361. Peloton Goes Commercial Plus Our Interview With Andrea Barber And Jodie Sweetin

The Clip Out | Andrea Barber And Jodie Sweetin | Full House Peloton


  • Peloton adds commercials to classes AKA Tom was RIGHT!
  • Los Angeles resale market flooded with Bikes.
  • Peloton updates “Find Friends” feature.
  • Peloton now acknowledges your Peloversary.
  • There are new ways to pay off your rented bike.
  • Peloton hosting lululemon Members’ Weekend at PSNY.
  • Peloton experienced a major outage.
  • Peloton is suing Felxport over supply chain issues.
  • Dr. Jenn – What’s the difference between acceptance and giving up?
  • Katie Wang got engaged.
  • Susie Chan’s father passed away.
  • Erik Jager is gearing up for the second Social Sports Day.
  • The latest artist series features Justin Timberlake.
  • Def Leppard gets a special event ride.
  • Now there’s a $10,000 per month “Wellness Social Club.”
  • TCO Top 5.
  • This Week At Peloton.
  • Peloton celebrates Mother’s Day.
  • Jon Hosking & Liverpool FC host an outdoor walk for Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • Jess King & Selena Samuela launch Floor Bootcamp 2.
  • Birthdays – Christian Vande Velde (5/22)


All this plus our interview with Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin!


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Peloton Goes Commercial Plus Our Interview With Andrea Barber And Jodie Sweetin

Hang on. I’m not ready.

You said you were ready.

Now, I’m ready. I was always ready.

You didn’t sound ready.

That was just my shtick. That’s the character I play on the show. We can now reveal to people that I’m truly the behind-the-scenes genius.

Stop it. Happy birthday though.

My birthday is in September.

It’s The Clip Out’s birthday.

Happy birthday at seven years. That’s crazy. How about that?

We’ve been together for a long time now.

You’ve been having a problem with your Apple Watch. You are allergic to it.

I wouldn’t call it an allergy. This happened on my Whoop a long time ago where it says that you have soap, sweat, or something like that trapped underneath the little laser that’s always checking all your vitals. They sent me a new Whoop and I never had a problem with it again. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was like, “Why is my wrist burning?” I took off my Apple Watch and in the morning, I found a big blister underneath it. I washed it all off with Clorox and then I wiped it down with water to make it fresh. I left it off for the whole day, then the blister instantly went away.

I put the watch back on and then it was fine for two days. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with my wrist burning again, and there was another blister that was bigger than the last one in the center. I’m wearing it anyway though because I left my wallet in your car and I had to go out today. I was like, I better have something on me that can identify me as a person and be able to pay for something should I need to. At least I could pay for things. It hasn’t been hurting so I left it on. We’ll see. I’m a little nervous about it.

You can’t be severed from the world of Apple.

It’s not that. Maybe I need a new one. It is a version 6. They’re up to 8 now.

Poor thing. Let’s do our Bingo call out.

Our Bingo number one this week is Camila Ramon.

Who is our guest?

Our guests are Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin.

Look at that, from the Fuller House and Full House family of shows.

I do have to give you a little heads-up. Jodie had to leave.

She bails. I asked a question that she found offensive. She threw off her headphones and was like, “F you and F your podcast.”

That’s not what happened. She had a sneezing fit and then she had a kid emergency. We thought we were done. We talked to Andrea Barber who’s lovely. We would never say no to that.

It’s always a blast to talk to Andrea Barber.

I asked them for pictures for Jodie because I was trying to make sure I had the right stuff. They were like, “We’re doing another one.” I was like, “Okay, I won’t argue,” so in a few weeks, we’ll have a Jodie solo as well.

I think it was an elaborate ploy.

Jodie just wanted to be by herself. She was like, “Andrea Barber is going to show me.”

I think it was an elaborate ploy to get their podcast mentioned in two episodes.

It was effective.

We’re pretty simple folks around here. We’re like, “Okay, we saw you on the TV.”

We enjoyed both conversations. Andrea Barbara is so sweet and funny.

What else pray tell do you have in store for people?

We’re going to tell everyone about these new commercials that Peloton is adding before classes. Also, the Los Angeles resale market has been flooded with bikes, and people have a lot of comments about that. There’s also the new Find Friends feature. Peloton is now acknowledging your Peloversary. That’s new. That’s just come down. New ways to pay off your rented bike. That’s new. A lot is going on. We also have a visit from Dr. Jenn. We’re going to talk about how you know when you should say, “This is where I am,” or you should keep pushing through.

What’s the difference between acceptance and giving up?

Plus lots of instructor news, and we have a past guest update as well.

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We shall.


We will call this segment Peloton adds commercials to classes, AKA Tom is a genius.

That’s not what it says here. It says “AKA Tom was right.”

I’m right because of my genius. That’s not fair. I prefer visionary to genius. I said in the previous bonus episode on the discussion about private equity entering the marketplace that I don’t think it’ll be about cutting costs. It’ll be finding new revenue streams. I think one of the easiest new revenue streams to glob onto is to add commercials to the classes. I didn’t think they would be so bold at least initially to run video commercials. I thought it would be little banner ads on the screen.

So you’re not right.

I was right about the commercials. I said they got all these eyeballs and they have a very hyper-specific demographic of eyeballs, and that they’re going to start advertising.

I was surprised it happened so fast. I don’t know if that has anything to do with private equity or not.

I think it’s more the fact that they listen.

You think?

Yeah. They’re Patreon subscribers I’m sure. One of them is lurking.

It’s fascinating though because a while back, they started doing this thing where you could shop the Look Here at the end of class, and then that went away. I don’t know if A/B testing said, “Don’t do that.” I guess because people are so in love with the instructors, they thought maybe they would have them do it.

It won’t feel as much like a commercial because it’s like, “It’s Cody.”

They call it the Look TV or something like that. It was dumb. Sorry, but it was. Cody danced around a lot wearing different clothes. The more I watched it, the more it irritated me.

It’s like when we do a show at the arena for a comedian, they send you the commercial that you have to buy. They have a pre-cut spot and then they drop in the different venues. For a comedian, the first time you hear the commercial, they put in a couple of jokes, and then the 45th time you’ve heard that commercial, you’re like, “Stop it. You’re not funny.”

It’s fair and I did watch it over and over. I’m not great at making reels so it would require a whole lot of patience and I had to keep looking at it. In my defense and the defense of the commercial, I saw it a lot more times in the short period of time and then it was intended. It’s interesting because we were talking and I said this in a little video that I posted. We think that they’re going to get people used to seeing Lululemon in Peloton clothes, and then slowly pivot.

This is probably a good way to test whether the insertion works properly. You want to make sure that that is all working before you start charging people so that these are ultimately more like promos than ads. Once that is working, they can start dropping in different things.

You now have inventory.

You’ll probably even see that if you take a Spanish language class, maybe you’ll get a Spanish language ad.

You have to ask yourself, who’s going to do the ad reads for these? Do the instructors get a cut of that? It’s a whole lot of questions.

They might run pre-produced spots, the same things you see on TV or in front of YouTube videos. If you’re doing a Bon Jovi artist series, you’ll see an ad for the new tour. Maybe you’ll see an ad for different artists that are similar. If you’re taking the Bon Jovi class, we’ll show you the Aerosmith concert tour ad.

Hopefully, they will be targeted in a way that is thoughtful about what they’re going to be and not like there’s a Windex commercial that I’m watching right now. It’s something that applies in some way that I can make it make sense to what I’m watching. That would be nice.

It will be interesting to see.

We’ll keep you updated.

The Los Angeles Peloton resale market has been flooded with bikes.

It’s interesting because when we posted this article, lots of people weighed in. They’re seeing the same things in their markets as well. People have very strong opinions about this one. Is it because Peloton looks like it’s going to go under in any seconds? That’s what some people say. I am not of the opinion that it’s going to go under. Let me be clear.

I don’t think Peloton is going to go under. I’m not saying they won’t be restructured. It’s not going away. It’s too big of a brand to go poof. My apologies to our UK listeners. I think that’s a slur but not over here. I don’t know why would they get rid of it now. I guess if you thought like, “It’ll be worthless.” I don’t think people are thinking like that. I think some people are done with it.

Some people are saying that they’re bored with it. With the changing of the company, they’re ready for something new. They don’t like the feel of the company anymore. Some people are saying that it’s because they have new equipment. They got a Tread+, a Bike+, or something like that. I think it’s possibly those last two or a combination. I don’t think that it’s necessarily any one thing. Nothing ever is, usually. I don’t know. We’ll see.

I’m not sure how to interpret that. Maybe a lot of people bought it during the pandemic and they’re not using it as much.

We’ve certainly noticed that the loyalty of the brand Peloton has changed over the years. The engagement level of Peloton has changed.

As it grows and becomes less niche, it’s not going to have the same lavish loyalty that it did at the beginning.

There are still people like us, but there are also casual users who do not care about any of what we talk about. It is shocking to me. They’re like, “Whatever. It’s a business.”

That’s how I use my Tonal.

There are a lot of brands I feel that way about. To me, Peloton and Tonal are both very different. In my mind, they’re special.

Every good partnership needs to have a good dynamic. Otherwise, you have two people fighting for control. Share on X

I love having the Total. I don’t like exercise but I do it.

For me, it’s the difference in the community. It’s the community that got me completely immersed in this world.

It will be interesting to see if this levels off. They almost have to. People are going to sell their bikes and they’ll be done.

But then what happens? That’s the real question.

If you think about it, if somebody sells a used bike, it’s an exchange in terms of the membership level should stay comparable. If a million people sell a million bikes to a million new people, then you lose a million subscribers and you gain a million subscribers. You might even see a slight uptick because some of those people might have already canceled, and then they finally got around and got rid of the bike.

Well, then they thought like

The find friends feature has rolled out.

I have to give a caveat to OG The Fred. The Fred said that he thought perhaps this used to be a thing a long time ago and then they stopped it for privacy reasons. I don’t recall that but as I told Fred, my brain is not to be trusted as much as it used to be. I couldn’t find any documentation backing that up, but I would never put anything past it.

However, to be clear, as far as I know up until this point, you could only search for a person by leaderboard name. You couldn’t search for them by their real name and now you can. Peloton is claiming that they are doing this so that they can encourage the community to bring more members together. That makes sense because there are a lot of people that I’ve met in real life and I have no idea how to find them. I only know them by their leaderboard name, which I may not be able to spell or remember.

Many people have to spell leaderboard names in a weird way. They throw in an underscore instead of a dash.

It can get complex. That is the gist of it. It also goes on to be like if you have a contact in your phone, you can then search for people. Let’s say you have my email address. When you use the app to look for contacts, it would then say, “This email address is connected to a person that you might know.” That’s a way for you to find more people using Peloton.

I feel like these are not giant ordeals, but the big thing is there might be people who don’t want to be found. Even if you’re in private mode, they can still find you unless you opt out of this feature. It is easy to opt-out. You go to your settings and opt out of it. If that is important to you, you do need to opt-out because you are automatically in otherwise unless your last name is not filled in. If I had my profile as Crystal without O’Keefe, then people couldn’t find me. If I have Crystal O’Keefe, they can find me if they search. The only thing I opted out of was the contact search because there are a lot of people who have my email address because I’m so public about all the things we’re doing. I don’t think everyone needs to have all of my information, but if they wanted to find me, they could have found me anyway.

Do you set up your bike with your other email address?

I was going to leave that out for convenience but that is true. I was trying to be simplistic. I think people need to know that even if you’re private, people can still find you. I feel like that’s an important information to have.

It absolutely is because there are people out there who may have stalkers or whatnot.

There are a lot of famous people that use this platform. What if they had their whole name in there, they didn’t see this information, and they didn’t check their email? They don’t know that they need to do this. Go check your settings.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. That’s what I say.

That’s a good one, Mike Sorrentino.

Peloton now acknowledges your Peloton anniversary.

This is new. This has never been done. When it’s time for you to log into your special ride, it tells you. If you say I’m going to be taking this class, they recognize that that is your Peloversary ride.

There’s your shout-out. That’s Peloton’s way of saying, “Okay, walk.”

We can’t do all the things.

We can’t say it for everybody. Just calm down.

I thought that was an interesting little change.

I want to start searching for other things.

They do it for your milestones.

Like your birthday.

I don’t recall seeing it for birthdays, but when it’s your 500th ride, they’ll be like, “It’s time for your 500th ride.”

There is now a new way to pay for your rented bike.

If you want to buy it out, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card, or Affirm. Before this, it was only a credit card or Affirm. I thought that was interesting. It’s a very simple change, but notable.

I wonder why the change too? Why not before?

I suspect it has to do with terms and conditions, percentages, and things like that. I don’t know. That’s a guess.

If you’re renting a bike, you have new options. Peloton is hosting a Lululemon members’ weekend.

You might be wondering how you become a Lululemon member.

I’m thinking you give them money.

You have to sign up on the Lululemon website, but for $35 you can be in front of a Peloton instructor and Lululemon ambassador with in-person classes. There’s going to be a group run. There’s going to be a meet and greet, and a wrap party. It sounds an awful lot like Homecoming or Peloton on Tour, or whatever it was last year. This is going to be taking place on June 7th and 8th. The registration opened today. I’m not going to name names.

I don’t want her to feel like I’m blasting her because I specifically asked about it. One of the TCO tipsters always gets all of the things. When she gets these notifications and she wants to go, she’s going to sign in and she’s going to get on all the lists. She’s good at it. No special favors, by the way. She’s good at it. She only got into one thing. It sold out so fast that she got into one thing, and there were several classes available. They are going to have a group run. It’s going to be a 3-mile run through Hudson Yards. Rebecca Kennedy is going to be leading it. There was a Lululemon gift bag valued at over $175.

That’s like two-thirds of a pair of leggings. They’re like Capri leggings.

That particular class is only $50. There was a meet and greet that they had for Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Cody Rigsby, and Kendal. That was going to have that gift bag as well. That was only $50, and then there were going to be several classes. I saw one that was like a HIIT run with Logan Aldridge, $35. There was a yoga flow called Camp Yoga Flow with Ross. That was $35, then there was going to be a row with Katie Wang, and a HIIT and Hill’s ride with Emma. Each of those was $35. There was a bunch of stuff. Those are just some highlights. I thought that was very interesting. What does it mean for the Peloton on Tour/Homecoming? Will there be one? By this time last year, they had already started getting the word out, not the details. They picked the interest. Nothing, so I don’t know what that means.

I think that maybe they’re not.

That’s what I landed on but then I saw this.

This is more like a promotional thing. Classes, they were going to do anyway. They’re spending some time with Lululemon and their P1 customers. My guess is you will see more of this as a way for brands to have fan engagement. I could see Athleta.

That would be cool. I feel like it’s different with Lululemon because of their partnership agreement and because Peloton is producing all the content for the Mirror.

I also could see it being a starting point. We’ll try these with Lululemon and if we don’t like the feel, then we don’t have to do it again. If it works well, we can start looking to sell these to other corporations for brand engagement. Another revenue stream.

I’m with you. I got it.

I don’t know if you know that I had predicted the Peloton would start showing commercials.

If you get to do that every time you’re right, we should have this recap of all the times I was right every episode. This could take a while if this is what we’re going to do.

Are we still talking about Peloton?

Yeah. Mostly that’s about all the people who are haters out there who like to downplay the things that I get right and they think they’re better. That’s a whole other story. I don’t feel like being catty right now.

There was a major outage for Peloton.

They couldn’t check out OnePeloton.com. They couldn’t buy things.

That’s a problem for revenue streams. They should probably add commercials to offset the loss of revenue. I got to watch two commercials.

There are outages all the time. I only mention this because it was the middle of the day yesterday and it was still going this morning. That’s a long time for a major outage. I also thought it was interesting that at the top of their status page where they always say what the outages are. When I went to the page this morning, it still said major outage on their page which you can see here, but at the top of the page, it didn’t say there was an outage. I also thought it was worth noting that it said no incidents or maintenance are related to this downtime. What does that mean? It’s a non-issue issue. Tell me in real words what that means.

I think the outage had gone on so long that they made their peace with it. They’re like, “This is how it is now. This is the world we live in.”

There you go. That’s that.


There’s a new Peloton lawsuit, but this is the twist. Peloton is suing someone. It’s not Peloton being sued. Is this the first time that has ever happened?

There was that guy who stole from Peloton.

Was that a suit or an arrest?

Maybe both.

We’ve been around for seven years, so probably six and a half years ago, one of their pretty high-level people was caught stealing money from the company. He was arrested and sentenced to jail. I don’t remember Peloton. I know a suit could be a counter suit.

There was also that time when a guy tried to say that he had come up with the idea for the bike. I guess that would be a countersuit. That got convoluted. I’m not sure who exactly sued who. I just know he was evil. That’s all I know.


He had a villain in his name. He put it out there in front street.

His parents did, coming from a long line of villains.


I’m pretty sure it’s a long line.

I think this is the first time that they’re suing.

They’re suing Flexport for D&D issues.

D&D charges are the logistics industry’s way of saying, “You didn’t pick up or return your container on time. We’re going to have to charge you for clogging our space.” Here’s the thing though, back in the day during the old supply chain kerfuffle, they couldn’t get to their stuff. Peloton is claiming that these are unjustifiable costs. They’re taking the grievance to the Federal Maritime Commission. They want reparations for the financial strain these alleged mishaps have caused. They are leaning heavily on the newly passed Ocean Shipping Reform Act.

They’re making new maritime laws. Take that, ocean. Getting all high and mighty over there. We’ll knock the foam right at you.

When you're 10 years old like you don't understand all the jokes, but you laugh anyways. Share on X

By the way, D&D in this case stands for demurrage and detention.

That’s what I said. Coming up after this, if you’re a Patreon subscriber, the show will roll right along, but for everyone else, you will have Dr. Jenn. She’s going to explain the difference between accepting where you are and giving it up. Stick around.


Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. She was also a five-year national team member inrhythmic gymnastics and sports psychology for USA Gymnastics. It’s Dr. Jenn.


We have a question from Shannon Rogers. She says that no matter how much she works out, she cannot lose weight. She’s tried everything regarding diet and she can’t get lower, but the concerning part to her is that when she takes a break from exercise, she adds 5 to 10 pounds instantly. She also wants you to know that for what it’s worth, she’s 30 pounds higher than she was in 2019. This is not something that’s happened quickly, but it’s been little by little. The question is this. Where is the line between accepting where you are and continuing to work on yourself?

It’s a great question. There are a few things that jump out. First of all, you always want to rule out anything physical if you suddenly have a big weight gain, or even over a period of time where you’re doing the same things but getting different results, you want to check in with your doctor. Keep in mind that a lot of doctors blow off stuff like this. As women, we tend to start with the gynecologist. You may want to get a referral to an endocrinologist. You may want to get other referrals, but typically when something like this happens, gynecologists and endocrinologists are the first line of defense, or a general practitioner.

You want to find out whether something is going on in terms of your endocrine system, and your metabolism. I don’t know Shannon’s age, but menopause can also slow things down metabolically for a lot of women. That’s important to look at as well. Are you on any new medications? There are some medications that people don’t realize are linked to weight gain. People a lot of the time point to birth control pills. For some people, it doesn’t do anything with the weight. For other people, it creates weight gain and hormones. There are all kinds of medications that do have side effects.

There are some antidepressants. I have a girlfriend who took one antidepressant and lost a ton of weight, and then another girlfriend who took the same antidepressant and gained a ton of weight. You also want to look at how your particular body responds to these things. Involve your doctor to rule out these kinds of things. Let’s say you go to the doctor, you go to the endocrinologist, you talk with anyone who’s prescribing medication, and everything has been ruled out. Everything is fine. Your metabolism is fine. Your health is fine. No medications are causing this, then you have to look at working on acceptance.

We have these ideas about how our body should look and what society thinks is attractive in a woman or body, and these cultural standards aren’t necessarily realistic. It’s very possible that maybe you were at an unhealthy low weight for a long period of time that you got used to and now this is your more natural weight. It’s possible that where you are in your life and your age is where your body’s set point is. After that, you have to figure out what is reasonable for you.

If you’re exercising and then you stop exercising and you’re gaining 10 pounds, how much exercise are you doing? Is the amount of exercise you’re doing reasonable or is it that your body responds well to exercise that it keeps your metabolism going for a long time after This? There’s a study that says it does and that it’s healthy. Even if your weight wasn’t an issue, you would be exercising like this because you want to live a long time. You want to make sure that you fight different diseases. You want to look at the big picture of this and work on some self-acceptance.

That’s that’s a lot to unpack.

It’s a difficult line to walk because you need to take care of yourself physically, but you also need to accept that you’re in a different phase of your life.

Thank you so much for all of that. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on all social media @DrJennMann.

Thank you.


It’s going to be a roller coaster. We will start with the good news. That is Katie Wang got engaged.

It was the cutest engagement. She looked so shocked.

Ours is no longer the cutest to you? Her’s is cuter? Ours is second. Is that what you’re saying?

She’s so cute in the picture that they got. She was adorable. She had her ring on like this big old ring. She got engaged. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your engagement being cuter than Crystal’s engagement.

Do you know why? It’s because ours was the most romantic. Not everybody gets engaged at an actual castle and I loved our engagement.

I know, and I love that you said yes. Now on to some sad news. Susie Chan’s father has passed away.

It’s always hard when you lose somebody close to you. I feel like this one was doubly maybe. I don’t know if you can say it’s worse or not, but it struck me that it’ll be more memorable for her and not in a good way because it happened the day before her birthday.

It’s tied to another major event.

I say that as a person who has experienced that. You go through the joy of your birthday, but then there’s this other thing that’s constantly weighing on you. It makes it hard.

I am “fortunate” that both of my parents passed, but they died on dates that weren’t close to a significant date like before a birthday, Christmas, or something like that. As my parents, I should also say they both died of shame.

Stop. Dr. Jenn will be so upset by that.

Erik Jäger is gearing up for the second Social Sports Day.

I thought this had already taken place.

I translated the post, and then I drill down a little bit. They did a Social Sports Day back in October and that’s what this clip is from that he has on Instagram, but they’re all doing one I think in June. They were using that footage to promote the one coming up.

You’re right. It takes place on July 7th, and it’s going to be taking place at the Social Hub in Berlin. That’s pretty cool.

Do we know what Social Hub is?

Not exactly.

I went to see what Social Hub was and it was something like work, play, etc. I was like, “I don’t understand what they’re telling me.”

I don’t either but I’m going to do some more research on this because Erik did another video. I wanted to get an article written about it but we ran out of time. If anybody is interested in writing for the website, we have some places open. We need some help, particularly daytime people during the week. As a side note, the video had more details about it. He went into it, but it was a video and I couldn’t translate it. It is going to require a process.

It hasn’t gotten there quite yet.

I didn’t know how to do that quickly. I didn’t get to know all the details.

They are working on it. I saw a sample video. It was cool and it’s scary, but they were showing how news outlets could take interviews with people. Let’s say there’s a natural disaster in France. They would take the footage and run it through this AI filter. They would take this French guy talking all in French, and then it would translate it into English in an approximation of his own voice. Hang on. Here’s where it’s going to blow your mind. It would on the fly change the shape of his mouth so it even looked like he was saying it.

That’s a game-changer for movies.

It’s only a matter of time before Netflix starts doing that.

For sure, if they’re not already.

Coming up after this, we’re going to have the latest artist series for you. It’s one you heard of.


The newest artist series features Justin Timberlake. Sweat Me a River.

They’re going to bring sexy back.

He put out his new album, and I don’t think he brought anything back. It tanked hard.

I shouldn’t tag JT in this promo.

Probably not. He’s got another take where we say great things.

It is what it is. In all seriousness, I always feel bad for artists because they’ll have these long careers, and then all of a sudden, nobody cares.

It’s difficult. As somebody who books bands, I can go through and see bands played in our building. Def Leppard played in our building before I started working there in 2004. They sold like 5,500 tickets. The idea that Def Leppard would only sell 5,500 tickets today is like Ludacris. Sometimes people need to forget about it so they can remember it again and have nostalgia.

It has some freshness in a different way.

I think he’s in that period. Maybe I’ll try and book him. I can afford him now. Don’t tag him because he won’t take the offer.

Poor Justin Timberlake. Anyway, it’ll be a lot of fun.

He’s had some PR issues because he’s super talented. It was always great when he was on SNL. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses.


In the previous episode, I was appalled at the notion of a $ 40,000-a-year wellness package for people. I believe I said that was gross.

You said that multiple times and you were upset about it.

I think I might have said that they were not good people.

You did. More than once, as a matter of fact.

Not to be outdone, we now have a $10,000-per-month wellness club.

Now $40,000 a year sounds like an ideal.

For the middle class. We should say thanks to Courtney Castle Brickerhoffr for pointing this out. She posted in The Clip Out group.

She was like, “How about this one, Tom?”

Holy cow. That’s $120,000 a year for what?

Continuum Club doesn’t have personal trainers. We call them Human Performance Specialists.

We gave him a fancy name so they’re worth all that much more money.

That’s disgusting.

It got gross.

It did get gross. It’s not a gym. They prefer wellness. Can I also say that these guys look bro douchebags? It’s not helping the image of any of this, but you know what? Go get your money. People are buying it. Go for it. There is a waitlist to get into this thing. That’s how much money people have. If people shared, can you imagine?

I’m not anti-capitalist but you, sir or madam, have too much money.


Our Bingo for this segment is Kirra Michel. It is time for the TCO Top 5. We asked you to tell us your favorite classes of the week, then thankfully you answered because there will be 95 seconds of silence here otherwise. Here we go. Number one, your favorite Peloton yoga class.

This is the new Creating Space Yin Yoga series with Kirra Michel, specifically, her class that she taught with Denis Marton on 5/15. Kelly Quirk Caprice said that Kira’s honesty about living with depression was so refreshing, and Barbie Fisher agreed, saying that Kira was so honest about her own mental health struggles. Also, Courtney Marissa said that she hadn’t connected with Kirra before as an instructor, but she loved how honest and real Kirra was during this class. I love Kira because of that exact reason. She is so real about her struggles. It’s easy to connect with.

Power Zone classes are the best way to improve. Share on X

Number two, your favorite Peloton ride.

The Two For One Mother’s Day ride with Jess King and Robin Arzon that took place on 5/11 Mother’s Day was a big favorite among the TCO crew. Dinette Royal Giles said the playlist was perfect and it featured songs by and about mothers. The interaction between Robin and Jess was poignant without feeling performative. That’s a tough line to watch, especially for two ladies with big personalities like that. It was also a serious workout. It had Man! I Feel Like a Woman, so I probably will never take that class.

That song is so much. Number three, your favorite Peloton run.

This was the same day on 5/11, an EDM ride with Becs Gentry. Tina Bland also known as What’s Up Chicken Butt, I love that leaderboard name. She said it was her favorite class. She woke up feeling like not doing anything, but this class got her pumped. She loved the playlist and was thankful to Peloton for keeping her going.

Number four, your favorite Peloton stretch class.

We’re going back to the old time capsule for this one. May 26th, 2021. If you like the sound of this, go take it before it gets taken out of the inventory. The Mood Full-Body Stretch Calm with Matty Maggiacomo. Amanda Marie Morris said she took the stretch with Matty and she needed it that day. It was soothing, comforting, and relaxing. It made her tear up. Sometimes a good cry is what you need.

Number five, your favorite unstackable.

I guess I’m not shocked by this Sims 60 as it has been rebranded. It was a full-body. Any class with Jess Sims is going to be tough, particularly 60 minutes of bootcamp. Jessica Sanford said it’s not for everyone because it was hard AF, but she loved it. There you go. Lots of good recommendations.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week at Peloton.

We talked about how Peloton had the 20 million minutes of community movement coming up. That is going to be happening on Saturday, May 18th. There’s also the Mariachi Yoga Flow, which is going to be taking place on Wednesday, May 15th. That’s going to be 6:30 PM Eastern. That’s when it’s dropping. It’s a premier class and that is with Mariana Fernandez, then there is a Bollywood slow flow. It is different, and so is the Mariachi one. That one is with Aditi Shah and it’s going to be to the sound of old Bollywood films in a special class she co-created with her father. How cool is that?

She should have saved it for June.


Now I’ve disappointed you.

I wonder why it was this month. Did it have a mother slant to it?

Maybe something is going on in the Indian Bollywood community.

At any rate, if you want to take this class live, it’s going to be on Thursday, May 16th. It will have already been out before you hear this, but you can take it on demand. There’s also going to be Beginner Boxing. This is a great place for you to learn what Shadow Boxing is all about. Rad Lopez is doing a 30-minute beginner Shadow Boxing class. That’s also going to be live this week on the 14th. It’ll be on demand by the time you hear this.

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday. Hopefully, you didn’t forget.

I hope not. For some people, it’s a sad day.

Peloton celebrated Mother’s Day.

They put together a lot of different classes. There were seventeen different Mother’s Day classes. They are taking place through throughout the month. Some of them were on Mother’s Day. Some were dropped on demand. There was a variety, but if you didn’t get a chance to take these, I wanted to point out that you can take them besides Mother’s Day. There are a lot of different ways to celebrate or if you have a complicated relationship with Mother’s Day, but still want to listen to the classes, it’s still an option for you. If it triggers you and that’s not a good thing for you, ignore all of that.

Jon Hosking and Liverpool FC will host an outdoor walk for Mental Health Awareness Week.

I thought this was cool because when this first came out, you could snag a spot and go walk with them. I thought that was neat. The LFC legend Steve McManaman is going to be there with Jon Hosking and they were going to go together. The theme of it was Never Walk Alone. I thought that was pretty cool.

Jess King and Selena Samuela have launched Fllor Bootcamp 2 Electric Boogaloo.

A lot of people have been excited about this because people love Floor Bootcamp Number 1. People have been looking forward to this for a long time. Selena has been hinting that it was coming. Here it is. I know people are super excited about it.

It will probably be in the TCO Top 5 next week.

I wouldn’t doubt it.


We only have one birthday this week. It’s someone who was dangerously close to being deleted from the birthday list, but he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. It’s Christian Vande Velde’s birthday on May 22nd.

Happy Birthday, Christian Vande Velde,

We would have left him on there because I do the old instructor. I am the keeper of the Peloton birthday calendar as we discussed earlier in the show, shedding the character that I play. I’m the secret mastermind The Clip Out. It’s one of the many tasks I undertake on a weekly basis and I keep all the old instructors on there. Even if he had left, he would have remained on our birthday calendar. Are you okay are there? You look how quiet. I rarely get the real sour face during the podcast.

We’re doing a lot of celebrating about you.

Mother’s Day is over, now we’re gearing up for Father’s Day. Maybe we should get to the interview. That’s what I’m thinking.

It’s a good idea.

We’ve already recorded the interview back when you still love me. Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Andrea Barber AKA Kimmy Gibbler, and Jodie Sweetin AKA Stephanie Tanner from Full and/or Fuller House. Stick around.


Joining us for this episode, we’re super excited to have Andrea Barber back. This time, she brought along with her the cohost of their new podcast, How Rude, Tanneritos. It’s Jodie Sweetin. How’s it going?

Thank you. Great to see you again.

I can’t believe it’s been so long.

We were trying to figure it out. We think it’s been years since the last time I was on The Clip Out. Although, I’ve seen you since then in your community zooms. It took years to get me back, but now I’m here with Jodie Sweetin, so it’s a hundred times more exciting.

You like it so much that you started your own podcast.

Starting A Podcast

Crystal DM-ed me when we announced it. She was like, “You’re starting a podcast.” I was like, “What did I get myself into?” It’s a lot harder than it looks. It takes a lot of time and a lot of dedication.

Andrea is great at what she does, coming up with ideas and being an amazing host. She is in large part the machine that is keeping things going behind the scenes because I forget to check my WhatsApp chat then a week goes by and I’m like, “Everyone needs things.” Kudos to AB.

This dynamic sounds very familiar.

Every good partnership needs that because otherwise, you have two people fighting for control or two people who are completely flying by the seat of their pants. It’s a good balance when one person is the doing the organizing and one person is like, “The rest of it, hand me the stuff. We got this. We’re running.” I find that to be a good balance.

We’re a good balance. Jodie is great at improv and being funny and witty. I have to plan everything out. I have to get the outlines and plan everything. Jodie is like, “I’m going to wing it.”

I just jump in and she’s like, “I need to know.” I’m like, “It’s probably better if we don’t know.”

This is eerie.

I also am going to apologize. As we started recording, I had these sudden-onset allergy attacks. I started sneezing five times in a row and I had to excuse myself. I am holding in sneezes and trying to make it through. We’ll see how this goes. If all hell starts breaking loose and I can’t stop sneezing, I will politely excuse myself and you all can carry on. We’ve been battling it. Andrea has been sick and I’ve been a mess. We sound great. We have radio voices now.

It’s a terrible week to have ears. We sound horrible.

From Full House To Podcasting

Hearing about how you take your tasks and split them up. Since it sounds so similar to Tom and me, I’m very curious to hear how your personal relationship has evolved through the years. Full House to Fuller House and now you do this podcast together. How has that changed over the years?

I don’t know if it’s changed. We were very close on the set of Full House. It’s like reliving these memories and rewatching podcasts. It’s bringing back a whole lot of memories of growing up as little kids on the set. We’ve remained close since then. We’re getting more comfortable with each other.

We shared a classroom too for years on set. Andrea and I were always around each other. She was several years ahead of me in school but we were in the same environment and the same room a lot. Our moms were close and we would spend lunches together. We always enjoyed our bits throwing these barbs back and forth because Steph and Kimmy were these frenemy characters. Andrea and I were close and loved each other and had so much fun. With Fuller, we got to have so much fun with the ridiculous Kimmy-Steph bits that we got to do.

It’s been great. The podcast is an extension of our friendship. We’re being ourselves and making fun of our teenage selves, bad hairstyles, and our terrible fashion sense from the 1980s. We’re having a blast.

Here’s the thing though of having been on TV shows. You can blame the hairstyles and the fashions on the adults in the room. You’re like, “I would have never done that. I would look amazing.”

Says the man in The Muppets hoodie.

I like your Muppets hoodie. I’m a huge Muppets fan. You’re speaking the love language. They’re my love language. It’s strange.

Have you ever done anything with The Muppet? It’s ABC and that was all tied together at one point.

The closest is that Scott Wenger wrote for The Muppet Show. He wrote for that show. All I want is to be on Sesame Stree. I’m going to put that out there. That’s my goal. I want to be on Sesame Street badly. I want to meet Big Bird. Andrea knows.

Are you worried though that it would ruin the magic?

No, I’ve watched all the documentaries. I am fascinated by Jim Henson and The Muppets. We can do a whole Muppets episode but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. I’m sorry that I took this on a little sideline Muppet winding road, but here we are. This is what we do. This is what happens. Andrea plans to do a normal podcast and I come on talking about Muppets.

I always wondered when a rewatched podcast is out of episodes, what’s next? Maybe you pivot to The Muppets.

That seems logical.

AB, you’re coming along. Here we go.

We’ve got a while. We’re only on season two and Full House went for eight seasons. We have some time. It’s time to plan out our Muppet podcast.

People will probably be sick of us before we get through the series. We should be fine. We’ve got enough to keep us busy.

No, that’ll never happen. People will not get sick of you. That’s a lie. I am also curious. You are already up to 77 episodes. How many times a week are the episodes being aired? Do you always do multiple episodes a week?

We do and it varies. We started out doing one a week then we’re like, “Let’s do two a week. Why not?” We started the podcast right before SAG went on strike.

The day of. We’re recording our first episode and Fran Drescher is giving a speech about going on strike. We were like, “Oh no, now what?” We had all these guests planned then we were like, “We have to pivot,” because we couldn’t have guests on. We could talk about Full House because we were honoring our contracts with iHeart Radio, but nobody else was under contract. We’re like, “We’ll save it until the strike is resolved.” It took about six months but finally, we’re back in business. Now we’ve had all sorts of fun guests on. The whole cast, at this point, practically.

It looks like you folks are having a blast when you go back and have these conversations, especially with the cast. Is that real? Are you enjoying it as much as it looks like?

We have no poker face. If it looks like we’re having fun, we are having a blast. We’re getting to know our castmates even better because we’re asking them questions like an interviewer would. We’re finding out all these back backstories and background information about people we’ve known our whole lives but we’ve never bothered to ask those questions before like how did you get started acting? What was your audition like?

People we worked with who were writers or producers, asking them questions about how they got into the business. Things that you wouldn’t think to ask when you’re a kid. You’re not necessarily going to have these conversations with some of your writers and get to go back, do that, and find out some of the amazing Hollywood history that they have been a part of and stuff that they’ve done. They need to go back, appreciate, and see all of the incredible people that we have to be around and be influenced by.

We had a great role model on the set. We had no clue how important these people were. Our studio teacher, Adria Later was Steven Spielberg’s primary studio teacher for all of his films. She’s such a great advocate for kids and women. She’s no-nonsense. She takes no crap and she’s like, “I’m here for the kids. I’m here to advocate for them.” She’s fantastic.

It's all about. It's about community and keeping you accountable and getting you motivated to stay on the bike. Share on X

That’s awesome because we’ve heard so much lately about how sometimes those environments aren’t great for kids. It’s great that you have something that you can look back on and not regret. They feel about it or regret it like, “Maybe we did something wrong,” but I don’t mean it like that but you feel bad about it.

We had an incredible experience. Sometimes, people are like, “What’s it like to be a child star?” I don’t know. I had a great time and I grew up with wonderful people. Some things come along with working as a kid but we’re very fortunate that we were surrounded by such a wonderful warm cast, producers, and crew. Our parents were always there. It was a family environment much as it was a set. It was a real family. It was a second home for sure.

Can I ask a Bob Saget question?


Bob Saget

Bob Saget’s stand-up was very raunchy and could get very dark. At what age did you figure out that he had that other aspect to his personality? I got to assume in season two, you’re not seeing that side of that.

That’s always been Bob.

He’s like that when the camera isn’t rolling.

As someone else who has a very dark and irreverent sense of humor, I appreciated it because I was like, “You can be funny.” It wasn’t like inappropriate stuff in front of kids but he was sharp and witty and would go for the thing to make fun of in the room. It was so fun to watch. There were times when they would forget that the kids were in the building watching the monitors and backstage. They’d be doing some ridiculous crap.

The moms would be like, “The kids can see you in their dressing room on the monitor. They were watching the stage feed.” That was the only time but we knew Bob was the stand-up. That was how he started. That was who he was. Danny was a stretch for the clean Danny Tanner-esque comedy that Bob did. We knew who Bob was. We weren’t surprised.

When you’re ten years old, even when you don’t understand all the jokes, you laugh anyway because you want to be part of the cool kids. I would laugh at his jokes even if I didn’t understand. I would pretend like I knew it. Now we’re like, “Oh.”

We’re like, “I get it. That’s layered.”

I went to the Laugh Factory for the very first time with Bob because I was very close with his daughters and would spend the weekend at his house. After a tape night, we were heading back to his house and he went to the Laugh Factory to do a set. He was like, “You got to go with me to this. It’s going to be 15 to 20 minutes but you’re going to have to sit in the back of the Laugh Factory.” I was like, “All right, cool.” I hung out at the Laugh Factory. I was probably 10 or 9. It was a 10 and 5-minute light. I got none of the jokes. I don’t remember any of it other than being there and thinking it was cool.

The first time I saw him do a stand-up, I was probably in my 30s and he warned me. Before the show, he was like, “I have an off-color Kimmy Gibbler joke in my set. I just want to warn you.” He was self-conscious about it. I think he ended up changing the joke because I was in the audience. It was a gross joke so he changed it at the last minute and made it a little more PG. That’s just Bob. You love him for all of his personality.

I think that underlying niceness is how he could get away with saying some of the things he did because he never played as real.

After he passed, it was very evident. Bob was a wonderful human being and a wonderful person. Everyone knew that he had this kind, warm, and generous heart. Though, it was like, “Let him be dark and ridiculous because it’s not who he is.” It’s the part where he can make fun of the things that are dark and ridiculous. He does it with such warmth, then gives you a giant hug after it.

Peloton Journey

That’s wonderful. I do want to switch gears a little bit. Andrea, are you still using Peloton? I’m assuming yes because you’ve got your Peloton T-shirt on and your Peloton mug.

I have the shirt on. Although, I’m a little embarrassed because I’ve taken a long break from Peloton. I went so hard on the Power Zone. The last time we talked, I was doing the Power Zone pack challenge. I was a team leader at that point. I became the team leader. I went so hard doing seven rides a week, plus the extra credit, plus managing team. Plus, making sure everybody was doing all their rides and managing the Facebook page.

I had co-leads too. I wasn’t alone. I had fabulous co-leads with me, but I did that for like two and a half years. I went so hard without any breaks that when I stopped, I stopped all Peloton for months now. I was like, “I’m going to get back on the bike because I’m going to be on The Clip Out,” and then I got sick. I’m going to come back to Power Zone classes because I do love them. I love Matt Wilpers. He’s the goat. He’ll forever be my favorite instructor, but I’m not going to do the challenges anymore because they changed the format and I hated the new format.

It used to be your team would all do the same rides and the same number of rides every week. I was on a four-ride team. We do the same four rides of the same length every week, then it prompted a lot of chatter like, “That ride was so hard, this ride was easy. This was all zone two. This was great.” For some reason, they changed it. It was like anything goes. You could do three rides a week, four rides a week, or two runs and two rides. You can do one row and three runs. They added too many options. It felt like less of a team effort and more of a bunch of people randomly doing their own program and being on a team.

We lost a lot of the team camaraderie when the Power Zone challenges changed. Between that and my burnout, I was like, “I’m done.” I and my co-leads retired as leads. We stuck with the team a little bit longer but then I was like, “I’m going to take a break. I’m going to come back refreshed.” That’s my plan, to come back stronger than ever. I love Power Zone classes. It is the best way to improve.

If you want to improve your VO2 max or whatever those buzzwords that Max says. I’m like, “I don’t understand you, but you sound so great saying them.” It’s the best way to improve. You can see metrics. You can see yourself improving as you go along and take your FTP test every six weeks or eight weeks or whatever it is. It’s measurable success and that was very motivating for me. I’ll get back to it. I’ll get back to you, Matt Wilpers. Don’t worry.

I have no doubt. Did you know that Team Wilpers now has its own Power Zone challenges as well?

I told you. I’m so out of the loop. Team Wilpers has its own Power Zone challenge?

Matt has his own different coaches that help people. They go around the country and they help people like set up their bike and fit their bike and do all these things. They also started doing Power Zone challenges. It’s been within the last twelve months. That might be something for you to look into just because it’s a little bit different than how it was done over on the Power Zone Pack page. It might be fresh and exciting.

I’m going to check that out too. If there’s a team aspect to it, I love being on a team and encouraging each other. That’s what the community is all about. It’s about community and keeping you accountable and getting you motivated to stay on the bike. Team Wilpers, go.

Now that Jodie’s out, you can tell us what you think.

I haven’t done a ride with Jodie yet. She rides more than I do at this point until I get back on. She loves Alex. Who’s her favorite? I don’t know. I’m going to say Alex because she’s not here. Alex is her favorite instructor. I don’t think I could get her to commit to a Power Zone challenge because it’s very time-intensive. We got to do a ride together. I’ve done a ride with Candice because Candice has a Peloton as well. I’ve done rides with her, but she’s very competitive.

I had been training so hard with the Power Zone classes that she was like, “You kicked my butt.” I’m like, “That’s Power Zone. You get stronger every time.” I’ve done a couple of rides with Candice and still need to do a ride with Jodie. Weinger has a Peloton too. He plays Steve, DJ’s boyfriend or husband now in Fuller House. He has a Peloton. Marla Sokoloff, who played Gia on Full House and Fuller House, has a Peloton. We should do one big Full House group ride. That would be amazing.

You should team up with a charity and raise a bunch of money because people would go nuts to ride with you all at the same time.

That’s such a good idea. The wheels are turning.

As the guy who does nothing and just throws in jokes, I know the look.

You’re still not on the bike, Tom? It’s been years.

I’m still not on the bike.

I thought you were working out. I thought you were like, “I’m going to start working out now.”

I am. I use the Tonal. We have a Tonal. I don’t know if you’re familiar.

You do the Tonal.

She’s a little disappointed.

I can tell. Believe me, I know what the look of disappointment from a woman is. I’m very familiar.

You’re very familiar with that.

Yes, very and that was what that was.

I can’t believe it.

I’ve lost like 60 or 70 pounds.

Congratulations. That’s amazing. Everybody’s got to find their thing. If Tonal is your thing, I’ll accept that answer. The next time I’m on The Clip Out, I want to see you on the bike. That’s going to be my rider or contract. I’ll be like, “You want me back? Tom needs to get on the bike.”

I’m concerned now.

Now, you’re concerned. Is he that against it?

If it makes you feel any better, I still hate working out. People talk all the time about, how much they enjoy it and the endorphin rush. I get none of that. I keep my head down and I do it but I get no play. I like the results, but the actual process of doing it is still not my thing.

That’s okay. It’s about consistency. That’s even more impressive. If you don’t like working out but you keep doing it, my hats off to you. That is very impressive.

That is so nice. That’s so uplifting. She’s like our cheerleader.

I’m jealous of the people who enjoy it. I wish I did.

That’s because you have to try the bike then you’ll enjoy it.

I hate cardio.

Seems obvious to me.

Every time the Tonal makes me do something that’s even remotely cardio-related, I’m like, “This is awful.” I hate it so much.

Stress Reliever

He does. He complains about it so much. It’s funny. I know you’ve taken a break from the bike for a while. Have you been doing any other activity? Anything even as a stress reliever. I’m curious. There are so many classes you could take.

Trust me, I know. When I tell you when I went hard then I stop. I quit everything. I’ve been sedentary for months now. Even my therapist is like, “Exercise is an important part of your therapy.” I’m like, “I know.” I’ve been stressed out for months. Everyone, my boyfriend and my kids are like, “It’s time to get back on the bike, Mom.” They can tell a difference when I’m routinely working out versus when I’m not. This is the kick in the pants that I need. This is accountability right here from The Clip Out.

It was meant to be that we could we could have this conversation. We’re going to have you back on there and you’re going to join team Wilpers and do a Power Zone challenge. You’re going to end up probably a captain over there. That’s what’s going to happen.

If they have me, I will be the captain of that team too.

She’ll have a Full House charity ride.

It’s all kinds of things happening.

This seems like a perfect fit.

You mentioned talking to your therapist, which made me think that the last time we talked, you also talked a lot about anxiety. Specifically, you introduced me to Headspace, the app. I have used that since then because I also struggle with anxiety. I’m curious, has that gone through an evolution in your anxiety since you aren’t working out? I know it makes a difference for me too. Stress is part of it but also, anxiety comes with it. I’m curious if you’re experiencing some of that too.

Completely. Everything seems more stressful when you’re not getting physical release from exercise. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. I can’t have one without the other or one usually causes the other. Meditation is great. I don’t remember recommending Headspace but that’s a great app. Peloton came up with meditations. Now I do meditations on Peloton because that’s fantastic.

You’re still doing workouts on Peloton.

Don’t look at my workout history though. You have to promise. That’s the thing, everybody can see it. I’ve got a public account so everybody can see that I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’m going to start working out in secret and I guarantee my family will be like, “What’s different? What’s changed? Mom is way more relaxed now than she used to be.”

That’s how I did it. I worked out in secret.

You weren’t stressed though.

That’s true.

It’s annoying. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like cardio because he doesn’t get stressed. Not that he never has bad days and has moments. It’s not like you and I are talking about where you feel better after exercise. It doesn’t change his level. He’s chill all the time and he falls asleep easily.

It’s delightful. I read your book after we spoke. You talk a lot about struggling with anxiety and stuff. I’m reading them and I’m like, “My brain is weird but it doesn’t do any of that stuff, thankfully.”

I read it and went, “Yes, I get all of these things.”

You don't want to do a podcast with somebody who's just like you and has the same strengths and weaknesses. You need balance. Share on X

Podcasting Dynamic

I was like, “This sounds like Crystal.” It is so fascinating to see how similar your podcast dynamic is with Jodie. It is identical to how we operate.

You have an organized one and a disorganized one. An improver and a planner.

We always joke that she does all the work and I’m here for the dick jokes.

You are such the Jodie, Tom. You are the Jodie of this show.

I used to send a list of questions for everything and he would go off script. I would be like, “What are you doing? We have this list. I made this list of questions.” He’s winging it.

I was like, “The person we’re talking to said something that I wanted to respond to.” She was like, “No, we asked the question now.”

Stick to the list.

It took me a while to get off of the list.

We’re not listing. We finally have a man who listens.

That’s true. Let’s not discount the fact that he’s paying attention and listening. These are important skills.

I thought it was funny when Jodie mentioned about not responding to the WhatsApp. We have a Slack channel that I don’t even remember the password.

It’s so annoying. We have a whole team of people that write all these articles and do all these things. They’ll be like, “What does Tom think about this?” I’ll be like, “I don’t know. I’ll have to show him my phone because that is the only way he will know that you were talking to him.”

That’s the same. I will text Jodie and be like, “Jodie, check the chat. You’re missing out on important things. They need your input.” Same.

This is the ghost of Christmas past.

That’s good. You don’t want to do a podcast with somebody who’s like you and has the same strengths and weaknesses. You need balance. Jodie and I balance each other well. You balance each other so well that it makes for a funny and successful show. I love it. I’m here for it.

We’re grateful that you didn’t start a show about Peloton.

That would have hurt.

The knife in the back. I would have been a traitor. Heck no. You have a monopoly. You’re the only Peloton podcast in my opinion.

I have a question. You did a Christmas movie for the GAC network. I was curious. That was something that’s built entirely around you instead of an ensemble, which is where you’re more used to residing.

That was a trip. That was so I was so outside of my comfort zone. Acting is acting but it’s such a different format doing single cam such as the movie versus multi-cam, which is how you do a sitcom. It’s a world of difference. I could spend an hour describing the differences. I’ve learned that things are so much more effective. It’s quicker and more efficient to do a multi-cam on the same stage, on the same set with four cameras getting all the angles.

You can bang it out in a few hours in front of an audience and that’s it. You switch to a single cam and it is excruciatingly slow because you’re not on a stage. You’re in an actual house. They have to set up each shot. If it’s a single on me, they have the camera up and we do the scene a few times. It’s just on me, then they have to reverse the image and go behind me then shoot the person that I was talking to. It takes forever to do all the setups.

I had to learn a lot of patience. Very long days. It was my first project where I was number one on the call sheet, which is a huge honor and so much pressure. I felt confident about it. I was like, “I can do this.” Candice was right there with me. She was producing the movie. I was constantly on the phone with her saying, “What do I do? Tell me. What is this?” I had so many questions for her. It was great.

I spent almost a month in Canada, just outside of Vancouver with all Canadian cast. I was the only American. I felt good about it. It was a lot of work. You’re doing fourteen-hour days and by the time you get home at night, it’s 10:00 or 11:00 at night. You got to learn your lines for the next day. There’s not a whole lot of sleep during the week. You recover on the weekends, then you start it all over again on Mondays. It was a great experience. I would love to do it again and it’s a lot of work.

It was hard being away from my family for four weeks too. That was probably the hardest part. The kids were not happy. The kids were like, “Mom.” I threw off their routines. My daughter got a pink eye for the first time when I was in Canada. She’s like, “I get pink eye when you go to Canada.” She blamed her pink eye on the fact that I was in Canada. I’m like, “No.”

You said you had to learn your lines for the next day. Are they making that many script revisions or is that the process of you working on the day that’s in front of you then you move on to the next day?

That’s what it is. You only tape 7 pages a day, or 3 scenes or 4 scenes a day. That’s how slow it is. Sometimes, if you have to change locations too, that takes even longer. I was memorizing 3 or 4 scenes a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re doing it every night and you’re running low on sleep, it’s challenging.

The script was never rewritten. That’s the crazy thing. I got the script as I was flying up to Canada and it never changed after that. That was different. I’m used to rewrites. I’m used to alternating lines. In sitcoms, they rewrite even while you’re taping. They’re like, “That joke didn’t work. Let’s put a new joke in there.” There weren’t many jokes in the Christmas movie. It was a lot of sensitive scenes, some sad scenes, and some happy jolly Christmas scenes. You didn’t have to have the same rhythm and beats as you do in sitcoms, where you have to hit certain beats. The jokes are like a rhythm. You have to feel it. Feel the comedy. It was a great experience. It was fantastic.

Are there any more of those in your future?

Not right now. We’re still recovering from the strike. That put all the plans on pause. The business is slowly coming back to life. There’s not a whole lot in comedy now. I’m biding my time doing this podcast. We’ll see if Christmas movies come up again in the future but now, no. Nothing’s on top for 2024. Maybe in 2025.

Podcast Work

Going back to the podcast, you mentioned that it’s a lot of work and you might have been a little surprised at how much work it is. Has it become your full-time job at this point? I know you’re focused on that but how much of your time do you have to spend on the podcast? I’m curious how it works. I figured you had people to do all the things for you.

We have great producers. They’re doing a lot of the work too. They’re scheduling the guests. They do all the technical stuff and the scheduling. I wouldn’t say it’s a full-time job, but I do spend a lot of time more than I expected because I thought, “I’ll watch this 22-minute episode of Full House,” then I’ll be ready but no.

We go through scene by scene. We describe each scene and say some of the lines because then we talk about character arcs or character growth, or we make fun of ourselves, or we’re like, “The A storyline isn’t working. They should have made this the B storyline.” We’re breaking down each scene and analyzing it, as well as making fun of ourselves. There’s a whole breakdown. I make notes if we have guests. After researching these guests, I’m watching past movies or shows or whatever they’ve acted in, written, or produced because I want to know about them.

It’s genuinely interesting for me to learn about our guests, but I also want to be able to ask the best questions. I don’t want to ask the same questions that they hear in every single interview. You want something different and something fresh. It’s great. It’s a lot more work than just 22 minutes the night before. It’s fun. It’s great having a say and making suggestions of like, “I think we should do it this way or we should have these guests coming up.”

A lot of the guests are like, “We can’t contact this person. Do you have their phone number?” I’m like, “Let me text them real quick.” By far, it’s been easy getting the guests because they’re all of our personal friends. It’s just Full House cast members mostly with a few writers thrown in there. It’s been so much more fulfilling than I expected because I have such a greater appreciation for the show that I didn’t have as a child, growing up on the show. It was a job but it was also my second family. I didn’t think of the show as its own entity. I never watched the show growing up.

I was going to say, how much did you watch the show? We don’t listen to these episodes.

Once we had this conversation, we moved on. That makes a lot of sense. In my head, I’m like, “Of course, you watched the show,” but you didn’t. That also makes sense. I probably watched more than you have. I watched all of them.

Jodie had never seen a single episode of Full House before we started the show. I had seen a handful. I’ve seen a few dozen. We did almost 200 episodes of Full House. I haven’t seen a majority of them. Partially because we were so busy filming the show that I’m like, “Why don’t I sit down and watch it?” Also, we were doing our live audience shows on Friday nights and that’s when the show would air. This is before streaming.

You had to get out your VHS tape, put it in your VCR, and set your timer. It was so archaic. My dad did that though. My dad has a whole bunch of VHS tapes of all of my episodes of Full House. He’s got that in a basement somewhere. I don’t know where it is. I never thought to watch it. I am watching the show and I’m like, “Some things hold up. Some things don’t but overall, I get it now.” I’m like, “I see why people were so drawn to this family, to the Tanners.” I get it now when people are like, “I feel like I grew up with you.”

I’m like, “I get that.” The audience is an extension of the Tanner family. It’s great. It’s wonderful to see. It’s wonderful to see this nontraditional family. These three girls were raised by three men. Some of them don’t even know what they’re doing. They’ve never diapered a baby before. It’s a little bit like Three Men and a Baby. It was built on that type of premise of like, “These idiot men don’t know how to diaper a baby.” It became a lot more than that. It’s been a trip. I’m loving it. I love it.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

Any time. I’m going to give Jodie grief for having to tap out. Thank you for inviting us to be on The Clip Out. I love you folks so much. You’re so kind-hearted, warm, and welcoming. Whether or not Tom gets on the bike, I will come back any time. I’ll come back for Crystal. Not for Tom.

Thank you.

That’s how most people do it, to be honest. Before we go, let everybody know where they can find the show, your socials, Jodie’s socials, your leaderboard name, Jodie’s leaderboard name if she’s comfortable with that, and all that stuff.

If you have that but if you don’t, it’s okay.

I’ll start with the professional stuff. You can find our podcast, How Rude, Tanneritos on Instagram at @HowRudePodcast. That’s pretty simple. There’s an email in there somewhere. We’re on TikTok. I don’t do TikTok. I have to ask my teenager to help me. She had to create an account for me because I didn’t know how. You can find me there, Andrea Barber or Jodie Sweetin, which is just Jodie Sweetin. My leaderboard name, I might’ve changed it since the last time I talked to you. It’s Spinny_Gibbler. I tried to get just SpinnyGibbler but somebody already took that name.

How rude.

You’re going to get so many followers, this woman in Toronto who has SpinnyGibbler. I’m Spinny_Gibbler. Please friend me and you can keep me accountable, please. I don’t know if Jodie is public or private. I’m not going to say her name because I don’t know. We didn’t ask her for this, but go ahead and friend me. Let’s do a Power Zone challenge together.

That’s fun.

Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

We do. Thank you very much.

Thanks, guys.


I guess that brings this episode to a close. You can look forward in a future episode to our one-on-one with Jodie Sweetin since she had to bow out for family stuff. Everything is okay. If you’re concerned, don’t be. Everything turned out okay, but we would talk to her in the coming weeks. Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. They can find me on all socials and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

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