350. Peloton Announces ‘The Warm Up’ Plus Our Interview With Carly Goldin

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


  • Peloton announces The Warm Up.
  • Glitch making it difficult to share workouts on Facebook.
  • Peloton releases dates of 2024 studio closures.
  • Peloton has new shipping dates for Tread+.
  • Peloton partners with Generali Berlin Half Marathon.
  • Peloton settles three wage suits.
  • Peloton moves toward a settlement with investors over Tread+.
  • Angelo has more tips to accomplish your New Year goals.
  • Camila Ramon talks to The Cut.
  • Jeffrey McEachern is running the Boston Marathon.
  • Becs Gentry gears up for the Tokyo Marathon.
  • Leanne Hainsby talks about struggling to run.
  • The Clip Out covers the best of DJ John Michael’s t-shirts.
  • What does your favorite instructor say about you?
  • The latest artist series features Fatboy Slim.
  • Jenn talked to Inside Edition.
  • TCO Top 5.
  • This week at Peloton.
  • TCO Review: Rebecca Kennedy’s 5-Day Split.

All this plus our interview with Carly Goldin!

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Peloton Announces ‘The Warm Up’ Plus Our Interview With Carly Goldin

Welcome to Episode 350.

We’re getting our clock running.

I am impressed. We’re in episode 350.

That’s a milestone. Before we dig in, let’s do the Bingo thing that I always forget.

For our very first Bingo callout, we’re going to be calling out Adrian Williams. Make sure that you take a class with Adrian and mark it off. I’m curious to hear back from people. We have a lot of people that are still following along.

If we stop doing this, would nobody notice? Maybe they’re doing their version of it. They have the card.

When we have the cards turned in, people are going to be eligible for a prize. You’re going to be put into a drawing. I’m excited about that because it’ll be fun.

We will put all the entries into a hat and then for no reason, we will spin a wheel and that will give us our winner.

It’ll probably be a virtual hat so that’s probably the reason.

We should also remind people about the next book club.

On March 12th, 2024 at 7:00 PM Central and 8:00 PM Eastern, we are going to be discussing Mel Robbins’ book The 5 Second Rule. I have a lot of thoughts about this book. It’s been a rollercoaster. I kept reading, Tom. My first week on this book, I felt like I did all this stuff very naturally but there was something in it that was a turning point for me.

This is a little preview. She talked about when you’re doing hard things that feel like a hassle, a different way to view it is we do all these amazing things that we tend to put aside. Can you imagine that there’s this guy climbing Everest and he’s at base camp about to go up the next day? He’s like, “This is such a hassle. This is causing me so much stress.” I’ve started thinking of the things that I do every day as not my Everest necessarily but for a bigger purpose. It stuck with me.

That’s good. At first, you were arguing in your head.

I was. That’s what you have. We can talk about this. During the March 12th, 2024 book club, we’ll get into it.

If you have thoughts on the book, join us. I’m still reading my book and am excited to announce that according to Kindle, I cracked the 40-hour mark so I have 39 hours and 52 minutes left in the book at the pace I’m reading.

It’s going to be in 2025 before you get to this.

What pre-tell do you have in store for people?

We have some new changes that are coming to Peloton. We also have news in general to share. Peloton got updates on the tread. They’re partnering with somebody new. We’ve got lawsuit updates. We’ve got a visit from Angelo at MetPro. We’re going to give some more tips about how to accomplish your goals for the new year. We have a bunch of instructor updates, an artist series to discuss, past guest updates, and all kinds of content to discuss.

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs. Don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and TuneIn. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure to follow us so you never miss an episode. Maybe leave us a review. You can also find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on things or chime in in a maybe more friendly Facebook group environment than other places.

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 I’m still scratching my head over how this happened.

We will tell you that story if you are so inclined to hear that stuff. It’s a nice way to support the show. These things cost money. This might gain cheap and stuff like that. If you want to listen and put up with ads, that is also a wonderful way to support the show. We appreciate you as well. You can watch these things on YouTube at YouTube.com/TheClipOut. Finally, you can sign up for our newsletter at TheClipOut.com, where we will send you the links, articles, and stuff that we talk about in the episode. There’s all that. I feel like I’m doing an ad for micromachines. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Peloton has announced The Warm Up. First off, I have to say that that name sounds a little familiar.

Why do you say that, Tom?

It sounds a little bit like us.

That’s okay. The interesting thing about this is that it’s going to be taking place at all of the Peloton stores. We don’t have one in St. Louis so we won’t be going to it. It’s to kick off getting your new equipment. It’s like an in-store event. You’re going to meet the community and find out about your equipment, and things you may not have known, and have a little party. It is nice to be able to meet the community, especially if you’re new to it. I don’t feel like our community here in St. Louis is especially super involved. If I had a group of people who were super involved and met on a regular basis, I would be down for that.

Conversely, if you have a group of people who are already meeting up, then they probably don’t need this because they’re already meeting up.

That is true too but this is once a month at different stores. I’m not telling you this is going to be at the same store every month. I want to be clear about that.

It’s a way to jumpstart that community vibe. Here’s my “concern” with it. If they’re doing it at stores and they’re closing down stores, there are fewer stores than ever, there’s a finite number of places. I get that that’s an easy place to do one but I also think there are lots of significant markets that don’t have stores that would never get something like that. I hope that they figure out other ways and places to do this. I get that at the beginning, doing a store is easy. It’s built-in. You don’t have to ask anybody’s permission because it’s yourself but long-term, if these continue, I hope they figure out ways to do it in places where they don’t have stores.

I agree with that. I hope that’s true. Who knows what they’ll decide to do? Maybe they did the Peloton On Tour. Maybe this is the new iteration of that for all I know.

Maybe these are tiny ones in between big ones.

That could be, too.

There have been some issues with people’s ability to share their workouts on Facebook.

Let’s say you go in, take your ride on your bike, and then click on the thing that says Share to Facebook. You can’t. That’s what that means. They don’t have any updates. They’re looking into it and they’ll update the status page when a fix is deployed. This one has been out there for a while. There you go.

People love to share their workouts.

I will say not as much as they used to. Sharing on Instagram stories is where I see it now more than ever.

That makes sense because it goes away. It’s not in your feed forever. I don’t need Facebook to remind me, “Remember years ago when you did a ride with Tunde?”

I get those all the time and I’m like, “I can’t believe I posted all of those.”

“I used to be that person.” I was ahead of the curve. I’ve never posted a workout anywhere at any time.

I’ve posted them for you, whenever you reach milestones.

It’s whenever I do something significant.

I’m going to celebrate whether you do or not. I’m celebrating for you.

You’ll get memories.

It’s a forced celebration.

“Remember years ago when Tom lifted 3 million pounds?” We have someone exiting Peloton.

It’s Ben Boyd. This one hurts my heart a little bit.

Ben Boyd is probably not a name that the average Peloton user is familiar with but it’s a name we are very familiar with.

We always talk about like, “Peloton said this and that.” It’s Ben Boyd, ladies and gentlemen. Who knows? We may never get another conversation from Peloton again.

This picture makes him look like my brother.

Maybe because of the way it’s blocked off like a money paywall. It makes it look like he’s going into heaven. He’s being lifted.

When you first sent it to me, I thought it was one of those obituary posts.

Ben Boyd’s exit, but no. He’s just exiting Peloton. It’s just the way it looks. Ben has been a very huge proponent of the show, has made a lot of changes and conversations within Peloton, and brought Peloton and The Clip Out together. We appreciate him. We hope that we are able to continue that relationship with Peloton in the future. We also hope that wherever Ben is headed, it’s amazing and he’s super happy.

It’s not hidden behind a paywall.

It’s so we can find out. Let us know, Ben. Where are you going?

He’s like, “I’m done dealing with you people. You’re the reason I quit.” Peloton has covertly released its 2024 closure dates.

Helper Bee Nikki toiled on this. She found all of the dates. They are listed on the studio websites. I want to caution you all. Some things on here look mighty suspect to me. Memorial Day Weekend, for example, is only having one day for closure.

That doesn’t sound right. It’s not based on past years.

I’m not saying it’s even wrong. I caution people to not plan vacations around this unless Peloton specifically tells you that they’re open. Keep that in mind. At least, we have the major stuff.

Although honestly, you can suss out the major stuff on your own like, “They’re closed on Christmas?”

Every year, somebody gasps, I assure you.

“What? It is close on New Year’s Day? Good thing I got pearls for Christmas because I need something to clutch.”

They close for the whole week and people get upset. It’s every year.

That’s not a Christmas tradition. We have new shipping updates for Tread+.

It’s a rolling window. If you ordered on X date, you get it on Y date.

What if I order it on the L date?

You get that on the R date.

What if I ordered on the R date?

You get it on the L date. Come on, Tom. The thing is everyone who ordered by the end of December is going to have it by the end of March. After that, you’re looking at dates into May at this point. The more recent that you have ordered, the later that’s going to take. I’m glad they’re communicating what the dates are.

Manage expectations. I’m a big believer in that.

Me, too.

Peloton has partnered with Generali Berliner Halbmarathon.

Here’s the thing. Originally, Helper Bee Chris did have the word marathon there but it made the font so tiny. We had to stack it and then it ruined the vibe.

The architecture looks like Greek or Roman. It does not look Berliny.

We did have this discussion in 2023 whenever they were doing the Peloton On Tour. We talked about the fact that they were going to Berlin. There’s no architecture that says Berlin. If you say Chicago, they show the bean.

In St. Louis, you get the arch. In New York City, you get a million different things.

This is what you get for Berlin. It is famous for its architecture. It’s just not as recognizable to people who don’t live there. They are partnering. I am hopeful that we will get to see the same kind of partnership that we saw with the New York Road Runners, where they do the footage and you get to virtually do the course with people. That would be awesome. I hope that we get to see that as part of this partnership.

Peloton has agreed to shell out $1.6 million to end three wage case lawsuits. Are these the store employees?

It’s difficult to say because it says that it’s wage, hour violations, and overtime but I thought we had already talked about this being settled.

I thought we had, too, but as we all know, I don’t listen.

Maybe they had said we’re doing this and it’s settled but then, we’re getting $1 figure.

Or a court approval to finalize it.

That could be.

Before the paywall kills it, it’s under California’s private. Maybe the other thing was not California-specific. They have to settle these cases state by state.

That is very possible. I learned that every state has very different employment laws through a whole separate conversation.

When you get to Missouri, we don’t have any. They’re like, “Firearm. We don’t care.”

You can do whatever you want to them.

$1.6 million to Peloton is a rounding error. It’ll be fine.

I keep telling you, it adds up. You added to this $14 million deal right here.

Suddenly, you’re talking real money. Peloton investors receive early nod on a $14 million deal. These are the investors who were suing them because they said Peloton had concealed the Tread+ controversy.

Didn’t we talk about this last time?

It was in the works. They needed the court to be like, “Yes, we agree with this settlement.” Those settlements always have to be court-approved. In case one side’s getting a raw deal, the court can step in and say, “Not too much.”

Both lawyers are like, “Here’s what we would like to do.” Peloton and the investors agree. The court comes back.

It says, “Get out of here, you crazy kids.”

In this case, they go, “That’s probably okay. We think we can do that.”

They then say, “Get out of here, you crazy kids.”

They’re knocking them out of the park. What’s next?

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Angelo. He has more tips for how to accomplish your New Year’s goals. It’s March 2024 but there’s still time so stick around.


Joining us once again is Angelo from MetPro to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions, although it has been predetermined.

If you didn’t tune in last time, you should. Angelo was talking about his top tips to get started on your fitness goals. He started with the top three and we have some more. Over to you.

We have four more to go. Be a specialist, not a generalist. I talk about this in the goal-setting section but this is important. People will call me all the time and tell me, “Angelo, here are my goals. You probably heard me say this before. I want to bench 300 pounds and lose 50 pounds. Can I do all of those things?” My answer is, “Yes, you can but which one first?” That’s it.

What this speaks to is to sit down and justify the hours that you are investing in yourself. If you’re looking back at your week and saying, “I spent 3 hours or 4 hours of my health routine and program,” was every hour directly contributing to your goal? If you’re not sure, ask someone. Show your neighbor, “Here’s what I did this week.” If they have no clue what your goal is, your program might have an identity crisis. You should be able to justify. As we spoke about in the previous episode, that’s going to include some time put into food and food prep.

The next tip that we focus on with our clients early is the concept of exercising early in the day and if you can’t, anchor. This is a well-researched phenomenon. Every hour you go past waking up into the day, you are statistically X% less likely to follow through with your exercise. That’s a no-brainer. We get it. Every hour further into your day is an opportunity for something to sideline you in life.

That doesn’t mean that people who work out at night can ever be consistent. They can. Statistics show, particularly if you are not in the habit of exercising and you are trying to establish a habit, exercise early. If you’re thinking, “I can’t,” because of reasons, anchor your next best bet. We have found at MetPro that with our clients, we have them anchor to something that doesn’t move in their schedule, they are much more likely.

My client says to me, “Angelo, I’m going to exercise tomorrow afternoon at some point.” That means there’s a 30% chance they’re going to exercise. We know what that means. If they say to me, “Angelo, after I drop off Johnny at school at 2:30, I’m going to exercise.” It’s elevated to a 75% to 80% chance that they’re going to follow through. It’s a matter of being specific and anchoring it to something that doesn’t move in your schedule. You’re much more likely to follow through.

This isn’t an actual tip, one on my list, but it’s related to this. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s more important than when you start an exercise routine, consistency is first. Once the consistency is there, then you can start making the workouts more grueling and do whatever you like. You can start investing more time in your workouts but the first thing you want to establish is frequency, as close to daily as possible, even if it’s just ten minutes. Workout early and anchor. Similar to that but on the eating side, the second to the last tip is to eat first, eat twice. What does that mean?

“Angelo said I should go back for seconds.”

A common conversation among clients and coaches is, “Coach, I had this pizza party scheduled for the kids and I knew I’d be indulging, even though we put it on the calendar and this is going to be a cheat day.” Here’s what the client will sometimes do. “I skipped my lunch and snacks because I knew I was going to eat pizza.” Don’t do that.

There is research that says food substitutions, in other words, food swapping, healthy, low-calorie foods for less healthy, high calorically dense foods has a larger impact on total consumption and calories consumed than simple portion control. That principle applies here. In other words, we think, “I’m going to eat less and have more later so I’m offsetting it.” You’re not offsetting it because a tiny bit more of pizza is going to be a greater calorie load than a lot less of the salad and chicken breast.

Eat the salad and chicken breast, eat your healthy snack, and even eat a light, clean dinner before you go. What will happen is you’ll still have an appetite to enjoy whatever your indulgence is. You should enjoy it but you shouldn’t show up to that starving. That’s where problems come in. I’d rather you eat first, eat twice even, but eat clean. When you have an indulgence, it’ll be more modest.

I always say that people are going to be so much happier when they get there and they’re not starving. You never make good choices when you’re starving. It’s not going to.

I never do.

I never do either.

Tom never does.

Even when he isn’t starving.

I don’t tend to make good choices much of the time, regardless.

The last tip rounds the list out at number seven. It is meal prep before working out. We talked about this in the first goal or the setting session. Meal prep before working out is so critical to establish that habit, so much so that usually the first few days of working with a MetPro coach, one of the fundamental things they’re going to work on is you say, “Should I exercise?” They’re going to say, “No, not until we have your meal prep and food strategy dialed in.”

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


All hands on deck for that. Once that’s dialed in, it’ll create more room in your schedule for exercise and consistency. You’re going to want to exercise more. People are thinking, “No. Eating clean doesn’t make me want to exercise more,” but it does because as soon as you dial in the food, you’re going to see some fast results. You’re going to start seeing progress and those results are going to motivate you to want to get more consistent with the exercise also. Meal prep, even before working out. That rounds out our top seven lists. We’re always updating it and swapping top tips in but those are seven that we feel make a big difference.

Those are great.

I listened to him like I did a lot of those. Even if I didn’t realize I was doing it, I did it. If people would like those sorts of tips, customed for their fitness journey, where can they find you?


Thank you.


Camila Ramon is featured on TheCut.com.

She was talking all about how she had to fall in love with exercise all over again. Body positivity was a big part of the discussion and why that was important to her to be able to get back into exercise. You can’t feel good about wearing super revealing clothes if you don’t feel good about your body. All of those things go together and that’s what she talked about.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a halter top.

It’s been a while.

Peloton instructors are on a few marathon tears.

It’s marathon season so that makes sense.

We’ve had marathon seasons before. I feel like there’s more than ever running marathons.

It’s true but also keep in mind, that’s because it’s global now.

Jeffrey McEachern is running the Boston Marathon.

He’s also running the London Marathon but I don’t think we had previously heard he was also running the Boston Marathon, and that’s coming up in April 2024. We will keep you updated on his journey. Speaking of marathons, Becs is headed to Tokyo. She should be either there or in flight as we speak. She is doing her sixth World Major. That means there are six of them.

She is finalizing her journey to get a World Major, all six, which means she’s going to get the special medal where they take all the little six metals and put them together. It’s very exciting. I’m very happy for her. She’s very excited about this. We have a picture of her second World Major in Berlin. That’s cool. She started in London. She grew up there. That makes sense.

Leanne Hainsby had a post talking about the struggles of running.

She was like, “I don’t like it,” but she’s doing it anyway. It’s still beneficial and good to do the hard things. You’ve committed to it. She’s going to run London. It’s all going to happen but she didn’t like it.

Part of what's hard with lupus is it can affect you in such widely different ways that it's difficult to diagnose. Share on X

It’s maybe not going to be a regular thing.

I don’t think it is and that’s okay. That’s important to remember. We don’t all have to have the same fitness journey.

Especially because with the Peloton instructors, it’s difficult for people to see. I also think it’s good for people to see that just because somebody’s good in one area of fitness does not mean they’re good in all areas of fitness. I would have thought that if you’re a spin instructor, running a marathon shouldn’t be that hard. You’re on a bike all day long.

It is cardio. How many people say they train for marathons on the bike and they’re fine? They ran fast and got a PR. That’s not me. I’ll tell you that.

It’s great to see some people at this level of fitness being like, “You’re not my jam.” You’re not weird if it’s not your jam. I’m weird because none of it is my jam. People who weren’t me, wrote an article, spotlighting the best of DJ John Michael’s t-shirts.

Helper Bee Lindsay wrote this because that is her jam. She loves to do fashion and pays so much attention. She’s so funny. She highlighted some of DJ John Michael’s best shirts and they’re amazing.

There should be an article highlighting the best of my nerd shirts that no one would ever click on.

I was like, “I will ask Lindsay if she’s interested in covering that.”

She’d be like, “As a matter of fact, I am not.” We, being everyone but me, wrote an article about what your favorite Peloton instructor says about you.

It’s also by Helper Bee Lindsay. She’s so creative. Why don’t you randomly pick one of these? These are a lot of fun.

I will pick Christine D’Ercole.

“If your favorite instructor is Christine D’Ercole, you’re probably not Gen X but you wish you were. You have more piercings than the average Pelotoner in an unusual DIY hobby, like beekeeping, soap making, or brewing kombucha. It would be good for you to keep in mind your caffeine tolerance may not always be what it is now.”

“When you were a little kid, you dreamed of driving motorcycles and when you were a teenager, you dreamed of flying planes. There’s a lot of emotion in this body of rides. If you’re ready for something a little different, go for a literal breath of fresh air and stack an outdoor walk with Maddie.” I love it. This is going to be a series backed by popular demands because everyone started demanding their instructor. My understanding is there’s already one in the works. It will be up soon. I don’t want to ruin anything.

Watch this space for Clip Out exclusives. The latest artist series features Fatboy Slim, the Funk Soul Brother.

I like the Praise You.

That’s a good one, too.

There’s a lot of good songs. I was surprised when Billy LeNore, I’m calling you out, when he was like, “I don’t know this by name.” How did you live through the ‘90s and you don’t know? This dude was everywhere. You know it. You just don’t know you know it.

He got used a lot in commercials, various movies, and TV shows. He probably even popped up at sporting events a lot because he’s got a real drive to it.

My concern is when the hell did Fatboy Slim get old?

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


Same time we did.

That depressed me. Our covers have changed, haven’t they?

Yes. If you hadn’t seen a picture of me for 30 years and then saw them side by side, you’d be surprised.

It’s true. I am not bagging on Fatboy Slim. Tina had a little tidbit in there about his name, Fatboy Slim. Through the years,  he admits that he has come up with wild things that he has used as reasons and what they meant. The truth is it meant nothing. He just liked it.

I remember when I was on the radio one time, I interviewed Marcy Playground. Sex and Candy is their big song.

It’s the only song they had.

They had another one. Saint Joe on the School Bus was a mild hit at Alt Rock Radio. If you know any song by Marcy Playground, it’s Sex and Candy. I was interviewing them and they were making the rounds. When I told all my friends I was interviewing Marcy Playground, they all wanted to know the same thing. They were like, “Where do we get the name?” I was like, “No. Don’t care. What is disco lemonade?”

They laughed so hard. They were like, “We thought it was another one why you did call the band that.” I was like, “I would never ask a band that because I know they’ve only ever been asked that. That’s lame.” I do not remember what the answer was. I’m sorry. It’s been many years. Coming up after this, we have a past guest update from someone I promise you, you remember. She’s on the show so frequently that you might have forgotten that she started as a guest.

Dr. Jenn. I love this woman. She’s amazing.

She’s the best. She was on Inside Edition.

She talked to Inside Edition about Travis Kelce being seen partying in Las Vegas after he visited Taylor Swift in Australia. Dr. Jenn is so classy. You could take this a lot of ways but since she is classy and a clinical psychologist, she took it the way of like, “I have some tips for them on how they can navigate a long-distance relationship,” and then she gave those tips. I love that. That’s amazing.

If those two can’t navigate it with private jets at their beck and call, then nobody ever can. Let’s begin with Bingo. You almost forgot but I’m here to remind you. You forget every time and then I have to step in and be like, “Don’t forget Bingo.” You’re welcome.

Bingo number two, I’m excited about this one. Susie Chan. I already had this one marked off.

It’s shocking.

It’s probably marked off once a week.

I’m surprised it’s only once a week.

There are weeks it’s more than once a week. I was doing an average because I tried to mix it up and got a lot of different instructors in. I took a warm-up with Marcel Maurer. It was in German and I tried the little tip but it did not work for me. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but I didn’t have time to troubleshoot.

It’s because you got an iPhone.

I’ll be back for more. Bingo number two is Susie Chan.

It is time for the TCO Top 5, where we let the audience chime in with their favorite classes. We then aggregate and spit them back at you so you can maybe find something new for yourself. We will start with the favorite Peloton row.

Staying active helps so much with your health but you can overdo it really easily. Share on X

This one took place on November 10th, ‘22. It was a 45-minute ‘90s row with Matt Wilburs. Karen Smith’s favorite comes from it because the row was brand-new then. She says, “If you’re looking for a great and easy recovery row that’s longer than 15 to 20 minutes, take this one.” She shared that the clasp rotates between drills and easy-paced rowing, which is a great way to flush out the legs after a long run.

Your favorite Peloton run.

Speaking of runs, this was from December ‘23 and it was a 30-minute Kelly Clarkson run with Robin Arzon. Stephanie Latos found good vibes from this one. She said that this entire class was a whole vibe on a day she was feeling like she could use a push. Robin encourages singing, feeling, and flying to the music on the run.

Your favorite Peloton outdoor walk.

The lovely Maddie. This comes from January 2024. It was a 60-minute outdoor ‘80s walk. I took this one. It is so good. Mindy Jensen said that she used Maddie’s 60-minute ‘80s outdoor walk for her scheduled endurance run. He organized the playlist, starting in 1980 and moving through the decade ending in ‘89. Maddie also provided interesting tidbits on each song. I love when he does that. I forget I’m running. It’s so interesting.

I should come down and do that to you but with TV trivia. I will distract you. Your favorite Peloton full-body strength.

This is from February 9th, 2024. It is a 45-minute full-body strength with Rebecca. Christine Lavin loved it. She said, “It was a good mix of upper and lower bodywork and good music.” I love that.

Finally, your favorite unstackable Peloton ride.

Everyone loves a good power zone endurance ride. This took place on February 25th, 2024. It was 90 minutes with Christine D’Ercole. Carrie Patel said, “It was 60 minutes total in zone 3. It was mentally and physically challenging but it made you so proud. Christine’s coaching is unparalleled and the playlist was fire. I cannot recommend this one enough.” I’m so glad to see these longer-format rides.

People have been clamoring for them for years. If those different classes are not enough for you, let’s take a gander at Peloton.

I love Jenn Sherman and a good epic sing-along. She’s got one coming up on March 3rd, 2024. We’ll be out of town and get there in the bonus episode. This is going to be at 10:00 AM Eastern. Her epic sing-alongs never disappoint. If you leave them in a bad mood, there is something seriously wrong. We also have new gym plans, four of them. They’re all dropped but there’s going to be one with Rebecca Kennedy, Assal, Callie, and Olivia.

They each have a personalized regimen that they are putting out there. These are all designed to sculpt, strengthen, and challenge your muscles. I also saw out there that there was one that dropped from Ben. It was a benchmark workout for his newest program. I thought that was interesting because I haven’t seen him use the gym in that way.

We also have core classes with Robin Arzon and J.Lo.

This is going to be from J.Lo’s newest album. It’s a new collaboration. During this class, Robin talked about a J.Lo challenge but no details were mentioned. I haven’t taken the class so that’s what I heard. I looked around for it but I didn’t see anything. It’s still very cool.

You also have some new scenic classes.

There’s a bunch of them across all different kinds. There’s a bike, tread, and row. They’re all in nature. They’re beautiful. Check out the new ones.

You have beginner’s pilates but make it German.

Kristin McGee’s beginner Pilates program is available with German subtitles. That’s very cool. Lots of new stuff is dropping.

We also have a review. We’ve been reviewing classes so it gives you an idea of what to expect and if it’s going to do what you would like it to do. It’s Rebecca Kennedy’s 5-Day Split.

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


People have been buzzing about this program. Helper Bee Nikki decided to do the entire thing, break it down for us, and let us know how it went. If it’s too long to read, they say TLDR. It’s awesome. It is broken down so well over five days. Nikki says it’s one of the best, if not the best strength program Peloton has to offer. Those are big words right there. That is a very strong endorsement.

This one is geared toward hypertrophy. A lot of times, most of the strength classes are geared toward muscular endurance and that’s one of the things that people are excited about. Especially if you’re a woman or nearing a certain age, you got to lift heavy and that is what this is doing. If you have been looking for an excellent strength program to try, Rebecca Kennedy’s 5-Day Split is the way to go.

You can read the whole article over at TheClipOut.com or sign up for our newsletter. It’ll get sent to you if I don’t forget because we’re out of town.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Carly Goldin so stick around.


In this episode, joining us is Carly Goldin. Carly, how’s it going?

Good. How are you, guys? Thanks for having me.

Carly Godin’s Peloton Story

We’re excited to have you. Thank you for your time. I always like to start these conversations by asking, take us back in history. How did you come across Peloton and decide it was a good fit for you?

I got my bike and still was not sure if it was a good fit for me in the beginning. I was diagnosed with lupus and dermatomyositis, another rare autoimmune disease, after my youngest was born. I was still running and doing all the things that I wanted to do despite my diagnosis and ended up with a bad injury. My husband said, “Let’s get you a Peloton Bike. This would be good for you. You can still feel like an athlete. It’s a little bit more low impact on the body.” I said, “I don’t know about that. These people are crazy. It’s like a cult. I’m not sure about it.” Years Later, I feel like I am the epitome of the cult. I drank the Kool-Aid. I was bought in completely. I am in it.

Was it the beginning of 2020 or before the pandemic?

It was right before the pandemic at the end of 2019.

That brought with it a whole different set of issues.

You probably had a moment where you’re like, “Should I flip this thing to double my money?”

What was it about the Peloton that got you all in? What was the thing that pulled you in?

Being part of that super immunocompromised population during the pandemic was so isolating. We live in the South. A lot of people around here didn’t take the pandemic seriously.

We live in Missouri so we know.

You know how it goes.

I used to joke that the governor had signed a law making it illegal to wash your hands after taking a crap.

That’s about where we’re at here. I’m in good old Mississippi. It was such an isolating time for me. Things with my health weren’t great at that time. I had two little boys at home. It was tough. One of my college friends had said, “You don’t have an Instagram. This is where the Peloton community is interacting. You need to get a username, get on over there, and start making connections. There are a lot of people who are going through similar things. They’re getting it done.” That’s where I found the Stay Home Stay Motivated group back in the day. That’s where I made a lot of my connections and friendships. I started learning more about the Peloton community and took off from there.

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The Difference Between Lupus And Dermatomyositis

I don’t know anything about lupus or dermatomyositis.

Autoimmune diseases mistake healthy tissue and organs in your body for foreign invaders. You’re living in a body that is attacking itself every day.

Isn’t it with lupus that enough to be dangerous? Please, know that upfront my step-grandmother and a cousin have both been diagnosed with it but they have widely different symptoms. That’s part of what’s hard with lupus because it can affect you in such widely different ways that it’s difficult to diagnose. What’s the difference between lupus and the other disease?

Do they go hand-in-hand or is it a surprise you got a twofer?

Both. Once you get an autoimmune diagnosis, it’s very common to have multiple. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I had some markers for lupus. Lupus showed up. They said, “We’re going to monitor you annually.” During pregnancy, some things started coming up, symptoms, and more markers in blood work. The dermatomyositis was thereafter. That affects more of the skin and muscles. It is where it manifests itself. It’s marked by muscle deterioration.

For an athlete, that’s so devastating.

There was a period when I could not lift my arms above my head long enough to blow dry my hair. I was not walking well for a few months after having my second child. It started below the bottom. It’s been a long journey dealing with all of that and getting on the right treatment regimen. As corny as it sounds and I say it all the time, I believe that not only the work I do on the Peloton platform but the support and the sense of community that I’ve gotten has been life-changing and life-saving in many ways. It improved my quality of life for sure.

Enhancing Performance With Peloton

Your husband said to feel like an athlete. A lot of people will do a lot of very active things and not call themselves an athlete. Tell us about your athletic background. What were you doing prior to all of this? How has that changed over time?

In high school, I played soccer, cross country, and track. Throughout college, I continued to stay active, playing rec soccer and running. I was always a cardio junkie. I was always running, elliptical, and all of that. I was never into strength training or any of that. I hadn’t gotten my feet wet until Peloton with that. I was always active.

What are you doing now? It sounds like you’re doing more than just the bike over on Peloton.

I’m doing the bike. I ride almost every day except for recovery days, which is easy to do when you love it so much. I’m doing a lot of strength training. I finished Jermaine Johnson’s Five Day Split on repeat for four weeks and I loved that. I’ve done arms with Tunde. I’ve lost count of how many times. I’m hoping for a Volume 2 in 2024.

We can hope. Her arms are such #Goals.

I’ve gotten into a lot of that. It enhanced my performance on the bike too. I feel like it made me stronger overall and helped me combat those speed bumps when they do come my way. It sets me up with a stronger foundation. It’s been great.

Is working out like that something that helps mitigate the lupus and the other thing we can’t say?

It’s a very fine line. Staying active helps so much but you can overdo it easily. I feel like I’m healthier and more fit than healthy people. I hear that from my doctors a lot, too. They’re like, “You’re doing things that regular people would do or even regular people should be doing but aren’t doing it.”

Do you have flare-ups? Does it work like that with lupus?

It does. I have flare-ups a lot. I get immunotherapy infusions every four weeks. It’s called IVIG. It’s made from donor blood that’s super concentrated and healthy antibodies that my body can’t make on its own. I get another infusion twice at the top of every six months called Rituximab. It’s a cancer drug. It’s used in a lot of different cancer diagnoses.

Sometimes as I get closer to those treatment times, things will start flaring up. Maybe I can’t be able to keep up with myself or PRs. Not that you should be striving to hit your PRs every day but you can tell when you’re like, “I’m not there. I’ll get rashes.” I get the rash across my cheeks and get asked, “Why are your hands so red all the time?” It’s a host of different things. You never know what you’re going to get some days. I always say it’s like a barometer for me.

The Peloton Community

Do you lean on your family and friends in the Peloton community when those things come up? Some people isolate. Some people go in. I’m curious how you handle that.

Before having access to this community, I would isolate myself. Even when you do have that support around you, it still feels isolating because there are not a lot of people who understand exactly where you’re at, where you’re going, and what you’re going through, essentially. My family has been a big help and super supportive of my Peloton journey, all that it’s brought me, and stuff. I have met so many other autoimmune warriors through the Peloton community too or other moms who are dealing with cancer diagnosis. There are so many people out there who are going through hard things that are still showing up and fighting.

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


When I first got my bike back in 2016, that was a big eye-opener for me that there were so many people going through hard things and they continued to show up. When you have a humdrum life and you’re still struggling with that motivation, it can be so eye-opening to see that people are making this choice to fight for normality. They want to feel strong and active. A lot of people who come into the community see it in a different way. Peloton was the first thing that allowed me to be able to see these wide varieties of people struggling with all kinds of things. It was motivating to me. It’s like, “What is my excuse? Get on the bike. You’re not dealing with any of those things. Shut up.”

It’s hard. You can’t compare everyone’s journey. You might not have a huge concern that you’re dealing with but life is hard sometimes. There’s no comparison. It’s the barometer of what is going on in your life at that moment. You have these other people who are dealing with X, Y, and Z, showing up, and keeping you accountable. It’s fun. You get excited to see each other on the leaderboard and all of this. It’s not as hard to show up.

I have a question about the blood infusions that you get. You might not know the answer to this so that’s okay. You’re getting infusions of blood from people who have higher-than-normal antibodies in their blood. How would someone know that?

She said it was super concentrated.

One vial of what I would get has over 1,000 donors in it.

It’s not like one person that beat the genetic lottery. I’m not good at science.

It’s made from a big donor batch.

That’s a reason that I had not thought about when they were looking for blood donors. I always think of it as blood shortages. I never considered that that could be for people who need those infusions on a regular basis. That’s educating people. I don’t know that.

I’m still learning things.

I’m sure this isn’t how the human body works but science is not my strong suit. I always think of when people get blood, they’re injured and have lost blood so they’re low and they have room but what if you already have all of your blood and they put more blood in you?

It’s not straight blood. It’s a filtered product from blood.

It’s not like you’re getting an extra pint.

“Fill my tank up.” That’s what I say. “I want to get my tank filled up.” I joke around and say, “I’m going to the spa. It’s my spa day.” It’s a seven-hour deal so I sit there all day. It’s my quiet day from everybody.

That’s a good way to look at it.

Getting Treatment

Do you have a full-time job? How does that work with a full-time job?

I’m very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom, which is awesome. I don’t know how I would make it work with a full-time job at this point. There are people who have to do it but it’s a lot of doctor’s appointments and a long time that is devoted to my health. In that sense, I’m very blessed.

Here’s another logistics question. You mentioned Mississippi and I don’t know how big cities are in Mississippi. Is this something that’s nearby you or do you have to drive? That’s what I was wondering. That makes it difficult, too.

I live in Gulfport, which is right on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’re an hour away from New Orleans. Most of my specialists are in New Orleans. I drive about 1 hour to treatment and 1 hour back. We have a smaller hospital here that could deal with all of my stuff but there’s something to be said about bigger communities and cities that are exposed to have more access to research and education. It’s a better situation.

I grew up in a very small town in Missouri and it’s the capital of Missouri. It’s Jefferson City. The reason I say that is I remember this so clearly. When something would happen and people would get sick, you could go to the hospital but you knew it was bad when they were like, “They had to take them over to Columbia.” If it’s bad, you’re going to St. Louis. “We better all get up there.”

Give yourself time to explore. Try everything. Don’t close yourself off from anything. Be open-minded to it all. Share on X

The small towns can only handle and see so much small stuff.

In the middle of all that, you have two young boys, which is like, “Here’s an autoimmune disease. Why don’t you hold these two Petri dishes for the next eighteen years?”

It was crazy in the beginning. I couldn’t even lift my arms out to pick up my baby. I had a two-year-old at the time when it all happened. Thank goodness to my in-laws who live across the street from us. It’s like everybody loves Raymond but the Jewish version. I am so lucky for that. My husband would go to work. My mother-in-law would come over. She was with me every step of the way until I could get better and was able to start doing things on my own again.

Thank God, you’re not alone.

Classes At The Peloton Studio

That could have been trying. Since you’ve been doing Peloton for years, have you had an opportunity to get to the studio, and you have. Tell us about that.

It was such a cup filler. It was more than I could have expected. It was my first time on a plane since the pandemic. I’m wrapped up for so long. I went at the end of June and the beginning of July. Tunde is my favorite instructor. I adore her. I have been riding with her from day one and I got to ride with her. I got to do a strength class with her. It was unbelievable and amazing. She walked into the strength studio and I was on the first mat to her left.

She knew who I was because I had been with her from the very beginning of her journey but she didn’t recognize me at first. She came in and gave everybody high fives. She’s doing blocking and demoing what we’re going to be doing in class. She sees the leaderboard in the background. She walked over and hugged me so tightly. She was like, “I don’t know you’re here. I didn’t recognize you.” It was so great.

It’s always good to get an instructor hug before class instead of after class. It’s gross.

I don’t how some people come out of these classes with their full face of makeup and hair, and look gorgeous. I was a sweaty beast. It was hot in there.

One of our writers at the show did a whole article. They took all of the makeup that all the instructors use, wear, and talk about on their Instagram. They did a bunch of trial and error on themselves and then wrote up an article about it. It works. She did an entire row class with all of it on and nothing changed. It was amazing. I was like, “You made a believer out of me.”

For my next trip, I will be reading that. You’re almost like, “I don’t want anyone to touch me. I don’t want to have pictures taken of me.”

I always keep those baby wipes in my bag when I go there so I can touch-up because I always feel like, “Please, don’t come near me. I know I stink.” That’s smart.

You live and learn for the next time you go.

Did you get to do any fun New York stuff while you were there, too?

I did. My husband’s cousin and her husband live up there in the Battery Park area. We got to see a show. We went around to eat and shop. I got to meet a lot of Peloton friends too, which was so great. We went to coffee and lunch. It was still the old booking system so I was living my best weightless life, trying to get everything I could while I was there.

I’m so glad. That is perfect.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s Carly Goldin. Not very creative. My husband’s the one who set it up for me because I was so anti-Peloton in the beginning. He did it all. I haven’t changed it since.

The real question is, did you tell him he was right?

He knows. I don’t think I admitted it but based on my level of enthusiasm and obsession, he already knows.

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


I’m going to have to give him some points though for not sticking it to you. That’s pretty amazing.

I wish he would use it. He’s a marathon runner but he does his thing. He doesn’t use a platform. It’s my deal.

That’s very interesting. Do you think he’d at least use it for cross-training miles?


They have so many great outdoor classes for running. Once I told him, “I have so many Peloton friends who are marathon runners and stack classes to have something in their ear and the music.” He’s like, “I don’t like people telling me what to do.”

Only you need that.

I know. I need direction.

He doesn’t know what he’s missing. That’s fine.

I was thinking it’s a shame you had 2 boys instead of 2 girls because then they would be The Goldin Girls.

Would you say that Tunde is your all-time favorite instructor? Do you have others that you would lump in the favorite category or she’s just your gal?

Tunde is number one from day one. I adore her. I have others that I love, too. I love Camila. I am an admin in her group. Before I had kids, I was a translator. I consider myself an honorary Latina. I adore her too. I love Alex. I remember early on being inspired and motivated by Alex. I remember in the beginning he said something to the effect of, “I’m in the business of proving people wrong.” I was like, “That’s where we’re going. That’s what I’m going to do.”

That’s what you needed at that time. That’s great.

I always joke. I say, “Cody was my gateway drug into Peloton. He got me addicted.” It was at the time in the beginning when I wasn’t sold. It was fun. He was hilarious. The music was great. I was like, “I can get into this.”

That’s what kept you coming back. I got you.

You see that with bands a lot. When you get in the prog rock, it’s like you start with Pink Floyd and then you go down the rabbit hole. Do you have any advice for people entering the world of Peloton?

Take it slow. Give yourself time to explore. Try everything. Don’t close yourself off from anything. Be open-minded to it all. It’s funny that my mom got a Peloton. She’s a senior. She used to make fun of me. She then finally decided. I got five phone calls from her saying, “How do I get out?”

“Leave your shoes on the bike, Mom. It’ll be fine.”

It’s going to be a long road with her but I’m proud of her for getting it.

I wish my family had one. That would be amazing. That’s great and fun.

The Clip Out | Carly Goldin | Autoimmune Diagnoses


I would say, don’t be intimidated. It’s for everyone on all levels. You have to start somewhere. Just do it. Just start.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you in all the places if you would like to be found.

I’m on Instagram with a super unique handle, @CarlyGoldin. You can find me on the leaderboard there too. You’ll always see me in a live Tunde class.

Thank you, again.

Thank you guys for having me. It’s an honor. It’s great talking to you all.



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