Here is how to lift heavy weights at home WITHOUT a spotter

Here is how to lift heavy weights at home WITHOUT a spotter

Meet Clip Out listener Cathy Nash, a spunky 60-year-old who loves to lift heavy weights at home but is looking for safe ways to do so without injuring herself. If you can relate, don’t worry – Angelo from MetPro has some expert tips just for you!

First and foremost, it’s great that you’re continuing to challenge yourself with free weights. However, you don’t need to go all out to reap the benefits. Simply adding a few extra reps to your working rep range can make a huge difference.

Additionally, consider utilizing tempo work. Slowly lifting and lowering the weight for a count of three can increase the intensity of your workout without requiring you to lift as heavy.

Another trick is to mix up your range of motion with accessory work. You can use lighter weights for exercises like a fly or bicep curl to still get a good workout without risking injury.

If you want to add some cardio to your strength training, try decreasing your rest time between sets for a little extra burn.

One final tip – try rearranging your workout so that you perform heavier work for your lower body before moving on to your upper body. This way, you can pre-fatigue those muscles without requiring a spotter for heavy lifting.

Remember, there are many safe and effective ways to challenge yourself with weightlifting as you age. Our experts at MetPro are happy to help you make a plan that works for you!

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