The Color Purple Artist Series on Peloton

The Color Purple Comes to Peloton

On January 11, 2024, Peloton Studio classes will take on the energy and spirit of the latest installation of The Color Purple musical through a series of LIVE classes. From a 20-minute ride to a 30-minute run or walk, you will be sure to experience a unique workout routine.

The Color Purple musical film was released on December 25, 2023, and gained worldwide praise for its storytelling and visuals. The film, based on the novel by Alice Walker, focuses on the power of sisterhood, friendship, love, and resilience. I, for one, am hoping these themes come through with each of the scheduled classes, too!

The Color Purple Classes

The Color Purple Classes


The Color Purple Classes

The Color Purple Classes

The Classes

The live classes are divided into sessions of different lengths and intensities:

The 1:30PM ET 20-minute RIDE with Benny Adami will get your heart pumping and your feet moving. And although this class will be in German, it should be perfect for anyone who wants to challenge themselves with a short, intense burst of exercise.

The 2:30PM ET 30-minute RUN with Joslyn Thompson Rule will be for runners of all levels. Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or just starting out, this class will provide the perfect mix of music and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

The 6:00PM ET 20-minute ROW with Ash Pryor will be just what rowers are looking for as it should be perfect for those looking for a total-body workout. The music, no doubt, will keep you moving through a series of challenging exercises designed to work your core, arms, and legs. Note that as of press time, this hadn’t yet appeared on the Peloton schedule- so could be subject to change!

The 7:00PM ET 30-minute RIDE with Tunde Oyeneyin will assuredly give riders who want to be both inspired while pushing themselves to the limit, all of that, and more through an iconic mix of sprints and climbs; a reflection of the film’s journey and the workout you’d expect from this instructor.

Finally, the 7:00PM ET 30-minute WALK with Matty Maggiacomo is for those of you looking for a low-impact workout that still provides plenty of challenge. This will be perfect for anyone who wants to move more but doesn’t want to put too much stress on their joints.

A Chance to Celebrate

Peloton Studio’s The Color Purple classes are a great way to get excited about fitness and reconnect with the joy of movement. With sessions that cater to all levels and preferences, everyone can find a way to participate. The live classes dropping this coming Thursday, January 11, 2024, are a great time to start your fitness journey, too. But even if you can’t make it on this date, Peloton offers on-demand options that allow you to move at any time that suits your schedule. And, The workout series is sure to be a fun, if challenging way for the Peloton community to come together to honor and CELEBRATE(!) a timeless classic: The Color Purple.

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