboxing or it won’t be so shadowy.

This is different though because this is the Fit Family one. The Fit Family workouts are back. Jermaine, Rad, and Selena each have a Fit Family shadowboxing new content that dropped in the on-demand library.

We also have new scenic classes.

New ones for the bike, the tread, and the row are all dropping. They dropped today at 10 AM Eastern. If you haven’t got a chance to look at them, you might want to. Got some beautiful places to check out.

Finally, pro-cyclist classes with the return of Christian Vande Velde.

A bunch is coming. We have three 45-minute classes this weekend, speed training on Friday, June 1st at 2 PM Eastern. We have a HIIT training class on Saturday, June 2nd at 3 PM Eastern, and threshold training on Monday, June 3rd. It’s at 7 AM. They’re all 45-minute classes. That is awesome.

If that’s not enough for you, there are also new benchmark strength classes.

Those of you listening all the time already know we’ve had benchmark classes for a while. There have been benchmarks programmed in certain programs strength programs. There are now generic benchmark classes. What does that mean? That means that you can now take a whole lineup of different classes to get a benchmark with different body types.

For instance, there’s a 20-minute full-body strength benchmark class, and then you get the body weight. It’s still full-body, but a body-weight benchmark. There’s going to be a core benchmark. There’s also going to be an upper body and a lower body. The idea is that you can take one of these classes, do strength training, then in six weeks or so, come back and do these benchmark classes again to see how you’ve progressed.

It’s almost like an FTP for strength training.

Yeah, except it’s not linked to a program. In the past, they’ve been linked to a program. Now, people who aren’t taking a program are still going to be able to have benchmarks.

They can go free-range and then come back. We also over at TheClipOut.com have a review courtesy of Helper Bee Lindsey for the Sam’s Video Store series.

Spoiler, it’s amazing. Here’s the deal. The reason I wanted to talk about this is that if Lindsay goes through and lists out every single video store ride and then does a breakdown of each one, just like there are people who overlook the German instructors, there are people who overlook the UK instructors. Sam is an often looked-over instructor and he’s amazing. He’s a good dude all around. If you haven’t gotten a chance to take these especially if you like ‘80s music, you must take these classes. It’s so much fun to go back and revisit. He takes soundtracks from movies of the ‘80s and makes it into the entire class. It’s like you went to the video store together. See him. How fun.

You don’t have to rewind when you’re done.

Lululemon, always dropping things in the Peloton apparel store, has new colors for people. It’s been a while since we’ve invented new colors. I’m glad Lululemon is doing that.

The thing is they’re not very exciting. I want more. It’s like a watermelon green. That’s what I would call this. The outside rind of a watermelon. That’s what we got. They also introduced the pink for the inside of the watermelon. Those are the new colors. I don’t know. I’m getting bored with the apparel. I’m not going to lie.

There are technically no birthdays this week, but we missed one last week. By we, I mean me, because I’m the one who created the birthday calendar.

Thank you for taking the hit there.

Benny Adami had a birthday on May 27th.

Happy birthday to Benny.

Our apologies. Happy birthday, Benny.

Happy birthday, Benny. You’re welcome to call us anytime.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Katrina Noplos. Stick around.

Joining us is Katrina Noplos. Katrina, how’s it going?

I’m good. How are you?

We’re good. We’re happy to have you here. Did we say your name correctly?

It came from Ellis Island, from my great-grandfather from Constantopoulos. We get the easy version.

My first thought was you must have had a lot of the waves joke as a kid. I thought, “No, because she’s not 100 years old like I am.” The kids probably never heard of that.

It was very much that. I may not look 100 years old but I am.

Your skin looks amazing.

Up until 2005 then it was Hurricane non-stop.

The Clip Out | Katrina Noplos | DJ And Peloton


Do people talk about whether you have anger issues?

This is the difference between her and me. She hears lots of hurricane jokes. Crystal looks at me with lots of temper jokes. I’m like, “They are all about blowing.”

We’ve level-side here. I can tell the joke that I used to hear all the time. I was in college at that time. I would be out of the bar and the one thing I remember. Before the hurricane hit land, this guy said, “Your name is Katrina. Who swallowed more sea men, you or the hurricane?” Like sailors.

That man is now a Senator.

I bet 100%.

Katrina, all joking aside, how did you originally first find Peloton?

Unique Entry To Peloton

I have what I think is a pretty unique entryway into Peloton. I had been a runner for a few years. I’m going to say maybe five years or so. I was subscribed to Runner’s World Magazine. There was an article one time that was like Cool Runners to Follow on Instagram. I don’t remember anyone else who was on the list. I’m sure it was cool Olympians and stuff but one of them was Robin. She looked so cool. She had a leather jacket on and all this kind of stuff. This was in 2017, I want to say.

I followed Robin on Instagram for a long time. I was like, “She’s in that Peloton thing or whatever.” I lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Baltimore City. I have no interest in cycling but she’s so cool. I love her style and her attitude. Eventually, she started posting. She was like, “You could take these tread classes.” My now fiancé and I had moved to an apartment building that had treadmills downstairs in the gym. I was like, “Let me try this out. I could interact with this cool chick I’ve been following on Instagram.”

I want to say maybe the first week in April or something of 2019, it was quite some time, I took a tread class on the app back when the app had the free whatever and I was hooked. I was like, “Wow.” My running before had not been very consistent. I had run a marathon but I probably could have won an award for the least amount of training and still making it through. My time shows it. It was not the greatest, but immediately, I was like, “I can’t get enough of this.” Like clockwork, my consistency snapped into place and I was taking classes. I was like, “Other people, wow. I can do this instructor. I can do an outdoor content.” I was doing longer runs. Immediately, I track all my mileage and you can see how crazy consistent it became once I found these tread classes on the app.

I was an app member for the beginning of 2019 into the pandemic when they shut our gym downstairs like most places did. I was like, “How am I going to do that?” The outdoor content is great. I love it but I need that tread class. I bought a $200 tread or the cheapest thing you could find online. I was like, “I could do that here,” and it was not the same at all. I was like, “That’s it. I’m going to go ahead and get the Tread+ real quick before who knows what’s going to happen with that.” I know the bike was in crazy times. My brother and sister-in-law had already gotten the bike. They were getting into it too. I was like, “Let me pull the trigger and get the tread.” I got the Tread+ in August of 2020.

You were lucky to get that in.

As they were assembling it, they weren’t getting text messages like, “Take it down.”

I had a solid couple of months with it before all that stuff broke loose. I love it so much. I’m keeping it. We’ll wait and see what happens. I got my rear guard installed.

Was it easy? Mine was easy because it’s simple.

It was super easy. The guy was here and I was sitting here where I’m sitting working and he’s said, “I’m done.” Cool.

Did he make a hurricane joke or a waves joke?

I don’t think I ever introduced myself to him. Come to think of it. I don’t know if that went over well.

When my install delivery guy came, I gave him the biggest third degree. I was like, “What are you doing to my Tread? I need to know exactly what you’re going to do before you touch it.”

You should’ve taken secret pictures every time he was looking like, “Oh my gosh. It’s like in pieces. What’s happening?”

If anybody ever has wondered what our first date was like, “That’s a window. What are you doing? What’s going on?” She probably took some secret pictures and texted them to a friend in case I was an axe murderer.

In case I end up missing, this is the guy.

I did the same thing with my fiancé before. I sent pics and I’m like, “Anyone ever met him?” I met him online. “Do you guys anything about him? Do you get any dirt? What’s up?”

You got to be safe. It’s a crazy world out there. You ran before you found Peloton. You have become an even more devoted runner since you found Peloton. Have you ever tried bike classes since then?

I have not gotten on the bike but I have taken bike classes. A couple back with the gym downstairs and everything. A couple of the big ones like The Greatest Showman ride on the track. I’m trying to do the same thing on the tread. I remember the Two For One Beyonce with Alex and Tunde. I was like, “I can’t miss this. This is going to be so much fun.” I had my actual Tread+ and my little tiny iPad because you can’t play them on there. I sat it down. I’m like, “This is so hard to follow along on this tiny screen when I have this big thing.” In the class, I understand how they work, but I’ve never physically been on a bike before.

I love that story. I love that it’s so different. Everybody always comes to Peloton through the bike and we don’t hear that very often through the Tread+ especially.

I was such an app user all the way through my first visit to the studio. I went to the Christopher Street studio. It’s crazy how easy it was to get a class. I think back to that.

I miss those days.

That was my first time getting on the Tread+. It was there. I remember being in there and they’re like, “Get ready to go,” and everyone is starting to go. I’m like, “How do you turn this thing on?” I had to have someone come help me. I’m like, “There’s no button. How do I start?”

It doesn’t say start anywhere.

The rolling concept. You would think having seen so many tread classes and they explain it that it would have stuck.

There’s a lot of nerves the first time you’re in the studio because it’s so exciting. There’s so much coming at you. You’re full of adrenaline.

It feels like you’re in a movie set.

Crystal’s like, “The first time.”

She said she’s been many times.

Three or four classes, but twice visits to the new studio.

It’s a lot harder now to get into a class.

It’s so crazy. I’m lucky. A couple of Decembers ago, right before Christmas, I got into a Robin and Matt Wilpers class. It’s a week before Christmas. It was pure luck.

A Christmas miracle.


You also mentioned that you are a nightclub DJ. I’m curious how you got into that. Was that something you always wanted to do or is that something you fell in? How did that happen?

A little combination of both. My day job fluctuates throughout the years. When I first got into it, I was in retail. I was working at Express. We used to do overnight floor sets. I used to make these little mix CDs to bring in. It started there. Everyone was like, “Did you bring a mix CD for tonight?” I started going outside clubs and stuff a lot with my friends. One friend in particular would bring me up. He knew the DJ there.

He’s like, “Let’s go say hi.” We got into a habit of every time we went out, we went up and said hi to the DJ. I got to know him pretty well.

One time the DJ was like, “I’m so sick. I wish I had someone to cover tonight. I need to find someone who could cover.” I’m like, “I can learn. You can teach me. I could do it.” He was like, “Come next week.” He started teaching me live with the crowd how to DJ. I was never a bedroom DJ like learning there and then going to the clubs.

I learned right in the club. Eventually, I started picking up some gigs there with the equipment that they had. We used to burn CDs back then to put in the CD player to mix. It started there and then it grew and grew. My day job changed. Now, I’m working in an office. A little bit different from retail but I’ve kept that going and expanded it from Baltimore. I was DJing in DC a lot of times too. I’ve been a resident in a lot of different places.

DJing at weddings is rougher than a bar because bars have a theme and it draws a certain demographic that are all looking for the same thing. Share on X

What’s your DJ name? Do you have a cool DJ name?

I do. It derived from a friend’s nickname. He used to drink vodka a lot. Since the last two letters are also the first two letters of my name, VodKatrina is my DJ name.

I love that. That’s so fun.

Was there something surprising that you learned when you were learning to DJ that makes it different from creating a mixtape?

Reading the crowd is a skill. It’s funny because it’s a skill that translates into real life too. If people aren’t feeling it, you have to change it up. I could be in a room talking to people. I can’t read the room for the same sort of stuff. That’s an important skill.

If you can tell they’re not feeling it, do you change it up to something more upbeat or do you change it to something that’s more like a perennial crowd-pleaser?

Usually that. My big fallback go-to is I Want to Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. If something is not going right, that’ll at least level set a minute then I got to figure out the next move.

When in doubt, the duck dance. Who doesn’t love the duck dance?

I don’t know how to do the duck dance.

Nobody loves the duck dance.

I was like, “I hope you’re joking. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The duck dance or the chicken dance?

It’s a regional thing. I’ve always heard of the duck dance, but I know in other parts of the country, they call it the chicken dance. It’s like soda versus pop.

It’s never been done at a wedding I’ve been to. I’ve never experienced this in real life.

It’s the worst.

Sounds like it.

Do you know the song?

I’ve seen it in movies. I only know it from movies.

Do you know what we’re talking about? You’re acting like I made up a thing.

I was like, “Why would you play that?” That’s what I was shocked at.

Those lion and group dances though are crowd favorites. They make my brain sad. There are so many of them like the Cupid shuffle. They’re all in the same file.

The people who want to dance but don’t know how to dance. You’re telling me what to do. It’s how fascism takes root.

You got it. You’re a DJ now.

I was a DJ.

He was.

I was like a caller ten wins tickets to Fog Hat DJ.

Didn’t you try?

Do you need to have to immediately respond to emotions in the room?

Just the other DJs.

Didn’t you try DJing for a wedding once and you hated it?

One time. I was like, “This is miserable.” It was so not for me. I was like, “I hate everything about this.” I also didn’t like the pressure.

I was going to say that that’s a big part of what you said is a skill. It’s the pressure that came to you, Tom. As she’s saying, read the room. You probably could read the room, but feeling the pressure of getting it wrong because it’s a wedding.

If you screw up a bar, if somebody went out for the night. You would still hate to do that, but to be like, “I screwed up these people’s wedding.” I was like, “I don’t like this at all.” It was a long time ago. We had cassettes.

That was a long time ago. Did you have to bring the big thing?

We did. There was also a lot of lifting, which I did not anticipate. It was checking a lot of boxes for things I don’t like. I’m like, “I’m done.”

I’m going to take this recording, and when people ask me to DJ weddings because I get that a lot because they like my sets when I’m DJing out at night. I’m going to send them that. You hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly why I do not want to get into that industry.

I would think it’s easier now because so many things are MP3. You’re bringing the laptop and speakers and whatnot. Also, I would think DJing at weddings is rougher than a bar because bars have a theme and it draws a certain demographic that are all looking for the same thing. Maybe it’s a country bar or a gay bar. At weddings, you have to find a song that the bride and groom like but also Aunt Mildred.

What a great point. There’s a lot of pressure from getting it wrong. In my family, it wouldn’t matter what you played. Nobody would dance ever. We didn’t try it at our wedding because we were like, “That’s silly.”

We got married at Dave and Busters.

Wedding Planning

That’s the way to do it. No pressure. No anything. Me and my fiancé are getting married in Greece. We’re not having the big reception and all that kind of stuff. We’ll have a little party in the States for the people who can’t make it but no frills. No worrying about if everyone is going to get up and dance and do all the things.

That was our thought because we were second marriage. We had the kids and we wanted them to be able to be involved and do something. We didn’t want to make it like a boring night for them and us. We thought playing video games was a good way to bring everybody in.

That’s awesome. I might add that to my ideas list.

Where in Greece are you guys getting married?

The Clip Out | Katrina Noplos | DJ And Peloton


We don’t have anything locked down just yet. We’re looking at the island of Sifnos. As you may have presumed from the opening, I am Greek. My original thought was, “Let’s get married in the village where my grandmother was born before she came to America.” My parents went there the last year or the year before. We’re from Kalamata, where the olives are from. It’s not what you picture.

She left for a reason.

It’s landlocked. It’s a dry area. There are olive trees but it’s not picturesque by any means. They had gone to this island Sifnos before and they’re like, “Why don’t you check that out?” I started researching since my name Katrina is of Catherine descent, which is my grandmother’s name, I was like, “What about St Catherine Church?” There’s one on Sifnos and it looks like a postcard. That’s where we’re looking to get everything settled down.

That sounds perfect. That sounds amazing. Good luck. I hope that all turns out.

I can’t even imagine planning a wedding in another country.

That stresses me out.

We’re just planning a vacation. That’s it.

Does that transfer? How does that work? Do you have to come back and get married here?

Do you have all kinds of legal things you have to do that are different in Greece than here?

I don’t know but my dad is a Greek priest.

You’re covered.

I’m covered. I’m not sure how it works, but he’s working on the paperwork as we speak.

He’s like, “I’ve got people for that.”

He has priest friends of his that have had their kids get married in Greece. He’s got resources and stuff.

That’s wonderful.

I’m sure he’s got it.

It’s a whole industry. It’s a whole Greek industrial wedding complex. They’ve got it down.

DJing And Peloton

Do you ever try to take your DJ skills and parlay them into Peloton? Do they cross paths in some way?

They do cross paths in some funny ways. I am a very avid user of, “I love that song, Hard It,” then I’ll go back and revisit that playlist on Spotify and take from there a lot. There’s a class. I can’t remember what specifically it was that DJ John Michael had programmed. For some reason, I can’t remember if it’s a running class for Matty or a strength class for Adrian. It’s one of the two. DJ John Michael programmed the music for it. It was during Pride Month. I was like, “This set goes well together.” I DJ predominantly gay bars. I was like, “It’s Pride Month. That set was great. I’m going to just steal that from my opening set.” I went and I hearted every single song. I downloaded every single one. I was like, “Perfect. I’ve got my first hour mapped out. Good to go.”

The crowd got a hell of a workout.

One of the first years that I had DJed Washington Pride’s block party was one of the first years that I was getting into Peloton. I bought the Pride shirt with the stripes and the stuff. I thought it was so cool. I wore it with my leather vests. I was channeling Robin for this. I was so excited. Someone from the crowd was like, “Peloton.” I was like, “Yes.” It was so loud so I was like, “I’m dressed like Robin.” She’s like, “I can’t hear you.” It was fun that someone called that out. I was like, “Friends in the wild.”

Those sightings in the wild are the best because you feel an instant connection to this complete stranger. It’s amazing.

I’ve been running outside with a Peloton stuff and they’re like, “I love Peloton too.”

What is your leaderboard name?

Everything on the internet, I am VodKatrina.

That wasn’t taken.

It was not taken. Everything, Instagram and all of the things, I’m VodKatrina in all of the places.

Smart branding. I feel like I know this one, but do you have a preferred instructor?

I see where you’re going with that. Since there’s one instructor we’ve mainly talked about but I’m one of those people where I have an instructor for every mood at this point. Ironically enough, I think my favorite instructor nowadays is Selena in general. When I need to be pushed hard, then I’ll go to Robin because she’s always got some Robin-ism that will end up in a mood board or a written on a post-it note next to my tread for the future or something.

Lately, I’ve been getting into Camila. She’s fun. I feel like I’m hanging out with my younger sister and hearing about all the cool things the kids are doing with her. For strengths, I love Adrian because I do strength classes. Since I got the tread, it came with all of the things. I dove head-deep drinking the Kool-Aid. I love Adrian for strength. I don’t know what else you can say about that. You look at him and he is strength. Although, I will take Selena for glutes and legs. That’s her bread and butter. She’s good with that. Matty, obviously. When I’m looking for a fun time, anything with Matty. When I’m looking to laugh, I feel like I’m hanging out with my bestie. He’s another great one.

You cannot take a class with Matty and not smile. It’s impossible. I’ve never left a Matty class in a bad mood.

He’s like that in person too. It’s not like fake or anything. He’s the one I took the strength class at the old Christopher Street studio with. After everyone lined up and took their pictures, I was the last one in line and we were chatting. He’s the same. There’s no difference. It’s the same person.

It’s not a shtick.

He’s that genuine.

Do you have any advice for people just now entering the world of Peloton?

Take every instructor, every type of class, and every type of thing. I’ve heard so many people say, “I tried and I didn’t like it.” I’m like, “There’s 50-some instructors.” You may not like certain ones because there are certainly ones that I don’t completely vibe with. I’m like, “I don’t fully like their thing.” My brother and sister-in-law are both teachers. They love Jess Sims. I don’t connect with her all the time. She has a good ‘90s hip-hop playlist, I will take some of her ‘90s hip-hop classes. In general, not my vibe. Just try everybody out. You’ll find someone who will consume you into the cult and we’ll all have you drink the Kool-Aid at that point.

Just try everybody out. You’ll find someone who will consume you into the cult and we’ll all have you drink the Kool-Aid at that point. Share on X

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you in all the places.

All the places, I’m VodKatrina. The leaderboard, Instagram, and TikTok. I can’t even think of all of the things. Not that I look great in TikTok videos but everywhere.

Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

Thank you so much.

I had so much fun.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on all the socials and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online on Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our Patreon at Patreon.com/TheClipOut, where for $5 a month, you get all sorts of bonus content, which we’re going to go record right now. We like you extra. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing. Bye.


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