Peloton Celebrates Lunar New Year

Peloton Celebrates the Year of the Dragon with Dynamic Classes

Dragons are swirling through the air at Peloton Studio, and it’s not just in mythical tales! As the Lunar New Year 2024 unfurls its scroll, Peloton is here to ensure that your year starts off with energy, health, and of course, a bit of that legendary dragon fire. Earn your scales and claws with a series of inspiring classes designed to unleash your inner strength and set the pace for a fantastic year ahead.

Tap into Your Fierce Dragon Energy

Who said workouts are just a sweat sesh? At Peloton, it’s a full-blown celebration! And this time, we’re soaring on the dragon’s wings with workouts that are more than just routine—they’re a blast of fiery fun.

Row with the Rhythm

Dive into the year with Katie Wang’s 20 min Row that streamed live today and continues to breathe fire on-demand since February 9 at 10:30AM EST. You’ve never rowed like this—pushing through waters that glitter with promise, synced to beats that echo the heart of the dragon.

Run with Vigor

Lace up for the Lunar leap with Susie Chan’s 30 min Outdoor Run on Saturday, February 10 at 8am GMT. Pound the pavement or hit the treadmill and feel the excitement surge through your veins. Is there a better way to chase the horizon? We didn’t think so!

Ride with Radiance

Next up, why walk when you can ride with glory? Emma Lovewell is all set to take you on a 30 min Ride, which is also happening on-demand tomorrow February 10 at 8am GMT. Pedal with power and let every twist and turn remind you that this year, you’re meant to soar!

Ride with Spirit and Style

But that’s not all. On Sunday, February 11 at 5am EST, join Sam Yo for another 30 min Ride, streaming live. Infuse your spirit with the dragon’s renowned wisdom and grace; let each revolution be a spell for success and prosperity.

Lanebreak Adventures Await

Fancy more than just classes? Peloton’s got you covered with a special, 15-minute each Lanebreak ride, run, and walk. Picture this: you, picking up the pace guided by nothing but the rhythm and your own fiery will. It’s the stuff of legends!

Embrace the New Year!

Don’t let this Lunar New Year gallop away without latching on to its magnificent mane. Peloton Studio has rolled out the red carpet just for you. It’s more than a workout—it’s an invitation to embrace the dragon’s year with all the might you’ve got. So, what are you waiting for? Strap on those shoes, grab that handle, and let’s greet the year of the dragon with a roar of vitality and celebration that reverberates through the heavens!

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