Peloton’s Tampa Showroom Sells The Guide for Unauthorized—and DEEP—Discount

Peloton Interactive, Inc. recently extended official holiday sales on equipment bundles past Christmas. Employees at the Peloton Tampa Showroom took it one step further. Perhaps a step too far. After they uncovered a pricing glitch, they decided to offer a substantially lower-than-official discount on the Peloton Guide over the course of several days during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

Even though current promotions on Peloton equipment require the purchase of an accessories package, with the stand-alone equipment remaining at its original price, this Tampa-specific—and possibly Tampa-store-generated—glitch allowed the $250 bundle discount code to be applied to The Guide itself, dropping the price of the interactive strength gadget down from $295 to a mere $45! Peloton members who discovered the opportunity before it ended likely thought they had lucked out. Except, it doesn’t appear that this deal of the year was completely above-board.

Tampa Showroom Sells The Guide for Unauthorized Discount


Tampa Showroom Sells The Guide for Unauthorized Discount

Peloton’s current holiday promotion offers up to $250 off of select Guide packages

If you’re wondering how this happened, and how word spread so quickly, you’re not alone.  Like you, we had some questions. Now, we have exclusive answers. Thanks to anonymous sources who helped connect the dots and put this into a little more context. 

According to our sources, the glitch initially occurred when multiple employees allegedly entered the discount code meant for a Peloton Guide bundle on the purchase of a non-bundled Guide. This created a fresh pricing structure that allowed the discount to be applied. This dropped the unit price from $295 to $45. To further muddy the waters, instead of immediately alerting someone to the glitch. Then working to rectify it, this Tampa-only discount continued for 2 days. 

However, thanks to a post in an unofficial Peloton-fan Facebook group, news of this incredible sale quickly spread like wildfire, and Guide sales at the Tampa store escalated swiftly.  Over the course of three days, around 70 units in total were sold, with roughly 50 of those sales coming on the third day, New Year’s Eve, alone.  For reference, most showrooms were typically selling about 1 unit per day, on average, during the holiday promotion.  So, this was a significant uptick in sales.  It is also important to note that employees must manually enter discount codes on each purchase. There is no blanket application of a system-wide code on official promotions. They also make sales commissions on each purchase at the showroom. Furthermore, it was only after customers began calling other Peloton showrooms around the country to inquire about this massive sale that the Tampa showroom ultimately put an end to the sale shenanigans.   

Peloton Tampa Showroom, Source: Google Images

The Clip Out has reached out to Peloton for comment and will update this article once we hear back.  

Savvy shoppers may recall that this isn’t Peloton’s first trip to the pricing glitch rodeo with the Guide.  During the Mother’s Day sale in May of this past year, a promotional pricing mistake was made on the Peloton Guide, knocking its intended $295 bundle price down to $145.  This error, however, was an in-house mistake on Peloton’s official website, not a glitch that was discovered, and then applied, solely in showrooms gone rogue.  Unlike the orders placed during the Mother’s Day 2022 pricing snafu, our sources are not confident that Peloton will be honoring these orders made through the Tampa showroom.  So, it may not be a Merry Guide-mas afterall.  

Were you one of the 70ish who purchased The Guide from the Tampa showroom?  We’d love to hear from you!  If you weren’t one of the shoppers to take advantage of this showroom deal, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  

Although this (very temporary, and not-at-all authorized) deal is no longer being offered at the Tampa showroom, or any other showroom for that matter, you can still take advantage of Peloton’s New Year’s Sale* on the Tread, Bike, Bike+, Guide, and Row packages through January 8,, 2023.

*current discounts vary by bundle and country

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Written By: Nikki Smith