354. Tunde Makes Acting Debut on Hulu plus our interview with Marissa Walch

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations

  • Peloton joins the Military Spouse Employment Program.
  • Peloton Australia launches a trade-in program.
  • Peloton announces its next NBA Ambassador in-studio visit.
  • Two of Peloton’s NBA Ambassadors have been named to the USA Men’s Basketball team.
  • Amazon had some big Peloton price drops during its “Big Spring Sale.”
  • Peloton embroiled in suit over (unordered?) parts.
  • Dr. Jenn – Setting boundaries with family members so you get your Peloton time
  • Katie Wang is back on the schedule.
  • Tunde was on Hulu’s Life & Beth.
  • Andy Speer partners up with Tampa Bay Rays.
  • Did Kendall Toole tease a new man in her life?
  • TCO celebrated National Puppy Day by spotlighting instructor pups.
  • The latest artist series features Cardi B.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal is a Peloton member (as told to Smartless).
  • TCO Top 5.
  • This Week At Peloton.
  • Peloton offers two financing options.
  • Harvard has Pelotons on campus.

All this plus our interview with Marissa Walch!

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Tunde Makes Acting Debut on Hulu plus our interview with Marissa Walch

Joining us is Marissa Walch. Marissa, how’s it going?

It’s going well. Thanks for having me.

Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. I always like to start these conversations with a general question. How did you find Peloton and decide it was a good match for you specifically?

I’ve been in the fitness industry since I was nineteen, working full time. I’m 35. I have always been in my own fitness world. When COVID hit, all the yoga studios where I worked closed. All the gyms shut down, and the layoff emails came through, which I had not expected. My fiance was like, “Why don’t we get a Peloton?” I was like, “No, we don’t need this bike at our house. This is ridiculous.”

He pushed for it. First, we got the app. I got into the outdoor runs. We got a different bike, and we’re using the app. It was like, “It’d be nice if all the numbers made sense, especially since we got into the power zone classes.” We’re Early Matt Wilber lovers. It shifted from there. I fell in love with every modality that they have to offer. I’m the COVID crew in terms of Peloton. It’s a blessing because I found something that I love, and I have never been to a platform before. I feel benefits have many aspects of our minds, bodies, and community.

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


What do you think was the big thing that flipped your decision there because you were anti? I’m curious. What was it about Peloton that you were like, “I’m all in.”

I taught Spin for several years. To buy a bike, have it in your house, and be taught by others, it feels silly. It felt like a waste in my head. Gyms were closed. I missed riding my bike. Outdoor biking wasn’t doing it, especially since I didn’t do a lot of long outdoor rides living in the city, the city meaning Baltimore City. It’s the thing that has already turned the living room of my row home into a yoga studio. Why not turn it into a cycle studio?

We got a quick delivery. We got lucky because we got it quickly. There’s another podcast on which the founder Peloton was on. He explained that he wanted the class because all the classes he wanted to take were full or they weren’t at the right times. That’s how I always was because I was teaching or training. This gave me the chance to take that awesome class whenever it worked.

That makes so much sense. I never thought about it because we’ve had other people on before who have taught Spin that were resistant. I never thought about the fact that if you want to take a Spin class but you teach Spin class, that’s going to limit your options. You said all modality. Do you do the rowing? Do you do the strength?

We got the rower, and I love it.I got into rowing at first with Orange Theory and enjoyed it at Orange Theory. Sometimes, I look at the bike and be like, “I’ll do that.” I look at the tread, “I’ll do that.” I look at the weights, “I’ll do that.” Now, it’s like, “I can row too.” I love Matt Wilber’s and Adrian’s strength classes, especially when he came out on the rower. That was awesome. Beck is one of my favorites. Since they added her, it’s like, “Yes.” I’ve taken everyone’s class on the rower because there are few instructors, but it’s been great to mix it up and learn how to row because it’s difficult for me to form a movement to master and do for a length of time. That’s not like your five-minute warm up.

A lot of people run into that with rowing in particular because it’s not as intuitive. Everybody can run or walk again, even if your form isn’t 100%. If your form is not on with the rowing, you’re not going to get the benefit of it in your legs at all. If your form is wrong on running, you won’t know, but having watched rowing, if your form is wrong on rowing, you’re going to know. Your form might not be great, but there’s a good chance you’ll never even realize it from a running standpoint until you try to level up and you figure it out. You might be slow or not the best runner because that would be me.

You’re not going to get done and be like, “Why don’t I know how to move my body forward in space in the same way with a row?” Versus rowing, whenever you do it wrong, it’s like, “Why did I only feel that in my shoulders? What happened?”

Why did my hands kill me afterward? It’s interesting how difficult it is, but if you’re running wrong or riding wrong, you’ll get injured. That’s the other aspect of it that’s hard. I love the classes. I do a lot of the meditations. Even as a yoga teacher, I don’t take a lot of yoga classes because I like in-person yoga. I have taken some. I’m pleasantly surprised and happy with how good they are.

When you do something yourself, and you’re good at teaching it, there’s this hesitation of they’re on a camera. How can they possibly address everybody’s needs? There’s a little hesitancy with that, which I get. They do a good job. I like their slow flows better than their faster stuff because I’m not proficient with yoga, and I need an extra second to transition from move to move.

I teach a more slow flow. I respect that. I have a YouTube channel with a bunch of yoga classes on it, but the professional lighting, sound, music, and angles are not all there. It’s fun to see what that looks like.

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


From a teaching standpoint, you teach Spin and yoga. How did you get into all of the different things that you’re teaching? You said you’ve been doing this since you were nineteen.

I entered college wanting to do action sports marketing, which is specific. It’s working in the surf industry and action sports, which may have been renamed. I don’t know for sure because I’m not in that world. I failed calculus. I didn’t want to retake it. That was the only way to get into business school. I found Parks and Recreation Management. My advisor was like, “It’s business but without the math.” I was like, “I’ll go for it.”

Within that, I got a job at the gym while I was there. I started teaching awesome abs. It was a twenty-minute class. I said, “I only want to teach awesome abs. I will teach nothing else.” They’re like, “Can you sub bootcamp?” I was like, “No, I don’t teach that. I teach abs.” They’re like, “Please.” I said, “I’ll teach bootcamp.” They’re like, “Will you teach step?” I’m like, “No, I don’t teach that class. Alright, I’ll teach that class.” It started to build, and it went into surf instruction.

I moved to California for a summer. I fell in love with hot yoga. I went into yoga. I’m from North Carolina. I was there when all this started. Now, I’m in Maryland. As soon as I got here, I got to spend in certified. If that’s what you want and that’s the world you want to work in, you have to build your certifications and experiences because that’s how it starts. A lot of the instructors start off teaching strength, and you see them grow into other modalities. That’s fun for me because it’s like, “Look what they learned to do.” I know that whole process. That’s where it all came from. I fell in love with it. I had good mentors and great jobs. I built my own business from there.

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Are there many schools that focus on action sports as a degree? We live in the Midwest. I’m wearing parachute pants. When I was in business school, I was getting my MBA. I remember one of the options they had was sports marketing. I don’t know if that’s the same or not.

Sports marketing is what it is. I wanted to go into action sports marketing. I didn’t want to work in basketball, tennis, and baseball. I wanted to work in action sports like water sports. That’s the thought process you would enter. I went to UNC Wilmington. It’s in Wrightsville Beach. If you surfed, you were cool. I had to learn to surf. Being at the coast was what I wanted. I realized it was cool to be around, but it wasn’t my jam full term. I did some fun events. Doing those events has helped mewith my business because I plan a bunch of events around fitness and yoga. Maybe one day, Peloton will pick me up. We’ll see.

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


Tell us about your business. If they hire, they’ll make us pull this interview down.

This is pre-Peloton. It can stay. It’s pre-content. I run Marissa Walsch LLC. I train clients virtually and in person. I lead a bunch of fitness classes all over Baltimore City, as well as at festivals. I got back from Nicaragua, leading an international yoga retreat, and I have another one coming up in Costa Rica in February of 2025. You guys can come. I’ll even let you do an episode from there. I have a YouTube channel and work with some brands. I’m a Lululemon Ambassador.

It’s been this journey because you have to continue this step, and these memes come up. They’re not a meme, but they’re motivational quotes. They say like, “Smiling at where you are now, which is where you never thought you could be.” That is what my life feels a little bit like right now. That’s exciting. It also is like, “What’s next? Let’s go.”

This is from my brain personally because I have a full-time job, but I also do all this other stuff on the side. I’m curious. Do you ever feel like, “How am I going to get all this done?” Is that different because it’s your business, and you’re able to do that full-time? You don’t have that same ugh that I get.

I go to therapy sometimes for that. Sometimes, things feel overwhelming. I’m like, “I can’t do it.”  You hit a point where it’s like, “What if I had a 9:00 to 5:00?” I even feel like people go to work, and they come home, and work stops. With humans working and work keeps coming, that’s what I chose. It also means if I don’t want to work Monday, I don’t have to work Monday.

There’s an ebb and flow. I try to go hard during the summer because it’s the summer and I love it. From there, I’ll slow it down a bit. I try to work with the seasons. We’re amping up as we head towards spring, and we’ll go. We’ll slow it back down. We’ll go to the spa one day. Those are things I like to do. I love to watch Bravo. That chills me out. I go to the spa, go to therapy, and play with my dog. You need someone to say, “Life is going to be good.” You’re like, “Thanks.”

Don’t ever teach snowboarding because you’ll be going year-round.

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


I am terrible at it. I could try to snowboard. Me and snow, and me and winter, we do not hang out well.

Is it that much different than surfing? I can’t do either. Do they look like they’d be similar enough to where if you could do one, you could do the other?

I grew up a big wakeboarder on the water. I thought, “If I can wakeboard, I could jump away.” I could snowboard. I’m like, “This was not what I thought it was going to be. I don’t find them to be similar. There’s this huge snowboard enthusiast out there who’s like, “She’s wrong.” It depends on who you talk to.

This will be on the internet. I promise you. There’s someone out there who’s going to tell you that you’re wrong.

Please comment. Give us those strange comments where I’m like, “Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take it to heart.” I like to read the comments on purpose to be like, “What did they say?”

You are brave. I’m like, “Don’t at me. You send it to Tom. I don’t want to hear it.” He has some off-color humor sometimes, and I get yelled at for it. I’m like, “Stop it.” I didn’t say it. I did want to talk about that you ran your first marathon. Tell us about that. Where was it and all the details?

I ran Philly because it worked with my schedule. It was drivable. It wasn’t crazy expensive because these races can rack up, and I heard it was a relatively flat course. It was important to me not to add hills to an already difficult task. It was something I wanted in 2023. I had always accepted that my body, feet, and mind would not run a marathon. It was a drill. It was in my system that I was told, “You’re not going to run a marathon. You can run a half. You’re not fast. Why would you run a marathon?” Matt and Becks told me I could do it way too many times. I know that sounds like, “Really, Marissa,” but that’s what happened.

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It’s more the community for me than the instructors. The community has convinced me to do some crazy things. I get that. What was the experience like? Are you glad you did it?

It’s at the top of one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. At mile 21.5, that’s where my body decided that it was not as happy as I wished it was. The sun was beaming. The gels were no longer wanting to stay down. Everything around me had something attached to it. I would see something and think something else. The weird thoughts started to occur. I was missing my dog even though we had brought her with us, and she was in the hotel room that morning. All these weird moments happened. It’s hard. I’m slow. Because my pace is slower, I’m out there for longer.

I did have an in-the-woods experience. I didn’t know why I trained. It was funny because your name is on your bib. People were like, “Go, Marissa.” I’m like, “Do I know them? They know me.” Your name is on your shirt. All these things are happening. You’re assuming like, “Is that my friend.” The best is when they’re like, “You look great.” I want to be like, “That’s not true.”

You’re like, “You should see me normally.”

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


I felt good at the half-marathon mark. My pace was where I wanted to be. Everything was good. It was like you feel it at 17 and 18. You get to twenty, and you’re like, “There’s still a lot more to run.” I finished it. It felt good to have many people care that I finished it in my community because I shared my whole process. It was weird.

I went to Peloton, and Matt was like, “What races are you guys doing?” He’s going from person to person. I have nothing to say. This is my chance to talk to Matt Wilber, but I have nothing to tell him. It made me try to look for races. I’m like, “What can I do to push myself because I am doing these progression and tempo runs that I have never heard of before, even in my industry, because I’ve never taught running? That’s not something that I do. I’m not a run coach.” There are all these things I’m being offered that I’ve never had before because of Peloton. I decided, “You can do this.”

That’s where it came from. When I worked with Lululemon, they asked me if I wanted to be a run or a yoga ambassador for them. I’m not going to lie. That moment was special because it meant they knew that I was a runner. I’d always hide in my running with my dog. I run my dog all over Baltimore City. She’s like a 65-pound pit bull that runs with me everywhere. She’s twelve. She runs a lot less. We ran the whole study for many years. It comes a cool moment full on like, “Do you want a marathon people believe you can run? You believe you can run now. Let’s see if your body believes you can run, and let’s run.” I did.

Are you going to do more? What’s next?

If I were to get into New York City, I would commit to walk-run it because of the hills and the bridges. I’ve done the runs where they simulate it, and they talk you through it. I’m like, “This sounds rough.” It would have to be a good offer. They’re like, “We want you here. You got in.” There’s this beautiful location where I’m like, “This is a sweet run.” What I want to do is a half marathon. I want to push the pace on 1 If I can run a marathon, I’m like, “You could run a half marathon faster than you did before. Why not try that?” That would also be a lot better for my body in the long run.”

I was like, “It is a lot easier on the old body.”

I’m saying a half marathon is easy because some people would still think we’re psychotic.

It’s all relative.

Tom thinks we’re crazy right now.

He does. I’m like, “They have cars.”

He’s a great supporter. He will stand there. He goes back to the hotel room because I guarantee you I’m slower at running than you are. He has time to watch a movie or two and come out to meet me at the finish line. He’s always there. Aw. It will be cold and rainy. I haven’t missed one yet.

It’s special to do things that you didn’t think that you could do or you weren’t sure that you could do. I know running a marathon or half marathon is a major challenge, but I find it fascinating that it’s a challengefor someone like you who is fit, and fitness is such a part of your life that even someone like you was intimidated by a marathon and overcame it. I would’ve thought, “You have all the pieces in place. If you run a little bit, you’ll be good.”

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


That’s why it’s intimidating. Everyone assumes that it’s doable and acceptable. I have big old bunions on my feet that I was born with, and they hurt. I have this wonderful shoe that I love. I love running in Brooks Glycerin. They’re the cust of cushion. I had to be like, “Marissa, you can’t fail. A lot of people want you to do this.” I have this yoga side for me. I can fail. Why can I fail? If I’m miserable, I can stop. I have this Type-A fitness brain, organized, and run my business, but I have this B. I can meditate. I can believe in magical mermaids. I can run the marathon. There’s this balance of that. That’s why it’s intimidating to try something because you assume I can do it. I’m like, “I’m struggling.”

It’s great that you share the struggle. If you make it look easy and it’s not, that’s not authentic for people who are intimidated for different reasons. It is hard. It’s not something that anybody can choose to do. There are a lot of people who have never run a marathon or a half marathon, and that’s okay.

It shows that there are lots of different ways to be fit. Being fit in one area doesn’t necessarily equate to success or fitness in another area. I don’t know if you saw the story, whenever Tunde ran the New York City marathon. She was struggling at the end. We had the lady on our podcast who helped her over the finish line. Tunde is such a badass in every area.

There’s no way that that woman is not fit. For her to be open about it was hard, but it is good for people to hear that it’s not that because you’re fit, it’s easy. There’s still a lot of work that goes into it.

I was worried about my time alone, like in your head, because I’m with people all day long. I do my alone time and TV time to get myself away from work or to talk. I found your head part interesting. At times, I’ve never thought for this long in silence. I’ve also never let myself run with anyone before because I’ve always run with my dog and I don’t want to have to deal with someone who’s faster than me. I feared failing because they’re fast, and I’m slow.

I had some friends offer to do the runs with me. I was like, “Why am I saying no? We have to go my pace.” I set it upfront, and it was awesome. I had these great conversations with friends who are like, “We didn’t go that deep in general, but when you’re with someone doing a twenty-mile run, what else don’t you know about me? Let’s go”

You said you have the yoga retreat in 2025 that you’re going to be doing. You might do a half marathon or potentially another marathon for some other time. Is there anything else coming up on the horizon that you would like to share?

I am getting married. I’ve been planning a wedding while I’m running a business. We’ve been together for a long time. It’s the right time for us to do this. I have been planning a wedding during this process, which has been exciting. Other than that, there are a lot of fun new fitness and wellness adventures coming up in the Baltimore, DC, and Virginia area. I would love to do a mini-triathlon again. That would be exciting. I find the right one. I did a sprint triathlon several years ago. I didn’t know much about how to train. I feel like I understand the training.

That was another huge thing I didn’t touch on. I had two good friends who do Ironmans. They were helpful in being like, “You need more food and protein. These are the gels you need to take. This is what you have to do.” I don’t do textures. I don’t eat. I’ve never eaten gummies. That’s not something I do. Learning to eat gels was hard. I was dry-heaving the gels. I was like, “Get the gel down.” I kept telling myself, “This gel is going to give you power. It’s going to make you feel better. Me and Salted Strawberry became best friends. I don’t know why, but I don’t like strawberries. For some reason, I was all in when I finally figured it out.

A lot of people that I know that do their long training do a mixture of Uncrustables with their gels because those peanut butter and jellies get your protein, and it’s still easy to eat. They’re frozen when you start. They thaw over time.

I was on the train two Peloton. I would love to book cheap trains when I get into Peloton. I’ll go up early with a friend. We’ll walk around New York, go to Peloton, and leave. People think I’m crazy, but it’s so much fun. My friend pulled one of those out of her bag. She starts eating it. I was like, “What are you eating?” She’s like, “I buy these for my kids all the time. They love it.” I was like, “I’ve never had one of those before.” I kept putting them on my grocery list, but I kept forgetting to buy them. It’s a smart, good idea.

They’re great for training, especially if you crave real food because you get the sugar, but you still get the protein.

Can you be an Uncrustable ambassador? Is that a thing?

Uncrustable, come find me. I do work with noon. I had electrolytes the entire entire time, which was amazing because this stuff adds up. Getting to have that stuff right in front of you was awesome. The gear, from a running perspective, is nothing from Lululemon Chafes, which is magical. If you cared to know that, I shared it. My friend told me to get that handheld water bottle. That was good. I had never used that before.

What is that? Aren’t they all handheld?

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


No, it’s the one we are holding here. It’s strapped to your hand. You’re holding it, but you’re not gripping it the whole time. After several hours of holding that, it starts to hurt your hand. It’s annoying. I was doing my long run. I had on one of those running belts. They’re supposed not to move up, but they always do. They always do. I had to take a bunch of water because it was hot, and I needed the stuff before. I needed water for the whole thing. I’m slow. This was a two-and-a-half-hour thing. I hate all that. I would much rather carry the one in my hand, but I needed more water than what that had. I could also do the backpack, but that’s also annoying for different reasons.

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I haven’t tried that for running. I’ve done it for biking. I would be interested in trying it for running in the future because the hand put did annoy me sometimes. I would not let myself drink the water because I would feel the weight of it go low or high, and you play this game of like, “Am I going to be thirsty?” I had a lot of weird Coke cravings. A lot of people craved beer. I never craved alcohol afterward. I wanted a Coke. Not a Diet Coke or a Dr. Pepper, but a Coke. I don’t generally drink a lot of Coke, but I ended up buying them to have at home.

I got into those like Fairlife chocolate protein shakes, which my friends had to buy me from Costco because I don’t have a Costco membership. I’d be like, “Can you give me some more than milk?” They’re like, “Yeah, we got you.” I was like, “Thanks.” I would trade off between sipping that and Coke at the end of a run.

I can’t toggle back and forth between something like that.

That’s what I did. It was one sip and the next sip.

If you mix them together, you have a whole new thing. Have you ever tried the backpack? My favorite hack with that is to freeze the bladder on a hot day. When you take it out, it thaws while you’re out there. If you have a long run, you’re able to keep it cold the whole time. Otherwise, you end up with lukewarm water on an 80-degree day. It’s gross.

Do you have the one where the water is in the front? I’ve seen both.

The backpack that I used had a bladder down the back of it. It had a straw that you could easily grab while you were running and drink out of that. That worked well for me. I have never tried the one where it’s got the multiple water bottles on the vest. I know a lot of people do those. It depends on what marathon or event you’re doing to make sure they let you have those because that’s a whole other thing. Not everybody will let you have those.

My friend looked that up for me. She looked up where all my hydration stations were. I didn’t need to carry a water bottle because they were every two miles for Philly. A good friend of mine’s friend is in charge of the Philly race. You know everyone in the wellness world at some point. I listened to a podcast she was on, which explained the water. I knew that I would jog to the water. I was allowed to walk while I drank the water if I needed to. They would need to get all over me and keep going.

It’s funny because Becks and Matt have a big difference in walking and running. Matt is into continuously running and never stopping. Beck is like, “If you need to walk, it’s okay.” I tried to remember both of those throughout and being like, “You have to run a little bit. You got to keep those legs going.” I did. My legs kept going until about 21.5, which I was proud of. I was like, “Why is this hurting?”

Your body got the lactic acid broken in your legs. They weren’t happy.

I had a weird thing that I had never done before. They never worked out in a hat. I have a lot of hair. I always have a big old bun on top of my head. I’m a big sweater. I was soaking wet the entire time, wiping my face. My friend was like, “If you wear a hat, it helps if you have a lot of head sweat.” I was like, “There’s no way.” She’s right. I found this hat, and I’m like, “How did I not know this for these several years of my life?”

You never knew they had a function.

I thought it was for sun protection. That’s why everyone did it. I never thought there was this whole sweat component to it. Whenever I ran, I was like, “Where’s my hat?” I learned how to make the ponytail in the right place, which is a challenging part of running. I make sure it stays. I ended up doing multiple ties on it, like a whole ordeal.

The Clip Out | Marissa Walch | Personal Limitations


It’s like when we finally got my son to wear a belt.

What age was that?

14 and 15. I was like, “It serves a purpose.” Kids don’t wear belts. We don’t know what we’re talking about. Teenagers are a whole thing. That’s not something you want to deal with.

That’s a job. I don’t anything about it.

What is your leaderboard name?

It is a marketing tool for me. It’s @Marissa Walch. It’s my first and last name.

You got a name that’s getable. You didn’t have to be like @Marissa123.

Thank goodness. I was happy about that. I’m not going to lie. The one thing I wish it did was to show all your hashtags because I went and took Beck’s class, but I forgot to change it to Beck’s Beast to my main one. It said Team Willbers, and I felt bad. Kendall’s on there. Adrian’s on there. They are some other favorites in biking and strength.

It went unnoticed. She noticed it, but she wasn’t upset about it because I doubt that they’re changing their hashtags when they’re on.

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My friend was like, “We need to change these.” I’m like, “We’re already logged in.” It was funny because you have to log in and log out. I’m like, “We’re being silly. Let’s do this.”

I hate showing up to class late. That upsets me so much. You have 30 seconds, and it won’t go fast enough. That’s why, a lot of times, it’s the same hashtag over and over again.

You ruin joining the live class if they’ve already said your name if you weren’t there. Why am I working out?

Do you have any advice for people entering the world of Peloton as a fitness professional?

The best advice for anyone entering fitness and wellness, especially the Peloton, is to take advantage of all components. If you’ve never tried strength training and there’s a class that says beginner, do it or jump into whatever looks fun because they have music genres. A good friend of mine who goes up and out with workouts loves the different music genres that Peloton has.

If you’re unsure of where to start, find the music genre you want to start with or the length of time that you’re choosing to commit to. Knowing the class type, beginner, intermediate, and genre is going to be what you want. The length of time is going to be what you want. The energy that the instructor provides is motivating and not upsetting to you. You can’t fail. That’s why it works. I’m nerding out with you guys when it comes to Peloton, but I love that you’re all in. It’s okay.

This is the place to nerd out about Peloton. That’s what we do. I assure you that there’s no place you can do. It’s a safe place. The readers will agree with you. The people who are reading are all in. They love it.

I have some friends who take the same class. I have some friends who don’t want to be motivated. They want to ride with Cody because they find his motivation to be happy motivating, not discouraging motivation. It’s not discouraging, but it’s too hard. They said, “I don’t want to hear that I can do it. I want to be doing it.” I’m like, “Okay.” It’s always interesting.

One of the amazing things about Peloton is there are many different personalities teaching. It’s a weird tick with me. He calls people boo. That drives me nuts. I can’t do that. If somebody tells many stories about stuff that I don’t care about, I can’t get into it. I could listen to Matty Maggiacomo talk all day. When he and Becks tell stories, I love it. I forget I’m running. That works for me. That’s why Peloton is amazing. There’s somebody for everybody.

The first class I took was Kendall. When you book the classes, they don’t tell you the genre of the music. I’m like, “If this is a metal class, I don’t know if I can go.” I hate metal. I was nervous. It was pop-punk or, or punk rock. I was like, “Yes.” It was all the music I loved in high school. I was like, “This is so much fun.” If you’re playing certain songs in your car, and someone drives up, and they’re like, “What is wrong with this person?” It’s normal in these classes to listen to All American Rejects.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. We appreciate it. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you in all the places.

On the leaderboard, it @Marissa Walch. I like to give high fives if you’re in class. Feel free. Also, www.MarissaWalch.com. I try to keep everything the same at Marissa Walch on Instagram and YouTube. You can find classes with me. If you don’t want to take Peloton for whatever reason and retreat with me, all that information is online. My brand slogan is Live Well with Marissa. I try to explain to everyone that everyone’s body is different, but you’ll figure out the way to live well within your own body.

Thank you.

I’m excited to chat about Peloton with you guys.

It is what we’re here for. We’re a support system.


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